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✧ BinKyo | H2 ✧ Hyun Bin ♥ Song Hye Kyo ✧

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Awesome post @yayaxele21‌ I totally agree with what you said. In God's time we will reach the final destination.

Since 2011 until now, after their rumored break-up, h2 remain unattached to anyone. Praying and hoping that God will lead them back with each other's arm again.

While waiting,let's enjoy each other's company. Let's reminisce their happy moments together and continue to pray, support and love them. As I've always said, Nothing beats prayer. Miracle starts with a simple prayer. True love never dies. Happy sailing everyone. Welcome to our new H2Couple's home. Here, we can freely express our love for them. God Bless to all.

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The prettiest face ever!!!Hands down!!! :-bd
Common detectives, you have to work overtime. Dig dig dig dig!!! :))There must be something we do not know behind those smiling faces!!!:D
Who knows, they're probably in the process of collaboration!!!\:D/
Anyways, I'm glad that this BinKyo SP was established!!!=D>I now am manning different ships! Each ship is special to me!8->Happy sailing, guys!!!

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