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[Drama 2015] Super Daddy Yeol 슈퍼대디 열


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Super Daddy Yeol 05
Super Daddy Yeol
슈퍼대디 열
Genre: drama
Song Hyun-Wook
Kim Gyeong Se

Release date:   2015-March-13 - 2015-May-02
Runtime: Fridays and Saturdays, 20:30

 (time slot previously occupied by "Heart to Heart”)


Doctor Cha Mi-Rae (Lee Yu-Ri) with one daughter. One day, she is diagnosed with a rare cancer and informed she has about one year to live. She then seeks out her first love Kim Yeol (Lee Dong-Gun). For her daughter, she struggles to turn Yeol into the best father possible. Asianwiki


Lee Dong-gun

Lee Yu-ri

Seo Ye-ji

Seo Joon-young

Lee Re

Choi Min

810b058196.jpgOh Ju-eun


Lee Dong-Gun - as Kim Yeol

Lee Yu-Ri - as Cha Mi-Rae

Seo Ye-Ji - as Hwang Ji-Hye

Seo Joon-young as Doctor Shin

Lee Re  - as Sa-Rang (Mi-Rae's daughter)

Park Joo-Hyung as Uhm Ki-Tae

Choi Min  as Ryoo Hyun Woo

Oh Ju-Eun as Chae Yoo Ra

Han Young as

 Kang Nam Kil as Han Man Ho

 Lee Han Wie as Choi Nak Kwon

 Kim Mi Kyung as Director Hwang

 Jang Kwang as Coach Bang

Choi Dae Chul as Shik Sang Hae

 Jung Ji Ah as Jang Si Eun

 Choi Kwon Soo as Lee Min Woo

Lee Young Eun as Uhm Bo Mi

 Kim Hye Na as Min Mang Hae

Lee Young Eun as Uhm Bo-Mi



Teasers/ Trailers


Teaser 1


Teaser 2



Preview 1st episode










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Lee Dong-gun turns into Superdaddy for tvN by javabeans | January 22, 2015 | 77 Comments


Hm, so although Lee Dong-gun ended up turning down the current tvN romance Heart to Heart, he’ll now be headlining the drama to follow that: Superdaddy Yeol, based on (what else?) a webtoon of the same name. Also cast is Lee Yuri, who recently took home a Daesang for her villainness role in MBC’s hit weekend drama Jang Bori Is Here.

The story sounds heartwarming and cute, where Yeol is the hero who is tracked down by his first love, now a single mother diagnosed with one year left to live. She who wants to make sure to leave her young daughter in the best possible hands and embarks on a mission to turn Yeol into, well, Superdad. Full article:Dramabeans

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class="single__title entry-title"Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yuri confirmed for new tvN drama “Super Daddy Yeol

Actor Lee Dong Gun is making a comeback to the drama scene alongside actress Lee Yuri for the upcoming tvN drama series, Super Daddy Yeol.

Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yu Ri

Han Yeol’s character is a guy who has become an introvert and an outsider after dealing with the heartbreaking pain of being rejected by his first love. However, the drama will draw out a storyline of how Han Yeol ends up running into his first love Cha Mi Rae, a single mom raising a child on her own, and all the episodes that happen thereafter.

Cha Mi Rae’s character will be played by actress Lee Yuri, who has confirmed her role for the new drama. Many netizens are looking forward to this new drama as it is speculated to be a romantic-comedy series as well as an abundance of great acting with both Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yuri teaming up for the cast. Credit:koreaboo

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I start new threads for the dramas I will watch, but I don`t know if I will watch this. Everything looks good so far but I don`t think I can choose another drama with a character that will die from cancer. It is so depressing!  I did not watch any dramas of Lee Yu-ri but I know that she won the  Daesang award last year and everybody complemented her for her acting. The scenes with the child actor and our hero are so tempting to watch so I will keep an eye for this drama.

Happy Birthday to Lee Yu-ri!  On 26th January, in Shanghai (China), she won "The best actress East Asian Influence award" (starnews). Congratulations!

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@larus,  Once again thanks for the thread opening..
Well Lee Yu Ri is in high demand since yellow boots I have admit the girl acting skills are superb as we all hated but loved her in Jang Bori..
And Lee Dong Gun lord where has he been and military service can't be the excuse I don;t know what was his last drama but glad he turn down heart to heart which I read the thread and decided to let more then 7 episode air before I give it my full attention.. So lets just hope the two veterans together give us and awesome performance and the writer give us a good story..         

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class="entry-title"Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri pair up for tvN’s ‘Superdaddy Yeol’


As is the case with most of newly launched dramas these days, this drama, titled Superdaddy Yeol, is also adapted from 2011 webtoon of the same name. Misaeng‘s success has surely contributed to this hot trend. Superdaddy Yeol costars Lee Yoo Ri who garnered lots of popularity for her role in superhit Jang Bo Ri Is Here and she also bagged MBC Daesang for it, which is the top excellence award of the night. The plot centers around a single mom who is the chief of neurosurgery. She has a daughter. One day, she meets with the sudden information that she has terminal disease and has only one year left to live. In order to make sure that her daughter is not alone when she is gone, she sets out to find her first love and turn him into best dad, hence the title of superdad with Lee Dong Gun playing the titular Yeol. Full article|: The Drama Corner


WOW,  the heroine is a doctor, the chief of neurosurgery? So we have a woman with a passion for her job and a very good at what she does (to become the chief of neurosurgery so young is almost impossible :) ), a good single mother but so unlucky. I HATE that she will die so young. The life is so unfair sometimes. I guess that the daughter wants her mother to spend more time with her and she needs a father figure. It has ingredients for a good emotional drama. But again, WHY she has to die, show? =((

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News bites: January 31, 2015 by awcoconuts | January 31, 2015 | 91 Comments
Seo Ye-ji
(Records of a Night Watchman) will play a doctor with a crush on Lee Dong-gun‘s hapless but well-meaning character in tvN’s upcoming Superdaddy Yeol. In the drama, Lee (Mi-rae’s Choice) enters into a contract marriage with his former flame, Lee Yuri (Jang Bori Is Here), who is terminally ill. She’ll do anything to ensure her 9-year-old daughter will be cared for, and it must be Lee Dong-gun’s earnest attempts to become the world’s greatest stepdad that have Seo falling for him in the show. Superdaddy Yeol will air on Fridays and Saturdays, beginning in March. [TV Report]

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Seo Joon-young joins tvN rom-com Superdaddy Yeol by girlfriday | February 2, 2015 | 1 Comment


Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Will you ever get the girl, Seo Joon-young? The main cast has been assembled for tvN’s newest drama Superdaddy Yeol, the heartwarming romantic comedy about a single mother who has one year left to live and spends it turning her ex-boyfriend into A-plus daddy material for her nine-year-old daughter. Lee Yuri (Jang Bori Is Here) stars as the mom, and Lee Dong-gun (Mi-rae’s Choice) plays the hapless ex, the titular Superdaddy-to-be.

Supporting player Choi Min (There Is a Cat) will be a major league pitcher who incites the hero’s jealousy at the career he should’ve had, and child actress Lee Re (Wish, Oh Ja-ryong Is Coming) plays the precocious nine-year-old who resents Lee Dong-gun for trying to replace her dad. She thinks Dad is just abroad and coming back for her someday, but that’s just what Mom told her when he died. I’m sure she’ll make the hero’s life a living hell, but that’ll just make their inevitable bonding that much sweeter.


Full article Dramabeans

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stuartjmz said:
I'd actually really like for this unlikely scenario to come true, because it would be somewhat novel and inventive. Sadly, there's been no indication of this possibility - is there even a second female lead? I still think this Drama could be funny in places and genuinely moving, it's just the labelling of it as a romcom that seems odd, since ithe entire premise is built around the consequences of the female lead receiving a death sentence. 

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