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    [*]Round 2: Essay
    [*]Entry period: 2/18-2/19 (end of day - midnight - KST)
    [*]Voting period: 2/19-2/23[*]Explanation: 2,000 words maximum describing a day in the life of your couple... if they were married to each other!


Voting for Round 2 will be done by members clicking either INSIGHTFUL, AWESOME, or LOL for one of their favorite couples.

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Guest Tinkiebell


~Together, as One~
Author: @blissfully

Bright rays of the sun is shining through the thin glass windows while highlighting the milky white skin of a woman lying on the bed beside a statue-like man who held her in his arms. He was awake, smiling, silently staring at her.
She is Ahyoung, the love of his life.
It wasn't their first night together but every morning they wake up to a brand new day - it's always like the first time. The feeling of excitement for having to spend the rest of the day with the person you love, exactly that.
Sounds like another cheesy cliché love story? But that's what makes one's heart flutter, with all the cheese and sugar dust on top. Ha.
Jjong and Ahyoung put together is an embodiment of a light, fun, and unintentional sweet togetherness.
Just how they are today... like the beauty of morning sunshine.
Caressing her body closer to his, she awakens from her sleep and immediately looks at him, catching his ever so loving gaze. She smiles and says, "Good morning."
"Good morning" he replies with his most gentle voice only she gets to hear as he stroke her soft and smooth unkempt hair. He loves seeing her in her most natural state. He adores how she complains when he ruffles her hair first thing in the morning. He finds her most endearing when she acts this way
She doesn't like showing herself like that at first. Of course, she's a woman. A woman who wants to be seen only in her most beautiful state by the man she loves. Strange at first, but now she feels comfortable. She feels at home. No need for glitz and glamour when she's with him. He makes her feel like she's the most beautiful woman in the world even when she's in her baggy everyday sweats and messy buns. It's his favorite! Looking at her bare naked skin on its natural state of beauty.
"So what's today's agenda? We're both off from work, right?" she asks him.
"Hmm...since you've been tired these days because of practice, let's do something relaxing and fun."
Hearing this, Ahyoung immediately sat up, her eyes glowing like she's just won the lottery. "Aah oppa, that sounds great! Where are we going? Amusement park? Beach? Camping? Tell me, tell me!" she excitedly says.
"I haven't even told you exactly what we're doing. Are you that excited?"  He laughs at his wife's adorable childlike glee at the mention of what seems like a vacation for them. It's been a while since they had a proper time for themselves. Jjong just finished filming his new movie, while Ahyoung is preparing for her first concert as a married lady, Mrs. Hong Jong Hyun.
She pouts and gives him her whatever look.
"What do you want for breakfast? I'll make you some pancakes! Oppa loves pancakes! Remember the pancakes I made for you in Jeungdo?" she giggles as she remembers how those weren't so successful, taste wise.
"Make sure not to put too much sugar this time around though. Last time I thought I'd get diabetes," Jjong teases her even though he knows she's a much better cook now.
"Don't worry I won't. I'm already too sweet enough for you," Ahyoung smirks, flirting her way through her husband's already stolen heart.
He's knocked out by that one statement… He isn't the most expressive guy, all right. But he loves it when his dearest Ahyoung says lovingly things to him. His impregnable self has been long gone since Ahyoung came bulldozing her way into his life, and well, to his heart.
He can't help but smile at his wife's playfulness. It's a daily routine for them, the normal life in a day of the JjongAh.
An excited wife preparing her husband's breakfast. A happy husband arranging the table as they chat away about yesterday's highlights. They work as a team. Always ready for what the other needs. Ahyoung, the indecisive wife who asks for her model husband's advice on what she should wear. Jjong who asks his wife to fix his untamed hair to which he never liked others do for him. I guess it's safe to say that only Ahyoung can touch his hair.
"Nampyeon~" she adorably calls as Jjong walks towards her and gives her a naughty smirk, that very smirk he gives her when she decides to act extra cute.
"Why?" he simply asks.
"Nothing," she replies making him shake his head, smiling in adoration.
Crazy how they've been together for a while now, but they still have moments like this blurting out random sweet nothings to each other.
"How about we just stay home today?" Jjong teases her as she gets herself ready to go.
"Are you being serious?"
"You think so?"
"Let's go!"
He loves to tease her. She doesn't mind. He loves seeing her whine cutely. She enjoys his ways of keeping their relationship fun.
Like what they've said the first time they met and on the day he confessed to her in that red lighthouse in Ulsan as well as at the restaurant where he carefully, genuinely, word for word, told her he wanted them to continue their relationship as is, just them getting along well and happy.
A lot has changed since they officially became Mr. and Mrs but what remained is the spark of love undying and the overwhelming chemistry they have. It's always there, blissful. They make the simplest things seem extraordinary. They make subtle gestures the sweetest and most endearing.
He isn't much into PDA. He's private but his simple touches and careful attention to what she likes and dislikes, makes him most ideal for her. He's like her superman, ready to serve her any time of the day.
She's spontaneous and bubbly. She likes to show the world her affection for her man. She makes sure his efforts don't get unnoticed.
She understands him when the rest of the world doesn't. He takes care of her like she's the most fragile gem in the world.
They joke around. They bicker. They argue. They make up. They allow each other to make mistakes and help each other learn from them. They complement each other. Because at the end of the day, they're a team. They are family. They're like a hand in a glove. A perfectly imperfect fit despite some crumples along the lines.
They want a relationship they can always enjoy, like the best of friends. And it's exactly what they have now. As husband and wife.
They walk hand in hand, ready to experience another day together. Making memories is what they do best. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. As long as they're together, walking towards the endless possibilities that life has to offer them.
Isn't that what being  "ONE"  is all about?
That is how Jjong and Ahyoung are.
Living. Learning. Loving.
Together. As One.

banner by: @anniepanda

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Guest Ebbied_q


(Tuesday Couple/Cute Bickering Maknaes)


Éclair magazine catches up with 'Jackji', the famed 'Cute Bickering Couple', for an exclusive interview for the upcoming February release

The song Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat more than describes the couple that graced the front cover of ÉCLAIR’s February release. GOT7's Wang Jackson and Kara's Heo Youngji, intimately called 'Jackji', have recently celebrated their second year anniversary as a married couple. The former 'cute, bickering maknaes' took the world by storm during their stint on SBS Roommate Season 2. They proved that two idols of the opposite gender can actually be best friends and were not afraid to show it. After a decade of puzzling everyone about the true nature of their relationship, the couple announced that they were tying the knot. The engagement was met with mixed emotions. While some reproving remarks were inevitable, most people already expected this union to happen and showered the couple with sincere congratulations. Six months into their marriage, the couple gave the fans more news; Youngji's pregnancy. Seven months later, expectant fans greeted not one, but two healthy babies as Youngji gave birth to fraternal twins: one boy and and one girl.

Like the song abovementioned, our team was lucky to have an exclusive interview with the couple in their humble home.

ÉCLAIR: Hello, it has been long since ÉCLAIR met either of you, and it is the very first time for us to interview the both of you together.

Wang Jackson: Yes, the last time I did the interview with you guys was 3 years ago.

Heo Youngji: (she carried her 1 year-old twins and placed them on their laps) It's about 2 years for me. Children, say hi to everyone. (she waved their little hands as if saying 'hello') Ahh majayo. Please let me take this chance to apologize to everyone for the delay in the interview. Somebody thought it's the weekend and decided to sleep in. (glares at Jackson) I told him you guys were coming but he just replied, (starts re-enacting) "No, sleep is coming."

JS: Mianhe. I'll do better next time.

E: The both of you just celebrated your 2nd Anniversary together. Congratulations! So, how different is it now as compared to when both of you were newlyweds?

JS: Is there a difference?

YJ: (mute laugh appears)

JS: Yah, Heo Youngji, focus.

YJ: Ani. Eobseoyo. (continues with her mute laughing)

JS: I told you to focus.

YJ: The truth is.. nothing much has changed between the two of us. Living together back in Roommate, living as newlyweds, living with twin children... everything's pretty much the same. Except now, there are no cameras following us and instead of having 10 other roommates we have to get along with, it's just the two of us, raising our own set of twins.

JS: After getting married, it felt like coming back home. We bought the share house to remind us of where we, Jackji, began.

YJ: Living here gives us an indescribable sense of comfort. We can just sit down idly with a cup of Dutch coffee and share our stories.

JS: I would say it's therapeutic. After a hard day's at work, I come home to a table full of warm food and there's someone waiting for me, ready to listen to my problems.

E: Speaking of food, is Youngji a good cook? What's the best thing that Youngji has ever made for you?

JS: I would say she's pretty good. She cooks seafood dishes best. Plus, her version of carbonara suits my taste buds perfectly. My favorite dish? Uhm. Thornback rays from Jeolla-do which her uncle often sends us.

YJ: Well, I'm still learning. (laughs)

E: Your marriage two years ago became a hot topic. You kept claiming that you two were just best friends and that you weren't dating.

JS: It was really hard to make people believe that we were just best friends. It was really frustrating when people don't believe us.

YJ: People kept claiming that there was an undeniable attraction between the two of us but we never really had a 'some' relationship. We even said we'd never marry each other. The truth is, I was just teasing Jackson that I won't ever marry him. (mute laughs)

JS: Oh my god! So, you DID want to marry me? (suddenly laughs like a hyena)

YJ: Ugh, please. Who else was there, really?

JS: (slaps himself to regain his focus) To be honest, I thought about a married life with Youngji a lot. It was hard not to especially when our Roommate family always say we'd end up marrying each other because we keep bickering. And, whenever people say 'Wang Jackson', 'Heo Youngji' almost always comes right after. (Youngji laughs silently by his side) At first, we were just two same age friends who can't stay away from each other. But a time came when we weren't able to communicate at all due to our busy schedules and that time for me was the hardest.

YJ: Nae, nado.

JS: During that time, she got involved in a dating scandal with one of my close friend Big Byung members, Hyuk. When that news came out, I became really insecure. That's when I decided that the next time I see Youngji, I'd ask her to marry me.

YJ: (laugh soundlessly again) I was really shocked when he proposed to me out of the blue.

JS: She just stood there, looking at me. I really thought she'd turn me down. I almost crawled back to GOT7's dressing room to cry.

YJ: But I say yes.

JS: Yes, you did.

YJ: And you still cried.

JS: ...

E: Youngji-ssi, it was just a year ago when you gave birth to your twins but you've already lost all the extra fat. You look much better now.

YJ: It's easy to lose all the extra weight when you have twin babies and a husband who acts like a kid. (mute laughs)

JS: Yah. What child? Tell me which child takes care of babies, massages your aching body and pay bills.

YJ: You're a child living inside a 31 year-old body.

JS: (stares)

E: After getting married, how much has your partner changed?

JS: She's the same old Heo Youngji. She just became more mature, but still as kind as always. She always thinks of others first which showed a lot when she finally became a mother. She's like an ahjumma.

YJ: Ahjumma? AHJUMMA? Jeongmal! Yah, Wang Jackson! You didn't change either. You're still like a LITTLE BOY even after becoming a father!

JS: A LITTLE BOY? Seolma.. I AM A MAN. I'm wild and sexy!

(The babies start crying)

YJ: Aish, WANG JACKSON! You need to lower down your voice, jinjja. (stands up and coos the babies) Go and get their baby bottles.

(Jackson stands to get milk for the babies)

E: Let's continue with the interview while you're feeding the twins. What do you do during your date nights?

YJ: We would walk the dogs and take the kids out on a stroll in the evening at the park to breathe fresh air.

JS: We try lots of sports but we play basketball at the yard a lot.

E: What kind of good and bad habits does your partner have?

JS: She sleeps with her eyes open. It scares the hell out of me when I wake up in the middle of the night.

YJ: Yah, come on your snoring sounds like a bulldozer ready to demolish our house.

JS: ..

YJ: Another of his bad habit is the fact that he loves sleeping in and I always have to juggle between the kids and cooking breakfast.

JS: Nae, I'm at fault.

YJ: (laughs) Aniya, the good habit that he has is he always make me laugh whenever I'm stressed out. He never fails to make me smile.

JS: Youngji's good habit? Her uvula laugh. Seeing her laugh makes me feel there's something worth living for when things get tough.

E: I'm sure that after living with each other for 2 years, there will be fights, big or small. What are the biggest problems you've encountered while living together?

JS: That's hard. We've lived together for so long (referring to Roommate), I don't know anymore.

YJ: I really wish he'd learn to help in the household chores.

JS: Yah! I do help!

YJ: You only help when I tell you to. Or when you feel guilty because you're lazing around while I do everything.

JS: (laughs) She really does everything. Cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry..I can only really help her in taking care of the twins and dogs.

YJ: That's all he does. When I cook for breakfast, he's back in our room, struggling to get up from bed. When I cook dinner, he just prances around, singing and dancing. (mute laughs)

JS: Yah.I take care of the kids when you're busy with the chores and I always take out the trash and clean the bathroom. Come to think of it, I always do the dirty work. And, I help you with shopping.

YJ: (scratches her nape) Sometimes, I'd rather you not come with me to the grocery.

JS: Waeyo?

YJ: Whenever we're out shopping, it's like I have three toddlers with me.

JS: (starting to protest) Yah.

YJ: When he sees people offering free samples, he suddenly disappears. I have to look for him instead of looking for the items on my grocery list. When I'm not looking, he keeps on getting stuff we don't need and I always have to place them back on the shelves.

JS: Emergency food supply is important, Youngji-ah.

YJ: He doesn't know how to manage his finances. That's why if it's possible, I don't let him go shopping by himself. There have been lots of instances whereby he exceeds his credit limit when checking out from the supermarket. I really prefer to shop on my own.

JS: But you can't carry all the heavy stuff.

YJ: Of course, I can!

JS: I can't let you do that.

YJ: I'm not pregnant anymore.

JS: I still can't let you do that. Ahh, majayo. (he straightens up from his seat as if suddenly remembering something) This happens EVERY single day. Every morning, she violently pulls my blanket and screams into my ear. (starts reenacting her) "YAH, WANG JACKSON, IREONA!" I swear she wants me to go deaf someday.

YJ: It's because you won't wake up when I'm being gentle! When he's too tired or just lazy, he's really hard to rouse.

JS: I know it's hard to wake me up but you don't have to be so violent about it, Youngji-ah.

YJ: Yah! I'm not violent!

JS: Oh really? There was even a time you suddenly pulled me by my feet then dragged me off the bed!

YJ: Yah! When did I?

JS: Forget it!

E: Even after marriage, you two keep bickering. Won't you end up separating?

JS: No way!

YJ: (mute laughs) There's no way.

JS: We bicker but it's never something serious.

YJ: If we ever get really mad, we make up fast and don't let our argument go far. We may be complaining now (in this interview) but we have long accepted each other's differences.

JS: We're happy.

YJ: (laughs) Yes, we're happy.

JS: If its not Youngji,then who? I can't think of anyone else. Plus, we have beautiful baby twins! Why would we ever separate? I'd die.

YJ: Don't overreact.

JS: What's overreacting about that?

YJ: You won't die from something like that.

JS: This (points at his heart) will die.

YJ: (squeals, stomping her feet)

E: It's a shame that we have to finish this interview. Any message for each other?

JS: Don't ever change. Let's be together until our backs ache and our hair turn grey.

YJ: Thank you, Wang Jackson. Thank you, for being my best friend and my destiny. (laughs as her fingers curl up)

JS: OMG, Youngji-ah. Why so cheesy? (laughs hard)

(Writers: Jackji Rocketeers Essay Team and @xjhpp on twitter)

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MinYoung Couple 

Namgoong Min  Hong Jinyoung

Ding’s First Birthday


It’s coming! 


Daddy heard me cry, quickly came to my crib. Mommy must still be tired after watched a movie last night. She’s soundly sleeping, huddled under blanket. Daddy looks at her and smiles. Then looks down at me, “Good morning, son. Why are you up so early? Would you like me to change your diaper?”


Actually, I was sorry for waking him up. Daddy is always nice to me. Quietly, I hear him sing, “tatatatata,”. He has a very soothing voice. He doesn’t sing as well as Mommy but that doesn’t stop him from trying. Last night, I heard her teaching him a new song. Lately, Mommy seems to be into Justin Beiber's songs. They keep singing and dancing to his song, “Baby” I can tell that Daddy is slowly losing his mind when they practice. I wish she would be more patient with him.


Then Mommy’s phone alarm went off.  “Wake up, young lady.” Daddy glances at the little bundle in bed and whispers, “Ding, shall we wake up your mom?” He kneels down and softly nuzzles her hair. “Wake up, young lady,” he whispers in her ear. She makes a little gurgling sound and burrows deeper in the covers. He smiles and repeats what he just said, a little louder this time. 


“Oppa, let’s just sleep in today,” she suddenly answers. 


“Honey, I wish we could but we have a lot to do, right?” he calmly reminds her. She sighs in response and opens her eyes. When she sees me, she broke into a great big smile. “Our Ding is turning 1 year old today.” She turns to Daddy and asks, “Do you remember the day we had him?” 


“How could I forget? It was like a scene in a really bad drama. You were pulling my hair and screaming. You said, ‘What did you do to me, Namgoong Min? This is all your fault!’”


She laughs. “But you were so cool, nampyeon.” She remembers him constantly apologizing to her, telling her to hang in there. She laughed again though when she recalled him singing the national anthem in the delivery room to calm her down.


Mommy looks into Daddy’s eyes, puts her hand on his cheek and says, “Namgoong Min, come on.” They started the day with a morning kiss. 


For breakfast, my parents had some egg sandwiches, which took Mommy 40 minutes to make, and I had milk. Mommy started waving the bottle around in front of my face. "Ahhh, Aaahhh," she cooed.  I looked at daddy and saw he was waiting his turn for the plane to land in his mouth too. Sometimes they got so caught up in playing with their food, that it took an hour for breakfast.


“Let’s make seaweed soup for Ding’s birthday,” she boldly declares. Most people would probably think she is an expert at cooking. But she is not. This is why she always manages to persuade Daddy to go along with her. 


“Do you even know how to make it, honey?” he asks her skeptically. “Of course! It’s easy!” Daddy looks unconvinced. “Let’s get the ingredients at the supermarket after we buy Ding’s gift and some party supplies.” If he looked skeptically before, now he looks very concerned. Despite being smart in many ways, Mommy is a total fool for shopping. I wonder how much she’ll end up buying this time. 


She suggests decorating the house and inviting some people over. She also asked him what theme they should have. 


“How about something simple? Just some balloons and cake,” he calmly suggests. He also recommended getting food delivered to save time. She quickly shakes her head and insists she’ll cook everything. “Oppa, I’ll take care of most of it. You can just relax in your chair and watch.” This does not reassure him. Based on experience, he knows what she really meant was that he will run to and fro,doing whatever she wants him to do.


Shamelessly, she continues, “I was thinking we can do something different. How about a costume party?” 


The word “costume” made Daddy grimace. He must have recalled their wedding day, where she convinced him to dress up like Ken and Barbie. Not wanting to end up wearing something equally embarrassing, he immediately rejects her idea. 


Then she looks at me and pulls me to her lap. She lifts me up and hides her face behind me. “Appa, I want to wear something cute,” says a weird baby voice coming from my back. “Please say ‘yes’,”. Daddy tries to hide a laugh behind one hand. I knew he couldn’t win against her. If I had only known that I’d end up wearing a Pikachu onsie, I would have cried a little bit when she took me out of my high chair. 


We arrived at the shopping mall after 10. Mommy and Daddy went straight to the party supplies store. Just like he predicted, she didn’t stick to their shopping list. They had fun trying on some silly props and party hats. Mommy couldn’t help but pull the string of Daddy’s hat. He smiled through the pain and tried to return the favor. She runs away and hides behind a giant action figure. 


“Honey, come here. We should get going.” When she refused to budge, he quickly grabbed her and held her in his arms. Trapped, she opens her mouth and a voice like a chipmunk’s comes out. 


“Oppa, I’m sorry. Saranghae,” said Mommy. She had a pink balloon in her hand. Daddy took it from her and inhaled some helium too. And he responds, “Honey, when we get home, I’m gonna look for the broom.” 2 chipmunks could be heard laughing in the store. Sometimes I’m really grateful that I’m too young to be embarrassed by my parents. 


When we got home, they start making seaweed soup. As expected, Mommy started issuing orders like a general. “Oppa, please chop the seaweed.” As he begins to find the seaweed in their shopping bags, she adds, “But before you do, please make Ding take a nap and check for any dog poop in the living room.” He gives her an agonizing look behind her back but dutifully does what he was told. He just finished throwing out Jolie’s nasty little present when Mommy called him to taste her cooking. 


“Oppa, hurry up and try this! It’s so good it’s crazy!” She shoves a spoon in his mouth.


“Aaaah! It’s too hot! My tongue!” Daddy protests. 


With no more accidents, the seaweed soup was done in about an hour. While waiting for it to cool, they both headed to the living room to start with the decorations. One of the balloons popped while they were trying to attach them to a beam. This woke me up from my nap and I started crying. Mommy walks towards me and starts singing her 'love battery'. Daddy stands next to her and does little funny dance movements. Anyone watching the 2 of them would instantly smile. I stopped crying and went back to sleep. 


As they were taking selfies with the decorations, the doorbell rang. Daddy welcomed my Grandpa and Grandma Hong. They greeted me first and gave me a nice big present. Right behind them were my Grandpa and Grandma Namgoong, along with my Uncle and his wife. Even my older cousin Sol was with them. 


“Ding is so cute. He reminds me of Jinyoung when she was a baby,” Grandma Hong proudly states. 


Cheekily, Mommy asks, “Is it because of the bright expression on his face?” 


“It’s probably because of his chubby feet and hairy arms,” says Daddy with a straight face. Mommy promptly smacks him on the back. Everyone laughs. 


“Well, Ding seems to have grown a lot since the last time we saw him. You have to treat him well,” Grandpa Hong then gave a long lecture about how my parents should raise me. 


Unwilling to listen to him any longer, Grandma Hong suggested to the tradition of choosing an object to represent a child’s future. Mommy placed a small mic, a book, something called a “script”, and other random things. Then, everyone was looking at me as if expecting me to do something. Not liking the attention, I tried to distract myself with something I could play with. I took a soccer ball sitting on my right and held it up. I don’t know why but my parents started clapping and cheering. Little did I know that they both wanted me to be an athlete. 



She goes to the kitchen an. bring out a huge birthday cake with 1 candle on top. They told me to blow out the candle and make a wish. I didn’t understand what they were saying so I just stuck my hand in the cake and ate it. It was so good! 


Mommy and Daddy start slicing the cake.  

“Oppa, aaaahhh!” she says as she tries to feed him a piece of cake. 


Daddy watches that piece like a hawk and moves wherever her hand goes. After doing this for a half a minute or so, that lovely piece of cake finally makes its way into his mouth. My parents have done this so many times even my grandparents are used to it.  


After eating  and  opening presents, guests started saying goodbyes. Everyone congratulated Mommy on her delicious albeit suspicious-looking seaweed soup. Daddy was proud. He put his arm around her and said she is the best cook he knows. 


Later that night, when they were both in bed, wrapped in each other arms, they talked about how the party was. “Did you make a wish when you blew candle?” asks Mommy 


“Yes, I did.”


“What did you wish for?” 


No answer from him. 


“Oppa, what did you wish for?” she asks again.


Again, there was no response. “Is it something red?”


He laughs. “No, I don’t need to wish for that. I can have that anytime I want.” 


She snorts and mutters, “Punk”


He looks straight at her and asks, “Do you really want to know?”


She nods vigorously. “Tell me.” 


He hugs her tight and says, “It was your mother that gave me the idea.” She gave him a curious look. He finally confesses, “I wished to see another little you.” 


She gasps and her eyes open wide. “Oppa, you know what? It’s scary sometimes how similar we are.” 


He gave her that look that only she has the power to make him to. “Didn’t I say we were soulmates?” 

My parents have always been eager to please each other. I think it's why people always say they are the perfect match. I know I'm not supposed to know this but I bet they were working on their wishes right there and then.  And later, I was proven right. 

We are happy family. :x



original author: @angeldemon617 original picture: @jas_honglee and edited by minions.


Daddy: Namgoong Min, Mommy: Hong Jinyoung.

Ding is Namgoong Min and Hong Jinyoung's first son (doll), and we use the Ding's point of view for this essay. And Namgoong Dong is Ding’s little sister.

Hope you enjoy it. 

Sincerely, Minions MinYoung Couple Fans

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Guest uctqepe

The HEALER Couple
Ji Chang Wook (Seo Jung Hoo) and Park Min Young (Chae Young Shin)

To You
Healer | A day in the life of Jung Hoo and Young Shin as a married couple.


“Turn up the music! Now!” Young Shin demanded from between gritted teeth. The contraction took complete hold and she curled up on the bed.

Jung Hoo finished stuffing his legs into his jeans and held it up with one hand while he repeatedly hit the + on the player on top of the dresser. 

“Not that one!” She puffed.

“W-w-which one then, which one? Young Shin-ah, are you sure we shouldn’t bring you to the hospital?” He gestured coaxingly in the direction of their bedroom door, taking two steps toward it.

On the speakers, Shin Hae Chul’s ‘To You’ blasted in, with saxophones and awkward drums. Whooo, ooooh yeah crooned the rocker. 

Young Shin's mouth curled into what she supposed passed for a smile. From Jung Hoo’s perspective it was a horrendous marriage of grimace and grin. But that was how she coped with everything - laughing. And singing. So he tried to smile too, and the two of them ooh-ed with the singer. He even tried to bop. 

Then she stopped and gave up all pretense. She gripped the pillow and tucked her knees up, because the spasm moved down her swollen belly and fisted low in her womb. A final squeeze made her gasp, before it started to ease.

Jung Hoo ran back from the door, his shirt flapping out behind him. He skidded to a stop on his knees next to her. With his free hand he grabbed hers, still clenching on to the pillow. 

“Uh, b-b-breathe. Breathe?”

The last of the contraction disappeared. Without opening her eyes she addressed her panicking husband. 

“Jung Hoo-ya, we said we’d labour at home until we have to get to the hospital, remember?”

“B-but-but you’re in pain! Something is wrong!”

“You know that’s part of it,” she gently reminded him. She wasn’t worried. It hurt, but it wasn’t the worst pain she had ever experienced. And there was a beautiful baby to be had soon. The prospect of a shining tiny face smiling at her beat back every shadow of hurt she had ever experienced.

“Call Ahjumma,” she suggested. “She’ll have a plan for you.” At least it will distract you, she thought. “Put her on speaker, I want to hear too.”

He scrabbled frantically in the bedside drawer for the earpiece and stuck it in his ear. How he managed to activate it and input the scratch code on the bedside table, he later credited to auto-mode. Two strokes down and one up, executed with one fingernail.

“Ahjumma!” He yelled, when the connection clicked through. “Call the doctor!”

“Already? What’s wrong?” Ahjumma’s voice floated in from the speakers embedded in the lamp base. In her office in the basement, Ahjumma leaned back in her armchair. 

“It’s urgent! Young Shin is in pain!”

“You giant mound of steaming dog poop.” 

Young Shin chuckled.

 “Isn’t that part of labour? She did say she wanted to give birth at home. Call your mother. I’ll even transfer you.”

A series of electronic bleeps later, his mother’s voice came floating over the earpiece.

“Jung Hoo, my son, is anything wrong? It’s midnight.”

“Omma, are you sure she can stay at home? The contractions have started.”

“Ah, my goodness! How long? How far apart are they?” 

He didn’t know. They were just pain. She’d woken him up with her soft moans. He had no idea how long they’d been going on. Why wasn’t anyone listening to him?

Young Shin’s nails dug into his forearm. 

“N-n-now it’s now,” he whispered, terrified.

“Alright,” came his mother’s brisk voice. “I’m timing it.”

Jung Hoo made himself watch Young Shin’s contorted face. Sweat already dampened her forehead, and her curls tightened into small wisps. Everything about her was small. She was not going to be able to give birth to that swollen thing in her belly. This tender, young body should not be wracked with spasms. He was never getting her pregnant again. Never, he swore. Even if it meant not touching her again, ever. Even if he regretted it, forever. 

Finally, her claw-like grip eased. She sighed.

“Th-that ended. I think.”

“That was one minute. She’s doing well. Now tell me when the next one starts.”

He nodded before he remembered that she couldn’t see him. “Okay.”

Young Shin was quiet, just resting with her eyes closed. Her hand continued to hold his arm. He rested his other hand on hers, hoping to comfort her.

“Most first-time mothers in the ward take at least seven hours, if not more,” Omma comforted him. “You took all night, I remember. So save your energy, Jung Hoo-ya, we have a long night ahead.”

Jung Hoo was about to nod when Young Shin’s grip tightened along with the contraction that took over her body.

“Now, Omma!”


“What do you mean ‘already’? This isn’t right, is it? Is it? It’s too fast!”

“Oh hush, Jung Hoo, and let me count.”

A minute passed, though for Jung Hoo it felt like an hour with Young Shin’s pained face filling his vision and her fingers clawing into his arm. When the contraction eased, Young Shin sighed.

“Now, Omma,” Jung Hoo croaked. In his head, he knew there was hours of this left. He wasn’t sure he could survive even another minute.

“Fast.” Omma sounded pensive. “Min Ja-ssi,” she called, “are you ready?”

“Just finishing up!” Ahjumma waddled through the door struggling with a mound of grey wool and wires in her arms. She settled into the armchair. The wool landed in her lap and spilled over onto the floor in a tangle of wire, glittery silicon bits and knitting needles. “Give me a minute.” She resumed knitting furiously.

“Okay. Meanwhile, call Chi Soo-ssi to get the car. Jung Hoo can’t drive in his state.”

Min Ja cast a glance at Jung Hoo. She sniffed at his half-clothed state. 

“I’m here,” Young Shin’s adoptive father appeared at the door too. He took one glance at Young Shin on the bed and paled.

“I don’t have good news. There’s more snow than there is car outside. We’re stuck.” His eyes shifted to Jung Hoo. “You’re dead.” 

“Appa!” Young Shin pleaded from the bed.

Jung Hoo stood up solemnly next to the bed. He still held his jeans up and his shirt skewed drunkenly to the right.

“Aboenim, I am never touching your daughter again,” he swore with utter conviction. 

“Stop that nonsense,” Myung Hee said from behind Chi Soo. Her wheelchair nudged him aside.

“Omma,” Young Shin called in relief from the bed. 

“Sorry, I’m late. Your father just ran up from the study and left me to struggle up here on my own.” Her smile was gentle as she teased him. 

“It’s ready.” Ahjumma stood up. “Jung Hoo Omma, tell me where to place it.” She held up what looked like a fuzzy grey snake with two tiny tentacles.

“On her back,” Omma’s voice replied over the hidden speakers. “Two just below the bra strap, and two on her lower back. In the hospital, the TENS machine usually helps with the contractions. We’ll get her through it. ”

“Alright Chi Soo-ssi, Jung Hoo dear,” Myung Hee ordered, “You are both going downstairs and you are both going to stay there, until I call you.”

“Now,” Jung Hoo’s mother-in-law added when his mouth turned mutinous.

“Now,” said his birth mother over the speakers.

“Go, dog poop, we have it,” Ahjumma, his non-mother muttered. She leaned over Young Shin and started wrapping the homemade TENS around her swollen belly.

“I added something special to yours, Young Shin,” she said, her hands busy but gentle as she attached the pads to her back.

Young Shin didn’t have time to say her grateful thanks to her, or to all the moms, before the next contraction took over.


When Jung Hoo and his father-in-law were finally permitted to re-enter the impromptu birthing room, they didn’t jump on the chance right away. They weren’t sure what they were going to see. Myung Hee nudged them, and they both climbed the stairs with leaden feet.

Young Shin looked up when they both stood in the doorway, jammed shoulder to shoulder in the tiny space. Tucked under her arm, the newborn squirmed. Jung Hoo’s legs gave out first. So he sat right down. Chi Soo joined him a second later. 

“Dog poops,” muttered Ahjumma, from her seat in the arm chair. She went back to her knitting. This time it was a baby hoodie. Pink. 

Young Shin smiled gently looking at the two men in her life, sitting helpless in the doorway. Jung Hoo, the freelance photographer and former night errand boy - she’d never seen him floored by anything or anyone. Appa, the lawyer extraordinaire – as comfortable making a skillful defense in a court of law as he is behind a coffee counter creating coffee art for his customers. And now, this tiny bundle in her arms had succeeded in weakening their knees so badly that they couldn’t scrape themselves off the floor. They just sat there, staring agape.

Young Shin beckoned them over with her hand, and they both got up with great difficulty and followed obediently.

Reaching the bed first, Jung Hoo grabbed Young Shin’s hand and held it tight, looking at her carefully, checking to see if she were still distressed or hurt. He only saw her bright loving eyes laughing at him amused, as she pulled down the blanket covering their baby to show him the little one.

“Baby girl, meet your Appa,” she cooed. “Your scaredy-cat Appa who can climb buildings and beat up bad people, who can make the toughest mafia gangsters cower at the mere mention of his name but goes weak in the knees when he sees you – such a tiny thing, but how powerful.”

Jung Hoo looked at his daughter in a mixture of awe and wonder, unable to form a coherent thought. A myriad of emotions passed through his eyes - a little bit of disbelief, amazement and finally the kind of warmth that only a father can have for his child. His chest swelled with pride and affection.

 "Beautiful..." he was all he managed.

After a little while, he turned to his father-in-law cowering behind him, and nodded encouragingly at him as a silent gesture. Chae Chi Soo broke out into a teary smile as he reached out to touch his granddaughter’s cheek. 

“Ah, she is beautiful, Young Shin-ah.” And then he ran out of words. He couldn’t understand it himself.

Jung Hoo sat down carefully beside his wife. He wanted to throw his arms around her and hug her but he was too afraid he would hurt her. He had never been so afraid in his life seeing her in so much pain. Tears of relief mixed with happiness now fall freely from his eyes.

“Dog poop! Whatever are you crying for?” called Ahjumma from where she was knitting furiously in the arm chair. “Hug your wife and child! Do I have to teach you that too?”

“I-I-I don’t want to hurt h-h-her-“

“What a load of crap! She’s not made of fragile glass – she just popped out that baby the size of a football, and now look at her! Does she look like she’s hurt?”

Jung Hoo looked at Young Shin and realized she had quietly started singing 'To You' again. Why, she was virtually bopping while holding their baby in her arms.

“Even if I lose everything I love

I can't give you up

No matter where I am

I can feel your breath

Until the day my life ends

I will always be by your side.”

She happily warbled off key. Then she smiled and held one arm out to him. He went into her embrace eagerly and hugged them both - his wife... his 
wife and their newborn daughter.

Pabo anya?” she whispered. “Never touching me again? Are you crazy? I’ll kill you if you don’t.”

All CREDIT and heartfelt THANKS to @mywebfoot @azzurri @briseis @Noxn @liddi @larienssi and all other Healerities who contributed ideas and support! 
If you want to see exactly how badly our couple bobs to the music, check out this video. If you want to see how badly infected we are with Healerities, see our dedication video for the cast and crew!

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2Young/YY Couple
'Walking Together'

Wooyoung awoke, as he often did, on an airplane. He looked out the window to see that the sun had yet to come up. Hearing the familiar ding of the seatbelt sign turning off, he unbuckled his, and pulled out his cell phone from his pocket. Turning off the airplane mode, he sent a text while rubbing the sleep out of his eye. Just landed. Be home soon. Can't wait to see you. The response came a moment later, as he pulled his bag from the overhead compartment. Good morning. See you soon! When he finally made it through the airport into the parking lot, he looked for the company van that usually comes and picks him up. At that moment, a flash of light caught his attention. He squinted and walked over to an all too familiar car. Opening the door, he asked the driver, "What are you doing here?" A smile greeted him as Seyoung tossed her purse onto the seat behind her, "Welcome back!" She watched as he climb in and looked at her quizzically. She frown, "Are you not happy to see me?" He smiled, reaching over the center console for her hand, "Of course I'm happy to see you. I'm just surprised that you're here at 6.00am to pick me up when you should still be at home asleep." She shrugged, "You know I'm up at 5.00am most days, now." He played with her hand, "So, are you going to give your husband a kiss? He's had a very long day sitting on an airplane for 14 hours." Seyoung laughed and pulled her hand away, starting the car. "Yah! I paid for tinted windows so that we can kiss in this car!" Wooyoung pouted. She shook her head and tried not to roll her eyes before leaning over and giving him a kiss. His hand came up to pull her closer. When they pulled apart, he held on, a smile on his face, "I missed you." She chuckled, "You always say that." "I always mean it," he responded. Seyoung didn't respond, but the telling smile was enough for Wooyoung. As she pulled the car out of the spot she was occupying, she asked him about his time in New York City. He regaled her with stories about meeting up with friends and his upcoming project. She smiled to herself seeing the enthusiasm on her husband's face and in his voice. When they returned to their apartment, Wooyoung opened the front door and started to kick off his shoes when he was startled by a high pitched squeal. The sound of tiny toes hitting the wooden floor got louder, "Appa!" A tiny wiggly toddler shouted, waving her hands in the air. "Minyoung-ah, good morning! Did you sleep well?" he asked, scooping her up in his arms and kissing her chubby cheeks. A tall figure walked towards them from the hallway. "Hey, Hyung!" Jinwoon smiled. Wooyoung looked back at Seyoung who was grinning, "How in the world did you get him to come over to watch her this early in the morning?" "Other than the fact that I am Jinwoon's favorite Noona, he also adores Minyoung." "Appa! Appa!" Minyoung called. Wooyoung looked at her, a bright smile on his face, "Yes, Minyoung?" She smiled before wrapping her tiny arms around his neck and burying her little head in the crook of his shoulder, "Appa," she repeated quietly. Seyoung leaned over and stroked the little girl's hair, "Minyoung-ah. Can you say Eomma? Eom-ma." Minyoung looked at her for a moment, not repeating the word, before turning to Wooyoung, "Appa!" she giggled. Wooyoung laughed at his wife's slack-jawed expression and wrapped his arm around her, "Don't worry, Young-ah, she'll eventually call you 'Eomma' one day." Seyoung glared at him, "Don't you gloat. I spend more time with her, yet she always call for you." "That's because we spent plenty of sleepless nights together while you weren't looking, didn't we, Minyoung-ah? You're Appa's little girl aren't you?" He asked quietly, stroking her hair gently. Jinwoon laughed from where he stood, "I'm going to head out and let you guys catch up." "Thanks for watching Minyoung, Jinwoon. We really appreciate it." "Not a problem, Hyung. I always enjoy playing with her," he reached for Minyoung's tiny hand and shook it, "Bye, Minyoung-ah!" They all waved to Jinwoon as he walked out of the door. Seyoung ushered Wooyoung into the apartment, "Why don't you play with Minyoung while I get breakfast ready." Wooyoung nodded and took Minyoung over to the living room where they had a play area set up for her. From the kitchen, Seyoung watched as Wooyoung laid on the floor and played with their daughter. She smiled at the sound of Minyoung laughing and squealing, completely in love with her father. After she finished setting the table, Seyoung called over to the duo who were now reading a book on the couch, "Breakfast is ready." Wooyoung closed the book and brought Minyoung over to her seat at the head of the table. "This looks great, Young-ah," he complimented as he sat down in his chair. She nodded and sat down in her chair. She quickly busied herself with feeding Minyoung while Wooyoung fed himself. She chuckled at her husband eating the food as if he hadn't eaten in months. "Did they not feed you on the plane?" "They did, but your cooking is way better," he told her. "Well, thank you." She picked up a small piece of fish and offered it to Wooyoung. He leaned over and took a bite. Chewing, his eyes widened. He nodded and gave Seyoung a thumbs up. From her seat, Minyoung clapped and bounced. Wooyoung took a tiny piece of fish and started to offer it to Minyoung when Seyoung spoke up, "Make sure there aren't any bones." He looked at the fish from all angles before confirming, "No bones." Offering it to Minyoung again he opened his mouth, "Minyoung... Ahh." She took the piece of fish in her mouth and began to chew. When she bounced in her chair again, Wooyoung chuckled, "You are so cute," he pinched her chubby little cheeks, making her squeal. He looked over at his wife and asked, "How was your week?" She paused, tapping her lips with her chopsticks, "It was good. I went for an audition the other day." "Young-ah! Really?" "It's a musical," she answered, shyly. "That's great! How did it go?" "I think it went okay. I probably won't get the part, but it was fun to get my feet wet again." He waved his hand dismissively, "Don't say that, Young-ah. I'm sure you did great. My wife is the best." "I haven't worked in almost two years. I'm a bit more than rusty." She sighed, "It was actually really scary," she confessed. "No way. I'm sure you were fantastic." He reached for her hand and squeezed it, "I'm so proud of you. And you know I'm here for you. When you get the part, we'll figure out how to go forward, together, like we always have." She brought his hand to her cheek and nodded, "Thank you." He stood up and leaned over the table to kiss her on the forehead. Then, he looked over at Minyoung who was watching her parents intently, "Aren't you proud of your Eomma?" Instead of answering, Minyoung raised her arms for Wooyoung to pick her up, "Appa!" He picked her up from her chair and held her with an arm under her bottom. After bouncing her a few times he glanced behind her, sniffing. "Minyoung-ah, did you poop?" From her seat, Seyoung let out a loud laugh. "Have fun, Appa." She stood up and gave him a kiss, "Welcome home. I'll clean up here." She gestured to the table. He rolled his head back and stomped his feet a moment before heading into their bedroom. “Two babies,” Seyoung laughed to herself as she cleared the table. “I have two babies.” When she was done, she walked over to their room to check on Wooyoung and Minyoung. She stopped short at the door at the scene before her. Standing at the changing table, Wooyoung was singing to Minyoung as he changed her diaper. Minyoung wiggled around happily as she listened to her father's calm voice. When he was finished, he kissed her little feet, "Appa loves you, Minyoung-ah." Picking her up from the table, he looked over to the door where Seyoung was standing with a smile on her face. "She really missed you this week," she told him, wrapping an arm around his waist as they headed back out into the living room. They sat down on the couch with Minyoung sitting in Wooyoung's lap, her little body leaning into him. He hugged her a little closer, "I missed both of you. I hate being away for so long." "It doesn't happen often, so it's not too bad. Maybe when she's a little older, we can all travel together. She's just too young right now," Seyoung remarked, stroking Minyoung's hair. He nodded. "It's okay though. Appa didn't forget you while I was away. I brought you a present!" He set Minyoung down on the couch and headed to his suitcase. He came back with both hands behind him. He danced in front of Minyoung for a few moments, "What did Appa get you?" he asked. "Appa!" Minyoung called, reaching out to him. Wooyoung brought out a large box from behind his back. Inside the box were large bristle blocks that were the perfect size for Minyoung. Clapping her hands, she turned to Seyoung and smiled. Seyoung nodded, "Should we play with your new toy?" Minyoung nodded excitedly. Seyoung picked her up and set her down on the floor in front of Wooyoung. Then getting off the couch herself, she sat next to her daughter and watched as her husband unboxed the toy. They spent the next few hours playing with the blocks with Minyoung. Although she was still young, Minyoung had a knack for putting things together. The blocks were the perfect gift as she build little structures, mixing and matching colors. After a little bit, she began to yawn signaling nap time. "We should probably get her down for her nap, or we'll never sleep tonight," Seyoung commented. Wooyoung picked up Minyoung once more, smiling slyly at his wife, "I haven't seen you in a week. Sleeping is not on the agenda for tonight." From the floor, she threw a block at him, making him laugh. "I really missed you," he told her. "I know. I missed you, too." She gathered the blocks and placed them back in the box. When she finished, she got up and put the box on the shelf next to Minyoung's other toys. She stepped back and asked, "Do you think we're spoiling her?" "Absolutely not," Wooyoung replied. Seyoung chuckled as she walked back to their couch and sat down. She watched as he walked around the room, singing quietly to their daughter and rubbing her back gently. Within minutes, Minyoung was sound asleep. Seyoung waited for him to take her into their room to put her down. Instead, he joined her on the couch. Making sure to not disturb Minyoung, he laid down putting his head in Seyoung's lap as he gently moved Minyoung's head from his shoulder to his chest. Seyoung smiled down at him and began to play with his hair while he continued to rub circles on Minyoung's back. Their free hands reached for each other, clasping in a tight hand hold. Seyoung leaned down and gave him a tender kiss, "I'm so glad you're home. I love you." He smiled back up at her, "I love you more. And I'm happy to be home. I won't be going anywhere for a while. That was one of the roughest weeks of my life. I can't be away from you guys for that long again."

(Written by YYNation Team)

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DongHae Couple

--- Sorry if the formattation comes out weird! ---

While she was busy in the bedroom, he had just eaten breakfast. “Jagiya, if you've finished with that, come one sec to look” she motioned with her hand.

He raised an eyebrow. He had no idea what she meant. “What should I see? I am already running late and you know that.”

I didn't forget, dear. This is why I did something for you that you would have done in several hours, which would have made you run even later than this” she explained while she walked towards the bedroom. “You're lucky that your wife is also a stylist.”

What are you talking about?” he wondered, quite lost.

This is what I mean” she said as she pointed her finger to the grey suit she had prepared for him. Everything was matching, from the socks to the tie. Oh dear.

He sighed heavily. He hated when he didn't want to follow his woman's suggestions, but he was stubborn like that. He looked at the outfit and smiled weakly.

His wife, whom he decided to stay with because she was smart and could understand him well, replied with an annoyed grin. “You don't like it, don't you? I could find you something b-”

No, it's not that I don't like it” he cut her off, “the problem here is that I have already chosen my outfit for the press conference already” he confessed, looking down so that she would understand he meant that he was going to wear what he was actually already wearing.

As expected, her expression was disapproving his choice. “I've told you baggy clothes are not fit for your body, oppa!” she exclaimed as she touched the fabric of his sweatshirt.

He quickly removed her hands off his chest. “It's going to crumple if you hold it like that. And this sweatshirt is not baggy, is the right size. The pants are also okay and they match with it and the shoes I'm gonna wear” he showed her the sneakers he picked.

She opened her eyes in disbelief. “No! This outfit is a total NO! Don't tell me you're really not going to change? You are the main actor, you should be classy at least” she shrugged and shook her head while he was sitting on the bed and was putting the shoes on.

Since I am the lead, I can wear whatever I like... isn't it fair?”

She was kinda shocked. “Dear, I know you love to take the initiative and do things your own way, but isn't there an etiquette? Aren't you afraid of what the press may say?”

They need to like the drama, not my clothes” he explained proudly as he tied the last shoelace and then he stood up. “And I honestly don't care. I am not wearing something indecent, you know.”

Da Hae rolled her eyes. “But still -”

Still... nothing. I have made my decision. I'm already late. The car is picking me up at 11am” he replied with harshness as he checked his watch, it was almost that time already. “I'm going to wait in the lobby” he said, before he took a bag from the entrance and closed the door behind him.

She was speechless. How dare he reply like that? He was incredibly anxious that day, and she knew it was because of the press conference and the date of the première approaching around the corner. She decided she would just let it go for the day, the argument was not important and he was stressed. He needed her support more than her anger.

Da Hae was sitting on the sofa of the living room and she was paying few attention to what was airing. Ah, it was a teleshopping channel. She was fighting to keep her eyes open since she wanted to ask her husband about the press conference and see what he would say, but it was very hard. She fell asleep at some point, and woke up when she heard the sound of the door opening. She glanced at her phone, it was two in the morning.

He removed his shoes and went into the same room she currently was. She glanced at him, eyes half closed and sleepy, but he didn't say anything. She knew he didn't want to disturb her, it wasn't the first time he came back late because of shooting and she was already asleep.

He took off his shirt and remained shirtless, then he also took off his pants and socks and the only clothing he was wearing were his boxers. Damn, he looked so tasty like that, but Da Hae didn't have the strength to move a finger at the moment. He reached the sofa where she was sitting and he motioned to scoop her up before she would stop him.

Don't even think about it” she murmured, her voice was weak from being tired.

It's cold here... you'll get a sore throat if you sleep in this room” he tried to put his arms on her body but she slapped them away. He was surprised.

I don't want to sleep in the bedroom with you tonight” she explained, her sleepy voice was cute to hear. “Get your hands off me.”

He sighed and grinned. “What, are you still mad for this morning?”


Are you mad I came back late? You know I have to fil-”

She nodded with her eyes closed, “I know – you were filming” she yawned. He was still trying to touch her but with no success.

Then why are you acting like this? If it's not fault of the outfit, what is it?”

She struggled to open her eyes to explain. “Oppa, you really thought I wouldn't find out... right? But I found out.”

He frowned. “Found what out?”

I've always played characters that protect the female protagonist...” she said, quoting what she watched on the video. “I was suffering from a lack of affection lately, and I think I got over it because of -”

She stopped right there because he had just succeeded in brushing her cheek. “Oh, then you're mad about that.” He was smiling. She looked up in his eyes and saw his look of love, the one he does when he is about to say or do something romantic.

You're such a liar, oppa” she said, all of a sudden finding the strength to give him a punch next to the stomach. “You're such a liar” she kept on saying, throwing her hand in the hair trying to punch him again without success.

In that moment he realized she was a bit drunk. “You're right, I'm a liar” he said, and she stopped to listen. “That's because my whole statement was fake, you know.”

You're still a liar” she argued, then she started crying without wanting to. “I was worried. I was worried” she said in confusion, she had probably drunk not so long before. She kept on punching on his chest.

He took her hands in one of his and freed them on the sides of her body. He was trying to calm her down, so he also hugged her. He patted her back gently, as he could feel her tears against his skin. It tore him apart when she cried like that. And he tried all he could not to make her worry about him, but it was stronger than her. “Calm down, love. Calm down. I am here now.”

I was worried” she repeated, her voice was broken. “I was worried that my support wasn't enough. That my love wasn't enough. That I wasn't -”

He cut her off right away, then he put his arms on her shoulder and distanced her body from his for a moment. “I want you to look me in the eyes if you can” he pleaded. Weirdly, she raised her head and did what he asked. “Now I want you to stop thinking those things. Your support wasn't enough? You're totally wrong. You are always here, even when you cannot be here, you are here with your heart. That means supporting someone. Your love wasn't enough? Jagiya, if your love wasn't enough, we wouldn't be here right now. We would be our in own ways. You weren't enough? I don't ever want to hear the word 'enough' coming from your mouth. Because you are enough. You are above enough. You are the reason why I am able to go on with work everyday despite it's hard. You are the reason I feel the power to change myself and the world and to become a better person. You are the reason I believe in love.”

She managed a smile and kept on crying. She didn't know how to answer to that new confession of love because she was still a little tipsy, so she did the most natural thing she could think of. She put her hands behind his neck and leaned in for a kiss. His hands moved on her back, and kept patting right there as a sign of comfort.

Once she stopped the kiss, she placed her head on his shoulder and didn't open her eyes again because she had fallen asleep. He scooped her then, and went to the bedroom so that he could also have a good night's sleep.

The following morning, Da Hae woke up when she heard a sound. She realized it was his phone vibrating. She yawned and turned to the side of the bed where he was sleeping. He was wide awake, staring at her with a wide grin on his face.

Did I wake you up?” he wondered, his voice gentle as ever.

She shook her head and smiled too. She got closer and gave him a quick peck on the lips. “I love you.”

Are you feeling better?”

She nodded. Yes, she was feeling better indeed. “My head is still banging, but I'll get over it with a juice later. You need to work early today, right?”

Right. I should be already going...” he sighed and looked at the clock. “But I can stay for a few minutes more. Today I have a break in the afternoon, we could eat lunch together.”

That sounds like a nice idea. I will prepare something” she promised, while her hands wandered on his chest. She could tell he was aroused because his nipples were hard. Ah, how much she liked that, it made her feel special. At least this was enough proof her husband really loved her everything. She laughed when she remembered something about that from the night before.

What's happening?” he asked with curiosity.

She covered her eyes with a hand for a moment. “I'm sorry. Really sorry.”

Sorry for what?”

Last night. I was utterly... drunk. I said a lot of nonsense probably.”

He caressed her cheek. “Not exactly. You were... cute.”

Cute because I was jealous? Oops” she covered her mouth and tried to hide her face in the pillow. “Damn me.”

Da Hae-shi, look at me” he said, taking her wrist and forcing her to look in his direction. “I am alright because of you. Because of your support and love. I have no need to seek those things from another person when I have you. Just keep that in mind.”

She nodded and leaned in for another kiss. “I guess it's time to take a shower” she proposed once their lips parted. “Don't you think? I'd hate to be the cause you're late for work.”

He smirked. “If you are the cause for me to be late at work, then I want to be late every day” he said, then he suddenly stood up and scooped her up from the bed with the sheets still on her body as she screamed in surprise and he took her to the bathroom.

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