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[ OFFICIAL THREAD ] Lovelyz 러블리즈 ~ Welcome Lovelinus!

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If you can promote as units, what kind of different side that you want to show and which members do you think the synergy will show if you're grouped together?

Lee Mijoo "I want to show a different funky and strong [side] that's different than the complete Lovelyz. Lovelyz really suit white but we also suit black so much, so I want to show a concept that is a complete opposite [of Lovelyz]."
Seo Jisoo "The members have so many talents, so we would've been really cool even if we were grouped randomly, but personally, I want to try and make a hip-hop team with Soul and Yein. I think it'll be nice to showcase the 'The' team, consisting of Yein, Mijoo, Sujeong, and the 'My Lover' team, consisting of Jisoo and Jiae again."
TRANS @geulyz

찾아가세요, LOVELYZ Retweeted Official Lovelyz JP

[#Lovelyz] 5th Mini Album [Sanctuary] Thank you for coming despite the very cold weather. We will come again soon to meet Nagoya Lovelinus!! Everyone, please go back home safely.

















Lovelyz Apologizes For Swearing During Live Broadcast


So long story short.
Yein snapped and cursed during a live broadcast after reading endless hate comments.
After initial shock wore off netizens have now taken her side.:innocent:

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