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[OFFICIAL THREAD 1] Lee Jonghyun ♡ Gong Seungyeon [House Of Brownies]


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Happy 29 JongHyun Day 


Hope all of your wishes become true and for the whole time when you serve in army everything will go smoothly

and Happiness will always come along with you and your beloved people





thanx cr by owner


Finally Seungyeon drama AYHT will start soon, I hope her drama have a great welcome from korean and have a great rating also :grin:



welcome to our thread @anjuliet :lol:,

Just for info please do not quote any picture or video because it's againts soompi rules, and if you want to quote please remove the picture or video, :)

so happy because will always there is new brownie coming to this forum :blush:

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Congratulations and Happy Birthday Lee Jong Hyun! :)




Trans: A friend sent me pictures of my birthday when I was young ㅋ. Cr. gongleeglobal


Trans: V.  Cr. gongleeglobal


Jh related:




Have a nice gt. day everyone! :)

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Now on page 1337 lol. Wow... Really thankful for all the posts, translations, photos, everything! :wub: 

I must admit, I did not really follow them back then as I was really into SoLim couple and even voted for them for MBC couple award *please don't hate me lol*

Better late than never with our Bee Couple. I've never shipped anybody so much like I am with these two.

I was gutted when they stopped following each other on Insta and feared the worst.

I will keep hoping and praying that they will eventually find their way back to each other again and with some good news soon. :star:

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On 31/08/2015 at 2:55 AM, MattieCat said:

Our couple is now in top 3!!  Sorry if it's old news.... we are so close to #2!   http://www.thetoptens.com/favorite-we-got-married-couples/

And I wanted to thank @Boch too for your wonderful CIS report back then, you have no idea how happy you made me and fellow brownies.  Happy to see you came back from the trip to Korea safe and sound, with such great memories!!  

I couldn't bring myself to post anything after I watched the last episode but I have been reading all the posts.  And everything I felt has been expressed by wonderful Brownies.  Recent IG activities just made me so happy and confident to keep this ship sailing.  Thank you all for being here. :)


I voted earlier https://www.thetoptens.com/favorite-we-got-married-couples/, they're no. 2? :D 
*better late than never* :wink:

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Happy Birthday Lee Jong Hyun:D


I knew it that they didn't go only for holiday... :wink:

Teaser looks beautiful but why I feel little sad watching this?  Maybe I thinking too much but this kind of TV CNBLUE looks like goodbye for fans and for them before enlist...?


AYHT in soompi- translation new trailer:wink:




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Hello brownies!  Thank you all for all the updates.  I haven't been able to visit here much and I just finished catching up the last few pages. 


Though I cannot translate it entirely, I thought this was interesting - from the article posted by @ahnborabora last page.  He talked about the new drama, a kiss scene and delivering flirting lines, and love:


"I believe love is all illusion.  What’s important is how much of the illusion (the other person held) in the beginning you can protect.  To simply put, love is ‘not about demanding, but makes us want to just give’ – that’s what I think love is."


I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but I respect where he stands. :):) 


Have a wonderful day/night brownies.  And warm welcome to all new brownies!!+

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SeungYeon and Family support little sister with coming to twice concert :grin:






Thank you Cr. _jismyname





Thnx all cr by owner


Soooo Pretty with Casual style and still that "Nerdy" :lol:

That Jacket look oversized for her, is that her own size or someone size :glasses:

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Here it is one of Beautiful Creature :heart:


SY really has everything --> sexy body, pretty face, beautiful eyes (like JH said), smart brain and also very kind heart --> JongHyun Ideal Type :wub:


SY updated IG :



Thnx All cr by owner


Happy weekend :tongue:


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I see that we have been blessed with many updates of SY. 



Interview for Cosmopolitan Korea, June 2018 Issue:

Cr.: gongleeglobal


Gong Seungyeon, "My role model is Son Yejin... she's an actress I really want to take after." (Blink at me if you know what I mean :wink:)


In the interview with Cosmo, Seungyeon will reveal her loves and happiness. She introduced a poem in the book '시로 납치하다,' that when she thinks of the ultimate kind of love is something you see more lovely and beautiful after going through a lot of hardships together.

She adds, "I've found that happiness is not something you need to search for, but is something found in the small things in our daily lives." She goes on to explain that her idea of happiness is to be thankful for anything.


She also reveals that she's 'very hard on herself.' Even though she's an actress who has never had an acting controversy since she was a rookie, she says, "When I watch myself, I always see issues with how I act." When asked about what Gong Seungyeon's best weapon as an actress, she responds, "It might be steadiness, patience, and perseverance? And I can really stay up well late at night?" Gong Seungyeon is a joy to work with, she brightens up the atmosphere with her pleasant smiles and laughter. More on the June issue of Cosmo Korea. 



Thanks @MattieCat for always sharing the interesting bits of JH interviews :blush:

On 5/18/2018 at 10:58 AM, MattieCat said:

"I believe love is all illusion.  What’s important is how much of the illusion (the other person held) in the beginning you can protect.  To simply put, love is ‘not about demanding, but makes us want to just give’ – that’s what I think love is."


What I get from this is JH interviews during WGM, before or after, always consistent. If I recall correctly, in their wedding, he wrote something as wanted SY to always keep his heart fluttering? Hihi


This is not directly related to SY or JH, but I still want to share (It's the translation of Jeongyeon letters to their mom when she was young that SY posted in her IG). From the letters, I can see how Jeongyeon loved their parents and how hard she had been working to achieve her dream, how thankful she was for their parents and how much she wanted to pay them back. Jeongyeon is mature beyond her age. I believe it has been the same for SY, she said in one of her interviews that she wanted to make their parents proud. I will just put in Spoiler in case anyone has no interest in reading :) 


Letter 1:

YOO JEONGYEON <in 2007..>

I will be in Grade 5 so i will study more than Grade 4. And i will get good scores I won't play computers. Also, to be a singer, I will exercise hard and lose weight I'll learn how to dance, sing, and Chinese from my sister. Grade 5 studies are hard so i'll open my eyes wide and try my best. I'm learning Grade 5 in my academy but i don't know. Which is why I'll learn hard at school.


Letter 2:

My lovely mother,

Hi mom. I'm Jeongyeon Happy birthdayy~ And..sorry. I wanted to try my best but that didn't work.. I think of you whenever i dance so I'm trying my best..but I think i have no talent in studying..I can't study..dancing is more fun and..I want to get into JYP..but i don't know what to do for 3 months..please wait awhile mom.. I'll make sure to pass..


Letter 3:

"Mom i love~! Mom! I, maknae Jeongyeon Today is Mother's Day~ I couldn't give u anything but a letter and flowers But I'll be a world star that everyone knows and buy you a cool house, car, etc etc Please wait even if it's hard~ I know how hard it is for you more than anyone so I'll work hard and make much~ money and to make you live comfortably, wait for awhile~ I know it's hard for you but i couldn't do it without your scoldings~ sorry mom I'll attend the company well. I'll study well too. I'll be your daughter you wont be ashamed of~ I'm sorry for not being able to do things with you and I love you~ I should have bought you diamond~ something like that for mothers day~ Wait for 10 years~ I'll grant all your dreams~ I should have bought you prettier flowers too. But i had no time~ is actually an excuse~ It's because i have to money..(I'm poor)


Cr. trans: onefortwice




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I absolutly love SY new photoshoot for Cosmo:D She looks great!!

and this is article from soompi:


Gong Seung Yeon Shares Who Her Role Models Are And Her Theories On Happiness

  Actress Gong Seung Yeon recently participated in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan’s June issue.

The actress’s next project is the KBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Are You Human Too?”, where she stars as the female lead alongside Seo Kang Joon‘s robot character.


Her character, Kang So Bong, is a former martial arts athlete acting as bodyguard for Seo Kang Joon. In order to perfect her character, Gong Seung Yeon has been attending action school. “It was high summer when I’d really started preparing for the part,” she said. “We did the training in a room where there wasn’t even air conditioning, and everything was hard for me including the warm-ups. But I went every day. Because that’s my character’s daily life.”


When asked about her role model, she picked Son Ye Jin, who is currently starring in the hit drama “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” and revealed some of her thoughts on love and happiness.

“I think that the ultimate love is when you can go through the hardships and troubles and look back on it as something beautiful,” she said. “And happiness isn’t something you seek out, but something you discover every day in the little things.”




“Are You Human Too?” is set to premiere on June 4.

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SY with some of the staff Six Flying Dragon attend their friends wedding today  :D  This is great! SFD was filming long time ago but their still keep in touch... 



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