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[Variety] Where Is My Friend's Home (내 친구의 집은 어디인가)- JTBC


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Where Is My Friend's Home (aka Where Is My Friend's House, and My Friend's Home; Hangul: 내 친구의 집은 어디인가) is a television program on JTBC in South Korea. The show features the cast of another JTBC television show, Non-Summit, as they visit the home countries of the Non-Summit foreign cast members. The show is in a variety-travel show format, in the Korean language, and aired on JTBC, starting on February 7, 2015, on Saturdays at 20:30.

The show follows South Korean and foreign cast members of the South Korean television talk-variety show Non-Summit as they experience cultures of various countries through home stay.The first country visited is the home of Zhang Yuan, a foreign representative on the Non-Summit show, in his native home in China.Along for the trip are , South Korean Non-Summit presenter Yoo Se-yoon, and Non-Summit foreign representatives Guillaume Patry from Canada, Alberto Mondi from Italy, Julian Quintart from Belgium and Tyler Rasch from the United States.

The format of the show is similar to that of Non-Summit's, with references to a (G6), again like the G11, but less formal; and filled with humor, the teaser video was entitled "Steal Things in Zhang Yuan’s House".The show's posters, entitled "Global friend’s house attack project", showed some of the cast's casual activities, like eating ice cream and jogging.And although somewhat like a travel show, producers said Where is My Friend's Home trips would "not be typical."The show also candidly addresses common misperceptions and prejudices about the countries visited.



Zhang Yuan (China)



Julian Quintart  (Belgium)


Guillaume Patry (Canada)


Tyler Rasch  (USA)


Alberto Mondi (Italy)


Yoon Se-Yoon (South Korea)

yoon se yoon

EPISODE and Links

Episode Streaming Links Subber
Ep 1 part 1 part 2 bumdidlyumptious
Ep 2 Part 1 Part 2 kvarietyshowmania
Ep 3 part 1 part 2 Singversation

Note from the subber: anyone interested to help with timing,editing, please email me : singversation@gmail.com 

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I really love this program,  visit  China and met with  Yuan's families, these 5 foreigners extended their sincerity, respect and good manner to the mom and families was very warmth and touching, the program PD selected these 5 foreigners  was the best choice, their collaboration are just amazing.

Looking forward to seeing more of their traveling. em15.gif

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JTBC ‘Where Is My Friend’s Home In Nepal’ Revealed The Posters


[by You-bin Ha] JTBC ‘Where Is My Friend’s Home In Nepal’ unveiled the posters by showing the beautiful nature of the country.

The seven members who went to Sujan Shakya’s home are: Yoo Seyoon, Alberto Mondi (Italy), Zhang Yuan(China), Daniel Lindemann(Germany), James Hooper(England) and Mark Tetto(USA). Fans expectations are rising since a new member from USA and the hidden member James participated in the show.

In the first poster, Nepal’s Mother Nature is on the background and people can plentifully enjoy its exotic mood. The members have ‘TIKA’ on their forehead, which means ‘Bless’ in Nepal’s traditional ritual.

In the other poster, the seven members are in an elementary school in Kodari, one of the best vacation spots in Nepal. They are surrounded by Nepalese children and this image is quite heartwarming.

The third destination of JTBC ‘Where Is My Friend’s Home’ is Nepal which has 8 of the highest mountains in the world and more than 50 mountaintops over 7,650m. The country is well-known for its wonderful nature and as the ideal place to go backpacking.

Meanwhile, JBTC ‘Where Is My Friend’s Home in Nepal’ will air on April 18 at 8:30 PM KST. (photo by JTBC)


Sujan Shakiya, “I hope people remember Nepal as a beautiful country of mountains”

[by Woorim Ahn] Sujan Shakiya revealed his anticipations for JTBC ‘Where Is My Friend’s House’.

On the upcoming episode of the program, the members will head off to Sujan’s Nepal house. Sujan said, “I was so happy to meet my family and friends about one and half years after I visited home recently. I was so worried about which part of Nepal to show to the friends.”

Nepal is a country located in between China and India and it is covered with the Himalayas.
He continued, “I wanted to show Nepal’s traditional culture where gods and humans exist together and is full of mountains. Moreover, it will enjoy your eyes with its nature views, people and surprising leisure sports.”

Since new members, Daniel Lindemann, Mark Tetto, and James Hooper joined in the Nepal episode, the mass public raised their expectations about the program. The members headed to Nepal were Sujan Shakiya, Zhand Yuan, Yoo Se Yoon, Alberto Mondi, Daniel Lindemann, James Hooper and Mark Tetto.

Meanwhile, G7’s Nepal experiences will air on April 18. (photo by JTBC)

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