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Im Si Wan 임시완


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*** Their chemistry was so amazing that I'm sure they are saddened about the drama, which was just ended. The cast has created wonderful teamwork. I wonder why this drama was so underrated. :anguished:






Behind-the-scenes glimpse of its starring cast







photos source : soompi news


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*** Good job, ISW for your recent drama! My heart flutters watching him on that kind of genre. He looks so CUTE. :blush:




Im Siwan Talks About Chemistry With Shin Se Kyung In “Run On,” Park Hyung Sik’s Military Discharge, And More




Im Siwan spoke about his latest drama “Run On,” fellow ZE:A members, and more!


Im Siwan made his debut as part of the boy group ZE:A in 2010, and in 2012, he made his acting debut through MBC’s “The Moon Embracing the Sun.” He rose to stardom as an actor after his leading role in tvN’s “Incomplete Life” and starred in several films like “The Attorney,” “One-line” and “The Merciless.”


He enlisted in the military in 2017 after his appearance in MBC’s “The King Loves,” and following his discharge, he starred in OCN’s “Strangers From Hell.” Im Siwan’s latest drama “Run On,” co-starring Shin Se Kyung, Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung, and Kang Tae Oh, came to an end on February 4.




In “Run On,” Im Siwan played Ki Sun Kyum, who makes the bold decision to leave his long-lived past as a track and field athlete behind. Asked about a time he made a life-changing decision of his own, Im Siwan shared, “I still think I was very daring at the time. When I think about my past self who gave up college and came to Seoul to become a singer trainee, I wonder what made me so confident and also feel thankful to my old self. I think I’m able to exist as my current self because of the bold and reckless decision I made back then.”


He also mentioned “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” the drama that marked his acting debut. “I received so many good reviews through ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun,’ through which I took my first steps as an actor. Thanks to that, I gained confidence in myself as a person. I came to think that there’s something I’m able to do,” described Im Siwan.


Asked about his thoughts on junior idol-turned-actors, he responded, “I think there are so many multi-talented people these days. There will be more people with even more talents from now on. Rather than giving them advice, I’d like to engage in healthy competition with them and improve together.”




He spoke more about “Run On,” explaining why he thought the drama gathered quite a lot of buzz despite the comparatively low viewership ratings. “I think it’s because ‘Run On’ broke the format of a usual drama. I’m very thankful that the viewers enjoyed the ‘Kyum-Mi’ couple’s chemistry. Personally, I don’t pay much attention to ratings. Of course, I’d be more thankful than anything if more people watched our drama, but I’m already thankful enough with the support and positive reviews we’re receiving now.”


As for the biggest selling point of the drama, Im Siwan shared that he thought it was Ki Sun Kyum’s deviation from the common K-drama male lead, who is often depicted like a knight in shining armor. He explained, “That’s why I didn’t try to look like a cooler person, and I thought that was my style. And I think Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung’s character) was a good depiction of someone pursuing an independent life. If anyone enjoyed it, it’s most likely that balance that they thought was nice. I think the writer was wanting to relay the message, ‘We are all are the protagonists of our own lives,’ through the drama. I think that was portrayed well, so I’d like to choose that as the selling point.”





Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung received lots of praise for their chemistry in the drama, regarding which Im Siwan commented, “I’m glad that viewers enjoyed watching the couple. I made lots of new acting-related attempts through this drama, and Se Kyung accepted all of it. Thanks to that, from the beginning, I gained trust that she would react to it no matter what I tried. I’m satisfied that our trust in each other showed in the drama.”


He added about his other co-stars, “The atmosphere on set was even better because the actors were of a similar age. Se Kyung had an aura that made her hard to approach at first, but that image was shattered completely as we started acting together. Sooyoung was often immersed in her character for the drama, but she’s still a fun person who enjoys jokes. Tae Oh, who was the energizer on set, made us laugh a lot without meaning to.”


Fellow ZE:A members Park Hyung Sik and Kim Dong Jun have also been making their names known through acting. Park Hyung Sik was discharged from the military last month, and Kim Dong Jun is expected to enlist this year. Im Siwan shared, “I’ve been anticipating Hyung Sik’s military discharge just as much as him. I couldn’t have been happier about Hyung Sik’s return. I believe Dong Jun will do well (in the military) like his usual passionate self. I think I’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest once Dong Jun is also discharged.”


Watch Im Siwan in “Incomplete Life” here:


Watch Now




Source (1) (2) / soompi news321`32


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*** Kang Tae Oh shared his thoughts on the drama “Run On” & also talked about ISW. He said :  "It was so exciting in ‘Run On’ to have my first reciprocated romance. Rather than feeling pressure, I think I felt more heart-racing excitement and nerves. Before filming, I met with Sooyoung and I think we got rid of a lot of the awkwardness. I had so much fun filming on set.”


Kang Tae Oh went on to speak about acting alongside Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung. “Since I was already close with Im Siwan and Shin Se Kyung, it was inevitable that we got along well on set. Im Siwan seems like an actor who never stops studying. Even while he’s acting, he’s always trying hard to create a better scene. For that reason, I also felt more ambitious and shared my opinions.”



credit : soompi news



*** The ending of the drama was perfect. It's just that I don't really dig season 2/part2s & sequels................... of any drama. For me, you just can't surpass the original. My 1st-time seeing him in this drama.  :happy2:

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‘Run On’ Actor Im Si Wan Says He Acted with Full Trust in Shin Se Kyung




Im Si Wan received favorable reviews for his delicate emotional performance in the drama Run On. Ki Seon Gyeom, who is not used to showing his real self while being suffocated by the title given by his family, changes as he meets Oh Mi Joo, who is honest about her feelings. To fully digest the role of a sprinter, Im learned proper posture, breathing techniques and even worked out the correct muscles. 

In an interview with a media outlet, Im Si Wan expressed his feelings about finishing Run On.


Q1. How do you feel?

Run On was a project where such good people gathered and put a lot of effort. I think it was a meaningful experience for me because I felt those precious hearts and sympathized with the viewers. I hope it remains a small but comforting drama for everyone who is having a hard time. 


Q2. What did you prepare the most for the work?

I pondered a lot about harmonically expressing Seon Gyeom’s innocence and the tasty words written in the script. He is a person who is okay around people and knows how to make witty jokes. His unintentional questions are just so pure that they might embarrass other people, but such things shouldn’t portray him as a social misfit. These two characters contradict each other, so I think it took longer for me to agonize than any other script.

isw02.jpg Credit: JTBC


Q3. Your chemistry with Shin Se Kyung certainly stood out. Some even commented, “The two must be dating.”

Se Kyung had this aura that it was a bit difficult for me to approach her at first. But as I got to know her, she turned out to be really easy-going and smart that my first perception completely shattered. I challenged various attempts through this project, and Se Kyung responded so well every time. Thanks to her, I acted with full trust in her in a comfortable atmosphere. Also, “Mi Joo” created by Se Kyung was just so lovely that I got to focus more on her character, creating good chemistry. I guess that’s why people are saying that. 


Q4. The standard you follow when choosing your work. 

It changes every time. Sometimes it’s about the message within the project or the fellow actors. Sometimes I choose the work because the story itself is incredible. These days, my personal desire to work on a project that positively influences society has grown. So there is a conflict between that desire and the professionalism as an actor to work on a good project without hesitation. 

isw03-scaled.jpg Credit: PLUM A&C.


Q5. How is Im Si Wan when it comes to love?

I think the other person will know more about my love style. In my opinion, I have both straightforward and shy tendencies, and these parts are quite similar to Seon Gyeom. Seo Gyeom is a person who is closer to the “correct answer” when it comes to love, so I think I would have learned a lot from this drama.


Q6. What genre or project do you want to try in the future? You looked great in military uniform during your mandatory service that some fans are asking for a military genre.

Military? I’ll think about it (laughs). Personally, I remember the parody of “Candy” in episode 14, and it was real fun playing Anthony, who wears a fedora and has a cigar in his mouth. If I were given a chance, I would like to challenge the historical drama where I would put on such outfits. 



source : https://www.hankyung.com/entertainment/article/202102050682H


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