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That the same SBS show which investigated about BinKyo after they denied and also Park Sol Mi's post but without explanation as to if its a crumb or not, are now saying Huge Actors dating are gonna be revealed by Dispatch. 




BinKyo status now in Entertainment Industry, I dont think its BinKyo. :P

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Wishing everyone a wonderful 2021. The fun we had, despite some challenges we faced, made 2020, with the pandemic all around us,  more bearable.  Hoping for the best for our favorite couple, wherever destiny may take them, and blessings for all of us.

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Yes it's The Brother Islands Jeju. She did not hide this time. She posted the same place on second week of December but did not show the clue. 


Last 2019, an hour before midnight, Kyo changed her profile pic back to the past.


This 2020 going to 2021 she posted JEJU of all places where someone we know has a private beach house :elated:


Happy New Year! :getmygrooveon:

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According to my Korean friend, Kyo and Hyun Bin are now ok as friends, that is why there are coincidences like same glam squads, they are just NOT meant to be together and also, Kyo has said she will never go back to an ex. 


I just hope for a project in the future. Kyo and SYJ are friends only the fans make them at war but personally they are good. 



Like we always say, this thread is for Supporters and not Shippers so whatever makes them happy, most of us are cool with it. 

To MayaE, we know you are the very loyal BinKyo, please accept now they are just not meant to be. Be happy. 




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1 hour ago, ihugLovelyT said:
1 hour ago, marvellousgal29 said:

Bye BinKyo thread :loolz: 


Already confirmation from both agency? 

Wish all the best for HB and kyo

Waiting kyo comeback in drama again

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