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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~

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Isn't it too harsh comment/caring for just co-work? I have super positive thinking here that these two grow great friendship and caring bonds so he bravely to say about that. The growing relationship really shows in bts ep. 14 (the kiss in Healer's lair) right? Oh la la~

*sorry if there were same post about this, please lemme know if I must delete anything to be not a spammer in this forum:sweatingbullets:

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@CatchMine_ID Thanks you for your posts dear, this is not spam, keep them coming

Guys please let's stop talking about JCW's other projects and his other co-stars, and let's fill this thread again with spazz worthy material, we shipped these two when we went through their previous works and IVs and discovered the difference with them, so any new shippers of JCW with another co-star who aren't doing their job, it's their own delulu, as a friend said delulu is free,

so I will be bringing back all the post Healer IVs which I do every few months, and other spazzy material for new shippers and old ones too

stay tuned

This is from the co-writers of Healer (SJN assistants writers)



This is when the Chinese MC asked if Wooks got tired f all the romantic skinship, I presume it's for his "oh another kiss scene" article that was taken out of conext



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이어 지창욱은 상대역은 박민영에게도 감사 인사를 전했다. 그는 박민영에 대해 "왜 지금까지 몰라봤을까라는 생각이 든 배우"라고 말했다.

"솔직히 이전에는 예쁜 여배우들이 연기에 대해 악착같이 고민을 할까라는 편견이 있었어요. 그런데 (박)민영 누나는 정말 악착같이 연기를 해요. 그리고 겉으로 보기에는 천상 여자일 것 같은데 의외로 털털한 면도 많고요."

CW also expressed his thanks to partner PMY. He said that he would have the thought of "How come I never knew about this actress?"
"To tell the truth, I used to have bias against actresses who are pretty. I'll worry if she'll have the determination to give it her all in her acting . But MY-noona really is pouring everything she's got into her acting. Also from her appearance, she looks like a girl from heaven, but has a really easy-going side to her."



 Actually Ji Chang Wook also has this image of an old person. So I am curious as to what kind of image you will present in a trendy mini series. 
Park Min Young noona once said this when she saw me, “You are so inflexible, you are a person who is so straight and upright.” I think I have that kind of image. Actually it’s the same every time; I think I am someone who is very childish, I behave like a kid a lot, I also whine, and I am a very playful person, but when other people look at me, I seem like a very very upright person. Park Min Young noona made me know this once again…But I don’t know, I have always been like this since young, and I think I’ll continue to be like this in the future. But there are still many sides of me that people have not seen yet, and that is fun to me. There are really many faces within me, and I want to show all these through acting.

His hidden personality is actually a very old soul - stubborn and rigid  but he tried hard  to conceal those personalities because he didn't want that to interfere with his actor image.

This an excerpt from one of his interviews

-사실 지창욱씨는 올드한 사람이란 이미지도 있어요그래서 트렌디 미니시리즈에선 어떤 모습을 보여줄까 궁금해지기도 해요.


    박민영 누나가 저를 보고 그런 말을  적이 있어요. ‘되게 고지식하고되게 그냥  바를  같은곧을  같은 사람이었다’ 그런 이미지였나봐요그냥 저는 사실 항상 매번 똑같았고내가 생각하는 나는 되게 정말 어리고 어리광도 많고 투정 부릴 때도 있고 진짜 많이 까부는 사람인데남들이 봤을   정말 너무나도 바른 사람이었다는 거죠그걸 박민영 누나가 다시 한번 알려줬는데... 그런데 글쎄요저는 어렸을 때부터  이랬고요앞으로도 그럴  같고그런데 아직까지 사람들이   면이 그만큼 많다라는  저한테 즐거운 일인  같아요 안에 정말 많은 모습들이 있는데 그걸 연기적으로  풀어서 보여드리고 싶어요.

can't take away his eyes from hers or from her talking lips, when she smiles his face smiles with her 


Again, eyes,lips,eyes, lips, tongue, he smiles *coughturnedoncough*, then big smile


Again,  geezz this guy, quick glance, eyes, lips


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I leave you with another gifset from the Press Conference. I love their movements in synch :wub:

tumblr_nongv334wQ1uuy9lko1_250.gif tumblr_nongv334wQ1uuy9lko2_250.gif

tumblr_nongv334wQ1uuy9lko3_250.gif tumblr_nongv334wQ1uuy9lko4_250.gif

tumblr_nongv334wQ1uuy9lko5_250.gif tumblr_nongv334wQ1uuy9lko6_250.gif

Credit @fyeahjcw

His Sina IV in Apr 2015


tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko1_250.gif tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko2_250.gif

tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko3_250.gif tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko4_r1_250.gif

tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko5_r1_250.gif tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko6_r1_250.gif

tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko7_r1_250.gif tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko8_r1_250.gif

tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko10_r1_250.gif tumblr_nojz7xmHSp1uuy9lko9_r1_250.gif



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From Healer PC DEC 2014

JCW Kitchen translations

PD Lee said, “This drama contains many action scenes, and there were days where Ji Chang Wook filmed scenes of him running and rolling the whole day without any lines to say from the script. There are also times where the camera will be filming Park Min Young with Ji Chang Wook flying around at the back. This is physically very tiring, so I am thankful that he gave his all and persevered to film.” To this, Ji Chang Wook said, “I feel honoured to be able to work on this project. I will work hard to learn under such a good scriptwriter and seniors.”


here he was saying how bright and cheerful she is, and how cute she made her character to be, also in sync when looking at each other

"Ji Chang Wook also spoke about working with Park Min Young. He said, “Park Min Young noona is really pretty. I think she’s very suitable for the role that she’s playing now. She expresses the lovable and cuteness (of the character) very well. So I feel happy when I’m filming with Park Min Young noona.”


Complementing him

"Park Min Young also said, “There are many scenes that cannot be filmed if I’m not close with Ji Chang Wook,” creating expectations about the chemistry between the both of them.

She added, “We are together almost everyday. Intitially, I had a strange misconception that Ji Chang Wook would be rather inflexible because he played the role of an emperor in ‘Empress Ki.’ But on set, he was very fun and treated me well. He was also very considerate. Because there are many seniors on set, there’s no one else I can talk to besides Ji Chang Wook. So we ended up talking a lot to each other while trying to develop our chemistry and there will be many scenes that cannot be filmed if we weren’t close with each other. As the show proceeds to the second half, we need to share a lot of feelings with each other, so we will film and help each other along the way."


Reporters asked Ji Chang Wook about the difference between working with Ha Ji Won and Park Min Young. He said, “Both of them are beautiful and have really good personalities. They give off a bright energy at the set. When I saw Ha Ji Won always smiling even when it was tiring during ‘Empress Ki’, I thought to myself that I ought to learn from that. That kind of appearance gives strength to the people around and makes it enjoyable. Park Min Young is also the same. I am the maknae in this team, so I try to be brighter, playful and act cute.”

Dont know why he was asked this

Ji Chang Wook also touched on the topic of scandals and dating. He said, “I try my best to be careful about scandals. Living as a human, it is difficult not to fall in love. I’ve definitely fallen in love before and it’s not like I’ve not had girlfriends before. I think meeting up quietly will reduce the inconvenience for both of us.”

“In fact, this is a job that does not allow me to meet anyone comfortably. It is better to meet up carefully and quietly. Although I do not know how my heart will change in the future, for now I think it is good to meet up quietly.”

With regards to his criteria of finding a girlfriend, Ji Chang Wook said, “I don’t really look at external appearances. My ideal woman is someone whom I can talk to and who matches my code.”

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from the white dust at their clothes I think they just were finished/in between shooting the scene where she saves him I guess, Wookie said that they repeated that scene more than once to perfect the emotions required, not that he minded , look at how she's still very cheerful and laughing hard, maybe at one of his lame jokes, hahah, and he's just enchanted with this laughter, I think he got addicted to it , in all their bts, he was always looking lovingly/bemused/charmed/smitten at that face, he also said he likes to look at people's eyes if they were bright and beautiful, regardless of their gender



I'm posting his "looking into her eyes" theme here



images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTzFac8rfYmW1tquun3FRD images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRyaFDqotmKR6MsjnXE1aq



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BTW seems most of PMY IG posts during healer are around JCW's IG posts, I think they sat together at the time choosing what to post, maybe Wookie telling her to update oftn, or she would ask his advice since she's new to IG 

Her first post at Dec 1 2014, FYI  she only followed Wookie and he was her only follower at the time (JCW is the one who persuade her to open IG) she deleted her first post which was a video but the background was the same as this and it was the same time for their posts


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On ‎11‎/‎18‎/‎2016 at 5:38 AM, CatchMine_ID said:


Here I am ended up by opening JCW older post ig and find this (that maybe you guys talked a long time ago) :


83 weeks ago and...


92 weeks ago. Ah, you were craving for the Moru-Moru Island, yes? While kissing Youngie in front of the island :)



Regarding these two posts, the first one from 93 weeks was when Healer ended filming his caption was "end of filming"


as shown here


The other time was mid Apr 2015 the day when the rumor with Ms X SK was spread like fire, his only answer at the time, besides the 4 languages denial from GE, was this post @3:45 AM , so why posting the bed where he had many enjoyable memories to address rumors, his caption was nothing, it was his first time posting without a caption, only on weibo he had a lot of smiles with it, so what does that mean for us? well I couldn't be happier that was his response to the rumor, the place he and PMY had a lot of memories there (You can see he zoomed in to the bed as per her previous post)



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Sorry for spamming, I'm falling inlove with them all over again, all of this is what made me their forever shipper


notice their hands, that's adlib


Excerpts from their IVs

PMY - Even though the drama ended, but to me, I don't want to say goodbye to Young Shin just yet. I usually get out of my character very quickly after a drama ends, but I feel like grabbing onto the Young Shin I met in Healer. Maybe it's because I just love Young Shin way too much (laughs). Ending the drama with a happy ending all the more makes me enjoy the aftertaste/lingering charm left by Young Shin.
- I didn't know my nose could drip so much. I used up so much of the world's napkins. I feel so sorry because my dripping nose caused so much NG for the ending scene.- In the beginning, I had a really hard time filming because me and JCW were really unfamiliar, but both of us tried our hardest to get close to each other, and we did get close fast. We also talked a lot about the drama through SNS, and that became a big help for this drama.- It really feels great to work with JCW as partners. I'm really thankful. I'm the type of actor that acts by looking at the other person's eyes. His eyes are really expressive. The best type of partner is one that supports each other. JCW really immerses himself in every scene, so he's a very cool partner. Especially since, during emotional scenes, actors need to finish crying scenes together even if eyes are swollen, else both people will be dead (tl note: a kind of metaphor here). My thoughts are exactly the same as JCW's and that's why we have more of a chemistry effect.

JCW- it's really comfortable filming with MY-noona, we support/cheer on for each other, communicate and give suggestions. In the second half of the drama, there are lots of scenes between JungHoo and Young Shin, and so there are many scenes where we observe one another. The telephone booth scene, the lines were many and long. I read the lines together with MY-noona, rehearsed and rehearsed, I don't feel annoyed at all. MY-noona was the first to shoot, but I didn't feel bored at all. Really pretty, that scene MY-noona gave me lots of help.

BTW both our actors have the same mole



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The other time was mid Apr 2015 the day when the rumor with Ms X SK was spread like fire, his only answer at the time, besides the 4 languages denial from GE, was this post @3:45 AM , so why posting the bed where he had many enjoyable memories to address rumors, his caption was nothing, it was his first time posting without a caption, only on weibo he had a lot of smiles with it, so what does that mean for us? well I couldn't be happier that was his response to the rumor, the place he and PMY had a lot of memories there (You can see he zoomed in to the bed as per her previous post)


@ReemKanabta so it was 10 w later from end of filming??! Whoah, yes ik about the rumor. So hwappy!!!!

Ji Chang Wook taking care of PMY >> I'm total dying every I watch that. Kekekekekeke ugh *melt*

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Q: It appears a lot of the stunts in the drama were completed by JCW yourself, did you train for it? Also, you just received the Best Couple Award with PMY, will you extend the Healing Couple relationship outside of the drama?

he totally avoided that part, and kept talking about the couples award :phew:

 tumblr_nno5j1nHDG1u98dbho2_250.gif tumblr_nno5j1nHDG1u98dbho3_250.gif


tumblr_nno5j1nHDG1u98dbho4_250.gif tumblr_nno5j1nHDG1u98dbho5_250.gif

tumblr_nno5j1nHDG1u98dbho6_250.gif tumblr_nno5j1nHDG1u98dbho7_250.gif



So will the healing couple extend their relationship off screen or not Wookie, that was the question, but thank you for pointing how close you two are

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Actress Park Min Young praised Ji Chang Wook's sense of humor.

In a recent interview with The Star, Park Min Young said, "I'm not great at other things, but I have a good sense of humor that can match male actors. I was able to film happily with my male co-stars in the past."
She said, "In contrast, Ji Chang Wook is quite boring. Before the filming of "Healer", one of my worries was: I'm someone who loves to have fun when filming, what do I do if my partner is boring?", stating her worry back then.
In order to get into the character of hoobae-sunbae entertainment news reporters in the drama, Park Min Young lets go of the awkwardness of their initial meeting, and approached Ji Chang Wook first in order to get close to him. She said, "This is what I said to Ji Chang Wook: All entertainment news reporter sunbaes call their hoobaes "this kid/boy", so it's okay if I treat you casually too, no need to be nervous, we'll just do it this way."
She continued, "I'm not the type of person to quickly reply back on KakaoTalk even with my mom. But when I see a message from JCW come, I'll immediately reply back with "Yes, I ate already," and in doing so we got close fast. I had worried what to do if the KakaoTalk chat turned out to be boring too, but good thing they were interesting. Later on, through his character JCW's gag level rose up to 1-2, it became legendary status."!!!!  She gave a big thumbs up after saying that. 

Translated from chinese translation.by Raine

SSTV interview Min Young: "I browsed DC when Healer ended ,there were so many thoughts that I could not read all. Writer Song gave me links as well and I read many comments from overseas fans. There were some people who did specialized analysis that was even better than mine. I really appreciated it when reading so many comments. Sometimes I take a screenshot when I see touching comments which I feel are like gifts" "How do you feel about your love scenes with JCW?" Min Young "My last kiss in drama was in Glory Jane in  2011. After that, it was a kiss blank period,so I enjoyed acting romantic scenes in Healer(laughs).There were many love scenes,so every time when reading a new script, JCW would ask me "are you ok?" Even when encountering difficulties, he guided me. I just followed him without any burden. JCW  is like a spoilt child, he made the atmosphere of the shooting site more comfortable." "There was a shooting scene on bed,almost no time for me to feel weary,JCW asked the staff  to put a heating pad on bed. In one of the scenes where I had to sleep, I really slept off. PD said"Young Shin,just sleep like that" From this interview with FACT Link "‘I was surprised by Yoo Ji-tae's affectionate nature, how happy his wife must be! He bought coffee for me when he heard I liked coffee. He has put his wife and baby's picture as his phone wallpaper. His eyes are full of love, just as they describe in romance novels." When talking about her ideal type,her eyes opened wide "He should look sharp in appearance,stay modest and reliable,and it will be best if he is humorous! I have never met my ideal type before,so the so-called "ideal person" is just an ideal."  ”I am always ready to be a bride,but I can not get married because I haven't met that person. I always thought I would get married at 27,and now maybe before 35? Love? Now I don't want to depend on something. This is the first time that I can live solidly without affection. Of course love is nice,but now I want to give all my affection to acting and work like an ox". cre: lark for english translation and windbell for korean to chinese translation Credit@mimi26 from PMY thread

Raine said: 

- PMY said: 1. Jung-Hoo told me a few days back that YoungShin is the cutest character he's seen in recent years, and so I jokingly said that it's because I'm the one acting (as her)   2. I only spent 3 hours to decide to take part in Healer. 3. My friends told me that I finally found a character suited for me. 4. Do you know how embarassing it is to sing in front of JCW? haha 5. It's not easy to have such a nice/comfortable set, staff, colleagues.
- PMY want to apologize to JCW because of her dripping nose. "At that time I was having severe bronchitis (a severe cold), and my nose was dripping every day. I took injections 5 times a week, and my face became swollen, near the end, there was a lot of toning (?? not quite sure here, maybe she means putting on more makeup or something?) When filming romantic scene, I fell asleep when the medicine kicked in, it's almost ad lib. JCW suffered a lot filming action scenes in the cold weather, so I would immediately brighten up/smile thinking that it wouldn't do if my bronchitis halted the shooting.
- JCW talked about kiss scene with PMY. "It is nice, but.." "Whenever I looked at the script and saw another kissing scene, I would sigh. PMY nuna will also say "We're kissing again? We're hugging again?" I think this drama has the most romantic scenes in all my drama, and I think it is the same for nuna. Though I like it, but I become really careful and sensitive for kiss scenes. I'll be concerned/worried since she's not my real girlfriend...
- PMY: Even news/article that say "This drama is specially made for JCW" I can read happily. Because it's only right that the person who suffered the most (worked the hardest) gain the most attention. He's acting the Healer in Healer after all. Very tiring and his acting is superb, I want to applaud for him. When I see JCW who is working really hard and smiling, <I also can't say I'm tired, I'm okay as long as there is Jung Hoo> I've been telling myself that all the time. 
- JCW's most memorable scene is the rooftop snow kiss in episode 8. It's really beautiful.  In another interview, he said it's the scene where YoungShin comes to the Healer lair to find the sick JungHoo. 
PMY said: JCW and her both said to each other "Good thing you're Young Shin, good thing you're JungHoo." If it's a friend that shares this much compassion in acting, can work together again no matter when, even after coming back from military duty. 
- JCW: PMY doesn't like me calling her Nuna, if I use honorifics, she'll look at me weird. Maybe it's because I don't look/feel like a younger brother. We communicate very well and so we can act out our romantic scenes with more synergy and happiness.
- PMY: JCW is very mature, even though he does aegyo alot, he's a very sincere/true person.
- JCW was asked about his dating style. He said that when in love, the most important is that the man has his own style. I'm more emotional/sensual type, I like to joke a lot, and do aegyo a lot, kind of like ParkBongSoo. I'm not the "Bad/Cool Guy" style.
(lol do you guys see why I put the above two side by side??? XD just for fun haha don't go into delulu land please haha)
- In PMY's interview, she comments about her partnership with JCW.  She said: "After we finished filming, we both texted each other a similar message. The message was something like: It really feels great to meet such a great partner.She goes on to say, "The standard for a good partner/co-star is not on their looks or their popularity, the most important is the amount of feeling/emotions that can be exchanged/relayed to one another. On that point, JCW is a partner/co-star that really matches with me. She added: 90% of our conversation is about work (the drama). She focuses on how to deliver the emotions during romantic scenes. She's thankful that JCW is able to relay JungHoo's feelings to her clearly.
- JCW said that the second reason that he has no love scandal is because he doesn't have that much love experience. He said: "Because I'm too busy with work, I have no time for a love relationship. Whenever I start filming for a project, I'll leave my cellphone by the side (in other words, ignore it). Because of that, girlfriend can't stand it, . But I also understand why she feels that way." His ideal type is someone who can communicate well with him, no particular appearance and age type. He currently doesn't have a girlfriend.
- Other info: JCW military duty plan is sometime early next year or middle of next year.  PMY is going to China to film for 3 months during April, and then return afterwards to do drama series in Korea around July afterwards (role already decided, did not say what project it is). 

 Rough Translation of ENews 24Healer Couple's Love Scenes

Reporter: Healer has the most love scenes amongst all your other projects.
JCW: It really has many skinship and love scenes. My friends will call and joke to ask, 'Ya~ is it nice?' A lot of people asked that (laugh). For an actor, it's actually not a happy thing when it comes to acting. It's a sensitive job. Before filming the kiss scene, I'm the type that will not smoke and apply perfume. There are a lot to things to worry about. If the on-screen partner displays even a little bit of uneasiness, (I) will shy away. Luckily, (Park) Min Young noona acceptable skinship comfortably, and even makes suggestion e.g. "How about we do this?" 

Reporter: Your on-screen chemistry with Park Min Young has become a hot topic.
JCW: Jung Hoo and Young Shin are characters that were created by all staff from the script to the screen carefully and attentively. Instead of saying we acted the characters well, it's more like the characters itself are good. In addition, from the first time I met noona, I have been given the cold-shoulder of addressing her as noona (laugh). She said he's younger than her, and it's awkward. She suggested I speak more freely, and thanks to that, I get to loosen up. No matter what kind of project, it's having good communication between the actors that resulted the natural spark seen in the show. 


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Ji Chang Wook ideal type ?
Q1. Empress Q  and Healer Chae Young Shin, which one is the  closest to your ideal type? 
A. For  me , Chae Young Shin,  In fact, I think as a modern man myself, for me Empress Q is a little too strong for me, she play a role as both man and woman, As comparison, Chae Young Shin is more cute, pleasant, Bright and funny. So she is closer to my ideal type.

Ji Chang Wook as a Lover ? 
Q2. For Love, Ji Chang Wook is what  kind of a boyfriend? 
A. I do not like to fight, I really do not like to fight. . Usually, I will be a very fun, ,,,,,very ... very naughty boyfriend

Ji Chang Wook Way  of Love ?
Q3. Ji Chang Wook dream of love? 
A. I want to be able comfortable to  communicates with each other, have telepathy together, and  a  soft,  warm love. .....

Ji Chang Wook lover 
Q4. So....Ji Chang Wook  future girlfriend  ?
A. Hello....



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 “Healer” Special Interview


Jung Hoo was a lonely person, I was always aware of his loneliness


This Ji Chang Wook is certainly superb.  His recent work “Healer” is a hot topic, he played Jung Hoo, a lonely young man who lived as a night courier “Healer”.  Hiding his identity and protecting a woman Young Shin, you will actually fall for such a stoical character like City Hunter if you see him.

“First, I thought it was quite an unique world.  Unveiling the mystery by associating the past and present was a very new composition.  Also, there was a satirical aspect of the society.  When seeing people who feel the problems and irritations towards the society, I thought this drama would have a “healing” effect.   Therefore, I thought I would give it a try playing this drama which had a taste of social awareness.  I was so much stimulated by imagining the character of “Healer” and had grown interest on it.  In addition, writer Song Jin Na trusted me.  I am very fortunate for being “an actor trusted by a writer”.  There were other various attractive elements so I decided to play this drama.”

Behind the mask of “Healer” who carried out his tasks, Jung Hoo camouflaged himself as a cowardly rookie reporter Bong Su in order to hide his real identity.   Ji had worries playing two characters but at the same time it also stimulated his acting desire.

To interpret a character was more difficult than you thought.  But fortunately there was plenty of time in the beginning of the drama, so I met and discussed with writer and producer my thoughts about the character, like what direction I would be heading to, it was good that the character was well created by going through detailed meetings with them.  Things like there was not much reality for an occupation being known as “Healer”, I wondered how I was going to act out so that audiences could accept the character without any sense of incongruity.  Also, how much difference I should play the two characters.  I had so much worries with this part but at the end  I decided to focus on his feelings according to situations,  the situation when Healer had to carry out his tasks and the situation when Healer had to hide his real name and impersonate as Bong Su.  When getting into each different situation, respective character would have come out.  In particular, fundamental things like Jung Hoo’s personality, his speech and how he had been living.  Anyway, I imagined a lot.  It was interesting to imagine and create this character from scratch rather than pulling out the character from my own experiences.”

The key element to play Jung Hoo was his “loneliness”

“Jung Ho was a very lonely person.   He was abandoned by his mother when he was young.   His teacher whom he had beenattached to like his father also suddenly left him one day.  Those experiences made him a lonely person and in order not to get hurt further and protect his own heart, it was understandable that he stayed away from people.    This was also mentioned in the line said by his work partner Min Ja  Ahjumma when she analysed what a person Jung Hoo was, she said  “That child never left anyone, it was only the people leaving him”.  Because of this reason, he was a very lonely person and I understood there was a wound in his heart.  People made him like that.  Therefore, when I played his  character, I was always aware of that “loneliness” sitting inside himself.”

You will be attracted to Jung Hoo’s shadow of loneliness but somehow the unreliable and intimate character of Bong Su is also charming.

“I don’t have any similarities to neither Jung Hoo or Bong Su and even Jung Hoo being as Healer.  If I had to choose, I would say Bong Su and I share little similarities such as the ordinary feeling and a bit of stupidity.  I also have these aspects (laugh).  Also, Bong Su’s gesture and behavior partly reflected  the ordinary me.  When comparing to Jung Hoo, he was far too cool, comparing to Healer, I am too ordinary.  He was like a protagonist in a fantasy world fluttering hearts of audiences with his wonderful charms.  I don’t have such charms though (laugh).”


Heart throbbing confession via phone call and rooftop kiss with eyes covered

No one had ever seen the face of “Healer”.  Jung Hoo had been living in a way that he thought family, co-workers and friends meant nothing to him.  But his destiny started to change after his encounter with Young Shin.

“It was an ideal relationship between Jung Hoo and Young Shin.  Not only were they just loving each other, their relationship was to support each other.   Jung Hoo protected Young Shin by embracing her, whereas Young Shin felt his loneliness and let herself engulf in his embrace.   I am like that too.  If I am being cherished, I feel like hugging someone.  When I am going through hard time and want comfort, I want to be hugged.”

These two people continuously sprouted the best love scenes in this drama starting from the rooftop kiss to many heart throbbing romantic moments.

“The scene of Jung Hoo having saved Young Shin and then kissed her with her beanie covering her eyes on the rooftopwhere the snow was falling remains as a special memory in my mind.  Another scene is Jung Hoo stayed away from Young Shin and locked himself in his home due to a reason but Young Shin somehow made an effort to go searching for him.  Jung Hoo realised she would be in danger if she was with him so he purposely pushed her away in a cold attitude and made her leave but she wasn’t going to leave.  Their interactions in this scene ended up with Young Shin embracing Jung Hoo in her arms and he shed tears realizing her love to him being straightforward.  Even now the heart aching feeling at that time does remain in my heart.”

Other than that, interactions between Jung Hoo and Young Shin in many unique situations make our hearts throb.

“There are many telephone conversation scenes between Jung Hoo and Young Shin.  But actually, Jung Hoo was physically in a place where he could see Young Shin.  He was talking to her while watching over her.   Young Shin called Bong Su when she talked for the first time about her feelings towards Healer.  Also, there was a scene in which Young Shin was out late night but he had been following behind and protecting her.  When she found a public phone booth, she rang Bong Su but it was Jung Hoo picking up the call, he was chatting with her while watching over her from a rooftop.   Young Shin thought I was Bong Su and said she was upset because she couldn’t meet Healer but she was talking to me (Bong Su) about me (Healer).   Since Young Shin didn’t know I was Healer so I just pretended I didn’t know either.  It was very interesting to express that complex feelings of happiness and frustrations.   I myself got fluttered while playing those scenes.”

Even it is acting, when asking him about the most heartbreaking scene…

“I can’t say much in details because it is a spoiler but when Jung Hoo lost a very important person, he was very sad and heartbroken.  This drama certainly makes you cry.  It wasn’t a scene that he emotionally cried his heart out.  In the film set, they requested Jung Hoo to hold back and not to cry.   I was told “It is not that Jung Hoo doesn’t cry but he can’t cry because Jung Hoo this character doesn’t know how to cry.”  Therefore, when he saw the body of that important person lying in the morgue, he was so heartbroken but he couldn’t cry and felt verypainful.  I found it very difficult to understand the part about “he can’t cry because he doesn’t know how to cry”, it was just hard.”


I like friends, I dislike carrots

One of the memorable scenes is a Q&A format of Jung Hoo answering Young Shin’s questions.  The scene is about things Jung Hoo liked and disliked.  Things he liked were high places, first snow, small hands, things he disliked were what kept him away from things he liked.  Well, what Ji Chang Wook likes and dislikes?

“Things I like are sports, food and sleep (laugh).  Friends, drink coffee and alcohol.  Things I dislike are hunger, headache and carrots.  I didn’t like carrots when I was born, I can’t even eat them now (laugh).”

A fan meeting is scheduled to be held in Japan in July.

“I am still doing my very best to prepare for it.  I want to do a fan meeting which is different from before.  How do I make it more interesting? I am thinking about how I can spend an enjoyable time with everyone.  I think I can present a different appearance and a funny aspect of myself to my fans.  Also, I am preparing for the next project at the same time.  Although I can’t tell you the details but filming starts in July.  Because I think I can show you a new side of me, I hope you will be looking forward to it.”


English translation by manyearsago @ soompi

Source  韓国TVドラマガイド (59) released on 22 June 2015


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