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[OFFICIAL THREAD 1] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]


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@OnlyYouJYH : what? a lot of Jonghyun fans hate Seung Yeon ? 

[-(  I can't understand why they againts it. I am a burning soul and I'm very happy because Jonghyun gets a beautiful and lovely wife. For me, I prefer Jonghyun gets a nice wife who can take care and understand him than he lonely just to satisfy his fans. I believe if us as a fans who love and adore Jonghyun, we want to see he happy, right ? so let him undergo his life and support him if what he does is a positive thing for his life  :>

Sorry for my bad english  ^



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Guest stranger1000

I really cannot stand those "fans" who curse at someone else just because they claim they love their Star too much /:) wackos.Why can't they all just be like that lady who started clapping like a seal after JongHyun told her that he is getting married :)) she was really funny :)) can anyone make a gif for that?? lol!! And in the preview JongHyun looked like a zombie trying to poke her face =)) =)) it's cute but after staring at the gif (someone made) for awhile it was kinda "creepy" :)) .

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Guest diechan

@stranger1000 : Yes you right about that clapping lady, she is very nice. I hope all Jonghyun fans will clap like that lady about this "marriage" and love Seung Yeon like Jonghyun did. 
For me Seung Yeon is a perfect woman for Jonghyun. When I heard about Jonghyun join with WGM, I prayed to The God, "God please give Jonghyun a beautiful and nice wife", and there she is. So I'm really happy when Jonghyun looks fall in love to Seung Yeon and choose her. And as a fans I hope Seung Yeon will reply his feeling. Cross the line  :x 
@OnlyYouJYH : Why they hate Seung Yeon ? arrgghhh it's makes me angry  ~X(  Seung Yeon is a perfect woman for Jonghyun. I hope they will support Jonghyun and Seung Yeon

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Can I join? Haha... Hatred and bashing everywhere about Jong hyun wife alias Seong yeon.... is not really matter for me. It's a process... when we hear something that we don't want to hear actually, or disturb us... we will make respon... at first we deny then angry, it's natural. and somehow we show our anger by hating, cursing etc. after that the process is natural too. We start to bargain... being sad and in the end we accept the facts, even enjoy the result. And I believe this couple can do it... bring us the best moment that we can't deny... And I agree that we need CNBoys to boost the rating... but somehow the WGM self need to build the reputation again from the start. By brought these new couples hopefully WGM can enjoy its victory again...

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Guest Ayiiee

ate said: Ayiiee said: from the episode. LAST PART can someone please tell me the song that comes at 02:46 T___T been looking for it the whole day, and no luck :'(

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OOOOOhhhh really some fans comment at SY, thats bad? I am an avid CNBLUE fan and at first I was like noooo JH oppaahh dont join wgm, then i learned that his partner was YW and i was like seriosly nooooh, and then i saw another article with henry and a new actress and I was like okay fine but please with the new girl, so that atleast few fans know about her, cause I know there will be fanwar soon haha.. atleast the new girl does not have much fans to fight with haha... THen when I saw pics I was so jelous.. but now knowing CNBLUE boysfrom a long time i hink its just the right time for them to date.. actually their agency allows them to date not like other agency that dont allow them, in some of their interviews they said thier agency is telling them to date, but theyre like not into dating they just love doing music..haha.. thats why me as a an avid fan I feel like a mother so happy to see JH fall inlove...

Haaayzz sad to know about those fans who post bad comments.. I guess I'll go th SY account and post many good comments to cover the bad ones.. hehe what her SNS acc.. thanks

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