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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~

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Guest Eileen531

Anytime @cinziar, no worries.  Thanks so much for all the videos and back story @Voilla_amore, I really enjoyed all of them but like @tianashi, the Sol Brothers was really special.  Wookie was so nervous there and started to sing the other performer's verse but caught himself. He looked darn good thou. lol

@twigtwiglove, there are a few others on the KP comment section that use different names.  Changminers come in many forms. hehe

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good to be back, I was away for a few days. First thing that caught my attention was this "Shanghai Maybe"

Panda Report 3: Observations by Yours Truly who has finally received her own set of Panda Documentary 1) Panda couple chit chat plus group chit chat - the body language and communication between our P

I hope no one left (or fainted again) eheh... Here we go with the gifs!!...   1- Uncle Yoo Ji Tae placing the two lovebirds next to each other. (he did that quite a few times during the photoshoot. Lo

Hi everyone,

Just dropping by and say hi to all happy changminers. Glad to be back. Very quite here. 

what ? still no news on SK media about uri couple secret .. not so secret rendevous. Fishy Fisy? Are we quietly waiting for the official statement from uri captain denying the rumours just like what happen with MK not too long ago. :phew::phew: ( as if that's gonna happen ..hahaha)

Silent ??


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Guest twig2

Anytime @cinziar, no worries.  Thanks so much for all the videos and back story @Voilla_amore, I really enjoyed all of them but like @tianashi, the Sol Brothers was really special.  Wookie was so nervous there and started to sing the other performer's verse but caught himself. He looked darn good thou. lol

@twigtwiglove, there are a few others on the KP comment section that use different names.  Changminers come in many forms. hehe

@Eileen531.... I supposed they are not one of us.....  Still so quiet here.. no further updates... wae???


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you're welcome @Eileen531 I enjoy making and sharing my Cstrips and it makes me really happy when you guys like them. Thanks . 

Thanks @treasure51, I couldn't resist putting in that line "I'll protect you " as I believe he will protect his noona should anything happens, touch wood. 

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A big hello to my beautiful amazing Chingus, good wishes everyone a nice cozy evening!:)
A huge special thanks to everyone ChangMiner-Healerite with thread ChangMin, Chinese ChangMiners, Facebook, IG, Twitter, for what creates the world, for our Best ChangMin such warm, beautiful, comfortable, from all beautiful your good heart, your wisdom and originality every day with all ChangMiner-Healerite turn in very beautiful history,in the discussions about our ChangMin can feel absolute happiness, and love, so happy I, that ChangMiner-Healerite each has its own unique style of mind and thoughts!

ChangMiners-Healerites really all very unique and important family for me to have such a feeling that each of us is very similar to what is probably our common love and support for ChangMin, so what is called "Love the voice of the heart, even with all the silence, all the special and real all we can just feel!
Lots of friendly hugs, with a great love for all my beautiful amazing ChangMiners-Healerites family!


I hope that the lack of news on the wonderful rumors about our ChangMin, still can not overshadow our ChangMiners happy emotions and our happiness, we have patience and we will one morning seeing the happiest news of our ChangMin!
My dearest Chingus at the moment please keep all calm, because the silence about these rumors only confirms once again that there is truth in this, no smoke without fire does not happen, all the more, let us remember how beautiful it was described in the news of Chinese about our feelings ChangMin, Chinese press reported that, because if you remember even the Korean press after the final episode Healer written from the first to the last scene was the perfect chemistry between JCW and PMY and it's no joke, it's just their real feelings,that are impossible not notice,and not feel!

I remember that many of us ChangMiners-Healerites heart was already felt that there is a special love in the air between our sweet ChangMin, that have special looks at them only with each other, so why should we not believe such rumors, because the Chinese side described all really nice and so in fact we all feel for a long time about the special feelings that live in the hearts of JCW and PMY after these two beautiful betrothed destine people met in the drama of destiny, which gave them the opportunity through the characters JH and YS understand and feel what real committed relationship between two truly loving people that love can heal the wounds of the past each other, as well as a beautiful sensual love as between JH and YS can only really live and pass through the heart, such strong feelings emotions can be represented as perfect as our ChangMin in healers, only if you really live all these beautiful fluttering feelings for each other really!

And most important real evidence that was open to us ChangMiners what is actually a beautiful goddess PMY is really perfect for the type of girl JCW, as we all know, and happy this fact, JCW in his FM recently named the heroine of YS,as the one who is more close to his ideal type of girl, as we all know YS is PMY! 

And only to think purely logically that all my wise CSI ChangMiners, can you believe that more than JCW and PMY schedule so just took it and suddenly coincided?

Why not earlier or later then?Why not suppose to or may say,why not in July was the FM for JCW in Hong Kong,but because a break in the filming his beautiful goddess PMY fell just at that time,and therefore, JCW was looking for any opportunity to be there exactly at the same time and maybe it's FM in Hong Kong was the only way yet as JCW get to Shanghai,A very Wise mind handsome JCW had to look for other wise steps here and probably got a offer in London at the fashion show and indeed I personally can understand why the JCW route was so difficult, and so, having overcome all the obstacles he knew that the reward will be in the form of meeting with a special girl there and doubt can not be here! 

At the same time,in the same country, so close to each other when there is only on the wings of love to fly together,do you really believe that our birds love ChangMin really would have refused such a rare opportunity to see each other because at the moment from filming PMY in China they are often far from each other and it really was one of the most successful opportunities to meet,and I don't think they left that part out,our ChangMin is a Healer a Couple who know perfectly how to secretly seeing each other and I'm sure they even personal places of their meetings already have!

I personally in such coincidences do not believe that too much of a coincidence,as I wrote in those Chinese rumors the opportunity to see each other in any way and I believe that the rumors about ChangMin's true!

A even without the Chinese rumors about this are all too evident from the behavior of JCW, constant conversation on the mobile and the way he constantly tried as little as possible to be seen, it is absolutely the behavior of a man who is completely in love, completely in constant dreams of his beloved, which seeks only to be able to spend some time with his girlfriend at the time, and he is willing to risk everything for the sake of this one meeting+all his songs on FM,in Hong Kong about love, about what he had found it so unique, unique, for which the ready to fight and protect against all who might even hair on her head hurt!
The man never wants to sing so many songs about love on a personal FM, if this love does not live in his heart, well, the whole of the real sensuality and love in every word of his beautiful voice well, it is obvious that his heart not just lives and blooms a great love for the special girl PMY, and this love is there the fire burns in the heart of the inability to shout to the world what I have so very much love this girl!

I still can not stop looking at youtube the important point FM wise handsome JCW, so nice to really even her beanie with most unforgettable romantic, most beautiful snow kiss with Healer, that that was on FM with hands and not let nobody trusted even for a second, also put his hand specifically to the special beanie his special girl no one dared to pick up, you can feel that,for JCW really,even beanie PMY so much important, as the special symbol that at any distance thinking about this beautiful moment of real snow will kiss with PMY warming his heart, because in spite of the cold weather, snow, on the kiss, our ChangMin was especially warm, because as written, even during the Korean article Healer it was a loving and romantic kiss and it is not surprising that this is the most favorite scene JCW, because I'm sure His heart fluttered especially in this moment, because his feelings for PMY already at that moment believe were real and he just lived these happy feelings for her,so that time is so important and memorable in his heart and memory.
I believe that the appearance of the beanie PMY in FM JCW, there is a recognition of his feelings for her, there is an important recognition of their feelings for each other, because the only real couples share with each other their personal belongings, and special gentle handling of the beanie once more only It proves that it is really a personal thing his favorite real girl and I'm sure we all feel that this is so, and an official confirmation of this obvious ChangMin love is only a matter of time!


All important hints and beautiful words, our beautiful goddess PMY presented for all,who are able to read between the lines(that is, for all of us ChangMiners),as evidence of her feelings for her JCW in IG, also very wisely defended her special lover ceased to follow him, so obviously just did not want any trouble for him, but that before stop following him,and other important for her good people to protect them from the general negativity from other highly impressionable shippers wise beautiful PMY wrote very important words, and now I want to remind you my Dear Chingus these beautiful words that the heart beats stronger,because it is so beautiful when they write G'night loves,and do not forget about your lips, which can only mean that, together with these meaning for the word has been sent as a kiss and not for the fans,and, for him only, for the one who revived her heart for someone who filled her world very bright colors, happy emotions, special beauty of their joint unforgettable memories for which the heart This is especially beautiful, magnificent in all respects girls beat faster, and I'm sure that as well as the heroine Healer YS, the time has come when PMY really really fell in love with JCW, when they believed that once again has the right to love and be loved, and build relationships her with a decent man, a real man is not scattered with empty promises, and is also ready to fight for the common bright future, for the love that is not afraid of any obstacles!

Because love comes to an end when at least one of the lovers decided to give up and refuse to fight for relationships, true love is always the feeling between the two, you know there are strong feelings that even at a great distance from each other tightly bind heart, and the fire of love inflames only worse and to feel completely happy and sometimes even five minutes is enough to see the eyes of loved ones!

So here my favorite Chingus as I understand  review all photos and BTS ChangMin best and reliable evidence about their reality right before our eyes is their eyes, gestures, facial expressions, smiles on their face 

In every word about each other,in memory I'm sure their hearts are filled with a special warmth and happiness, let's live in the present, to believe in the best, let us even more to feel the love throughout our ChangMin, because as earlier in the thread here ChangMin one of our beautiful Chingus written a very wise phrase namely

First love letters written in the eyes,a special thank you for this phrase, because it is exactly all this is about our ChangMin,change their eyes and glowing with happiness when they look at each other and in a special way to look only at those who care heart, those who are really among the million other always remains unique and irreplaceable, the in  heart and thoughts!


Our Beautiful Perfect Healer ChangMin Couple left a strong imprint on the important heart of each of us!
In this magical place as ChangMin thread, talented, beautiful and open people in this atmosphere of love, positivity continue to wait for new tips from our romantic ChangMin.
In the meantime, we continue to wait for new news, let's happy until the last day of voting will continue to vote for our charming Ji Chang Wook&Park Min Young Healer Couple, they are always at the heart of the most beautiful, amazing, true, the most-the best! Their eyes are burning with love and kindness, and this is the best natural beauty in the world, so ChangMin always the most special and beautiful!

Therefore, every vote in this very important vote because every vote from ChangMiner-Healerite, this is the important bit of our hearts that we are able to give them to be able to see them again, ornate, elegant, stunningly beautiful and happy, one thought to see them again already it brings warmth to the heart!
Our ChangMin is Love!

Love, it isn’t just a dream
now that you are everything to me
oh love is the sweetest thing
I smile at every being with a skip in my heart! words 
Yael Meyer – When You Hold Me Tight – Healer OST PART 2 Lyrics











Cr:Baidu Chinese 


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Guest Eileen531

Awww @Ahpheng, with this double header you are serving us we might become greedy and want a trifecta in one day? ........ What a grand event that would be.  Thank you as always.  The video showing this part has been replayed by me over and over, I just can't get enough of his outwardly concern for the beanie's well being. lol

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I just read in instagram & twitter about a statement made by JCW saying he likes PMY's smile the most. Can't post the link here since I'm using my phone. Anyone knows if this is from a recent IV? Is this true? Chincha? Chincha?

We've been seeing hints here and there recently.  Are we in for a big announcement soon? (Wishful thinking) :D



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There's a buzz in instagram & twitter about a statement made by JCW saying he likes PMY's smile the most. Can't post the link here since I'm using my phone. Is this true? Chincha? Chincha?

We've been seeing hints here and there recently.  Are we in for a big announcement soon? (Wishful thinking) :D



That's also the way HK's magazine makes title. The question is which co-star actress he like the most? He answered that he like all but represent 2 recent co-stars: EK's HJW and Healer's PMY. Because both are cheerful and love to laugh...And this magazine only bring PMY's name in title. LoL

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@labyrinth525 The article from FACE POP Magazine, here is translation of the parts regarding our couple from our lovely @tehlimau, the IV was taken I think just before the FM, from his outfit in there




Adding a video



"JCW saying he likes Park Min-Young's smile the most"

The magazine might have deduced that from this: or just wanted to make appealing headlines

"Q1. Empress Q  and Healer Chae Young Shin, which one is the  closest to your ideal type? 
A. For  me , Chae Young Shin,  In fact, I think as a modern man myself, for me Empress Q is a little too strong for me, she play a role as both man and woman, As comparison, Chae Young Shin is more cute, pleasant, Bright and funny. So she is closer to my ideal type."

or he might have really said it, waiting for new infos on this, but, as we know he WAS mesmerised by her smiling face and her beautiful nature






They described him as the "currently single Ji Chang Wook." not clear if they assumed or he said so

but here is his answer from the Q&A from the FM

Q4. So....Ji Chang Wook  future girlfriend  ?
A. Hello....


First Qn was which female costar left the deepest impression?

Ans: I like all my female costars, the most recent ones will be Ha Ji-Won and Park Min-Young

They both like to laugh, Both very cheerful I feel happy filming on set, and lots of laughter during NGs, and even though it was tiring they were filming happily

Qn: you look very compatible with Park Min-Young? What is your ideal woman? 

I like cheerful women. Must be able to talk and get along well.

A question about marriage

I haven't been thinking too deeply about marriage, I did not have a specific timeframe when I should get married

let nature takes its own course


The rest is about playing a homo man and being called gangster shoulders



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Konnichiwa my lovelies! I have just returned from the Land of the Rising Sun. Now, anyone missed me? Kekekeke.

Thanks @ReemKanabta for posting my poor translation of the article above - I must add this is not the word-for-word translation, since I just scanned it through, and I am not a professional translator either - jane of all languages, master of none. *sobs*

Do not be rocked by what magazines or press or opposing camps say - as Reem has posted best is to hear what comes out from the horse's mouth - ie our dear Wookie himself.

Our deep deep underground research and investigation unit ascertains that our ship is sailing. So keep calm and carry on shipping!

And oh, hopefully when I have recovered fully, there will be another ff, or two.


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@tehlimau you're back, sweetie!! I hope your vacation went well ^_^OMO, one FF (or maybe two...) :w00t::w00t::wub::wub: I couldn't be more happy right now 

I think this is the audio of the interview :

It seems he talked about a bit longer of PMY in this than what was written in the press IV...  I might be wrong though, because my level of chinese is an absolute zero lol!

Wookie was acting really nice in this IV compared to the FM, which was a huge slap for the other shippers (he killed me with that "half man, half woman" comment! lol The Q&A was soooooo Changmin, our boy couldn't have been more obvious! :wub:

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