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[movie 2005] 3-iron 빈집

Guest lulugege

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Guest nokcha

Can anybody give me a good description of this movie?? Because i really wanted to see it because of Jae Hee...is it a comedy or drama??

This is an 'art' film, and definitely a drama with a few comedic moments. It is not a mainstream film that is easy to define, but it leaves a strong impression. After reading the previous posts, you'll get a sense that most people didn't really get it, but most enjoyed it. Jae Hee is really good in this movie, and with practically no dialogue, you can tell he has amazing charisma.

Kim Ki Duk is known for making art/independent films. He is quoted somewhere, if I can find it, I'll post it later, explaining the ending of the movie. Basically it's very philosophical about our existence, and where we draw the line between what is reality and the reality we create, and is that really real.....

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Guest deaxe

I just love this movie, it's amazing! I bought it, and I watched it over 5 times in 2 weeks...

This movie really made a impression on me.

Jae Hee is amazing is this movie, even though he didn't say a word during the whole movie he acted really good.

Kim Ki-duk is a wonderful director!

In Norwegian the title is "Tomme hus" witch means Empty houses.

I like the fact that it was so little dialogue, because then you can concentrate on all the details and everything that's going on in the movie.

"Silence says more than a thousands words"

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This is probably my favorite movie ever. I like it so much! c:

I love the mystical atmosphere of it and the lack of dialogue is something that's not so common in movies. Especially with main characters!

It's beautifully made and I also like the ending which is not made to be too clear and obvious.

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March 3, 2015
Cartagena Film Festival to Honor KIM Ki-duk6 Film Retrospective to Be Staged by Pierce Conran /  KOBIZ

Korea’s indie maverick KIM Ki-duk is set to be honored at the Cartagena Film Festival (FICC), the oldest festival in South America, during its upcoming 55th edition. The festival will take place in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, from March 11th to 17th.
 Following a screening of 3-Iron (2004), a Silver Lion winner at the Venice International Film Festival, on the 15th, KIM will be awarded the India Catalina honorary award and take part in a Q&A with the audience. Six of the auteur’s 20 works to date will be presented throughout the festival, including The Isle (2000), Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003), 2004’s Samaritan Girl (a Silver Bear winner at the Berlin International Film Festival), The Bow (2005) and Venice Golden Lion winner Pieta (2012), in addition to 3-Iron. KIM’s most recent film, the revenge thriller One on One, debuted internationally as the opening film of the Venice Film Festival sidebar Venice Days last year, where it picked up the Fedeora Award. Also being bestowed with an honor this year at the Colombian festival will be Argentine filmmaker Pablo Trapero, the director behind 2010’s Carancho.

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