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[Variety] KBS Invisible Man (투명 인간) (Ep 2 ENG subbed on KBSWorld)

Guest Soopke

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Hello, everyone!
New here!
I only learned about this variety show when I heard that my baby Jin Se Yeon would be a guest on its 4th episode.
I haven't watch the rest yet, and since our KBS channel had been eliminated form our cable TV because of some cable problems, I'm not really sure when I'd be able to watch the whole thing.
But I'm just happy that Se Yeon was here, so, yeah, I'm thinking of sticking around for the other episodes as well.
Seeing that this is relatively a young variety show, I can only hope that it would be a hit, and that they'd come up with more interesting concepts in the future.
And yes, nice meeting you, guys!
@thanhthuy, nice to see you here! Hehe...

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Guest prominent

I liked the story telling in the 4th episode, I think that is better than some of the stuff in previous episodes. I didn't care much for the surprise scenes though- they were alright, but doesn't seem like much of a surprise when you have people yelling and everyone in the office becoming aware of what's going on.

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[by Sora Ghim] The nation’s robot, Jang Su Won showcased his improved acting on KBS 2TV variety show ‘Invisible Man.’


For the upcoming episode of the program, Jang Su Won flawlessly imitates Bruce Lee as a robot, foreshadowing the laughter to follow.

In particular, while wearing the signature yellow training suit and holding nunchucks, he says his famous line, “Are you okay? Were you very surprised?” To add on top, Jang Su Won confesses his recent problem is his improving acting, bringing more laughter on set.

Moreover, Jang Su Won gave tips on how to do good ‘robot’ acting.

Meanwhile, ‘Invisible Man’ with Jang Su Won will air on February 25. (photo by KBS ‘Invisible Man’)

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Guest jamieguo28

HoDong seemed to feel really down about the ratings in ep5. He really hasn't had a big hit since he came back from his scandal.
I don't know about this show. I've watched most episodes. They keep changing things to bring up the ratings, but not sure it's really helping. I liked the original format with the missions added in, but I liked this too, the bathroom that's a club, worker's stories. I don't really like the format of competing with each other though.
And wondering how it benefits companies to be on here, if its the company itself that gives out prizes. Do the workers get an appearance fee for being on the show or something?

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Guest prominent

Good questions Jamie. I was wondering about some of those things too.I'm not sure if it's good or bad with changing things up so much, because they might be able to find something that works well due to experimenting. I liked the first episode without the missions because the members put more of themselves into it instead of being fed something. I don't think there is enough suspense in the segments- it's like they're trying to get a big reaction immediately, but I think things need to be stretched out more with more leeway to allow shenanigans to unfold. To do that I think they need some sort of theme/goal that carries through all the segments.. I guess the main point is that workers can get time off from work- but it feels like the workers don't really do anything to earn that; they just tell a story and it's up to one person to decide yes or no, which is kinda weird..I'm trying to think of how they could improve it, but it seems like a difficult scenario to think of stuff that wouldn't disrupt the company's work. I can think of a lot of funny things they could do, but it would disrupt the company's work; for example: having the members become managers in the company to manage tasks for the day, and employees that do well for them can be given time off, etc.. 

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Kang Ho Dong – Haha – Jun Jin Shed Tears!

[by Sora Ghim] Kang Ho Dong, Haha, and Jun Jin are seen crying, raising curiosity as to what happened.
For the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV variety show ‘Invisible Man,’ Shinhwa appears as a guest to join the 6 MCs as they liven up the dull day of workers. The reunion of Kang Ho Dong, Haha, and the Shinhwa members bring anticipation while the reason behind the three men’s tears at the opening of the show raises questions.

The three men plan to show their great friendship starting from the opening. With Shinhwa’s entrance, the three hugged each other and had a mutual understanding of each other. Afterwards, Haha started to reminisce the old times and started crying as he stated Shinhwa was the only idol to take care of him.

Unable to hold back their tears, Kang Ho Dong and Jun Jin also started to tear up, however quickly broke into laughter, also causing the staff to laugh with them.

Meanwhile, to see Kang Ho Dong, Haha, and Jun Jin’s teary parade, ‘Invisible Man’ airs on March 4. (photo by KBS ‘Invisible Man’)

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