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Survey results ranked 73% supporting HyunBin & Song to be reunited


Hyun Bin & Song Hye Kyo voted as most likely couple to get back together

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo have been voted as the couple who will most likely get back together.

The movie “Last Night”, soon to premiere in Korea on April 7th, is about two people who cannot forget about each other despite their break up. Using this, a poll asked netizens to pick the celebrity couple who cannot forget about each other and will end up back together.

The poll resulted with Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo ranking in first with 73% of the votes. Netizens have stated, “They fit really well together~ I wish they will meet up again,” “It’s really sad to hear that Hyun Bin went to the military but with the break up… it’s really upsetting.” 

2nd place went to Gil and Park Jung Ah. Following them was Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yoon Jin Suh and Lee Taek Geun.


*** old news

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February 15, 2011 12:03 am / jangsk24 


Seoul, Korea – Hyun Bin revealed his thought on the rumor about his break-up with Song Hye-Kyo.

At the press conference for the movie Late Autumn held at CGV located in Wangsimni, Seoul on the afternoon of the 10th, Hyun Bin received a fusillade of questions about his girlfriend Song. When asked whether he had anything to say to his girlfriend being entering the army, he replied wittingly that “he will tell her personally.”

Hyun Bin added, “I think the level of disclosure of my private life is different. Personally, I do not want to disclose all aspects of my private life. What more will I have to show if I disclose my whole life?”

Also, Hyun Bin replied to questions about the rumor about his break-up with Song, “There are many rumors going around, but I do not want to talk about them. I do not know whether the people who created the rumors want an unhappy ending or expect a happy ending.”

By Lee Min Seok (idsoft3@reviewstar.net)

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang / Korea.com

*** old news

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In a telephone interview by "YTN Tonight" on 18th, and because of break-up rumours Hyun Bin was questioned about who is his ideal lover and he admitted that Song Hye Kyo is the closest. Due to his profession and irregular work, she has been very understanding that they cannot meet  often and he has to meet other people.


video clip of the telephone interview:


***old interview, special thanks to halo for sharing.

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