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Lee Tae Hwan 이태환 - Watch: What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?

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March 30, 2018


‘My Golden Life’ gave Lee Tae-hwan the boost he needed
The 24-year-old actor hopes his latest role is a stepping stone to superstardom


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily



Actor Lee Tae-hwan, 24, is a rising star thanks to his main role in the hit weekend KBS2 drama “My Golden Life,” which aired its last episode on March 11.


The actor debuted in 2013 as part of the acting collective 5urprise with web drama “Another Parting.” The group was formed by Fantagio Entertainment and includes five actors: Lee, Seo Kang-joon, Gong Myung, Yoo Il and Kang Tae-oh. The group members were selected through Fantagio’s “Actor’s League,” a program created to discover aspiring actors, and were trained for two years before making their debut.


Despite Lee’s young age, the actor has been taking on much older roles due to his mature appearance. “My Golden Life” was his first opportunity to play a man in his 20s, and he worked alongside co-star Seo Eun-su, who is the same age as him.


Lee showed off his potential through his on-screen chemistry with Seo. “I want to take on roles in romantic comedies,” said Lee, talking about his future during an interview with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily. The following are edited excerpts from the interview.


Q. How does it feel to be a part of a major hit drama series that had viewership ratings exceeding 45 percent?

A. My goal was 34 to 35 percent. I was so surprised that [the drama’s viewership rating] hit 40 to 45 percent. I’m amazed to be a part of such a [popular] show. I now feel like I have more responsibility on my shoulders for future projects.


What is “My Golden Life” to you?

It is literally my golden life. The show was a stepping stone that allowed me to not only show my competence as an actor but also to make my name known. 


What are your most memorable scenes from “My Golden Life?”

There are two scenes and both of them had actor Cheon Ho-Jin in them. There was a scene from episode four where Cheon was facing actor Shin Hye-sun’s back in front of the subway. When Shin turned around, Cheon drew a heart for her. It wasn’t anything [special], but his ad lib of the heart had so many meanings. I thought [this scene] was a realistic depiction of a father. Another [memorable] scene was when Cheon found out he had cancer. Despite the isolation he felt from his family, he held his two daughters in his arms and said, “Let’s go get some barbecue.” It was a bittersweet moment. [The scene] reminded me of my dad.


Were the other 5urprise members envious [of your success in this drama]?

At first I didn’t know they were even watching the drama. But then one day, two of our members Gong and Kang shared screenshots of some scenes from the show in our group chat and said they really liked the scenes. I felt very grateful for my group members. They give me a lot of moral support.


Is there a reason why you have pushed yourself so hard to do well?

The greed came from wanting to work more. After finishing [the MBC drama] “Father, I’ll Take Care of You,” I had two months of rest before starting “My Golden Life.” During the two months, I felt apprehensive. After back-to-back projects, there were times when I got my characters confused. I was confident but anxiety was at the forefront of my mind. During that time, I was able to look back on my life [thinking], “I’m 24 and it’s been 3 or 4 years since I debuted, have I been doing the right thing until now?” I spoke with actors Choi and Shin [about my concerns] and was able to relieve a lot of my worries. 


Do people recognize you in the streets?

At first, people used to refer to me as “That guy from the bakery.” When the ratings started to grow, I went from “That guy from the bakery” to “Secretary Sun” to “Woo-hyuk.” Sunwoo is actually the character’s last name, but many people are confused and think my character’s last name is Sun. But once my co-star Seo and I started to build chemistry on the show, people definitely began to recognize me. I went from “Secretary Sun” to “Secretary Sunwoo.” Today someone asked if I was Lee Tae-hwan from “My Golden Life.” I was very thankful. I felt like a celebrity.


Is there any type of character that you want to try as an actor?

My characters in the past have been strong and manly, so now I want to try a role in a romantic comedy, preferably a character in his early 20s. [I want to play a character that] cares after another person, and someone who can be selfish but is also forthright. I like characters that are bright and direct with their feelings.


What kind of actor do you want to be?

My role model is actor Cha Seung-won. Cha is active in various fields from film, drama, theater to modeling. My goal is to be an actor that can portray many emotions.

BY LEE MI-HYUN [sung.jieun@joongang.co.kr]

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Just recently became one of his fan after watching Please Come Back Mister. Though his role was small but he was definitely a scene stealer. :wub:

Now, I'm following him on Instagram too.

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April 11, 2018


Lee Tae-hwan to star in ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’


Lee Tae-hwan (Fantagio)

Rising actor Lee Tae-hwan will star in upcoming drama “What‘s Wrong With Secretary Kim” (tentative title).


Lee has joined the crew of the much-anticipated drama series, the production company announced Wednesday. The drama is based on a popular web novel of the same title. Due to its popularity, the work has been made in to a web cartoon series as well. 


Actress Park Min-young is to take the lead role, playing the character of Kim Mi-so, a secretary to a wealthy business man, played by actor Park Seo-joon. Lee is to take the role of Park Seo-joon’ brother, who develops a crush on the secretary. 


Starring in hit drama series “My Golden Life” on KBS2, which wrapped up in March, Lee abruptly rose to stardom. He is a part of an actor’s group named Surprise, along with Seo Kang-joon. 


“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” is set to premiere in June on cable channel tvN. 



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April 22, 2018


[V Report Plus] Behind-the-scenes of Lee Tae-hwan’s magazine photoshoot


(Naver V app)


[V Report Plus] Behind-the-scenes of Lee Tae-hwan’s magazine photo shoot

Model-turned-actor Lee Tae-hwan released some behind-the-scenes footage of his recent photo shoot for the May issue of the local magazine @star1 via Naver’s V app Saturday. 


During the photo shoot, which was themed “pastel,” he sported various fashion items including a beige trench coat with a matching neck ribbon, a long knitted cardigan and a blue stripe shirt. 


A fashion spread with more photos of Lee and the corresponding interview is available in the magazine’s May issue.


Lee gained public recognition after starring on the KBS drama “My Golden Life,” which wrapped up in March, as an online DIY furniture store CEO Seonwoo Hyuk. He is part of Fantagio Entertainment’s second actor group 5urprise, alongside actor Seo Kang-joon. 


The rising actor recently confirmed to play a role in tvN’s upcoming drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” (tentative title). The drama is set to premiere in June. 


Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit http://www.vlive.tv.


By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com)


Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.naver.vapp
Apple App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1019447011?mt=8

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June 8, 2018


Lee Tae-hwan's soft charms






Lee Tae-hwan boasted his charms in a recent photo shoot with a local fashion magazine.


The photos show the actor naturally posing in a warmly lit room, sporting casual outfits. In one photo, Lee pairs pajama-styled striped pants with a blazer, while sporting a dandy look in another in a white shirt. 


Lee is currently starring in tvN drama series “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”


Lee is known for his role in “Please Come Back, Mister,” where he played a former gangster and bodyguard. He also starred in “W” and “My Golden Life.



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March 31, 2019


Drama depicts smart farming, young romance


By Park Jin-hai The Korea Times



Apink member Bomi, left, and actor Lee Tae-hwan pose during a press event for the drama "Farming Academy" at SBS headquarters in Seoul, Thursday. / Courtesy of SBS


With more people seek happiness through living a slow life, departing from the stressful and hectic city, SBS launched a new drama series depicting young farmers. 


"Farming Academy," a four-part miniseries starring K-pop girl band Apink member Bomi and actor Lee Tae-hwan, is a campus romance story, set in the National Farming and Fishing Academy in Korea. It portrays the dreams, enthusiasm and friendships of young people who want to become professional farmers.


"People just regard farming as just for the elderly. But currently farming employs many smart technologies. In the drama, we wanted to show young farming academy students learning those new technologies as well as their coming-of-age story through challenges, love and ordeals," the drama's producer Kim Da-young said during a press event at the TV network's headquarters in Seoul, Thursday. "I believe audiences by watching the drama could break their bias on farming."


Modern information and communication technologies are starting to be applied to agriculture. Most of the scenes were filmed in greenhouses and fields in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province. 


Bomi, who bagged the first lead role in the drama, plays freshman Kang Han-gyul, majoring in food and agriculture. Setting aside her dream of becoming an actress out of economic difficulties, she enrolls in the academy where tuition and accommodation is free. But she gets into farming and building up friendships with her classmates. 


"I liked that this drama tells the fresh subject of farming and farmers," Bomi said. "The script included jargon of smart farming, so I initially had some difficulties in learning the terms and concepts. Also, since I only had limited acting experience, I felt like I was learning everything from scratch. I practiced my lines over and over." 


Actor Lee Tae-hwan plays Ha Joo-seok, a first-year student at the Department of Food and Agriculture who had been passionate for tennis. 


Actress Lee Min-ji plays Shin Yoo-jin, also a first-year student at the same department, who is good with computers and data analysis but has a cold personality. She developed an affection for farming due to her grandfather. She has early memories of following her grandfather working in the rice fields. 


Combined with high youth unemployment and aspiration for an alternative lifestyle other than competitive urban life, people are paying more attention to farming and rural life.


The small-budget film "Little Forest," released last year, told the story of a young woman leaving city life behind and settling in the countryside. To the surprise of many, the film attracted over 1.5 million people. 


According to data from the Statistics Korea, the number of people employed in the agriculture and fisheries industry has been increasing since late 2017. The number increased by 107,000 in January and 117,000 in February. In particular, the number of those young farmers and fishers aged between 25 and 29 in January tallied 14,000, up 33.7 percent, from the previous year of 3,000. 


The drama's first two episodes were aired on SBS TV at 12:20 a.m. Sunday, followed by the last two episodes slated to be aired on April 7. 



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