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7 hours ago, JiminLove said:


Like we always say, this thread is for Supporters and not Shippers so whatever makes them happy, most of us are cool with it. 




I left the thread few months ago and I came back to check today only and am amazed how people here are very openminded. Indeed only supporters not shippers.


Happy New Year to all. 


Kyo has an inspiration ;) , as her fan, I can sense it. 


Love is all you need during Holiday Season as she said. 






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Hi Guys. I'm not so new here in Soompi but this will be my first time to post. I've been a Hyun Bin stan since SEGA days. I've watched most of his dramas and movies, and we've even visited his 925 Bui

Happy new year everyone! :star:


It's great that we have a confirmation now. For me nothing changes since I'm always SHK fan and just supporter of both Bin and Kyo.


I just wonder, why the reveal is so clichéd through Dispatch and not on their own. But it's anyway their thing.


They are all in good age to settle down. I just wish them the best.




I wish for 2021 that Covid-19 will be defeated and we can see SHK in a new project again. SHK is happy and contented if with or without a partner. It's the most important thing for me as a fan.




It was nice to chitchat with you guys!:kiss_wink:

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1 hour ago, tlireal said:


I just wonder, why the reveal is so clichéd through Dispatch and not on their own. But it's anyway their thing

actually I feel that way too. what happened today seems to have been in the scenario. The timeframe for the dispatch notification and then their agency confirmation was so fast. Only in a matter of hours. But never mind maybe this is just my feeling. Honestly it feels a little sad.

But reading the expressions of the feelings of the people here makes me proud. You are good, wise and mature people.

Like your hopes, I hope Bin and Kyo are all happy and always in the protection of God. 
Hopefully SYJ, who is now Bin's girlfriend, is happy and blessed. 

Love love love U, my dear friends.
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Why ask someone from this thread for a clarification or explanation? Are we entitled? Maybe you ask parksolmi by yourself why she posted it. I assume and interpreted the post and connected it to hb but its the other way around i guessed. 

I advised you to focused on your ship that already sailed and pray for them that their happiness is forever. All deserved to be happy. I am sure you are happy. 


Happy New Year everyone. Hoping to see you all in the near future. I was happy being here in this thread having chichat. Godbless guys. I gonna miss you all. Hoping we've bumped again. This thread was my happy pill. See you all around.:hooray2:

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Hey guys, I suddenly saw someone sending laughing smiley at my posts and then I saw "his" face again. Lol.

Some are still so bitter and keep following SHKs business. I'm glad that we are so relaxed and not that obsessed :scream: I can't care less about him and others but some are still interested and bitter :blink:


PS: I viewed the profile. She/he even used to pretend SHK's fan to cheat us but we saw it all through :joy:


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Till this morning, I still keep the habit checking this thread. Weird!! :relieved:

I feel no sad much about BinKyo, what I really sad is the fearness no longer share thoughts with these awesome Binkyonas in this thread.

hey chingu, Happy New Year to all and Wish we can keep chatting here or somewhere else about Kdrama in future :heartxoxo: 

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Hello! I have been an on again and off again lurker of this thread.


I am thankful for 2021 because the fans are now enlightened on who among the ships are real and reel (this time around).


Regarding the post of SHK friend thru her IG. The song maybe from WW but does that mean it was in reference to her ex and co star at that time? Maybe it may also mean to a co star of the same program who likes SHK but unfortunately, she was involved with someone already? And now after a decade, they meet again?


Or it may mean nothing. The lyrics was posted by her friend because it was appropriate to her situation at that time. Or maybe it refers to a non showbiz guy (whom SHK prefers) from a decade ago whom she met again?

We will never know the true story unless SHK  friend will enlighten us why she posted that one in her IG. Its only them who knows the real story.


@Intuition, are you insinuating the SHK is riding in the popularity of your ship? I hope not. She alone (without any movies, kdrama) is news. Whenever she has an article, IG post it trended at naver effortlessly. She doesn’t need to ride in the popularity of others. Please do concentrate and pray that your ship relationship will end happily ever after and leave SHK alone.


I will forever be a fan of SHK whoever she ends up with.  I am glad to see that she has move on and is now happy, satisfied and contented with herself.  That must be the first and foremost attitude who went through a “rough and difficult” time of her life.  In Lord’s time, she will find the one that is aligned for her. In God’s time.

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My dear fellow Binkyo supporters, please do not engage in further discussion with other shippers.


No need to reply more to anyone else asking for clarification, because if it's our side who is real, we also won't ask theirs. Simple as that.


Our lives should go on.


Bin has his own life too, we don't have power over his. His choice, his life.


Let's just support as usual.

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@Nona They tried to laugh at this thread as if they themself had "archieved" something. It's so laughable :joy: It's just someone dates someone. It's the most normal thing in life. It's not because of the "effort" of shippers. There's nothing that they should be proud of :sweat_smile: They themself didn't archieve anything at all.


@Sequia Girl thank you for speaking out loud your thought. This person came to this thread, pretend to be nice and at the end he/she is so petty. So toxic people... I didn't want to waste my time to write more to him/her.

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Hi everyone, just want to thank you for the balanced perspectives and company the past year. Truly enjoy the companionship! 


I am not good at hiding my feelings, so just wanna say that I am actually heartbroken by the latest news. Came across like-minded comments on Twitter/IG/The Space, so I guess I am not alone! Will probably need time to reconcile internally. Well, this is the beauty of social media. I see HB fans getting harsh rebukes on some posts and feel bad for them. We are all entitled to our personal opinions and this should be what free speech is all about.


Grateful to interact with long-time HB fans here and exchange views on his projects, acting and personality! I will continue to love and support him.


I have learned a lot about SHK through all of you. She is a strong and beautiful woman. I have always enjoyed her projects and wishing her all the best!

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W Korea: Anonymous people post hate and bashings with their fingers and mouth, and how should a star like you relieve stress? 


Song Hye Kyo: Fortunately, there are good seniors and good people beside me. The ones that hold me and give me strength at all times, the ones that give me direction when I'm on a certain path. I am lucky in that respect. 


January 2021 cover story interview 

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On 9/11/2020 at 10:11 PM, Jillia said:



Please refrain from interacting with any member you feel like is posting problematic posts. Please know your reports don't and won't fall on deaf ears and it's been taken care of. 


The best way for you and any shipper thread to deal with this is to ignore posts you don't like, report them if needed and carry on with your beloved ship.




re: @Berou, @MinLyn

@Jillia I  hope you delete some post made by other people here. Respect begets respect. No need to bark at the wrong tree. Some binkyo supporters wish them well already. So I hope it ends there.

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To say that the solo fans of Hyun Bin who do not like his GF (or in my opinion fiancee) are pro BinKyo is unfair for the real BinKyo supporters.

It happens in all celebrity couples. Many solo fans object.



I should know because I was from SSC. :joy:


Back in 2017, when some Kyonatics objected, some of shippers said they were either BinKyo or WonKyo. Same can be said on the fans of the guy. It's unfair because not all fans are shippers.


I actually see several parallels now with SSC announcement days. In fact when I search Song Hye Kyo's Korean name in Korean sites, she is namedropped in several BJ news. At least I have her new magazine interview to assure me she does not read nonsense and hate comments. 


@ihugLovelyT yes let's talk privately 

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I’m busy so that I just can only come here today. I hope admins wouldnt delete my posts.


What a noisy new year for you. I noticed that you have been online several times on that day. It must be annoy when being on hotsearch weibo by things didn’t relate to you. That night, you stayed up late too.


First, I’m sorry to bring you on that mess. I was blind Kyo. Now I have opened my eyes. I regret that I even find reasons for those harass comments about you on that instagram account.


I realized that the love I thought was real love, destination love is actually the toxic love.

What kind of real love can make you tired and being harass by others?


From now, I will delete all of the past and follow the script that person want me to follow.


This love actually has ended from 2011. Both sides have nothing to relate to each other anymore. Both have move on. Everything happened just coincident.


+ They released that they were dating from April 2020. Then how he can date 2 people at the same time. That’s just a dream. A good sister just heard a good song on midnight and wanted to post in instagram. Nothing else.

+ The house in YP is just a dream. The happy couple house must be in some luxury places in Seoul like Hannamdong, not a countryside place. That’s not deserved for a powerful couple.

+ Unlike the ex gf rumored hasn’t been accept by ex bf family. His parents welcome the new gf, although dating for several months, they decided to find for new couple a wedding luxury villa and hurried to decide the day to get marriage in 2020.



I was laughing hard when I realized something. The fate seems don’t support these two.

 + In 2010-2011, when he got famous with his drama, you stayed silent and worked hard.

 + In 2016-2017, when you have succeeded with DOTS, he remained silent.

 + In 2019-2020, when you recovered, he got famous with his drama and found his love.


It seems you two don’t mean for each other.


Wishing him healthy and happy .


I hope this is his last love.


I think that’s his true love. I have been watched him for long. And I realized he has changed. He used to be stubborn. I always wondered that why he acted doesn’t like him before. Then now I understand that he has found his true love. Just because of this person, he changed. What we can call it except true love.


Now I have admitted that all is our imagination. Then can you let Kyo alone? I don’t want her name being related to that man with his privacy life anymore.


 As for someone still accusing she want to get fame from his famous drama. In October, when he was on top3 hotsearch weibo with his dating rumor with OYS. The next day, he released his new ambassador CF. Then was it still his ex gf buying hotsearch to support him on weibo ? Or Did OYS want to get fame from his famous drama too?


Jan 1 2021, he was on top 1 Naver and hotsearch Weibo. These couple got famous in Korea, Japan, China and others Asia countries too. They are powerful couple, I don’t think he can’t do anything if his ex gf want to use him. Let’s his ex gf using the fame from his drama with his current gf, I don’t think he can stay silent because this things will hurt his current gf. He is a good man how he can’t let his woman hurt.

Happy New Year Kyo!

 I help some fans to translate their message to you on the new year.


 I really hope you can find someone who really loves you.



because he wants to see your smiles, he will find all ways to make you happy, whether it is working hard to prepare a small gift, taking you to the places you like or doing what you want with him. Not just giving you the flashy material things outside and think that is enough to buy your love.

What can be bought by money will be sold one day to replace with something new and more beautiful.



who respects all your decisions, and never forces you have to choose between him and anything that you love, because when you  have to choose to give up something, the most hurtful person is still you . He has enough belief to give you the freedom to fly to where you want, enough patient to find you come back home if you accidentally get lost, and enough tolerant to protect you no matter what bad things happen in your life.



may not do everything for you, but whatever decision he makes, he still thinks about your feelings. Only someone who is afraid of hurting you, afraid of your tears will know how to cherish and protect your love.



may not spend all of his times for you, but all the times he is with you is honest and complete, just thinking about you. No one can tell how long we can be and will be together, just hope that no matter how long relationship, you deserve the full of happiness.


Meeting someone who makes you flutter is hard, meeting someone who reciprocates your love is even more difficult, and meeting someone who gives you the love through thick and thin- sounds simple, but that's is the hardest thing.


New year, wish you find someone who loves you


PS: If until the last journey, you can’t find him. Then who cares!  You are Song Hye Kyo. There are many people who wish being Song Hye Kyo name in one day. In your latest interview, love has many figures, not just couple love, that is family love, friendship love. You don’t need to be perfect like media and others want. You have the best mother, best friends, and best fans who always support you. There are many people still love you, so don’t choose to give up.


May in your world, every day is a beautiful day. Even if you forget to bring the umbrella, you can keep saying to yourself: “I want to walk in the rain today”. I don’t wish you have a best new year, I know life is never easy. I wish you have enough strength to overcome even in the darkest days. We will stay here to support you Kyo.


In SK, there are 2 people who I admire the most. Because I like the "self" of these two. They are Noh Hee Kyung and Uhm Hong Sik. The first person is gentle and quiet, even though she made a record because of the lowest ratings, she continued to work. Don’t give up, nor refused to break the pen to gone with the wind.

The second is unique, loud, ready to curse up so that the whole world can listen to him.

No matter what other people do, criticize, or praise them, they are still them. You have to step out of your comfort zone to learn the way to accept them as they are.


Im happy when these two good people support you and give you strength for years. They always stay beside you when you need. And We too.


Wishing you a happy new year. 2021 is the first year of new decade. We will stay together for the next 10 years. And the more next 10 years… You are a good person, like Yoo Ah In said in your fm in 2016.


Waiting for your comeback Kyo.


Srr for my bad English.


New year. New Me. New You.


That is my last post in this topic.


그 때의 나는 왜 그리 모질어졌는지
왜 타인에게 상처가 되었는지

명예는 타인으로부터 세워지는 것이 아니며
내 안에서 부터 바로 세우는 것이다.

인간에게 의지하는 것은 의미 없음에
서로에게 상처받을 일이 없음을

내가 사랑하는 사람들이 늘 행복하길

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I hope this year SHK will choose a good project (something different, something she wasn't able to do in her career) with a good actor.

Reunion with Won Bin will be a great comeback for both ( i have been praying for this.)  A drama with Gong Yoo will be fun and interesting, too. 


Eonnie KYO, I am a long time fan since AIMH. I have seen you grow, cry and laugh. Whatever your heart desires, I pray they carry healhtily into the coming year! You have the mindset of a QUEEN and heart of a WARRIOR! Hwaiting! :heart2:
Blessed new year to all. Annyeong! 

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