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Hi Guys. I'm not so new here in Soompi but this will be my first time to post. I've been a Hyun Bin stan since SEGA days. I've watched most of his dramas and movies, and we've even visited his 925 Bui

Seeing that Kyo’s Sky post has clouded the judgement of some who are lacking in good judgement, let me weigh in with this - quite a few people posted sky posts today:

- Kyo’s PR manager posted sky in her IGS and in her IG with caption, “My Seoul today”.

- Baby R’s ideal type posted with caption- “Today’s Sky is really pretty” and with squirrel emoji (there was another squirrel emoji in his IGS earlier)

- A mutual friend posted sunset sky in Yangpyeong with caption- “The undeniable beauty” and “For everyone who can appreciate and be grateful”

- Kyo’s photographer friend also posted a skyline post.


Today, the sky in Korea just happened to be really beautiful. And Today belongs to everybody. No one can monopolize Today. 


Perhaps, just perhaps, our beloved Kyo is merely saying this by her sky post - 

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add a dreaminess to my sun-filled sky. And Today is one such beautifully cloudy day!


May our BinKyo’s laughter laugh these foggy minds away.





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6 minutes ago, marvellousgal29 said:


Believe in fake rumors folks out there and goodluck to you all when tea will spill.


In my own language which I am sure many of you can understand "Ewan ko nalang kung saan kayo pupulutin kapag lalabas na ang katotohanan"



Either "sa kangkongan or pansitan":loolz:

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As an avid SHK fan, I tell you this, the mere fact that her BFF/ PR Mgr has made an action, then it means Kyo really forgot a certain occasion of someone in her past when she posted that partly cloudy sky today. :D The BFF post has debunked all delusional people out there. :lol:


She was happy and she wanted to post. She posts Blue Skies either when she is travelling or just happy with her life. 


Today Kyo met with some people for a possible endorsement or photoshoot. They had some food and drinks. She's happy. 

I really hope there will be announcement soon. We know most of us are tired of all fake news and delulus. Most especially the hatred against Kyo. 

We support you all the way BinKyo, please announce soon!!



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If you laugh at the squirrel endearment then you do not know Binnie at all. He once had a very cute brown Pomenarian he named Squirrel. He loved that cutie dog so much, he is very much a dog lover.




When he met Kyo who was also small compared to him, he gave her the endearment squirrel which he also used few times as ad libs in the drama. 

I hope Hyun Bin can read your bashing against his beloved Squirrel. 


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1 hour ago, Kezia Faith said:



"Sabi nga nila hindi lahat nang nakikita natin ay tunay at hindi lahat ng naririnig ay makatotohanan" Hindi ako o kayo ang pweding magdikta sa kung sino ang mamahalin sa huli ni kyo. Kapag lumabas ang katotohanan sana hindi kayo maging no. 1 basher ni kyo sa huli. 




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These were posted also by Kyo's squad and friends 






So, since a certain ex  "owns"  the day as delulu shippers has said, all these must be for him too :joy:


Sigh it is hard to be Song Hye Kyo when people put meaning to her simple actions :wacko:


Move on. Whether or not BinKyo is real, what is more certain is that Kyo has long moved on from he who must not be named.



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Moderators please take action with this account @Kathir

Don’t allow that person to be here in soompi forum.

You don’t know the whole story so stop judging Kyo my dear. Get a life and be happy with it. You are so bitter so have some sweetness and receive love from people surrounding you. I hope that it will not happen to you because your mind can’t handle it for sure. :heartxoxo:

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Since you are obviously from my country, do you know how Sharon Cuneta, Vilma Santos were married to others before their Senator husbands married them. Did that make them promiscuous? Try telling that to their children now. Ask Ralph Recto, Kiko Pangilinan and also Oyo Boy Sotto why they married someone who has already been married to someone else before. YOUR BRAIN IS AS SMALL AS A FISH BRAIN. 









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7 minutes ago, Phoenix26 said:


Since you are obviously from my country,



are you sure ?? :)  These people are obviously not in the world that we live in!!  must be from another planet!!


also, we live in 2020, not in the stone age :wacko:



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