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When I posted my latest post before this, I thought it would be my last post here until there is further development. But after observing what has been happening on socmed over the past few days, I ha

A series of WHY questions and BECAUSE answers.   WARNING- Read at your own risk. If you are not a likeminded lurker, you are forewarned that reading on is not good for your mental health. If

Hi Guys. I'm not so new here in Soompi but this will be my first time to post. I've been a Hyun Bin stan since SEGA days. I've watched most of his dramas and movies, and we've even visited his 925 Bui

Interviewer 1 (Lee Yoo Na): You have a bed scene in this drama. This is Song Hye-gyo’s and your first bed scene isn’t it?
Hyun Bin: I had to think how to climb up the stairs to the second floor and whether to show my underwear to Song when she took my blanket off. I just decided to cuddle her like a koala and climb the stairs, and show my underwear when the blanket is taken off. When she spanked my buttocks, the sound was so funny that we kept giggling and made a lot of NGs.

Interviewer 2 (Lee Jeong Yeon): Any NGs in kiss scenes?
HB: Not really. When we had the first kissing scene, the staff would watch it repeatedly but since we made more and more kiss scenes, they lost their interest in it. It makes me feel relieved.

I1: You must have gotten closer to Song, who is almost the same age as you. How do you call her?
HB: When shooting, we call each other ‘Joon Young’ and ‘Ji Oh’, which are our names in the drama. I thought it could take a long time to get along with her but we made love scenes in the beginning of the drama and we also had to stay together while shooting overseas, so there were a lot of chances to talk to each other. It didn’t take a long time to get closer to her.

I2: Other than the bed scene, there was also a shower scene. The drama seems to show more naked actors than actresses. Have you done any physical training to get fit?
HB: Right before this drama I played a psychopath in the movie ‘I am happy’ and I had to lose weight to look skinny. Since then I didn’t gain much weight. I could have tried to gain weight if I had more time after the movie. I play a director in this drama and they are normally not fit at all because their job is stressful.

I1: You indeed have a lot of love scenes with Song. Now they look really natural when watching the drama.
HB: We filmed a kiss scene today too. I don’t brush my teeth and get nervous anymore as I used to do before. Normally there are around three kiss scenes in the entire drama but in this drama there are at least one in each episode. But I think it reflects what real people would do in their life. I think people can show their affection anytime they want. It makes me happy when I see people saying ‘The drama makes me feel like having a girlfriend/boyfriend‘ or ‘The drama reminds me of my ex‘, after watching it.

I2: How about yourself? Do you think of your ex or want to have a girlfriend?
HB: Yes, I really wish I had a girlfriend but it’s ok now since Joon Young (Song’s name in the drama) satisfies me. I think it will take a bit of time to find a girlfriend. I will shoot another drama right after this one. I would like to get a girlfriend after that drama. I’m just thinking when will be a good time to get a girlfriend (laughs).

I1: Can you compare yourself with Ji Oh? About love?
HB: Quite similar, both of us are shy and quiet. I’m not talkative so sometimes I feel sorry for the person with me.

I2: This is your first drama in three years and the ratings have not been high so far. Are you disappointed?
HB: Not at all, I feel sorry for the staff but I don’t really care about the ratings. People can watch dramas with various ways such as re-air, internet downloads and mobile phones nowadays so I don’t have to be dissapointed if the numbers are not as good as ‘My name is Kim Sam Soon’.

I1: Have director Pyo or writer Noh asked for anything particular from you?
HB: Writer Noh wanted me to read lines faster. There are a lot of broadcasting jargons in my lines and she wanted me to read them flawlessly. She wanted me to portray the character as young and active. Director Pyo wanted my character to act slightly differently depending on who I’m acting with.

I2: Writer Noh said when she was writing the script, Ji Oh fascinated her the best.
HB: I’m sure that she’s not fascinated by Ji Oh anymore because I’ve heard that she is going to put in a scene where Ji Oh is “baptized” with cow faeces.

I1: Doesn’t it feel funny to play director? You are an actor.
HB: I used to think that it was an easy job because they just sit around and order others around. But that wasn’t it. They have a lot of tough job behind the scene. It is a fascinating job though. Their job is about creating things from nothing.

I2: Who would you like to work with if you were really a director?
HB: I’d work with the guys in my baseball team (Jang Dong Gun, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Seung Woo, Gong Yu, Ji Jin Hee). Action genre would suit them best. They are all cool guys so it will be quite fun.

I1: Would you cast yourself?
HB: I would, if the role is suitable.

I2: If you could start over, would you have chosen to be an actor or a director?
HB: I’d choose to be an actor after all. I haven’t thought about doing anything else.

***old interview
 source http://k-popped.com/2008/11/special-interview-with-hyun-bin-worlds/

     thanks lolita_305 for sharing this interview 

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In light of this interview, it seems like they have gotten closer during the shoot. This might throw some off, but in all honesty, my wish is to know the real reason why they decided to go separate ways, so then I could move on, too!!! Of course they won'treveal it, that is too forward of me to even think it, but in due time, when they are ready, I think the truth of the matter will eventually come out!I am just happy reminiscing what they had before, but makes me sad, too considering. Anyway, I will continue to support them, individually or together, even if just friends. Who knows, we might be in for a big surprise! Just wait!:-bd

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" When loving someone...never regret what you do...only regret what you didn't do." 

"If you love someone...let it go, if he/she comes back to you it was truly meant to be." 

Don't marry a person you can live with, marry somebody you can't live without

h2136.gif credit and thanks to the owner of the gif. Very beautiful couple. Special thanks to annejung, I love your caption dear. Missing you.

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 During Come Rain Come Shine pc, when one of the journalist mistook the name of SHK instead of Tang Wei, Hb laugh a lot.

        credit to the owner of the pics. Thank you so much.

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*** Binnie's old interview
..... However regarding my privacy I hope to be able to conceal more. I hope to be able to separate work and privacy, but there are times where it’s just impossible to do so. I guess our country is not yet able to do that. We are not like Hollywood, where gossip is viewed merely as gossip. It is fine if good intentions enable us to receive support and concern, but there are times when that isn’t the case, and it’s those times that I wish I could have the power to block it. Currently, I figure the public media doesn’t know my private life, not even 10% of it...
       credit and thanks to utkim for sharing.

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