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Hi! We're doing a collective greeting to distinguish us from the rest. Feel free to use as is or filter or whatever. The other blank file is for your messages. Please use these hashtags on Twitter or IG

#HappyBINday #빈나는_현빈_데이 #HyunBin #HyeonBin #玄彬 #현빈 #BinKyo. 









please don't quote images. 

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On 9/24/2020 at 11:43 PM, Phoenix26 said:

BinKyo are the same age now.

. Until Kyo's bday in November 



This is so funny, because he always insisted that they're of the same age :D  Did he forget that Kyo entered school earlier than him? :phew:

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Whoever had this idea of collective greetings with icons of squirrel, panda and a ruby in between, KUDOS to you!! Its is soo soo good and sooooooo cute :hooray2:


Such a great way to wish them and give a subtle-yet-not-so-subtle greeting ! The icons are as cute as the couple (which is no easy feat) :P

Absolutely love each image that is being posted :D Well done to all armies and kind shippers :heart2beat:

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