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Kim Woo Bin & Kang Sora ( Badass Second Lead Couple) (우소 카플)


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Name : Kim Woo Bin ( 김우빈 )
Real Name : Kim Hyun Joong (김현중)
Born : South Korea, July 16 1989
Height : 188 cm


Drama Series

TV Movies



Name : Kang Sora
Born : South Korea, February 18 1990
Height : 168 cm


Drama Series


Both of them were the second lead that famous back then. While Kim Woo Bin played the role of Choi Young Do in Heirs ( 2013), a chaebol of Zeus Hotel who  fell in love with Cha Eun Sang although he didnt end up with the first female lead, Cha Eun Sang but he got popularity.
Also the same thing happened with Kang Sora who played the role of Oh Soo Hyun, a doctor who fell in love with her subordinate in hospital, Park Hoon, instead she didnt end up with Park Hoon but she got popularity.

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OMG I keep rewatching the video! :\">

@ruzikie you need to post it on the Jejudo Gatsby drama thread.

More peeps need to see & enjoy this!  [-O<

Woo Bin is wickedly charming in your video!

Wonder if the new drama PD can do as good a job as you!  :D

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