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[OFFICIAL THREAD 1] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]


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While I'm waiting for English subs of the next episode, I would like to open this up for discussion.

I've heard some discussing that our couple seem to be moving too fast, that they shouldn't be sharing the same bedroom or even beds or be in Japan this early in their relationship.   And this discussion also blends into the constant debate about whether WGM is 'scripted' or not.

'Scripted' can mean different things to different people, but my definition of 'scripted' is that the actors are given a script have to memorize it and repeat it verbatim exactly the way it is written by the script writers.  With this definition WGM is not 'scripted'.

From my understanding, the episodes and activities are planned out and where and how scenes are going to be shot are blocked out, but the way the actors respond to those situations are entirely their own and spontaneous.   Also, the scenes are edited down to 20 minutes/30 minutes, so what happens in those other hours of filming are never seen and are only included to portray the actors in the best light and to tell their story in the way WGM wants it to be told.   In that way WGM is 'scripted'.

But no screenwriter in his right mind would/could ever write the cheesy lines that Jonghyun is bombarding Seungyeon with (and plan her omigod reactions to them), so there is proof right there that the actors are not told what to say or what to do in their activities!   :))

 Also, the speed at which the couple progresses is entirely up to the couple.  Look how slow YongSeo moved in their relationship and how fast skinship developed for Khuntoria in season 2.  It is their decision with what they are comfortable with.  It is based on their age and personal situation and feelings, not by what WGM forces them to do.  I'm sorry to keep pulling other couples in for comparison, but season 2 was my one and only WGM season that I watched, so I have nothing else to base my opinions on!

They are not going to be sharing a bed and having hot sex on their 2nd date!!  =))   They are adults and I'm sure they have a say as to what they will allow to happen on the show.   For now, we should be happy they are this trusting and comfortable with each other to share a room and sleep next to each other. 

Besides, the mattresses are separated and they are wearing those masks, who would want to be romantic with those things on your face?!  :-O    Of course it is dark in that room.   Hmmmmm..........?? 

And there are cameras in the room, not exactly the atmosphere for romance to develop........

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@luvtokki yeah... the discussion about WGM script and to early sharing room is hot for this couple. I agree with you... Like I said before, everyone have different view of point. For me that thing is doesn't matter, because from what I saw in preview, they did enjoying their togetherness. And that time, Jong Hyun seems busy with CNBlue schedule in Japan, but WGM still need moment to be aired. We know many variety show that somehow doing that too, and nothing to be discussed there. That's why, sure I want to see how they handle their 'night' together... :)) especially Jong Hyun, like we know he's very forward for everything =)) I can't wait for next week....

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Guest TheLazyCow

Honestly I wouldn't mind the pace a couple takes. Just as long as it's genuine. Awkward and fake interactions bore me.
Some people just generally progress faster or slower for that matter. Relationship progression (Not just romantic ones) are affected by a multitude of underlying factors that the show obviously cannot show all of them. This couple for some reason tugs my heartstrings and that's all that matters. 
They look like they're really into each other and I could see them ending up together (Not sure how the public or delulu fans will react) cause I believe anyone could date if both parties are willing. :)  

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Guest TheLazyCow

Hey guys, I kept it PG so everyone can enjoy it. 

Do tell me how you feel about the short chapter and what can be improved! Eg. More dialogue, more descriptive scenes or maybe something else! 
Thanks in advance for your support! :)

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@luvttoki I tend to agree with you on what is scripted and what not.... I believe all the cast members are aware of the WGM contract..what they can do or can't do while they're still on the show. As far as I'm concerned, I like a medium paced progression, too slow can be boring and too fast can mean so many different things. Most importantly, the couple mush have 'chemistry' and chemistry is something you can't even fake even if the show is scripted.... not to mention that a lot of scenes will be edited to fit the time frame and also the time slot (afternoon in korea)... so we can't see all the good stuff heee!!

I would expect a lot of skinship with JH & SY... for goodness sake they're adults and I'm sure they will not be forced to do the things they're not comfortable or unethical to their career. Maybe the concerns lie on the delusional fans of JH...they don't want him to get involve with a girl, which to me is unfair. Celebrities are also human beings.. and when the time comes he/she has the right to find their own love and happiness.... and if fate state he would fall in love with SY in real life...so be it

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Guest stoicbot

Hello there Shipper Chingus! 
I've watched the subbed episode of the latest episode and at the end of the segment there was a notice. I've checked the website and I was directed to two links one for the notification of the event name and one for suggesting the names. I wonder if there is an official name for our lovely couple? haha I myself nicknamed them pretty eyes couple cause they both have amazing eyes && cheesy hubby Jonghyun keeps complimenting Seung Yeon-ssi^^. I can't read korean so I don't know how it works but if anyone is interested in participating you have till the 27th this month :D
link of notification found here and link for submitting here 

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I'm curious about the BG song played when JH approached SY for their final selection at the aquarium...that ballad ...

watching the episode with subs is so much better.... like I've mentioned it before, these two already made up their minds right from the first date..ok now I'm curious about their living arrangement... are they going to have a new place or something or will they be moving in to their partner's apartment?

Too bad I can't find SY's pictures much... just the random ones from her current drama and from WGM... I hope there'll be more projects for her.



that's the ahjumma look again...but she still look prettysy2_zpspsifbthb.jpg

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