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[OFFICIAL THREAD 1] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]


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hello everyone i'm new here :). i'm cn blue fans since debut and fans of yongseo. anyone from indonesia?? sorry for bad english ^-^

I'm from Indonesia too... nice to meet you ^^

Jong Hyun in WGM is like 'a dream come true'. Actually my favorite couple for WGM is yongseo... but I think Jong Hyun will be my next favorite couple. They seems so cute together... so I'm in.

Can't wait to watch WGM again after long time...

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Guest kdramaaddict77_c7d4

Woahhh... This ship already made!!

Hi all... Annyeong!!

I'm SoLim shippers... But also yongseo and CNBlue fans..

And I'm so excited Jonghyun joining WGM..!!

For sure, we'll see CNBlue member often to support jonghyun..... Like yonghwa to give jonghyun advice... :)

This is so exciting..!!!

I really hope jonghyun will pair with this actress (why I couldn't spell her name??? Mannnnn...)

Welcome to wgm family!

Let's be friends with Solim.....

Anyyeong....!!! :-h

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Guest FJ7778

So fast create this thread???? :D
For a time being...will lurker silently.....having headache spring cleaning 3 construction storage....
I'm goguma from Malaysia....nice meeting new family here....

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Since its been confirming that Jonghyun with Yeon , i should welcoming all shippers to ship this new couple :D PLEASE GIVE THEM LOVE AND FULL SUPPORT ! 


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Ye Won-Henry and Lee Jong Hyun-Gong Seung Yeon Couples to Begin ′We Got Married′ Life on March 14

Ye Won and Gong Seung Yeon will begin their newlywed lives with new ′husbands,′ Super Junior-M′s Henry and CN Blue′s Lee Jong Hyun, respectively. 

According to broadcast affiliates on March 3, Ye Won, Henry, Lee Jong Hyun, and Gong Seung Yeon completed their first recording on March 2 for MBC′s We Got Married.The cast filmed from the morning to the afternoon. Unlike how the other couples began their onscreen marriages, these four enjoyed a one-on-one date with the concept, ′Charm Appeal Date,′ where they later chose their own partners. 

Regarding this, one affiliate told Newsen on March 3, "Ye Won and Henry became a couple, and Gong Seung Yeon and Lee Jong Hyun became a couple." 

Filling in the empty spots of Hong Jong Hyun-Yura and Nam Goong Min-Hong Jin Young couple, the two new couples will begin their stories on March 14. 

Photo Credit: Newsen, Yuko Company

Reporter : Hwang Hye Jin | Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong 
[Any copying, republication or redistribution of enewsWorld's content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from enewsWorld. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civill penalties.]
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Guest riska.rindhy_at_gmail.com_stv

ainissky said:

hello everyone i'm new here :). i'm cn blue fans since debut and fans of yongseo. anyone from indonesia?? sorry for bad english ^-^
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Is it selfish of me for wanting not only the great success of Jongyeon couple, who I believe Abi unnie has dubbed the Curtain couple (LOL!!!  =)) ), but also for Minstal and Kyuline to make cameos? kekeke

Here's to hoping Jonghyun oppa likes his wifeu more than food hahaha 


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Guest TheLazyCow

YAY!!! They've been confirmed! <3
HAHA I guess he'll be teaching Seung Yeon how to play the guitar! A couple that plays (guitar) together stays together! Eg. YongSeo
HEHEHE following Yong's footsteps. Anyway I wonder how will he be like to his wife since he's the dorky one among the members! I'm also curious about
Seung Yeon's personality! She's so pretty!

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hi nice to meet you all. I'm a Boice and Burning Soul too since they debuted. And honestly, when I read this thread, it reminds me of other thread which has "almost similar" couple name. LOL :))

actually at first I was kinda shocked when I found out that Jonghyun will join the WGM family but the next day, I calmed my self and finally found that I am soooo exciting to see him in WGM very SOON. and when I saw him with SeungYeon, I TOTALLY AGREE.

Can't wait until March 14 T___T
And I really really hope this couple will receive sooooooooooo much loves from all people >.<

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Hahaha the feedback from fans, kinda great. I hope people will give JongYeon lots of love. So i strongly recommended you guys to spread this thread to all twitter, fb, insta an etc. We want more JongYeon shipper from now on ㅋㅋㅋ and i've been lurking on Yeon's Ig. Seems like a lot fans love her with Jong : ) ang maybe some burning soul / boices will not like them. Hmmm what can i sayy. Dont watch them then :wink:

#jongyeon look like they're made in couple heaven. Their combined visuals are too much for my poor eyes to handle kekeke <3

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Guest rosamystica

Hello Everyone!  ^:)^ I am a YongSeo shipper and now a JongYeon shipper too.  Hopefully they will be paired up as for what I have seen in all the pictures their chemistry is awesome... Here's to the ship's future sailing... Fighting!!!!

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