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Im Si Wan 임시완

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***Don’t go too far, Siwan – I hope you take good care of yourself more. Be on the safe side always. :P




Siwan says he was strangled to the point of fainting on movie set




ZE:A's Siwan and Lee Hwee Joon may just have taken things a bit too far during a filming session of 'Thinking of My Older Brother,' resulting in the idol fainting on set. This is the second known instance of Siwan hurting himself while filming for the movie, including the instance when he cut open his forehead.

As a guest on the January 19 airing of 'Cultwo Show,' Siwan confessed that he fainted while filming a fighting scene with his co-star Lee Hwee Joon. The DJs had commented, "We heard that you had a fighting scene with Lee Hwee Joon and that you fainted when he strangled your neck." 

Siwan clarified, "I was only out for a couple seconds. Hwee Joon hyung is the type to go all out [when he's acting]. So I just went along without any thought. I put my trust in him. But I didn't know that I'd actually faint." 


SEE ALSO: 'GQ' unveils sexy pictures of Siwan



Siwan then made light of the serious story by joking, "It didn't hurt when my neck was being strangled but when the paramedic applied first aid it hurt so much that I rejected the first aid." 


We're glad you're okay, Siwan; just don't overdo it! 


source : allkpop

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Siwan's ancient movie 'A Moment to Remember' premieres at number one


Siwan's ancient  movie 'A Moment to Remember' premieres at number one

ZE:A Siwan's film 'A Melody to Remember' (Korean title: Thinking of Oppa) had the largest opening day on its premiere date!

According to the Korean Film Council's scorefirm on January 21, 'A Melody to Remember' took 22.9% of all price ticket sales that day, scoring first position in the box office.

Second and 3rd place were Hollywood movies, 'The Revenant' and 'The Just right Dinosaur'.

'A Melody to Remember' is ready a lieutenant all over the Korean War, who meets youngsters from a choir who have lost everything. He does what he can to give coverage to them.The movie also stars Pass Ah Sung.

SEE ALSO: Siwan says he used to be strangled to the point of fainting on motion picture set

The movie just premiered. 


source : ohkpop



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January 20,  2016

Si Wan's first lead movie "A Melody to Remember", number 1 in ticket sales

Source: OSEN via Hancinema.net


"A Melody to Remember" made it to the front of the line in ticket sales on the first day of release.

According to the Korean Film Council, "A Melody to Remember" came in first in line which is 22.9% in ticket sales.

The movie was released on the 21st and it started off with a bang, beating Leonardo Dicaprio's "The Revenant" and "The Good Dinosaur".

Meanwhile, "A Melody to Remember" is based on the children's choir during the Korean War where a small song brought great miracles starring Si Wan, Lee Hee-joon, Ko Ah-seong and more.

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January 21, 2016

[bnt interview]

Yim Si Wan, a Step Forward to Become an ‘Adult’

Source: BNTNews


[by Lee Lin, translated by Woorim Ahn] “Idol actors? I just want to be a comfortable person with acting without anything else.”

It has been a while after he broke an old prejudice of idol actor. As singer and actor Yim Si Wan proved his acting ability through movie ‘The Attorney’ and drama ‘Misaeng’, he grew up a lot more as the audiences look forward to his next work rather than worry. 

Recently, bntnews met him and heard his stories that he couldn’t speak yet about movie ‘A Melody to Remember’ at a café in Samcheong-dong, Seoul. 

‘A Melody to Remember’ is based on a true story of children’s choir that existed during the Korean War. The film delivers the wonder of little voices that sang on the ruins of the war. 


In the movie, he played the role of second lieutenant Han Sang Ryul and did something new that he never tried: action scenes, playing the piano and conducting. Moreover, it wasn’t easy for him to lead emotions of the film with the children choir. His first mission was to “understand what adults think” to digest his role since it was his first challenge to play the leading role with the film. 

“I never felt burdened about the film was based on the true story. Han Sang Ryul was like a real adult, so I was worried about how to understand the adult’s feelings. At first, I couldn’t sympathize to the character 100% because he protects the rest despite of the devastating situation. Even during the circumstance that he can be mad, he never got mad and that was the part I couldn’t understand.”

“My character didn’t satisfy myself, but the director destroyed my thoughts about the character. He told that ‘my motto through the film is to make at least one person nice. I wanted to see innocent people through this’. I think Han Sang Ryul was very patient person.”


Yim Si Wan kept trying to be closer to his character. For him, Han Sang Ryul was the ‘real adult’. 

“When I saw myself that didn’t understand Han Sang Ryul, I thought it will take long to be an adult. But, when I finished filming the movie, I thought about this. When the world will end tomorrow, Han Sang Ryul might do what he wants to do and what he couldn’t do or maybe do some volunteer work. Maybe, Han Sang Ryul isn’t just nice, and does what he pursues.”

“I still wonder myself if I can do what I’ve pursue if the world ends tomorrow. However, at least I realized that kind of person exists. As I acknowledged that, I think I grew up.”

From the start to the end, Yim Si Wan kept practicing how to play the piano and conduct. Particularly, he raised the movie’s reality as he played Chopin’s song in the film and wrote a song entitled the same one as the film’s to depict Han Sang Ryul’s emotions. It was his second OST participation after drama ‘Misaeng’s ‘Be Alright’. 


“It was solely my greed. When I firstly composed a song for ‘Misaeng’, I thought it would be very meaningful if I condense my feelings into a song. After ‘Misaeng’, I got to compose ‘A Melody to Remember’. I want to make one by one. I’m a type of a person who tries to get over the character right away, so I wanted to leave the feelings into the song.”

The reason why he could focus more was his work with the children actors and actresses. In particular, Yim Si Wan mentioned about Lee Re (Soon-E) and Jung Joon Won (Dong Gu), who are his siblings in the film. 

“They are more like my colleagues working together. It was fun and I learned a lot. Although they are young, their attitudes about acting were very adult-like. Particularly, they understood the filming process as working and that surprised me a lot. On the other hand, I was worried about them since they were too captured with adult-like thoughts. But, they were happy about me dancing along ZE:A’s songs and I thought ‘children are children’.”


Until the last moment, Yim Si Wan kept disclosing his affection to ‘A Melody to Remember’. He revealed modesty and deliberation from his words. With his attitudes, Han Sang Ryul was shown dimly. 

“The reason why I didn’t feel much burdened was that the protagonist of the film is Dong Goo (Jung Joon Won). If I took my responsibility from half of the title, I would feel it, but Dong Goo took 50%. My wish for the audience is to have innocent minds just like what the director wanted and those who are already innocent, I want them to make sure that they are.” (photo by bntnews DB)

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January 23, 2016

'Thinking Of My Older Brother' debuts #1 on 'Korea Box Office Chart'

Source: STARN News

According to recent data summary released by Korea Film Council, movie 'Thinking Of My Older Brother' reached 187,303 views on January 22nd, debuting #1 on Korea Box Office Chart.

The second place went to Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Revenant,' which attracted 1,196,514 viewers.

Third place went to Christian Bale and Brad Pitt's 'The Big Short (59,300 views),' fourth place went to 'Good Dino (1,094,462 views),' and fifth place went to 'The Mood That Day (516,277 views)'.

Meanwhile, Korean films like 'The Himalayas' and 'The Insiders' were also ranked within the top 10 of Korean Box Office Chart.

'Thinking Of My Older Brother' debuts #1 on 'Korea Box Office Chart'

/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji en@starnnews.com

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January 25, 2016

‘A Melody to Remember’ Held a Stage Greetings

Source: BNTNews


[by Kim Young Shin, photo by Baek Soo Yeon, Jo Hee Sun] On January 23, film ‘A Melody to Remember’ held as stage greetings event at a movie theater in Mok-dong, Seoul.

‘A Melody to Remember’ depicts a miraculous story of little songs sang upon the ashes of battle field. The story is based on the children’s choir that existed during the Korean War. Yim Si Wan, Go Ah Sung, Lee Hee Joon and others appear in the movie.

Meanwhile, the film was released on January 21. (photo by bntnews DB)



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Im Siwan Is Disappointed at the Lack of Romance Scenes in New Movie


Im Siwan Is Disappointed at the Lack of Romance Scenes in New Movie


Im Siwan confessed it was a shame there weren’t any romantic scenes in his new movie “Thinking of My Older Brother” (working title).

The movie’s main actors, Im Siwan, Go Ah Sung, and Lee Hee Joon, star on KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly” aired on January 23.

When asked if he is disappointed because of the lack of romance scenes in the movie, Im Siwan eagerly holds up his mirror and says, “Yes.”

im si wan 2

“I always hope there are romance scenes in the script,” he says. “Unfortunately, my next work also doesn’t have any romantic scenes.”

Meanwhile, “Entertainment Weekly” is aired every Saturday on KBS2 at 9:15 p.m.


Source (1) / soompi news


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January 25, 2016

‘A Melody to Remember’ mired in controversy

The movie “A Melody to Remember” which hit screens Thursday is mired in controversy over allegations that the nation’s financial watchdog forced banks to bulk purchase its ticket in advance. 

The Financial Services Commission is alleged to have forced banks, insurance companies and other financial bodies in Korea to purchase the movie’s tickets, according to a report in a local daily newspaper Hankyoreh on Sunday.


Each bank purchased thousands of tickets at two-thirds its original price via a platform designated by the FSC, which asked the banks to “contribute to the movie’s success,” a source was quoted as saying. 

The financial companies reportedly bought a total of 40,000 tickets, according to the news report. 

“Such moves are conducive to distraction in the ecosystem of the film market in Korea,” a film market source told Hankyoreh on condition of anonymity. “It is hard to believe that FSC really did this.”

The FSC, however, denied such reports. 

“We did not force them (banks) to buy tickets,” said the FSC in a statement Sunday. “We made a common ground that we should support and cheer actor Yim.”

Actor Im Si-wan's agency said it had heard nothing related to the issue. 

“All we knew was, he has been promoting the nation‘s fintech products,” said a staff of Star Empire, agency of Im and boy band Ze:A.

The distributor of “A Melody to Remember,” NEW, was “baffled” to hear the news.

“It is such a regret that a good movie gives a bad impression,” its high-ranking staff said.


Previously, the FSC chairman Yim Jong-yong praised the actor’s devotion to promoting fintech products.

The 27-year-old singer-actor acts a junior army officer during the Korean War, who establishes a children choir and helps the members overcome traumas from the war.

By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)

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January 25, 2016

[Herald Interview] Im Si-wan happy to play the role he’s given

It is striking how much actor Im Si-wan, at first glance, really seems to be an incarnation of the characters he plays on the screen. 

Lanky, wide-eyed, awkwardly sheepish yet terribly sincere, it requires very little effort to associate Im with the good-hearted, passionate but wandering young protagonists he has portrayed -- golden-hearted lambs seeking guidance.

At a group interview at a cafe in Seoul, Im said that the similarity between his characters and himself was not intentional ? and his choice of work, mostly dramas with strong socially conscious overtones were all of similar genre by coincidence only.


Im is best known for his role as a struggling young office worker trying to make it in Korea’s grueling corporate society in the hit tvN drama “Misaeng,” as well as his role in the heavily political film “The Attorney,” loosely based on the life of the late President Roh Moo-hyun. His latest film, “A Melody to Remember,” is about a children’s choir bringing humanity to the war-torn fields of Korea in the mid-20th century. 

“(As an idol star) I do want to play romantic roles,” he said. “But there’s a certain image of me created by the public, a good one, but a preset image nonetheless that affects casting directors, film directors … they think of me that way, and that has naturally led me down this path.”

“I don’t tell myself that I have to break out of that image. I don’t intend on sticking with it, either. I’m neutral.”

Im said that rather than the individual characters he chose, he focused more on being true to each.

“I think a lot about whether (my acting) was real, or fake,” he said. “That’s what I aim for in my acting. As far as acting goes, I never want to lie to myself.”

This is why, unlike many other actors, Im does not watch many films ? particularly those with renowned actors. 
“I’m terrified that someone else’s great performance will stick with me, influence mine,” he said.


He said that rather than watching films, personally working with seasoned veterans such as Lee Sung-min in “Misaeng” and Song Kang-ho in “The Attorney” helped him to set a goal for himself in his second career.

“I saw that (these actors) were performing on a different plane than I was. I was doing basic arithmetic, while they were solving calculus,” he said. “I realized that it would be a while before I was satisfied with my acting. My standard for ‘acting well’ has become much higher (after working with them).”

Still, Im is in no rush; he was grateful just for the chance to establish himself as an actor, after experiencing relatively humble results as a member of the idol group ZE:A.

“When comparing ZE:A’s Im Si-wan against actor Im Si-wan, I can say that I have more opportunities as an actor. More people are willing to give me opportunities when I am an actor,” he said. “As a singer, I think those opportunities were less available. It’s natural, in a way. I’m a better actor than a singer, and there isn’t much to say for my dancing. When I think about it, I’m just amazed that I’ve been given these chances despite my background as a singer.”

Im saw himself as just beginning, despite having been in the public eye for over five years.

Im’s latest film “A Melody to Remember,” about a soldier who begins a children’s choir made up of children who have lost everything in the Korean War, opened in local theaters Jan. 21.

By Won Ho-jung (hjwon@heraldcorp.com)

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January 29, 2016

Review: War movie is charming but not original

Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily

A key component of a good movie is originality.

Critics love new attempts and the public craves something to be shocked about.

In that sense, “A Melody to Remember,” a local war movie directed by Lee Han, a specialist in human dramas known for “Elegant Lies” and “Punch,” is hugely disappointing.

Under the penetrating anti-war theme, the film captures the rare happy moments during the devastation of the Korean War (1950-53), which is a “been there done that” formula of any war movie.

When a choir made up of war orphans appears, you may roll your eyes thinking, “Not another tearjerker.”

Fortunately, the film has a good heart throughout. Unlike other heart-wrenching films that seems to have the sole objective of making people cry, this one stays true to its initiative of showing how bad the war was.

The film kicks off with a bereaved soldier, Han Sang-ryeol (Yim Si-wan), being assigned to a troop in a relatively safe area of Busan, where he comes across a group of orphans being taken care of by a good-hearted volunteer, Ju-mi (Ko A-sung).

Not wishing to repeat the nightmare of losing loved ones, Sang-ryeol teams up with Ju-mi to help create a children choir which eventually becomes a second family for the children as well as the teachers. 

However, as the young ones start to slowly recover from the trauma, an order comes in to send the kids to perform in a region still at war. In the meantime, a crooked man who once was a soldier tries to exploit the kids by forcing them to beg and steal, in return for shelter and food. 

When the film shows one of the orphans naively cracking open a stolen explosive to retrieve the copper inside and then being blown up, the movie’s intention becomes clear: War is terrible. 

But one cannot deny that the film lacks direction when the main antagonist - the crooked man - turns out to be another victim of the war. Without a proper good versus evil conflict, the film ends up feeling banal.

Meanwhile, singer-turned-actor Yim is a hidden gem of this film. The 28-year-old, who has gradually developed his acting skills, has finally blossomed in this film in his first lead role. 

The film opened nationwide Jan. 21. 

BY JIN EUN-SOO [jin.eunsoo@joongang.co.kr]

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                                                        cooltext162301246164301.pngRendered Image

                                                                   Rendered Imageim-siwan-is-an-actor-viewed-by-millions.


  • Stage Name: Siwan
  • Hangul: 시완
  • Legal Name: Im Si-Wan (임시완)
  • Born: December 1, 1988
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Height: 175cm
  • Blood Type: B


  1. Member of K-pop group "ZE:A".
  2. Siwan was born as Im Woong-Jae (임웅재), but later legally changed his full name to Im Si-Wan (임시완).


Drama Series

  • Misaeng (tvN / 2014) - Jang Geu-Rae
  • Triangle | Teuraiaenggeul (MBC / 2014) - Yoon Yang-Ha / Jang Dong-Woo (youngest brother)
  • Pure Love | Ilmalui Soonjung (KBS2 / 2013) - Jung Woo-Sung (young)
  • Reply 1997 | Eungdabhara 1997 (tvN / 2012) - ROTC Seoul man
  • Standby | Seutaenbai (MBC / 2012) - Im Si-Wan
  • Man From the Equator | Jeogdoui Namja (KBS2 / 2012) - Lee Jang-Il (teen)
  • The Moon Embracing The Sun | Haereul Poomeun Dal (MBC / 2012) - Heo Yeom (teen)

TV Movies



via http://asianwiki.com/Siwan






Rendered Image


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Hi, there's an earlier thread for Im Si Wan HERE. The intro is not as detailed as this thread (credit to you), maybe the Mods could do something regarding this situation. @ebullient



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omo sis. mian. was scanning earlier and cant find it thus open this one... sorry again. will ask mod to delete mine. dont know how to. hugs!

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February 2, 2016

'Misaeng' season 2 to focus on SME life

By Park Sojung

SEOUL, Feb. 2 (Yonhap) -- Season two of the popular web cartoon "Misaeng" will explore the complexity of life at a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in the country, its author said Tuesday.

The first season of "Misaeng," named after the Korean "baduk" term that literally means "incomplete life," has sold 2 million copies of the paper version and has inspired an equally successful TV series on the cable network tvN. Baduk is the Korean word for the board game Go. The drama "Misaeng" was the most watched cable TV series of all time at the time of its airing in 2014, with a viewership high of 8.25 percent.

Yoon Tae-ho, the comic artist behind the popular webtoon "Misaeng," speaks to reporters at a press conference in Seoul on Feb. 2, 2016. (Yonhap)

Yoon Tae-ho, the comic artist behind the popular webtoon "Misaeng," speaks to reporters at a press conference in Seoul on Feb. 2, 2016. (Yonhap)

"Misaeng" centers on a baduk prodigy, Jang Geu-rae, who fails to become a pro baduk player after years of training.

Through family connections, he lands a temporary contract with a large trading company, a miracle since he has no college education or "spec," a Korean slang for fancy credentials, to speak of. The webtoon portrays his struggles to become part of corporate Korean society with such perceived handicaps.

In season two, Jang fails to become a full-time employee at One International and moves to a small trading company, Ongil International.

"Everyone is given a specific role at large corporations, but in small- to mid-sized companies, everyone is in charge of everything," Yoon Tae-ho told reporters at a news conference in Seoul on Tuesday. "In some ways, it's like fighting on the front lines."

As such, season two will focus on the values with which people make important business decisions.

"Some people say it's better to invest in insurance than hire more people, while others say the exact opposite. I'll be focusing on these kinds of financial issues," he said.

The first 21 episodes of the season have already been published on the portal website Daum.

In total, it will span 236 episodes and last about three years.



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February 2, 2016

Korean version ‘Entourage’ to be star-studded cast

Actors Lee Kwang-soo, Seo Kang-joon, Im Si-wan and Cho Jin-woong are likely to be cast in an upcoming tvN TV drama series based on the U.S. comedy series “Entourage.”

“We offered roles to all four of them and they are likely to accept,” a source from cable network tvN said. 

The Hallyu stars have reportedly agreed they are “positive” on taking roles, but nothing has been confirmed and details are still being fleshed out. 


Once they do accept the roles, Seo will play an actor called Young-bin who enjoys sudden stardom. Im will act as Young-bin’s friend and manager, according to a report by local news outlet Sports Chosun. 

The report added that Lee will act as Cha-joon, an actor who is losing the attention of fans due to the rising popularity of Young-bin. Veteran actor Cho will act as the owner of Young-bin’s entertainment agency.

According to local reports last year, CJ E&M, which owns cable network tvN, was granted license to produce the Korean version of the American series “Entouage,”which has aired for eight seasons from July 2004 to September 2011.

The American drama series revolves around the murky underside of the entertainment industry in America. It premiered on HBO, a satellite TV channel for movies.

The title of the Korean version of “Entourage” and the airing schedule has not been announced yet. 

By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)

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February 2, 2016

'Entourage Korea' names its cast

Source: The Korea Times

The Korean version of hit American TV series "Entourage" has revealed its cast.

"Entourage Korea" features Seo Kang-joon (from tvN drama "Cheese in the Trap"), Cho Jin-woong (from 2015 blockbuster movie "Assassination"), Yim Si-wan (from tvN hit TV drama "Misaeng") and Lee Kwang-soo (from variety show "Running Man" on SBS) as the four main characters. They have started filming the drama that will air in June on tvN.

HBO's "Entourage" premiered in 2004 and ended in 2011 after eight seasons. The series portrayed the acting career of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) ― a popular movie star ― and his childhood friends from Queens in New York City as they strive to thrive in Hollywood.

Seo Kang-joon, from left, Cho Jin-woong, Yim Si-wan and Lee Kwang-soo

The series, featuring Hollywood stars and athletes as special guests and in cameo roles, took a real-life look at the Hollywood lifestyle and show-business industry. Another recurring theme was the importance of male friendship over work.

"Entourage Korea" is expected to work on the same themes by satirizing Korea's show-business industry.


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*** Sigh.....I’m not really into remake but if it means seeing ISW again in the small screen, I have to watch it. So, Im Siwan is already confirmed to do this because I heard before that his Management Agency isn’t so eager with this. Besides, I thought all along that Siwan will not be interested with this kind of role. I’ve not seen any bits and pieces of “Entourage” but just read some articles about it so can’t comment more about it. And I’m not sure why they want to remake Entourage. Im Shi-wan is the one that has me most excited out of this, though. Like him, who just happen to be absolutely gorgeous! I wonder how much of the Hollywood lifestyle they will water down. Thanks rubie for sharing some updates about this.

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February 3, 2016

11 “Rising Stars of 2016″ in Film Selected by Moviegoers and Critics

Source: Soompi by crystalcove 

Korea’s only monthly magazine devoted to films, Max Movie, announces its list of 11 “2016 Rising Stars” in its February issue.

The list was scored by 60 percent of audience poll results and 40 percent of film experts’ opinions.

The 11 “2016 Rising Stars” in film are: D.O, Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Bo Gum, Park So Dam, Seolhyun, Lee Sung Kyung, Im Siwan, Jung Ha Dam, Ji Soo, Chae Soo Bin, and Choi Woo Shik. The 11 stars are those that show great potential for the future and are steadily building a career in film. For example, EXO‘s D.O has two films slated to appear this year – “Pure Love” and “Brother.” Ryu Jun Yeol has been active in indie films since his debut, most notably in “Socialphobia.” Park Bo Gum starred in the film “Chinatown” last year and Park So Dam was in four films that were released last year, such as “Snow Paths.”

This issue sold out, making it Max Movie’s second to be sold out since its issue that featured Benedict Cumberbatch. Currently, the second print of this issue is also disappearing quickly.

We hope to see more of these faces on the small and big screen alike!

Source (1)

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