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Haters are like crickets they are always noisy. 


I am proud to belong to a fanbase who are encouraged to remain calm








SHK Chinese fans are not allowed by admins to participate in fanwars and to remain classy and silent like SHK. 


Like SHK her worldwide fanbase are encouraged to emulate her. Eventually she's always proven right and she her haters eat their words. 


THAT IS WHY SONG HYE KYO IS THE LONGEST REIGNING HALLYU QUEEN. Her contemporaries who started in early 2000s are now unknown to many newbies.


The secret to Song Hye Kyo's success is being calm amidst adversities and let successes speak for her. 







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When I posted my latest post before this, I thought it would be my last post here until there is further development. But after observing what has been happening on socmed over the past few days, I ha

A series of WHY questions and BECAUSE answers.   WARNING- Read at your own risk. If you are not a likeminded lurker, you are forewarned that reading on is not good for your mental health. If

Hi Guys. I'm not so new here in Soompi but this will be my first time to post. I've been a Hyun Bin stan since SEGA days. I've watched most of his dramas and movies, and we've even visited his 925 Bui


do not quote pic!



BinKyo- one of the humblest Korean couple that I know. When they admit their relationship way back 2009 even if they are widely known all over asia they did not use their power and influence to let the people invade their private relationship. After they admitted their relationship both are not seen together because they want their fans to focus on their works and not their relationship.  They could have ride attention from the fans way back then but they didn’t because both know how to separate private life and work. That is why I admire this couple.


As to now we will respect their released statements but it will not stop us hoping that this two will be together again. For those people who bashed them especially to Kyo remember the world is not ours so you better stop judging because you don’t know them personally. Just mind your own business. 

I will withdraw what I said in the previous pages that the drama I’ve watched is a sad ending, edit edit I am still in episode 13 hahaha I remember Ji  Oh and Joo Joon young reconciled in the last episode. 

So BinKyo Fighting!!!!

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with all due respect to the visitor/s who comment here that might belong to other shippers thread, just respect us here since this thread is for Binkyo. Hb is not yet married, we will continue to love and support Binkyo as a couple and as individual as long as we want.


I hope the moderators won't take this against us or Binkyo thread if we defend Kyo or Hb or Binkyo since this was created by ebullient for Binkyo shippers.


Even some Bikyo shippers still support them inspite of rain being happily married to show support for their Fullhouse drama.


We do not like fanwars here so @angelangie, kindly delete comments automatically  from visitors that can cause friction here and can cause another warning in this thread. Thank you.

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I am perplexed why people like to dictate others about personal life.


This kind of mentality belongs to the past century.


I am not even letting my own parents choose a bf for me.




Good chemistry on cam does not always equate to real life.



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I haven't heard about this. I hope this won't cause for Binkyo to be bash again and again.  Since as what  you've said were already deleted, it only proves its not true at all.

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I also experience dilemma when I read about the denials.


I made comments before that once I read a denial I will stop shipping and I will not be like other members of other shipping thread trying to manually push a sunken ship :D


I asked myself, should I practice what I preach? I tried to rationalised that their 5X denial is not the same as the statement release the other day, but then again, it hurts my pride being put in the wrong.


So I'm putting it this way... here's a personal analogy. My 4 y.o. Chloe came to me the other day, crying because she's upset at her brother Jack (8.)  Apparently, while walking the dog, they saw a black cat, Chloe insists that she saw two cats, Jack says it's only one cat. Chloe screaming at him, accusing him of lying... So what do I do? Who shall I believe?  Should I go out and look for the cat/cats just to disprove one of my children?


Realistically, I wouldn't waste my time. For sure the cat is gone and the chance that I will see two black cats will be 2x unlucky. Lol.


The only solution was to pacify Chloe without disproving Jack, because their perceptions of what they saw/think are unique to them.


Same way with us adults, we are all individual and how we perceived things depends on our upbringing, knowledge, age, status. environment, locations and experiences. 


So I come a to decision that I will not be shipping them anymore but continue to support them individually. 


Song Hye Kyo if you are reading this, I really wish you well. I hope you'll find the happiness you truly deserve. :wub:I wish you good health and more power to your career. 


Likewise Hyun Bin, I wish you the same. :wub:


This is not the end but a start of a new beginning... Aja Aja! Fighting. :heart:





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16 hours ago, Nona said:

Second time SHK name is mentioned in It's Okay Not To Be Okay 


Are YOU excited to see her? :D

Just to proof a point that SHK is not only a very famous actress but also a world class beauty icon. And unlike some other people, she doesn’t need cheap scandal to be popular because even by not doing anything she is a benchmark for what natural beauty is. For example when we talk about Korean beauty icons, Song Hye Kyo will always be mentioned alongside Kim Tae Hee, Choi Ji Woo & Jun JiHyun. So with or without having relationship with the hottest actor, she is already an icon herself. And she already has her own followers long before most actors her age debuted. 

Same goes with HB, who truly doesn’t need to be linked to a costar just to maintain his popularity.  [edited by a moderator]


Btw from what I observed their companies came up with the denials not because of their dating rumours but because the buying a house & BinKyo co-habitation rumours has got out of hand. As an Asian woman, especially with her divorced was barely a year ago, this rumours abt her living with a man would really damaging to her reputation as a respectable woman. Afterall before an actress, she is a woman. Regardless they’re truly dating or not, HB would know how important this is to a woman like SHK, and would do his utmost to protect her, either as a friend or as her man. If this was just abt dating rumours, he would done so long ago, but he didn’t.:gangnamstyle:

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I have been a silent supporter of SHK since Full House days and I enjoyed reading this page the past weeks. How I wish I knew this page existed earlier. I would have engaged more. Nevertheless, I am glad to have known a fan page/forum whose members are very professional, smart and well spoken. I don’t usually leave a comment but I can’t help it this time. Like many of you, I sincerely wish for SHK to find her person. I secretly hoped it would be Hyun Bin (long before rumors of reconciliation started spreading about them).  I was happy when finally the dots are starting to connect. Finally, there is something (or in this case, their squad) linking them, only to get my heart broken again. I admit I felt sad when both agencies issued a denial to the rumor. Yes, it was a weak one but it is what it is. I don’t want to read too much into it as based on history these are two of the most honest celebrities I have ever known. They won’t have a problem admitting if they really are a couple. I have to admit a part of me doesn’t want to let it go.. maybe they are only denying the China rumors, maybe they really are in love but time is not their friend, maybe they are good friends now, maybe they will reconcile in the future.. There are too many maybes. All we can do is hope and pray. No one (not even HB and SHK) knows what the future holds.


I am saddened to read the amount of hateful words being thrown at SHK in Vast Ig page. I don’t understand where the hate is coming from. We don’t own these celebrities. These are real people with real emotions. If indeed they are dating, who are we to question it. They are of age already. I know of couples who have broken up and met after 10 plus years and decided to get married after a few months. When you know, you know. I hope these bashing stops. Kyo is one of the strongest woman I know. She may seem unbothered but she is also human. She gets hurt but doesn’t want to show it. Even the strongest person gets hurt. I came to appreciate HB more through this thread. He seems to be a decent man. He wouldn’t appreciate having his so called “fans” say hateful words against Kyo or any other person. If you are really his fan, you would want to wish him happiness even if his happiness doesn’t match yours. This whole situation doesn’t make SHK a laughing stock. It only shows how desired she is. This,however, makes your bias look desperate and she also doesn’t deserve this. Both women are strong and confident being alone. They don’t need a man to be relevant. 


I wish both shk and hb success in their next endeavor. I would be hypocrite if I say I don’t hope for them to be together again. Deep inside I still do but I am learning to let that thought go for now. Great things happen when you don’t expect. Again, I am happy to come across this page. I have never met such happy, positive and smart shippers such as all of you :)




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Just posting this quote here. BinKyo fighting :getmygrooveon:


"There's no right or wrong when it comes to loving someone. If I must endure hardship in order to protect her, I will not run away from it, whatever it may be. It's not foolishness. It's courage."


- Kim Jin Hyuk #Encounter, Ep. 12


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On 8/1/2020 at 6:41 AM, marvellousgal29 said:



No. 5 was not a fan paparazzi but HB stylist uploaded that June 26. I have screencap showing her name. Details always get distorted when it reaches tabloids. :lol:


That was an IGS immediately deleted and captioned Nothing.


I think what made them finally react is the joint house acquisition rumor in Yangpyeong. It was the place of HB latest Mediheal CF last May the one where Kyo was rumored to be there. They ignored last May because the proof presented was only leaves haha.


SHK BFF / squad is also always in Yangpyeong for her family lives there.


But the BK new house rumor supposedly came from a Korean in one fan cafe. The Korean supposedly saw them walking their dog in Yangpyeong.


For me this is one of the driving factor that makes them react and call it groundless although there was no other proof presented but the blurry pic was linked by the tabloid writers who wrote that it was them walking in Yangpyeong. :lol:



I see...so it wasn’t a fan sighting & upload the couple pictures thinking it was BinKyo but it was uploaded by his own stylist?! Perhaps she accidentally uploaded it to her public ig account instead of her private ig account  :w00t:


As for the denial, from what I read, even from soompi news, seems their companies are denying on the buying of properties together & of BinKyo co-habitation, which as an Asian woman, would have a huge negative a impact on SHK as a respectable woman. What more her divorced was barely a year ago. And any guy, whether a friend or a bf for sure would do anything to protect the person he cares about, and I think HB is that kind of a person. If just for the sake of dating rumours, they would have denied it long ago, when the rumours started, but it wasn’t until rumours of them living together got out of hand that their companies came out with the denial.


Like most of SHK & HB fans here, I would never expected of Binkyo reconciliation after her divorce but out of nowhere rumours of them dating got out so strong, that’s hard to ignore. However I still have hope they’re together but not ready to declare, so I’m gonna just wait and see...even if they’re not together I hope they will find their other half soon, especially SHK. 

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RE: Divorced woman issue

Let us see the Divorce was finalized July 2019 , July 2020 ended a few days ago. It has been a year since the divorce is finalized. I understand that in SK society a divorced woman is heavily looked down upon. I get that. But in between that time the other party in the divorce had dating mentioned to a lawyer that may have worked on his divorce at that. Why is there no push back and bashing on that fact. And here is the other party in the divorce of the decade having a relationship rumor (that she and other party denied) and yet there is so much angst , reaction and bashing. Why is that ? Is it because it is SHG, jealous , bitter , or just plain mean spirited on some quarters.  This is just what I do not get. Divorce and end of a relationship is hard. You all might have experienced it at some point. If not then good for you. But these celebrities are not your possession and they are not robots. They have feelings and emotions so please if you have nothing productive and nice to say to them. BE KIND at least. 

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"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"


No matter what Song Hye Kyo will do, deny rumors, admit rumors, she always have haters.


Haters are always noisy and make fake news and accusations (which we always screencap and send to her squad and agency for their info)


But everytime Kyo has drama its always a success because the silent majority, the non stans and non toxic people are always behind her back.


Ironically, World's Within is lowest rating Song Hye Kyo drama because as Hyun Bin explained, the drama plot was too advanced in 2008. But Hyun Bin considered it as one of his most favorite among his dramas in his 2017 interview.


In this drama, they found their greatest love in real life, but they are always against the odds. It's always love vs career. Sigh at BinKyo's star crossed love.


Kyo is his lucky charm, everytime Kyo is in his life, he gets to act in blockbuster dramas that will gain several toxic shippers.  Ironically, their lovelife always get affected by career.


It's up to them how to write their real life story this time around. Will they chicken out like 10 years ago or fight to be together despite the odds? Squad has been giving cryptic encouraging posts. 


BinKyo fighting! :hooray:

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Her squad were together on Saturday to send her message of love and support, it's illogical to accuse Kyo who is a top Hallyu superstar, of using HB to trend :crazy:


For the sake of argument, let’s say someone indeed paid the search as BinKyo China articles always point to “Korean sources“, there are certain folks out there capable of mediaplay for whatever reasons, your guess is as good as mine. ;)




Praying and hoping that one day, truth will be out who is trying to malign BinKyo.  ;)


I hope UAA will again sue ;)




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