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Here, unni hye kyo will going to a salon before going to The Grandmaster red carpet

[Dispatch= Reporter Kim Mi Kyung] That summer, the wind blew. Her hair whirled back from the sudden wind. She slightly closed her eyes by reflex, but a woman passing by turned her eyes. And she cried out loud in her mind, of course.
“Oh my! It’s Song Hye Kyo!”Dispatch reporter Lee Seung Hoon, who witnessed the scene, also cried out loud like that.“Wow! It’s Song Hye Kyo!”
cr: songhyegyo.net

For a moment, we asked her stylist, Kim Hyun Kyung, about this day’s concept. 
“Song Hye Kyo sshi’s opinion was greatly reflected.  She told me, “It should definitely not draw attention.” She said since this red carpet event is a place to celebrate Chinese movies, it would not be polite to reverse the roles of guest and host. Out of consideration to Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi, she wanted the most simple styling.” (Kim Hyun Kyung)

image     image     

credit as tagged

Watch how Hyun Bin transforms from 'HOT' to 'SMOKING HOT'

Xxcutiex1004xX, April 22, 2014, 2:52 p.m.

Actor Hyun Bin was recently spotted as he was walking into beauty shop in Gangnam, Seoul. Hyun Bin simply walked in and out of the shop yet, the result is amazing. He started off as regular 'Hot' Hyun Bin and walked out as 'Smoking Hot'. It almost looked like everything was staged for a magazine shoot. He's simply just something else. Get ready to be amazed by his looks. 

                                                      credit to the owner of the pics. Thank you so much.
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Kyo: This is how you put lipstick on.

HB: Am I doing it right?

SHK: Yes you're doing it right. Just spread it by putting your lips together like this...


Then make an Angelina Jolie pout like this.

HB: You mean like this?...

      credit to the owner of the pics and to deaborj. Thank you so much chingu.

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