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[Variety] SBS Law of the City

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SBS' new variety program 'Laws of the City' has released their program concept!

'Laws of the City' is the 2nd in the 'laws' series after 'Laws of the Jungle'. It is a reality variety program wherein the cast (a group of celebrities) are brought to live in an unfamiliar city without a single penny far from the Seoul city the cast are used to and document their survival instincts.The first shooting will be in April in New York!

Since New York City is one of the busiest cities in the country, it's become the first location for the variety show. The celebrities must stay in a city for a month and figure out everything on their own. The concept of the show is 'how do people in the city live?'.

Airing Date:  June 11, 2014 - August 20,2014

Kim Sung-soo
Kim Sung-soo (South Korean actor) from acrofan.jpg
BornMay 23, 1973 (age 41)
South Korea
English Name:Kevin Kim
(suggested by Moon)
OccupationActortelevision host
Lee Chun-hee
BornFebruary 19, 1979(age 36)
English nameScott Lee
(suggested By Moon)

Jung Kyung-ho
Image result for Jung Kyung-ho
BornAugust 31, 1983(age 31)
English name:
Jack Jung
(suggested By Moon)
Kim Moon Chul
BornSeptember 2, 1988(age 26)
English name:
Moon Kim
(used in New york)

Baek Jin-hee

BornFebruary 8, 1990(age 25)
SeoulSouth Korea
English NameEmma Baek
(suggested by Moon)


Thanks to the fans of Royal Pirate Moon- RpSubs for subbing all the episodes of the show. So if you want to watch the show, i'll be posting the link to the page of Royal Pirate International Fan Page:

Enjoy Watching it.
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