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JYP’S Gsoul 1st Official Forum Thread 1 [2014-2015]

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G.soul First Official Thread

Kim Jihyun (June 16, 1988), commonly known as G.Soul, is an American singer of Korean descent which is under Studio J subsidiary of JYP Entertainment.[1] Before debuting as a solo singer in South Korea, G.Soul had some notable recognition in South Korea and some parts of America for being "R.Kelly's protege".He is considered as JYP's longest trainee having been trained for 15 years before debuting.[2] He has also done several covers of songs by American artists as well.
(Via Wiki)


Coming Home



BirthName: Kim JHyun |Stage Name: G.Soul

 Birth Year: June 16, 1988 Age:26
SNS: Twitter | FaceBook | Youtube | Instagram | SoundCloud Gsoul Official Website

Fans who have been waiting for GSoul to debut... The day has come!






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Lots of JYPE Artist promoted for GSoul <3
How Sweet.
Just to name a few. I am very lazy to take picture and upload here. HUEHUEHUE
-MissA Family (Idk about Fei)-WonderGirls Family. (Idk about Fei)-WooYoung ( IDK about the Rest )-2AM. (IDK about Changmin)-Got7.. Not sure-15&

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G.Soul Unveils Face in Debut Album Cover and Track List
Awaiting his debut, G.Soul revealed the cover image for his debut album Coming Home.

In his debut album cover image, released on January 12, G.Soul had his eyes closed as his face filled with emotions.

G.Soul′s debut album Coming Home is filled with six self-composed tracks, which he partially revealed in a track list. The title song will be You.

In this album, G.Soul participated in composing the melody and writing the lyrics of every song. All the songs will have lyrics that come from G.Soul′s experiences, honestly telling his story and showing his talents of being a singer songwriter. Not wanting to be limited to just one genre of music, G.Soul′s album will include pop, seoul, R&B, deep house, and many genres. 


----------------------------------------------------------G.Soul belts out 'You' in MV teaser for long-awaited debut

G.Soul has released the music video teaser for his long-awaited debut track, "You"!

The longtime JYP Entertainment trainee will finally be making a debut after 15 years. Other songs on his debut album include: "Coming Home", "Superstition", "1st Love", "Excuses" and "G Just Once". The songs, which he participated in writing the lyrics to, span genres including pop soul, R&B, and deep soul.

Check out his MV teaser above, and stay tuned for his album release on January 19!


----------------------------G.Soul 'Coming Home' Concept Photos


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G.Soul "Coming Home" Album Spoiler

  1. Coming Home
  2. Superstar
  3. You 
  4. 1st Love
  5. Excuses
  6. G Just Once

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JYP Launching New Label Called Studio J, G.Soul Revealed as First Artist

On January 18, Park Jin Young announced on his Twitter the launch of JYP Entertainment’s new label called Studio J. He wrote, “In 2015, we will launch Studio J, JYP’s new direction.”

He continued, “We have appointed a distinguished and talented graduate of Berklee College of Music in charge [of the label] and rather than appealing to the mainstream we hope to showcase free and deep artists.”

Park Jin Young revealed G.Soul as the first artist on Studio J’s roster.

G.Soul, who released his debut album “Coming Home” on January 18, is a good example of the free-spirited artists that Studio J will house. G. Soul made headlines after Park Jin Young announced through a heartfelt letter his long-awaited debut (G.Soul was a JYP trainee for 15 years!). If the teasers for his upcoming album are any indication, G.Soul’s music touts an organic soulful vibe that differs from the usual music that JYP churns out.


--------------------G.Soul’s “You” quickly climbs up online real-time charts

JYP Entertainment’s latest solo artist G.Soul has quickly climbed up the charts with his debut track “You” following the release of his mini-album, Coming Home.
As of 7AM KST on January 19th, seven hours after the release of Coming Home, G.Soul’s “You” climbed its way to the TOP10 of various online real-time charts, including Genie, Bugs, Soribada, Olleh Music, Mnet, Daum Music, and Naver Music in 2nd place, 3rd place on monkey3, and 4th place on MelOn.

“You” is a love song that was written and co-composed by G.Soul himself, and features an alternative rock sound and G.Soul’s soulful and impressive vocals. Coming Home includes a variety of genre including R&B, Pop, Soul, and Deep House.


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Dear thread starter, can you update the first post with G.Soul basic information. Can refer to other singer thread in this forum. Thank you.
JYP Actors tweeted about him
Park Joo Hyung

눈이 번쩍뜨이네...You 뭔가가 잔뜩 녹아들어 가득 들어찬것 같아유 이 새벽에 기운나게 하네...You 좋다 G-SOUL

— 박주형 (@_jhp) 

January 18, 2015

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Inspirations to G.Soul Debut Album 'Coming Home' ! http://music.naver.com/promotion/specialContent.nhn?articleId=5499
G.Soul "You" M/V Making http://goo.gl/I8hnWt

G.Soul 'Coming Home' Jacket Making http://goo.gl/zegeK7imageUrl20150116041203.jpg


Photos of and Taken by G.Soul - A World from G.Soul's Point of View

Don't remember what I was recording but..
몇년전 뉴욕 JYP studio에서..

Christmas at my sister Hadiya's house. Jamaica. Queens. NY.

More photos

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G.Soul Holds No Grudge against JYP for 15 Years of Training

After 15 years in the making, artist G.Soul has finally made his debut in Korean music scene.

In an interview with Star News, the rookie, who was under the wing of JYP Entertainment for 15 years, expressed his true feelings about the training period.

G.Soul began his training since he was 12, when he caught the eye of Park Jin Young on SBS‘ “Talent Development Project 99%” in 2001. He had a voice suitable for R&B music that many Korean singers want to have.


When asked whether or not he had a grudge against the agency after 15 years, he answered, “I never resented JYP during the 15 years it took for me to get here. I’m the type of person who doesn’t really think about age. After all, I’m still in my 20′s. Of course, it would’ve been nice if I had debuted earlier, but I’m here now and I have my own style of singing.”

He was also asked if he ever felt lonely choosing to stay behind in America after JYP decided to go back to Korea. He confessed, “I didn’t make a grand announcement, adamant to be left behind, but I think it was a really good decision. I’m sure I wasn’t ready to debut back then. I feel like I can start to develop as a true artist at this point, and I’m glad to be joining the music scene,” he said.

When questioned about the compulsory military service, he answered, “I think I can stay active with my music for about two to three years. [After that] of course I should go to the military. Of course, I think it’s necessary to go.”


Meanwhile, G.Soul debuted with an album titled “Coming Home” and recently released a music video for song “You.”


-------------------------------------------G.Soul talks about meeting Sohee, Sun's baby, and more


JYP Entertainment's G.Soul talked about his fellow label mates in a recent interview with TV Daily, particularly about how much they congratulated him on finally making his debut after 15 years.

He said, "Everyone gets excited and happy, saying, 'That's good.' Once in a while, they say to me, 'Just ask to get an album out and do it quickly,' to which I respond, 'This is not the time and not all the situations are correct,' but as it's finally coming up, those friends are not more excited but just as excited as I am. I'm very grateful."

When asked about Sohee, he replied, "I don't know at all how it is at her new agency, but the one thing I can say with real confidence is that the atmosphere in JYP Entertainment in which we support one another and are like a family is real. Even in Sohee's case, I remember I met her for the first time when she was in fifth grade, but even now, we contact each other once in a while. She's a close dongsaeng."

He then talked about Sun, saying, "Sun also supports me all the time. When I was shooting the cover for this album, she came with her baby. Her husband came, as well, but as I saw Sun when she was this small--of course, I was that small, too--it was really fascinating. Even more so because she had a child. I hadn't seen Sun for a very long time. Even when she was active in America, Wonder Girls was very popular, so she was busy. She looked happy. So it was nice."

Regarding J.Y. Park, G.Soul said, "Among the things J.Y. Park told me, I especially remember, 'Do as much as you've already done. Because you've done well up to this point.' It might not seem like much, but it was huge for me. I came to realize for the first time, 'I think I need to do 100 times better than what I'm doing now, but he still thinks I've done well up to this point.'"

Congratulations to G.Soul for releasing his first album 'Coming Home' on January 19 after a 15-year long training period! 


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G.Soul Talks About JYP, Training for 15 Years, and Debut Album in Interview

Earlier today, eNews conducted an interview with JYP's newest artist, G.Soul. Below is the translation of that interview.

"15 years of waiting? Ultimately, it was my choice."

New singer G.Soul has just joined the music world with his mini album "Coming Home." He has been a JYP Entertainment trainee for 15 years. This is truly a debut after a long bumpy ride. There were reactions that the pressure of 15 years was too harsh, "even if it was at JYP."

G.Soul stated, "The waiting, and the long period of being a trainee was ultimately my own will. It was only now that I thought it was time." Then what was the reason for him having to prepare for this long?

What was G.Soul like in person? Intense. He had a small build, but you could see the passion and energy for music in his eyes and speech. The word "artist" gets thrown around a lot these days, but his songs, thought process, and musical talent came closest to the original meaning of the word. Park Jin Young himself said he "doubted his ears" after listening to G.Soul's music, and that was not an overstatement.

G.Soul stated, "Park Jin Young is not someone who gives out compliments easily. Until now, he has never given me a compliment. To hear praise from someone like that was especially surprising. I simply told the story that I wanted to tell in a genuine way. I wanted to write a song that you can listen to and feel even if you don't know the lyrics. That is all."

In light of G.Soul's debut, there has been much misleading talk about him being a "15 year trainee." His trainee process was different from that of the normal trainee who lives with other trainees only focusing on singing and dancing. G.Soul went to America to learn music, also studying psychology and art. The years in America were not some vague and indefinite waiting, but a chance to understand the frame and theory of music.

G.Soul stated, "I don't completely know the meaning of the word 'trainee.' I've performed in concerts and prepared to become a good artist. Many people think that I wrapped up my life in America and came back to Korea, but that is not true. I am currently working on a album project with staff and colleagues from America. I'm planning on working in both Korea and America."

Q. This debut has been a long time coming. You must be feeling very different.

A. "I feel good. I'm ecstatic and thankful."

Q. It's been a big issue around you being a JYP trainee for 15 years. I'm curious whether it was out of your own will or someone else's.

A. "There are so many reasons for why I could not or have not debuted until now. I just believed that the time would come. I was confident I could start my career. There has been much talk about the long time I took, but I'm thankful that I could take the time needed and prepare."

Q. Tell us about your album "Coming Home"

A. "I wanted to be an artist that wasn't restricted by a single genre. I put in songs with very diverse moods. It's an album that pursues various genres with a foundation of R&B soul."

Q. How was living in America?

A. "I sang as background vocal and at open bars, making a lot of connections. I also sang in a chorus. Meanwhile I would write songs and generally spend my days with music."

Q. Wasn't it lonely?

A. "Well...I think it was well suited with my personality. I enjoy being alone. I'm not hasty or short-tempered so I think I endured well."

Q. You alone stayed when JYP pulled out from the American market. I heard this was your own decision.

A. "It happened naturally. I was offered a leading role in the 2011 drama "Dream High," but I declined. I thought that I wasn't ready. When I look back on it now, I think I made the right decision. The drama was a commercial success and I could have earned a lot of money, but I thought that I had areas that I needed to prepare for as an artist. I have no regrets."

Q. How has studying in America impacted the music of G.Soul?

A. "It was immensely influential. The biggest influential idea was to make music that anyone could understand. I learned, and I believe, that if you are genuine and honest, music can transcend language, race and conditions, and everyone can understand. This album was written in Korean, but I tried my best to capture the feeling even if you don't know what the lyrics are saying."

Q. You have prepared for 15 years. Why now?

A. "Feeling. That is honestly the truth. I just felt like I can grow as a new singer at this point. People keep saying 15 years, 15 years, but the length of time is not important. The preparation as an artist was more important for me."

Q. I hear that Sunmi, Jo Kwon, and Min were trainees with you at the same time. Weren't you jealous of their glamorous success after their debut?

A. "They are my old friends who joined JYP at the same time as I did. I really liked their success and glamorous debut. I often searched online to see how they were doing. They were like family to me, and they were friends who worked very hard. I was very happy for them. Was I jealous? Well...I've never felt jealous, not even for a second. My life is my life. (laughs)."

Q. This is a debut after 15 years. I feel like you have a definite purpose.

A. "I don't have a detailed plan, but I want to do music overseas. I not only want to go to Korea, but also America, Japan, the Arab nations. I want to become an artist who travels the world, freely creates music and performs. If I had such an opportunity, I would be more than thankful."

Q. Don't you want to rank high in music charts or have a glamorous debut stage?

A. "I think people around me are more concerned with rank or sales. I simply want to do music with a joyful heart. Of course, I would be lying if I didn't feel any pressure. But I think that the priority is to let those who have been waiting for me and also for those who will be encountering my sound for the first time to actually listen to my music. I will do my best. Stay tuned."

Source: eNews


--------------------------------G.Soul dishes on his debut and releases BTS footage of “You” MV


Recently, G.Soul sat down with Genie to talk about his new album, his 15-year training experience, and what he hopes to accomplish as an artist. In addition, Genie released behind-the-scenes stills and a “making of” video for the music video of “You.”
Known to have endured one of the longest trainee periods, G.Soul recently debuted under JYP Entertainment’s new label Studio J with “You” off of his Coming Home mini-album, which was released on January 19th.

Genie: Please introduce your new mini-album “Coming Home” and the mindset with which you worked on and prepared this release.

G.Soul: I simply was very frank about my story as I think I cared most about that. We tried to put the emotions felt in real life into music without being limited to a genre, which led to producing a variety of songs with strong feelings.

Genie: Aside from “You,” please recommend your favorite song that you listen to a lot.

G.Soul: “You” is a song where I try to stick to the emotions in a moment. I think my screaming vocals and the strong drumbeats make for an impressive song. All of the songs are special, since they made it on to my debut mini-album, but I think “Once More” is one of the best songs since it is more filled with the emotion of love.

Genie: Who has had the most impact on you as a trainee? Name three people and tell us why.

G.Soul: First, myself. Saying to myself that I’m finding my style and my own monologues while I practice really had an impact on my practicing.
Second, JYP PD, but there are many reasons…I think it can be conveyed without a name but just by those three letters! Hahaha.
Third, Joseph Kelly…and the mentors and managers I met in the United States. They taught me to be more than just a singer who is only singing, but to be an artist and what it means to be a friend.

Genie: What do you want to be remembered as?

G.Soul: I want to be remembered as a free artist. As my name implies, I want to be remembered as an artist whose soul is felt.

Genie: Thank you and we’re rooting for your future plans, G.Soul, please greet the fans who have long awaited your debut.

G.Soul: I really must thank the fans who have cheered for me and waited for my debut. We will work hard to make good music for you to hear. Thank you.

Check out his “making of” video and behind-the-scenes stills below!



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Soompi Shop: Autographed G.Soul “Coming Home” Special Packages!

Special Detail:

  • G.Soul 1st mini album “Coming Home” autographed
  • 1 exclusive picture

Order Details:
  • Available quantity: 300 sets
  • Price: $18.99 USD, excluding shipping and handling
  • Shipping: Packages will be shipped from Seoul promptly upon reception from the agency, likely within two weeks after the end of the sales period

That’s all for now! Go to Soompi Shop and reserve your copy now!

[shoutout] G.Soul Says Hi to Soompiers and Introduces Debut Album "Coming Home"!


----------------------------------------G.Soul Fan's Open Celebration Video

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[signed CD] G.SOUL 1st Mini Album 'COMING HOME - MWAVE
20 random customers will each receive a G.Soul's Polaroid selfie photo

[Exclusive Greeting]

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G.Soul "You (Acoustic Ver.)" M/V

G.Soul 1st Mini Album [Coming Home] M/V Making Film

G.Soul Greeting Video

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- G.Soul "Coming Home" Teaser VideoIs he only got on video teaser. This not look like JYPE studio. Must be when he in U.S.
What, Moon Myung Jin tweet about him. Now that it been mentioned, both of them also have similar music taste and style too. I want to see both of them performed together. Who knows maybe MMJ will invite G.Soul for Immortal Song2 appearance.

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