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The first round will start off with a bang! Members will compile entries as usual on the forums, but for the first time, we will open voting on our news site. This means that we will not be counting votes on the forums for Round 1. The entries will be posted as an article, and everyone will be allowed to vote in Round 1, even non-Soompiers.

  • Entry period: 2/10-2/13 (end of day KST)
  • Voting period (news site only): 2/14-17 (EoD KST)
  • Explanation:
    • Written intro:
      • Names:
      • Ages:
      • Occupations:
      • How did they meet:
      • Fandom name (if applicable):
      • Describe your couple in three words:
      • Quotes (for example, something he said about her or she said about him, or something one of them said about love, etc. You can include up to five quotes.):
      • Photos:
        • 2 unedited photos of your couple together that you feel really depicts their relationship and/or personalities. 1000px width and height maximum. YOU MAY NOT POST ANYTHING IN THIS THREAD BUT ENTRIES.You can mark a post as LOL, insightful, etc., but it will not count as a vote. The only votes that will be counted are the poll votes in the article that will be posted on Valentine's Day.

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    Guest Tinkiebell

     The JjongAh Couple 

     Names   Hong Jong Hyun  Yura (Kim Ah Young)(홍종현 & 유라/김아영) 
     Ages  25 & 22 (International age)
     Occupations He - Model/ActorShe - Idol (Girls Day's member)/Actress

     How did they meet This highly celebrated (by fans) and uber-controversial (by fans) couple emerged from the empire that managed to make cabbage seem appealing and sweet potatoes sweeter than a bar of sinfully delicious chocolate. This empire that surprisingly still has a couple of tricks up their sleeves, although they aren't as fierce as a Gundam toy, they still offered a wisp of temptation that Adam himself wouldn't have been able to resist.  
    Kim Ahyoung (Girl's Day Yura) and Hong Jonghyun (Model & Actor) met on the show We Got Married on May 28, 2014. They met at Yura's primary place of work, MBC Yeouido building , where Yura reported for duty and was imprisoned in a waiting room far away from the other activities to wait for her hypothetical prince and virtual husband to come and rescue her from her prison. 
    And rescue he did, albeit with a few, or several minor mishaps along the way. He had to deal with frustrating clues that led him to from the ground floor to the top of the building and had his first glimpse at what married life with his virtual wife would be; he tried to cajole her into informing him information and she began to pun away to her heart's content. By trial and error he was able to happen upon her fortress of solitude and rescued her from her trio of well wishing cackling members; otherwise known as his new sisters-in-law.
    Thus began the story of Hong Jonghyun and Yura; a series of mishaps and misunderstandings that led to the birth of this beautiful and impossibly sweet couple that culminated in Jonghyun finding his virtual wife and taking her hand into his own as they walked down the aisle together as one of the only WGM couple to 'marry' each other on their first meeting in a fanciful and beautiful early summer shotgun marriage.

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    。 ❤ 。 Lee Dong Wook이동욱 & Lee Da Hae 이다해。 ❤ 。 K0djyG1.jpg 
    Ages: 33 and 30 (34 and 31 in Korean Age)

    Occupations: Actor and Actress, models

    How did they meet: They met back in 2005 when they starred together on the hit drama “My Girl”. When Da Hae first saw Wookie, she thought he was cold and detached. She recalls that she told him that she would do all the talk when they would have to work, and he was fine with it because he wasn't the talkative type. On the other hand, Wookie commented that his partner was always happy and bubbly. Soon enough, Da Hae's giddy personality and Wookie's serious attitude came into a perfect accord and they were able not only to create ad-libbed scenes on their drama, but also show incredible chemistry that made everyone wonder if the line between fictional and real was crossed. Something really bloomed between them towards the end of filming, and rumors of their possible relationship spread everywhere for over two years after they were seen at an event together in 2006, and after they wore several couple items and often mentioned each other.

    Fandom name: DongHae

    The couple in three words: CREATIVE and ECLECTIC because they are able to donate various shades of emotions on every work they act on. But they are also UNPREDICTABLE AD-LIB COUPLE, because they tend to add their own ad-libs on the dramas they've acted together.

    。 ❤ 。 Quotes 。 ❤ 。

    “I and Lee Da-hae had many memories. Everytime when she is sad, I’m sad too. We like each other, because we always bring happiness to each other. It can’t be denied that, at many times I had thought what will happen if Da-hae is my girlfriend.” - Lee Dong Wook in 2013

    “Truthfully, when it comes to lovey-dovey scenes or harsh dialogue, we try to be careful about it but we’re filming things well by working things out together. During ‘My Girl,’ it was fresh but now there is a comfortable feeling as if we’ve been dating for a long time. We would argue from time to time and take care of each other when we can and it’s fun.” - Lee Da Hae in 2014 during “Hotel King” Press Conference


    “Yesterday, I wrote on SNS: ‘Da Hae-ssi, My Ah Mo Ne…‘ what I wrote was really sincere. After eight years acting together again, it’s such a privilege. You’ve gotten more beautiful since then… more mature.” - Lee Dong Wook in 2014 on the last day of “Hotel King” filming

    “Thank you so much to Dong Wook oppa. You were the greatest actor and I was happy to be able to act with you. Let’s meet again in another 10 years and let’s love again!” - Lee Da Hae in 2014 after the ending of “Hotel King”

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    Who is Lee Jong Suk ?
    Birthdate: Sept,14 1989    Height: 186 cm     Weight: 65 kg     Blood Type: A     Talent Agency: Wellmade Management

    Lee Jong Suk. An actor also a model. He made his first debut as runaway model in 2005, also he made his first debut as actor in 2010. From a small role as talented young guy

    with a surly attitude and a forbidden crush on the second male lead,Oska, on Secret Garden until he got popularity when he appeared in I Can Hear Your Voice as Park Soo Ha, the boy with reading mind ability. From I Can hear your Voice, this sweet guy also starring in Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio in 2014.
    - Lee Jong Suk is a sweet guy with full of aegyo. His fans call him,

    Who is Kang Sora ?
    Birthdate: Feb 18,1990     Height: 168 cm     Weight: 48kg     Blood Type: A    Talent Agency: Will Entertainment

    Kang Sora. An actress who loves bread so much. Her first debut with Yoo Seung Ho in horror movie. from small role she earned in dramas she played, she rose to fame in Sunny, a blockbuster movie who released in 2011. This girl with dimples  also starred in many dramas like Doctor Stranger and Misaeng in 2014 who make her becoming famous.
    - Kang Sora is called by her fans, Kang Actress or Sorajjing

    how did they meet ?

    their first meeting when they starred together in Doctor Stranger. Lee Jong Suk as Park Hoon, a doctor from North Korea who wants to save his lover and Kang Sora as Oh Soo Hyun, the daughter of the hospital's chairman and is an instructor at the cardiothoracic surgery department where Park Hoon will be working at. Both of them playing together in Doctor Stranger but Kang Sora played as second lead female who develop feeling to Park Hoon.

    Fandom Name ?

    They were called by their fans as Ddulkop aka Quack couple since Park Hoon, the character of Lee Jong Suk in Doctor Stranger often calls Oh Soo Hyun, the character of Kang Sora , Ddullpari aka Quack.
    In Additional, Lee Jong Suk has a nickname in real life who is similiar with Quack, Dochi.

    Describe Your Couple In Three Words !
    Happiness. Quack. Equals
    Happiness, because both of them still searching about how to be a happy person in real life
    Quack. both of them likes to pout their lips every time just like a duck
    Equals. Jong Suk said she is she is
    a female friend that he can treat equals like his male friend.

    Quotes ?

    " She told me how to be happy when i was in a slump moment. She said to me
    , your life as an actor is important but it is more crucial that you are happy as a person." - Lee Jong Suk

    "Sometimes when I think he is like this, he turns out not to be, it’s really hard to figure him out. He’s very attractive in many ways, he’s very serious in a joking manner, he’s sometimes like a child and sometimes matured." - Kang Sora.

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    Guest dmjcsi

    Kim Soo Hyun & Jun Ji Hyun
    2Hyun/HyunHyun Couple
    (Daesang Couple)

    Kim Soo Hyun   - 28yrs. old(Korean age) / 27yrs. old(International age)
    Actor, Model

          Jun Ji Hyun34yrs. old(Korean age) / 33yrs. old(International age)
                               Actress, Model                 
                                                            How did they meet?

    Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun met for the first time while filming the movie "The Thieves" in 2011.
    Jun Ji Hyun was already an A-list movie star back then since her movie "My Sassy Girl",
    and Kim Soo Hyun was an up-and-coming actor with “The Thieves” as his debut film.
    In "The Thieves", Zampano (Kim Soo Hyun) and Yenicall/Boji (Jun Ji Hyun) has an unfulfilled love story,
    leaving us an unforgettable line, “Boji, I Love You...”.
    KSH said later in an interview that he felt being insignificant when facing all the other seniors and big stars.
    But Jun Ji hyun Noona had took good care of him and made him feel at ease in the team.

    Then came 2013, Kim Soo hyun and Jun Ji Hyun met again in the drama “My Love from the Star”
    as Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun). Their chemistry became more powerful than ever.
    Their interaction on and off screen was natural and spontaneous.
    Obviously they were at ease with each other and in fact enjoy each others' company very much.
    The drama became real hot and ended with a bang,
    and our couple became Super Stars not just in Korea but also in overseas countries especially in Asia.  

    Fandom Name:


    THE 2Hyun/ HyunHyun Couple
    in Three (3) words


    FATE - their paths seem to mirror each other at first, and then cross at each other, and still linking to each other now and forever.

    MAGNETISM their body language shows clearly that they are attracted to each other whenever they are together, just like there are magnets between them.

    PASSIONthe look in their eyes is so intense and passionate that could melt anybody; the way they talk about each other has so much passion in it – Kim Soo Hyun always saying “The Best Cheon Song yi in the World”, “Cheon Song yi, I Love You”, and Jun Ji Hyun’s high praise on Kim Soo Hyun being “amazing”, “the Leonardo DiCaprio in Korea”,  and
     “deserving full mark as a kisser”


    About the kiss scene....”at first I was very nervous, at that time,I put all my efforts in portraying Zampano.
    But the great thing is…seeing Jun Ji Hyun Sunbae's beauty,
    it's easy to immerse into ther character, isn't it?”
    - kim Soo Hyun (“The Thieves” Press Conference)

    “This is my first kiss with a younger co-star and it's also my first kiss in a domestic movie.
    It's great that the kiss was with Kim Soo Hyun, I am so happy to work with him.
    -Jun Ji Hyun (“The Thieves” Press Conference)

    “Cheon Song Yi Sshi, I Love You”
    “…And to the one who didn't return to the Star and stay on earth...Do min joon-sshi

    Soo hyun-ah thank you so much. I sincerely thank you! Let's work together again next time..

    -Kim Soo Hyun/Jun Ji Hyun (50th Baeksang Awards)

     “I need to specially thank her, she is Jeon Ji Hyun.
    Because of the Cheon Song Yi that she played, the role is even more loveable.”
    “In the drama, Jeon Ji Hyun acted as Cheon Song Yi, lively, cute …Jun Ji Hyun is just like Cheon Song Yi in the drama,
    their personalities are very similar, so it is effectively acting out herself”
    -Kim Soo Hyun (MLFTS interview)

     Kim Soo Hyun is Korea's Leonardo DiCaprio he has both the boyish nature and yet a manly side,
    when he laughs, there is sadness

    - Jun Ji Hyun (2014 Harper's Bazaar Interview)


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    Guest uctqepe

    beatheart_e0.gifThe HEALER Couple beatheart_e0.gif
    NamesJi Chang Wook (Seo Jeong Hoo) & Park Min Young (Chae Young Shin)
    Ages28y.o. & 28y.o.
    OccupationsNight errand/courier boy & Reporter
    How did they meetAs the best night errand boy in the business, with code-name Healer, he was hired to find a girl and then to protect her. While doing his mission, he was surprised looking at his own picture pinned to the girl's bedroom wall. Healer was her one-sided crush because she was amazed by his reputation, without even knowing his face! He was then on disguise as Park Bong Soo, to be close to her in order to find more information as well as to reveal secrets behind their painful past. The more he knew about her, the more he was intrigued and the closer they became. Despite her unfortunate and traumatic childhood, she still fights with determination, trusting heart and smile on her face. To protect her was no longer a job for him, because he gave his heart. As their pasts were intertwined from their parents' generation, their childhood bond was undeniable. Their meeting was a fate! They're destined to be friends, lovers, and partners.
    Fandom nameThe Healer Couple / ChangMin
    Describe your couple in three wordsFate, Love, Trust


    "I believe in Fate and Destiny, otherwise why those words exist" (Chae Young Shin)

    "To be honest, i was going to do it (my job) until i could buy an unhibited island in the South Pacific. Then one day, I met a girl. Man, she made me lose my mind! So.. I changed my dream. I decided to try living like other people, with my woman, having kids, and stuffs.." (Seo Jeong Joo)

    “When I hold his hand, the feeling of 'it’s okay now' gradually spreads to my whole body from my hand. A marvellous , unique, one and only hand that can say 'it’s okay now'" (Chae Young Shin)

    “Things that I like: High places, first snow, small hands, white bedding and that hair. The things I hate: anything and everything that keeps me away from those.” (Seo Jeong Hoo)

    “Things that I like: the sound of the camera shutters he makes, his big hands, smiling eyes, and big embrace. The things that I don’t like: anything and everything that keeps me away from those.” (Chae Young Shin)


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    Guest zhayeph





    ( 허영지)


    Both 20 y/o (International Age)



    JS – Idol (GOT7 member). He was a former national fencer (sabre) of the Hong Kong fencing team.

    YJ – Idol (newest KARA member), known for winning the TV show Kara Project in 2014.


    imageHow did they meet:

    This lovable and almost-always bickering couple, who could turn a simple trip to the grocery into an adventure rivaling that of Percy Jackson, was born from the popular share house. Theirs was a story of two people oozing with unbelievable chemistry that most people around them can’t help but say that they will end up getting married (with each other) every time they bicker.

    Jackson debuted with GOT7 in January 2014. When Roommate first started in 2014, he auditioned for the cast of Season 1. But destiny has other plans as he failed the audition. Meanwhile, Youngji initially promised her parents to give up on being a singer if she failed to get into KARA as she has been a trainee for a long time. She was eventually announced the winner of KARA project and made her debut in August 2014. Both are rookie idols tossed into the limelight with their regular variety show and raring to prove their worth.

    As fate would have it, both were cast in Roommate’s Season 2. Destiny decided it's time for them to meet on the 13th of September when they started filming. And finally on the 21st of the same month, a refreshing relationship that no one expected was born on our screens. Although both are awkward at first, our guy immediately made an impression by doing his now patented 360° front flip. Whether by some forces of nature or just sheer out of the moment impulse, he did it twice –  only for her. Our girl, on the other hand, impressed with her no-nonsense attitude and her trademark muted uvula laugh. Both connected well with their common passion for basketball, exercise and the number 7.  

    Their bright personalities won their new roommates over and endeared themselves as the cute maknaes that everyone has the pleasure of watching over. Neither we nor they were able to realize that we just witnessed a beautiful story unfold right before our eyes – the story of the cute maknaes whose bickering will be (from that moment onward) a way of life!

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    ~SoLim Couple~  

    (LTE Couple/Rule-breaker Couple )


    Names: Song Jae Rim - Kim So Eun

    Ages: 30 - 26 (international age)

    Occupations: Actor/model - Actress/model

    How did they meet: 

    "It could have been in another INSTANCE, in another DATE; But FATE has other plan for them instead. On September 11, 2014, this rule-breaker couple finally MET, A monolid NAMJA and a beautiful YEOJA so petite, found their way into each other's arms through an exciting blind date. And a beautiful pair has been born in the 4th Season of We Got Married."

    Fandom name : 


    Describe your couple in three words: 

    cheesy, rule-breaker, touchy-feely



    ''There is nothing I don't know about you'' Kim so Eun''Together with you, 24 hours isn't enough'' Song Jae Rim
    ''I like when you laugh. I feel like someone useful in this world.'' Song Jae Rim 
    ''Don't get hurt without my permission'' Song Jae Rim 
    ''He's the type of man I've always longed for/dreamed of in my head. He always impresses me with every little thing. '' Kim So Eun

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    2Young/YY Couple
    NamesJang Wooyoung (2PM) & Park Seyoung
    Ages25 & 26  (International Age)
    OccupationsWooyoung - Idol, Singer, Dancer, Composer, Producer, Actor, Model
    Seyoung - Actress, Singer, Model
    How did they meetNot all love stories start at first sight. For some, it could take several sightings over the span of 2-plus years for their love story to come to fruition.
    Park Seyoung (Faith, School 2013, Fashion King) and Jang Wooyoung (2PM, Dream High) first breathed the same air on the set of a Coca Cola CF in 2012. Due to misaligned stars, Seyoung ended up being paired up with Wooyoung's fellow 2PM members, while he was off elsewhere on the set. After that CF, Seyoung went off to star in several dramas, making a name for herself in the KDrama industry, while Wooyoung released several more albums with 2PM, and debuted as a solo artist.
    Throughout 2013, it seems as if the stars would eventually align themselves. Yet, the several occasions in which the two, once again, shared the same recycled air, this time on the set of 'Music Bank', resulted in mere passing glances and quick hellos & thank yous.
    Their celestial puzzle, finally, pieced itself together on December 31, 2013, when they both received envelopes informing them of their impending marriage to a mysterious partner. Then, on a cold January 2, 2014, with nervous hearts and over-sized teddy bears in tow, the two set off to the cafe that would serve as the setting for two of the most important days of their lives.
    In that cafe, the beastly idol, with his arsenal of aegyo, waited anxiously for the angelic beauty, whose bluntness could put baseball bats to shame. As she stepped through the blue doors of the chocolate cafe, he braced himself, eyes closed and knees shaking, as he listened to each step that would bring her into his life.
    As she entered the room, giving him a shy hello, he kept his eyes closed and face down, silently bracing himself for the introduction that would change his life. Gathering courage, he looked up into the eyes of a matching teddy bear. Letting out a nervous laugh, he helped settle her teddy bear next to his. Smiling, he greeted her shyly. As they introduced themselves, two nervous hands clasped in a handshake, they embarked upon their unconventional, whirlwind romance, setting fires aflame in the hearts of shippers worldwide.

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    MinYoung / GoongJin Couple



    Namgoong Min Hong Jinyoung
    남궁민 / 南宮玟 || 홍진 / 洪真


    38 years old || 31 years old


    Actor || Singer

    How did they meet

    They meet on We Got Married season 4, after Shin Dongyup had recommended Hong Jinyoung and the producers found out that Hong Jinyoung wants to really get married trough the WGM program, then the WGM’s staff showed Hong Jinyoung’s photo and asked Namgoong Min’s thought, and he said that Hong Jinyoung is not his ideal type, but he like how she always honest.

    When producers decided to set them up, each of them was given a box with a smart phone inside. The smart phone showed them each other's location on a map so they just had to track each other's movements and meet at some point. Believe it or not, this couple lives in the same neighborhood. Eventually, Namgoong Min ended up in the neighborhood park (Hakdong Park) and then decided to wait for his wife. Tired from walking but excited nonetheless, Hong Jinyoung tried to sneak up behind her husband and surprise him.

    On their first meeting,they both got a surprise. However, because neither one expected their partner. He was doubtful about her being his wife because she was the one member of the WGM’s panel. She was hesitant because she couldn't remember his name even if she recognized his face and said he was really average. They both expecting younger idol.  

       Another misunderstanding arose when Hong Jinyoung tried some aegyo on her new husband, causing him to wonder, “Is she acting cute?” In return, Namgoong Min’s gentle speech and manner caused another misunderstanding, with Hong Jinyoung wondering, “Is he pretending to be attentive?”.

    Despite their awkward first meeting and opposite personalities, the two are enjoying an incredibly long marriage filled with fun, laughter, honest and sweet moments. It’s just goes to show that love comes in the most unexpected ways.

    Fandom Name


     MinYoung Couple Fans

    3 Words to describe couple 
     Honest Fun Soulmate
    Always tell honestly feeling and effort, even embarrassment statement and dislike things.

    Always have fun on their own way and make people laugh.

    Although they have opposite personalities, they match each other like a soulmate.

    “As my husband, Namgoong Min, and as a human being, Namgoong Min, I really fell in love with him. Seriously! My husband is the best.” – Hong Jinyoung’s WGM interview episode 233 after Namgoong Min helps her to cross the rope bridge on barrack experience.

    “To me, Hong Jinyoung is deer antler juice. It tasted really bitter when I first tried it, and I was shocked because of that. But it has become my blood, my flesh, and everything that's good for my body.” – Namgoong Min describes Hong Jinyoung on episode 231.

    “Jinyoung, a long time has passed since we started WGM. Without you, I don’t think I would be able to laugh this brightly and everything would be hard. I am always thankful, thank you for becoming my wife.” – Namgoong Min’s letter for Hong Jinyoung’s 30th birthday.

    “We really sync 100%. I felt that we're really made for each other.” – Hong Jinyoung on episode 223.

    “We will love each other forever.” – Namgoong Min on episode 252 after gondola kisses.


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