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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~

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Guest Eileen531

@insania, I peeked. kekekeke.  very nice thanks......lol  Your're Italian, who knew?

Omgod @Ahpheng, that meme is great.  Smoking hot........keke

thanks @minksquared for the pictures.......how do you like the hair style now? I guess even when not filming he is staying with it.....lol

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good to be back, I was away for a few days. First thing that caught my attention was this "Shanghai Maybe"

Panda Report 3: Observations by Yours Truly who has finally received her own set of Panda Documentary 1) Panda couple chit chat plus group chit chat - the body language and communication between our P

I hope no one left (or fainted again) eheh... Here we go with the gifs!!...   1- Uncle Yoo Ji Tae placing the two lovebirds next to each other. (he did that quite a few times during the photoshoot. Lo

Guest JessicaTham

hello everyone....sorry for not being active :( i hope everyone is doing great

thanks soo much dear @tehlimau for your panda report :w00t:@Ahpheng your c-strips are daebak!! loved it :D @crushonhealer wow your edits are really wonderful and   @fyeahjcw thanks for all hot gifs and edits..you are are sooo talented:wub: and woohoooo yeahhhhhhhh ...that means they were shopping together (something like that) or may be she gifted him :PCKTATH7WoAA0exk.jpg                                                                                                                                                                  any one who received the DVD??? please add me too if there is any group chat...thanks :)

@ansolga i love your each and every posts :D thank u



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Latest Japanese IV


Almost the same as his previous one

  • His favourites scenes as usual the snow kiss, and then the phone booth scene with all the fluttery feelings he said before
  • About PMYhe said he found her dancing interesting hahaha, He said she acted the YS character very well, her curious and competitive nature - the way she acted was interesting.
  • Comparing how JH loves YS and asking what is JCW's falling in love style,The interviewer noted that JH became very gentle and after he got together with YS : The style of JH's love, is different from other normal people - normal people will feel a distance? He expresses his feelings badly, he knows very little (or nothing at all) about love, In that very lonely house of his, he remains distant from other people. For myself, I think I am not like that, In the case of Bongsoo, he is always in a daze.So I don't think I am like either of their styles, However the parts where we are alike - when we like a person it is a very pure type of feelings

Thanks @tehlimau

Full article

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Guest twig2

Hi Chingus,  I remember someone said that she is going to compile all the past postings of pics, gifs, C- strips + others into one special  thread.  Could someone tell me where is the link?  Tried to locate but couldn't.  Angels, please grant me this wish.:wub:

You can find it here:  http://changmincouple.tumblr.com/

by @fyeahjcw  :wub:

@fyeahjcw Thank you. As usual, you have your CSI Memory. Joining Healer 2 drama?:wub::phew:. DonDontDont forget to notify us !

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@insania hahhaa .. sorry i did take a peek, anything on wookie surely i can't resist. thanks for sharing :D

all changminers are now being sent to seventh heaven spazzing with and without the oxygen tanks hahahha, can't thank enough for the panda report @tehlimau .. as i expected pandas are truly adorable and lovable species. We are truly mesmerized by their fun interactions observed in their observatory. and thanks for the japanese translation too. Have fun ladies :)


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hello all :w00t:

It seems that uri couple wear the same leather jacket MY is white (the pic #redlover #HK) Wookie is black (on HK FM) because I can't update the pic. everyone can see it  

uri couple teasing us have fun....... kekekeke;)

thank you @tehlimau for panda report


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Guest ZikzinLovers

Hello, I am fan of changmin, but wondered if it really ji chang wook and Park Min Young are dating or are out? I saw a Chinese news days ago yes, but not sure of its genuineness and reality, please help. :)

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My Beautiful Amazing Chingus, Good evening!
Our Dear @tehlimau Chingu thank you for your beautiful report pandas,it really is too obvious between our playful pandas, and I think,even they ourselves is very difficult to hide their real feelings for each other, our pandas are very gentle, beautiful, and always with a special concern for each other and love their happy eyes shining, our Couple Pandas is Saying Everything, without extra words with their Togetherness!

Many thanks from all of us and for translation of all important interview handsome JCW, this is a very big job and we really appreciate all that you are doing for us!
Thank you very much all our talented, wise Chingus, for all your beautiful posts!
Love you all,always take care of themselves,a lot of hugs all our family friendly here! All the wonderful beauty sleep,let every day and night will be filled with the brightest, beautiful,positive feelings!

For the good mood of all, a few new photos of our JCW and PMY record in an interview special for Japanese interview,that is dedicated show Healer,in Japan with 31 July! 

Please note my sweet Chingus, to the position as the handsome JCW stood beside the poster with Healer, emphasizing only himself and his beautiful goddess PMY, even pity YJT, he obviously for someone was entirely unnecessary there, JCW, obviously, quite does not want other man next with PMY, even on the poster, were in this special love story that only between him and his Special beautiful girl from heaven PMY, I think he wanted to show her that he was only her special man, her honey, and, therefore, in particular, stressing only the two of them on the healer poster! Many thanks Charming JCW, even this gesture is so cute and I think YJT aware of real feelings of love between birds JCW+PMY, and does not offend, because as we remember he even write Healer DVD does not go, and I am sure the main reason for this is still that YJT is a very wise man, happily married to his beautiful wife and apparently well known that birds love JCW+PMY a must stay for a single at the moment, he's Cupid for these two love birds of love and there is no doubt, I'm sure YJT yet know with Healer, a special tender feelings between JCW and PMY, so a huge thank him for showing a deep understanding of, YJT is really good, caring Friend and special Cupid for our cuties JCW&PMY!
You can also see that the Hot JCW started to make a gesture of scissors (especially on the photo where he is with his manager and another man), just as in the 8 Epizod Healer is tempting did PMY, his face so much like facial expression PMY,they so harmoniously, even in their faces, so that our love birds JCW+PMY they really a match made in heaven,so want to they always could be just as happy as we see them now, because for all of us their shippers,the most important  always there will be only their happiness!


I will always stand beside you.
I will always smile for you!




Cr:@yoko 20_15 Weibo

"Love is composed of a single soul,one heart,inhabiting two bodies."ChangMin is an Example True Love! Always In LOVE with this ADORABLE Couple!The Grandeur and Beauty our ChangMin Couple is Mesmerizing!

Distance never separate two people truly in love!



Cr:Weibo/credit as tagged



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Guest ZikzinLovers

Sorry for my bad English, but if they are coming because they are blessed! both are beautiful and great people. girl sky and angelic boy <3

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Guest ZikzinLovers

em praying succeed my exam period and also pray for a new story of CSI changminers, I pray for a new story of real love:wub::w00t::phew: Let him all the love!! 

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@Eileen531 mianh.. I am not Italian Darling.. I just saw the videos on YT and want to share with you here..I wish i'm a Korean instead so when I want to go to their wedding,  I no need to worry about a visa kekeke.. And @avi1003.. you're really disobedient .. but still hope you're like it..  :)  

Uri Captain just perfect mianh Minyoungie..   you can have him fully and I just ask you to share a little with me to do sightseeing so I can refresh my brain hahahha..

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Hello everybody... @AnsOlga as always your wise words are soothing for the trembling hearts of Changminers....  @tehlimau I'll be waiting for your latest FF....hehehe.... I have lost count on how many times I've read your FF...can't help myself..... @Ahpheng you never fail to make me smile and laughs....they sure are cute in your C-Strip....

To all new comers, welcome to this lovely thread....hope you all enjoy spazzing here. Feel free to express your thoughts, never let the language barrier dampens your love for Uri couple and us....ekekke....

LOVE knows NO BOUNDERIS.... Once you decide to embark in the journey of EVERLASTING LOVE, there is no turning back not because you cannot but just because your heart won't let you... Then you'll realize that BOTH HEARTS has become ONE...

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Hey guys, I have problem with Soompi past few days, not able to go to a specific page and when i could, it was after a long wait provided it did not crash. 
Anyway, just wanna say thank you and you're welcome to those who tagged me regarding the Hot LA C-strip , I had so much fan looking for YoungShin's pictures.  Cheers 


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