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I realised what it is that makes the Yoo Si Jin-Kang Mo Yeon relationship so comfortable to watch and why I just love it so much. It boils down to one thing:   Even though he is soooooo slic

True story: Me, after watching Episode 01: BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episode 02: NO, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episode 03: NO, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episod

Hello,i will try my best to translate some   How similar is Yoo Shi Jin to Song Joong Ki? SHK: i think they have 80% similarity.However Song Joong Ki is more focus t

3 hours ago, winterbubbletea said:

Question. When SJ meets KMY mother...why did her mother call him innocent ?

KMY mom testing him. All she know with her daughter past love story all the man that close to her never go far from holding wrist... In this case maybe Yun Gi oppa. So having YSJ took her home and both drunk as a mom she can feel the relation between them. And she asked because she want to know what kind type a man of YSJ is, and she is happy by hearing YSJ answer and told him that "our captain is very innocent". Then she can trust YSJ. That's my take of the scene.

today is wednesday assaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Let's build our tent troopers... Uri captain and uri doctor will do their happy ending closure. 


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50 minutes ago, andy78 said:

Descendants of the Sun’ episode 15 & 16 spoilers, promo: What happens in penultimate and finale—Major character dies in tragic ending? [Video]

  • Descendants of the Sun’ episode 15 & episode 16 spoilers, promo: What happens in penultimate and finale segments—Major character dies in tragic ending? [Video] (Photo : Facebook/Descendants of the Sun)


Blockbuster hit K-drama "Descendants of the Sun" is nearing its finale. The KBS' series starring Song Joong-ki (Yoo Si-jin), Song Hye-Kyo (Dr. Kang Mo-yeon), Kim Ji-won (Yoon Myeong-joo) and Jin Goo (Seo Dae Young) is set to air its penultimate segment (episode 15) on April 13, Wednesday. It will be followed by the much-awaited finale (episode 16) on April 14, Thursday bringing the love story of a soldier and a doctor to an end. Meanwhile, here are spoilers for the final two chapters of the fan-favourite show. Read on to find out what happens next.

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In the previous episode, airing last week, fans saw badly wounded Shi Jin is brought to the emergency room of a hospital wherein Mo Yeon begs him to wake up. A flashback sequence shows how exactly Shi Jin ends up getting shot by a gunman in the van while protecting the North Korean commander.

In the other room, North Korean commander wakes up and attacks Nurse Ha. Later, Dr. Song and Mo Yeon treat the commander, who turns out to be Commander Ahn Jung Joon and has a chip implanted in his arm. The commander refuses to give the information, but Shi Jin discovers what it contains.

The network released a promo video for "Descendants of the Sun" teasing the events of episode 15. Looking at the preview, fans can expect to see Mo Yeon and Shi Jin share some intense yet romantic moments. The couple will go camping where they discuss not saying "I love you" to each other.

"Did you know that we never said I love you to each other?" Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon. "We did it with our body language instead of words," Mo Yeon replies (as translated in the English subtitles of the promo video published on Ceil Channel/YouTube.com).

Meanwhile, Dae Young faces the option of either to sign up for a dangerous mission or get discharged. Dae Young decides to go on the mission and bids goodbye to Myeong Joo with a promise to return. Scroll down to watch the promo.

In addition, spoilers and speculations for "Descendants of the Sun" finale (episode 16) are also running rampant. According to the Koalas Playground, the show will feature a tragic ending. It is said that the Song Joong Ki's character Shi Jin will meet his demise. As for Song Hye Kyo's Mo Yeon, she will move to a remote area where she will volunteer as a teacher. How this plays out remains to be seen.

"Descendants of the Sun" airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 pm on KBS. Stay tuned for more spoilers on episode 15 (penultimate) and episode 16 (finale).


Jeezzz what happen to this eonnie at koalasplayground..... I was a fan of her site before. What will happen to the site comment box on friday when we already reveal the sweet truth about this drama ending scene. 

I am still positive up to now about how the writer end the drama.... Beside this drama not only write by KES only. All I know Signal, 3 days and Ghost were having a happy ending. My experience watching KES drama the ending scenes are not as pleasant as the story plot. I love SWP ending.... That was JJANG!!!!! 

So can i hope I see YSJ hold a littler YSJ or little KMY too???? Hahahahaha or am I asking too much. 

I'm sure there will be a kiss scene at the camp.... And director-nim i have tore the drone to pieces so don't u dare use another drone to film the kiss scene from far again... You got that???!!!!!!! 


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'Sons of the Sun "Song Joong-gi-Khmer / KBS 2TV' Sons of sun screen capture






The teaser sparked speculation about the ending. But the drama is believed to have a happy finale for the two main couples, including Seo Dae-young (Jin Goo) and Yoon Myung-joo (Kim Ji-won). The show's writer, Kim Eun-sook, is famous for romantic-comedy dramas such as "Gentleman's Dignity (2012)" and "Secret Garden (2011)," in which the couples live happily ever after.








“It’s a goodbye gift. It’s tasty so please savor it.”


'Sons of the Sun "jiseunghyeon / KBS 2TV' Sons of sun screen capture




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Kim Ji Won was not what Jin Goo had expected?



Actor Jin Goo relayed his first impression of his co-star Kim Ji Won, who plays his love interest in 'Descendants of the Sun,' during his April 12 appearance on MBC FM4U's 'Park Kyung Lim's 2 O'Clock Date.'

"Kim Ji Won in a beverage CF left a deep impression," he revealed.  "Our company even said that we should recruit her.  I thought she was a tomboy, but when I saw her in real life, she was a mature woman with sincerity and charisma.

"When I saw the script, I imagined the character Yoon Myung Joo as a tall and glamorous female soldier.  That's why I wondered whether she could take on that image, but on the day of her fitting for her soldier uniform, all of the male staff members were [in awe]."

search : allkpop

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Felt just like yesterday when I first came into this forum talking to you guys about how excited I am about this drama and now look guys.  Last Tuesday where we will be waiting anxiously for our favourite drama to start. I think I am gonna miss visiting soompi everyday to check what you guys say so much now :( 

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How is he a bad bf just because he serves and pledge his allegience to his country? Shouldn't you be proud to have a bf like him? He dies, he die in honor. Its going to be hard to taks his death because imagine you love this guy so much. However, the world is not all about just you and your bf. He's always been in this field his whole life, he can't just change because he has a gf who he loves more than any girls out there. That's why MY is such a strong character, she doesn't like it but she's going to deal with it. If she can't deal with it, doesn't mean he's a bad bf. He already made it clear, he loves her. But his love is going to be share with his country. He's just a patriotic, loyal and honorable man. I think he's a great man and whoever gets to be with a guy like this once in their life would be proud. The death is alwalys looming close by due to his dangerous job but then just as many people die out there without being a soldier. 

Anyway, its not like the guy isnt making adjustment. From just randomly disapearing, hes making the effort to tell her he's going on a dangerous mission. 

Both character loves their job. it would be unfair for either one to quit. They will resent each other at the end.

anyway, i think this is sjk when he was in the military.

[image removed, not related to the drama]

not sure who to credit but credit to original uploader

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Great post @smiletall  you said exactly what I thought about ep14...

i felt cheated when ep 14 1st aired and made a similar comment that the writers dropped the ball and we should have been shown how KMY used her medical skills more in saving YSJ. Like you mention YSJ saved KMY so many times, that this was an opportunity to turn the tables and KMY save him and show YSJ is vulnerable as well.

only 13 hours to go



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Sorry for reposting these,

I guess, KMY got the news that Alpha Team is looking contact with YSJ. This scene probably come out after MY SJ camped and when they go back working, go troubles back. To be honest, my heart beats so every time SJ go to the department store, I d better see him resign and turn to normal life. I m wondering, is that so tense working as an agent like YSJ? It seems just like down and up and down and death threats are always accompanying him every time he deals with mission. Oh...writers, I m quoting yours, my friend, writers Kim, DONT PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR HEART, OUR HEART, OUR HEART....

*I kinda believe that when alpha team looking contact with SJ (this is what some believe), MY is looking for SJ till her heart follows her to go back to Urk and find a standing familiar person near abandoned wreckship and ends. 'MMM...with this kind of ending. I m to be honest a bit disappointed.

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can't wait for tonight ....hope for the happy ending although i not really sure about it. tonight will be lovey dovey but i scared about ending of ep 15.hope not the sad preview for ep 16....

KMY character is the best for me...as her character always growing.i like her  become considerated to YSJ and try her best to understand him.she not only love  him but also his job...


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