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[Official] Lee Hongki and Fujii Mina (Global We Got Married Couple) Thread Part 2


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Thank you for posting. Like you I have followed them since their days on GWGM and I too believe that they keep in touch. Like in the old days of this thread one has to look for little signs but they are there.  When ever Mina mentions him to this day she always refers to him as her husband. Now that Hong ki is in the army and Mina is doing work in Korea, we will have to watch closely for signs that they are still in touch. I believe that Mina still supports and cares for him and Hong ki being Hong ki I also believe he still cares for her. Who knows being in the army and away from the public maybe they can connect again. Well a girl can hope

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 I wanted to know more about the instgra

On 10/7/2019 at 6:36 AM, tofuuchan said:

Hello.. I've been reading this forum since ages but I've never posted anything in here.

I've followed Fuji Mina and Lee Hong Ki's update since the last time I watched their GWGM ;) 

After all those years, I believe they are still in touch..

Recently Mina-san posted her picture with Lee Hong Ki on instagram. Too bad I don't understand Korean/Japanese.. T_T

I really miss them both.


  I wanted to know what Mina said and what the picture was about here is the google translation as I also don't speak Korean or Japanese.   From the post and what I know  the picture is from Hong ki's  last performance of the musical he was in just before he left for the Army.  Many friends went to support him and to say good bye before he left.  The musical is called  "I love you"  Mina must have gone as a support. Just more proof that they are still close.

google translation:



I loved you. '' All the songs that remain in my heart 

It was a wonderful musical. Until the last performance 
Hong-chan Fighting ☺️
“I loved you.” Sad yet so beautiful full of good songs
It was a down musical. Hong-Chan fighting until the last performance that wasn't long ~~
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