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[Drama 2015] Make a Woman Cry 여자를 울려


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Drama: Make a Woman Cry/ Let the Girl Cry
여자를 울려
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 40
Network: MBC
Director: Kim Geun Hong
Writer: Ha Chung Ok
Release Date: 18 April 2015- 30 August 2015
Runtime: Saturdays/ Sundays 20:40
                                            (previously occupied by "Rosy Lovers")

OST: 여자를 울려 OST Part 1/ Dia (디아) feat. MarT (마티)- Game Set   LINK  

            여자를 울려 OST Part 2/  Hwa Yo Bi- You Are Like Me Too   LINK


Deok-In (Kim Jung-Eun) is a former detective. She quit her job as a detective and opened a small restaurant in front of a school. The school is where her only son attended before he died. While running her restaurant, she tries to keep the memories of her son alive and she also tries to protect the neighborhood children from danger. Deok-In also tries to forgive those responsible for her son's death. Asianwiki



Kim Jung-Eun as Deok-In
Song Chang-Eui as Jin-Woo
Ha Hee Ra as Eun-Soo (Jin-Woo’s sister-in-law)
Lee Tae- Ran as Choi Hong Ran
In Gyo Jin as Hwang Kyung Chul
Oh Dae Gyu as Kang Jin Myung
Lee Da In (1992) as Park Hyo Jung
Park Sang Hyun (Thunder of boy band MBLAQ) as Kang Hyun Seo
Lee Soon Jae as Kang Tae Hwan
Han Jong Young as Kang Yoon Seo
Shin Ji Woon as Kang Min Seo
Seo Woo Rim as Min Jung Sook
Han Yi Seo (한이서) as Kang Jin Hee
Han Bo Bae as Hwang Kyung Ah
Ji il Joo as Hwang Kyung Tae
Jin Sun Kyu as Hwang Kyung Soo
Kim Ji Young as Bok Rye

Watching: Viki

Official Site
MBC You Tube





Trailers/ Teasers





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class="post-title post-title-single" itemprop="headline"Kim Jung Eun Makes Drama ComebackKaede Jun | 2 February, 2015 at 21:40

Kim Jung Eun is set to make her drama comeback in 2015 with the MBC drama Make a Woman Cry. Her last drama was Oohlala Couple in 2012, and she does seem to have been keeping a low profile since then. It would be quite awesome to see Kim Jung Eun as a detective this time around.
Make A Woman Cry is about Deok In, a former homicide detective who retired after her son died. She makes a new living by opening up a small restaurant right across her son’s school to help keep the memory of her son alive. Meanwhile she also tries to protect other children from harm and forgive her son’s killers. Read more Kaedejun

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Kim Jung-eun headlines new drama as ajumma vigilante

by girlfriday | February 3, 2015 | 20 Comments


I guess in hindsight, Kim Jung-eun (Oohlala Spouses) was smart to turn down the SBS weekend drama My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, legal disputes and all, because that show is regularly pulling in 2% ratings (pretty abysmal, when successful weekenders sometimes break 30-40%). It also frees her up to headline a new MBC drama called Make a Woman Cry, as a cop-turned-ajumma-hero. It sounds like a fun role for her that runs the gamut from dramatic to comedic, all in one unusual character. [...]

The drama will be about her transformation into an ajumma hero of the people, as well as her investigation into the circumstances surrounding her son’s death, and her gradual acceptance of her loss. It sounds offbeat but full of strong emotional undercurrents, and I can already picture Kim Jung-eun being all of the disparate elements — tough cop, wacky ajumma, grieving mother — so hopefully the drama will bring those qualities together in a compelling way. Read more Dramabeans

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class="at_ttl"Kim Jung Eun Returns To Dramaland With 'Let The Girl Cry'

BY Julie Jones | Feb 03, 2015 02:49 PM EST

Kim Jung Eun

Kim Jung Eun is back. Almost three years have elapsed since her last Dramaland appearance, when she played the wife in "Ohlala Couple." The actress recently agreed to play a leading role in a quirky weekend drama titled "Let The Girl Cry." According to her agency, Will Entertainment, Kim Jung Eun will play Duk In, an ex-detective in the MBC drama. Kim took a three-year break from the small screen but it has been seven years since she appeared in an MBC production. Her last role for MBC was in "General Hospital 2. Read more: Kdramastars

I think I like this title better. "Let the girl/ woman cry".   I love healing movies/ dramas.
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Song Chang-ee to star in "Let the Girl Cry" with Kim Jeong-eun


 Actor Song Chang-ee is starring in the new MBC weekend drama "Let the Girl Cry". This is his first MBC drama in 3 years and 8 months.

Song Chang-ee takes on the role of high school teacher Jin-woo. His son blames him for his mother's suicide after she was forcefully married but the son himself kills a bully victim.



The actress Lee Hee Ra will play the role of Eun-Soo (Jin-Woo’s sister-in-law ). 

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Other cast

Actress Lee Tae-Ran will play in a MBC drama after 10 years (Marry Me 2004).

Oh Dae-Gyu and  In Gyo-Jin have joined the cast. In Gyo Jin plays the husband of the heroine, Deok In( Kim Jung Eun) and Oh Dae Gyu the husband of Lee Tae Ran`s character. . 

오대규(왼쪽), 인교진.
photo credit: tenasia

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박상현, 이다인

photo credit: tenasia

Singer Cheondung is now actor Park Sang-hyun and starting afresh.

Park Sang-hyun is starring in the new MBC drama "Let the Girl Cry" also known as Make a woman cry.

He stars in "Let the Girl Cry" Jin-woo's (Song Chang-ee) nephew Hyeon-seo a boy who lost his father at a young age. Hyeon-seo is sensitive to masculinity as he is weak and feeble.

Park Sang-hyun says, "I am happy to star in "Let the Girl Cry" as the start to joining Mistique Entertainment. I am also honored to work with producer Kim Geun-hong and writer Ha Cheong-wook as well as the actors and actresses I have always respected". Hancinema


Lee Da- In will play the role of Hyo Jung.

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@larus, thank you for starting this thread...
I am looking forward to seeing In Gyo-Jin in a new drama. I loved him in Tears of Heaven.

Rookie Han Jong-young to star in MBC "Let the Girl Cry"


Han Jong-young, a rookie actor is starring in the new MBC weekend drama "Let the Girl Cry".

Rthe drama is about a woman who struggles to survive after losing her son and is surrounded by a wealthy family.

Han Jong-young takes on the role of Yoon-seo, Jin-woo's (Song Chang-ee) teenage son. He is expected to play an important role in the flow of the drama.

Yoon-seo is a completely different character from what he's used to in "Sensible Love" where he played a pretty boy.

Han Jong-young said, "I am happy to star in such a great drama. I am excited to appear newly in front of everyone and I hope you look forward to it".

Meanwhile, "Let the Girl Cry" will be broadcasted in April.

Source: hancinema
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A rookie actor, Shinji (I don`t know his name) was cast as the son of Oh Dae Guy and Lee Tae-ran`s characters. He participated in the audition conducted in mid-February, the competition of 500: 1 was chosen for the role of Min seo. Sorry, this is I get from Google translate.



And an actress. Haniseo (again, I am not sure)


credit tenasia

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class="entry-title"“Make a Woman Cry” first broadcast scheduled on April 18

Seems that the cast of the new MBC weekend drama “Make a Woman Cry” just finished the final script reading last March 18 (Wednesday), according to one of the actors who posted the above photo on his Instagram, Na Hyo-in (who will be playing as “Kim Minwoo”). It seems that they first received the script for the 1st episode last March 11 (in another photo also shared by Na Hyo-in.)

The above photo shows the cast of characters for the drama, which includes Kang Hyunseo to be played by Park Sanghyun (Cheondung). Some characters have previously been mentioned in a character chart shared by a blog, and some new things to note are: Chief Kang’s name is Kang Taehwan, his wife Min Jeongsuk will be played by actress Seo Woo-rim, the 2nd son’s name is actually Jinmyung not Jinyoung, the only daughter in the Kang family Jinhee will be played by actress Han Yiseo, main character Deok-in’s mother-in-law Bok-rye will be played by actress Kim Jiyoung, Deok-in’s brother-in-law Kyungsoo will be played by actor Jin Seon-gyu, Hyunseo’s nurse and love interest Hyojung’s boyfriend Kyungtae who is also Deok-in’s brother-in-law will be played by actor Ji Iljoo, Deok-in’s sister-in-law Kyung-ah will be played by actress Han Bobae, Hyunseo’s younger cousin Minseo will be played by actor Shin Jiwoon, and Hyunseo’s youngest cousin Yoonseo will be played by actor Han Jongyoung. Read more

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Guest anuyoes

class="content-title"Kim Jung Eun Trains Intensively for Her Actions Scenes in Upcoming Drama

ddangha March 29, 2015


Actress Kim Jung Eun is busy training for the action scenes for her upcoming drama “Make the Woman Cry.”

In the images released on March 30, the actress can be seen training intensively in a gym.

Read more at SOOMPI

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