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[Drama 2016] Descendants of the Sun 태양의 후예

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I'm here after binge watching ep 1-6 past few days. Haha.


I can't believe that I still cry watching the earthquake scenes... everyone nailed the emotion running high during the time before Captain Yoo came with his entourage. Bravo!


Definitely worth it to rewatch! 

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Posted (edited)
On 4/24/2016 at 7:48 AM, happifruit said:


Aaaannnddd there we have it, everyone!

After YEARS of not watching Kdramas, I could not resist the goddess that I have worshipped since I was 14, paired with the Joseon playboy that I fell in love with years ago.

And I'm glad I did. This was so much fun.


All in all, was DoTS the best thing ever? No.
I have enough of a sense of reality to see that there were a lot of unexplored points and mis-handlings. And levers that did not get thrown.

Was it the best drama of the year? No. That honour goes to Signal.

Was it a really, really, really good drama? Yes.

Was it one heck of a ride? You bet.

Was it an absolute blast to watch? OH, YES IT WAS!


Thanks for 1030 pages! I had tons of fun on this thread :blush:

It was the best drama indeed. have seen dramas from many countries but this one was off the charts.it really intrigued me esp song song love story

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On 4/24/2016 at 5:36 PM, stitch09 said:

I strongly agree that DOTS writer is really a genius one...the fact that I'm so intact to #GooWon couple not only for the undeniable chemistry between Jin Goo & Kim Ji Won but also for the deep well written saga of their love story. I love how KMS/writer catches the heart of the viewers by giving us this one coz for me their story was much more touching & strong batling it against the will of YMJ's father and at the end of it they win against it by SDY love for his nation & for his strong willed Army Surgeon & only Angel YMJ.

I dont intend to offend your view but honestly speaking goowon part was a common place story and also draggy.also quiet predictable that dear daddy will accept their relation in the end..... remember ep 15 when daddy Yoon tore resignation document of seo dae young, he wordlessly already accepted him. Furthermore I felt their story wasn't really important in the plot.if you remove their story for instance, it won't affect the plot in anyway coz the plot is all about the love saga of captain yoo dr kang. I sometimes even feel why second love story was there

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On 5/2/2016 at 5:31 AM, melleri said:

I can't really hate Rock Fish oppa because he seemed to be a better man towards the end, and he was never really a threat.  He could easily be swayed (or threatened lol) and didn't cause any real harm to anyone.  Plus how happy he was that SJ and DY were back was pretty sweet, and I think how he handled getting MY to sign that NDA was nice of him.  I don't think there is anyone really hateful in DoTS other than Argus and Manager Jin, and even those two are pretty comical.  

Oh that one Doctor lady is the worst in my mind.  She never changed and never got any real payback for her behavior.  I guess Dr. Song mentioned why she was like that though, she was just childish with no worries in the world.  Everyone else had so much going on and no time to be petty.  

Gen. Yoon  I also did not dislike because I felt it was more GooWon's fault for not doing enough more than daddy's fault for keeping them apart.  If those two would have been a united force and worked for approval instead of fighting and breaking up all the time, things could have been settled easily.  If some big softy of a dad  (and general, he went out of his way to help him soldiers, and was so happy they came back alive) can keep you apart you need to work harder to make it work like the sign during one of their many breakups said. 

Right you are. I honestly dint like goowon story .i even feel there wasn't really the need  for their story in dots.but surprisingly some ordinary minds have said stuff like they prefer their draggy story to song song. Lol

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On 5/3/2016 at 1:36 AM, themarchioness said:

Jin Goo wants a 'Descendants of the Sun' spinoff for the Goo-Won couple?

A 'DOTS' spinoff focused on just the Goo-Won couple? That sounds like a pretty good idea! 

Jin Goo posed for a 'High Cut' pictorial recently, rocking cool, casual pieces that are summer-ready. 

In the interview following the photo shoot, the actor was asked if he would work on a 'DOTS' sequel that is a Goo-Won couple spinoff. Jin Goo replied, "If the viewers would allow it, I'd be very thankful. I've never filmed for something like a sequel in my fourteen years of acting so I do want to experience it."

For all the 'DOTS' and Goo-Won couple fans, that might just be the most fantastic idea! 

Source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/05/jin-goo-wants-a-descendants-of-the-sun-spinoff-for-the-goo-won-couple

Dots was about military-civilian romance of song song couple. Goowon already got more screen space than they deserved. So desiring dots sequel exclusively with goowon sounds selfish. Dots is so because of song song romance and the bromance.

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On 5/14/2016 at 4:23 PM, gilaswan said:


In Episode 1, when Yoo SiJin first encounters Kang MoYeon, he regards her like any other person he meets for the first time. His focus is on recovering Seo DaeYoung's phone and does nothing more than answer her questions:

"Are you Big Boss?" - Yes

"Are you his guardian?" - Not his, but the phone's (i.e. if we could just get the phone back, we would be out of here, thank you.)

But she ignores him immediately after he tells her what he's there for and switches her attention straight back to the patient she was with; he had assumed it would be a quick and easy assignment to complete but he was wrong. At that very moment when she ignores him, see how his regard for her changes with that little raising of his brow as if to say, "This one's not easy." Her strength of character and presence immediately catches his attention but he is not yet intrigued.

He watches her work as she questions the nurse on where Kim KiBeom had run to, and he tries his luck again with the phone. His focus is still on retrieving the phone and she is at this point a challenge to this puzzle - how to get the phone back? Game on. 

See how he pushes Nurse Choi MinJi to the side just to get into a position where he can catch KMY's eyes. He's impatient and honestly somewhat obnoxious here and CMJ is none too pleased about being shoved by him. YSJ is an army captain and is not used to not getting an immediate response to a simple order - give me back my phone. So he continues being this obnoxious male:

"Are you listening to me?" 

And the brilliant response from KMY? Of course I'm not listening to you, you self-absorbed person of the male type! She doesn't answer his question and merely throws another question back at him - she's on her own mission to fact find: Are you a thug? Cos if you are, I'm not letting you leave the hospital after you assaulted someone! We see KMY is someone who has a strong sense of social justice here, aaaaaannnd... he is hooked. The man has taken the bait which KMY doesn't even realise she's thrown at him! His eyes now show intrigue with KMY. The retrieving of the phone is no longer the puzzle - she is.

*cue the curtain scene* 

She looks at him, and she's still irritated; he looks at her and he no longer listens to SDY who's still trying to solve the how-do-I-get-my-phone-back problem:

SDY: Seeing that he left the phone here, I think he made a run for it

YSJ: Yes, I think he made a run for it

SDY: Why don't we go outside and look for him? He couldn't have gone far.

YSJ: Yes, he couldn't have gone far. Why don't you go and find him.

All this while, SDY and YSJ are looking in KMY's direction, but see how differently their eyes speak! SDY is thinking about how to solve the handphone problem; YSJ is thinking about how to solve the KMY problem. :D And it doesn't take long for his best friend to notice it. SDY gives him the "What the..." look. My phone, bro, focus! My phone! And because the bro code at this point is still stronger than a girl he's met for the first time, he reluctantly follows SDY out in search of KKB.

Loved this one.you watched really keenly

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On 5/16/2016 at 10:07 AM, lizzyd said:

Hi, I've sent the re-edited sub files to everyone who PM'd me. If you didn't receive it, then I didn't get your message. Thanks!! 

i too want them

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Posted (edited)
On 5/27/2016 at 2:12 PM, kristy86 said:

And now I will continue with ep 6 :D 

I agree this episode giving us more of the bromance and I love it so very much. SJ expression in this scene is priceless :joy:  K.Will's song just make the whole scene even more exciting :D 



Come to think of it, they are so ready to abandon each other in any critical moment :sweatingbullets:  Just like when DY betray SJ during the parcel scene. I always laughing like crazy on that scene, can't wait until we reach that episode :D 

And this one, SJ said something about eating ramyeon too, lol. But it's not in the translation, something like: you don't even invite me to eat ramyeon at your house? Ok, that's weird...

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Next is about the womance...

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I was also want to discuss the progress in their relationship, it's getting better during and after the earthquake. There's mutual understanding between them and I can see it from this scene.

I think this is when MY sees MJ differently, not only a pretty doctor, she did her job very well as a doctor :D  


Same with MJ, there's admiration in her eyes for MY. Now she understand MY was not in Urk for only taking pictures, . 


It's so rare in k drama to find two female characters that has relationship as MY and MJ. I admire these two women for their strong character, they are just awesome!




My fave in this ep is of course the reunion scene... I have no words to describe it, for me this is the most beautiful scene in the drama. 



The other thing I just can't help not to mention is this... The way his gaze moved from MY to Sgt Choi, from sadness and longing for his woman changes to full alert mode and authoritative.  SJK is daebak, he really has the aura of a leader in him. 



Kmy doesn't need to prove herself infront of a junior and much less experienced one like mj. It's mj snobbery which makes her think that kmy is good for nothing doctor

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Please do not quote pics! Thanks! :)

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