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I realised what it is that makes the Yoo Si Jin-Kang Mo Yeon relationship so comfortable to watch and why I just love it so much. It boils down to one thing:   Even though he is soooooo slic

True story: Me, after watching Episode 01: BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episode 02: NO, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episode 03: NO, THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!  After Episod

Hello,i will try my best to translate some   How similar is Yoo Shi Jin to Song Joong Ki? SHK: i think they have 80% similarity.However Song Joong Ki is more focus t

Im sooo happy!!!!! Yes, it dipped down buut so glad that its not a uge percentage... minute in fact! And i felt so relieved.... Yesterday when friends are talking about naver trends i got afraid and felt really worried... Aww im so happy for DOTS team!!! fighting!!! And fighting for all of us in here!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :heart::heart::heart:


cross fingers for today's episode and i bet they will give us a true cliff hanger!!! and torment us for another week.... but really i can have a good sleep tonight!!! my heart is soooo happy!!!.... and i can't wait for the subs!!!!!

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Just finished watching the subbed Episode 7 (by the way, this drama got the fastest subbers so far, daebak!)

The manager's death was heartbreaking indeed..I cried too..

I hope Sgt. Go (the 3rd in-command) can get over his animosity with KMY..He had clashed with her for I think 3 times already..But of course, I do understand from where he is coming..I can't wait to see his reactions the moment he learns that the doctor he honestly declared that he don't really like is his Captain's true love. Hahaha...


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Hello guys, first time to post here.

I think no worries about a very slight slipping down of ratings. Because right now we already know that DotS won't be shaken nor be pulled town on it's throne. Not even 1 percent is sliced down.

One more thing is oh my Goodness!!! It's like everyone is on the excitement again whether what will be or how would KMY react to YSJ's heartfelt confession of what he really feels.

Everything is brilliant about this drama. Like you can't t wait for tomorrow if the wednesday's episode is done. Or you can't wait for the next wednesday if thursday's episode is done.

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Just watched ep 7 with sub, and oh gosh... The confession scene is just heartbreaking. Uri Captain! :bawling:

I really do hope our doctor will at least say a bit that she misses him also during their time apart. After seeing the preview once again, i can see that they will talk abit after MY is done with her wound stitching (eventho it also show that MY will be walking alone crying with our SJ following) but i do hope she'll respond something positive to our poor captain. 


Anw, i think the bts picture where SJ is looking extra fine making V sign while sitting on the back of a truck with MY will be shown soon as he and MY are wearing the same clothes as the one that they wear in the ep 8 preview (where the truck's broken)! 


Really cant wait for tonight's episode!!! DOTS' just awwwesome!

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Love, love as in love today's episode. A slight dip in the rating doesn't mean the whole entire run of the show will be like that. I love how at least 60% of the episode is slightly focused on KMY and her profession. As usual, the romantic cliff hanger at the end keeps us viewers at a gasp and secretly want to break the TV hoping it's the next day so we can continue watching and know what is about to happen next. 

I am still hoping they would break that 30% viewer rating because the show is so damn good and want it to be more successful. It's only mid season and there is still a lot to be unfolded. Like SHK says, their love story is slowly progressing now and a lot of obstacles are about to happen in the drama. 

BTW, I tried live streaming it for the 1st time and it was a so-so experience. I am from California and I don't think my connection has to do with it, lagging and buffering a gazillion times that ultimately made me gave up. I was able to capture about 30% of the live stream and the rest are history. Good thing an hour after they aired it, some site has already uploaded it raw. 

Can't wait until tomorrow. Looks like there will be more of YSJ and KMY love lines to entice us yet again! 

16 minutes ago, ilovesjk said:

So I'm wondering, did GooWon watch last night's episode together? Can I hope that Song Song was there too? :P

I was actually thinking the same thing. I was also thinking if all 4 of them, SJK and SHK included, watched it together and had a little get together party to mark its mid season success of DOTS. 

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