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[OFFICIAL THREAD]HeWon♥ Henry Lau & Kim Yewon ♥ Kongdak Couple ~ 100 Days and counting....

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Would follow Henry's news more often...b'cos fellow chinese (race) and do see him in some china variety show.

Anyway he just released his self-composed single "Girlfriend"....no MV. With eng sub.


Guess girlfriend is something in his mind....always...haha. He even thought ski resort is a place where one can meet/find his/her loved one. He said that in the show "I live alone" recently. There are quite a few episodes of that (he appeared in jan episodes and again recently).

Currently he's also in a few china variety shows...more permanent is 向往的生活 loosely translated as The Life I Desired...where they stayed in a farm and every ep, they got guests to serve (eg prepare food). All these can search in youtube.

I don't know if he's really into doing so much variety shows....maybe i prefer he does more on music...even backstage or composing etc.

To be frank, in the china shows, many viewers don't like his overly-warm and joker style....alot of nasty remarks.



I don't follow that much of Yewon...know she is in SNL korea (comedy stuff)....but i just checked her instagram....one reader comment said Yewon just got a leading role for a 12ep drama called My Town....not sure about other details. Congrats.

Her recent pic :


Cute Kongda....nearly want to think of that face-ball thing as Henry...haha.



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Interview with Yewon...glad to hear she got more acting roles. She mentioned Henry....they did keep in touch by texting. Another article mention she is good friend with Sunny...so they have mutual friends.


Well at least they are friends not like some which dont even contact each other after their WGM stint. And i still remember Henry posted pics of them meeting up but later took down due to netizen criticism. 


Well maybe they will meet again on variety shows.


"Yewon talked about this, and said, "I text him sometimes and watch his Instagram live time to time but that's it." She also commented, "During 'We Got Married', my heart really pounded but there are a lot of things that I regret. I will be better to Henry if I get to go on the show again.""



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Hi guys!

It has been 3 years.I wonder if you guys still believe henry with yewon.I try not too hope so much there is something going on between those two because there is no sign at all they contact with each other.I just hope yewon keep her promise not throwing henry away from her life and Henry still loves her.


I am happy henry is doing good in his career but yewon?I can't find any new video about her on youtube.Is she okay now?Do people still hate her?


Can we let this thread alive again?ㅠㅠ

I am soooo late.I should know this thread earlier.ㅠㅠ

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