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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~

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good to be back, I was away for a few days. First thing that caught my attention was this "Shanghai Maybe"

Panda Report 3: Observations by Yours Truly who has finally received her own set of Panda Documentary 1) Panda couple chit chat plus group chit chat - the body language and communication between our P

I hope no one left (or fainted again) eheh... Here we go with the gifs!!...   1- Uncle Yoo Ji Tae placing the two lovebirds next to each other. (he did that quite a few times during the photoshoot. Lo

Guest nicolelim88

awesome pic so beautiful, i just notice the star earrrrrrringgggg wow! guys please tell me something! to all CSI (alert please). 

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@ell4u... Actually our considerate MY tried several time to not blocking him but then he always moved in sync with MY.

If she moved a bit backward, he will do the same thing.  There is no way to separate him from MY on that stage that night. He stuck to her every moves like a gum.

@amyR055 i think that is what he calls "synergy". ​

Did MY and Mr X win any award? Then we can make more comparative behaviourial analysis. Methinks we are becoming scientists. Haha. 

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Morning my dear @ReemKanabta! Glad you are here. I must add one VERY important detail which will lead to more spazzing. PMY and PYC interactions were AFTER 20 episodes of filming. Uri couple only did 8!!!

Separately to get more inspiration on my ff, i need your views on what changmin were laughing their heads off in @fyeahjcw earlier gifs. Over something the PD said? They looked too delirious there. 

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Hello everyone ^^

So happy to wake up and see Youngie's smiling face!! Let's hope she'll update very very often (one puppy will surely need to be reassured all the time..) Anyway, Min Young looks stunning! I really like her hair darker like that :w00t:

@dandelionjd Indeed, Mr X and MY never went to a drama awards together., so there's no video to compare their interaction with the vids from the KBS 2010 (MY/PYC) and 2014 (MY/JCW)

@tehlimau To answer your question, yes they were laughing at something PD-nim said. I'm on my phone right now, will give you the link of the video as soon as I'm on the computer (and I'll also upload the video from yesterday's gifs on my account ^^)

Welcome to all the new members!! It's so great to see that uri couple bring more and more people to this thread everyday!!! 

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Yep @dandelionjd she didn't go that time, where they already separated but didn't announce it!!!

@tehlimau morning my dear, I remember that part, I once posted the video and was wondering what was so laughable , their laughter was so in sync, someone and I'm afraid I can't remember who, please come out , said that the PD was saying at the moment that "all Wookie was doing is jumping from one roof to the other, no real lines there, that was his job at the beginning, no acting involved", so must be the way he said it, hence the crazy laughter. hope this helps, @Eileen531 also remember that discussion, right dear!!

Quoting JCW Kitchen translations

PD Lee said, “This drama contains many action scenes, and there were days where Ji Chang Wook filmed scenes of him running and rolling the whole day without any lines to say from the script. There are also times where the camera will be filming Park Min Young with Ji Chang Wook flying around at the back. This is physically very tiring, so I am thankful that he gave his all and persevered to film.” To this, Ji Chang Wook said, “I feel honoured to be able to work on this project. I will work hard to learn under such a good scriptwriter and seniors.”


here he was saying how bright and cheerful she is, and how cute she made her character to be, also in sync when looking at each other

"Ji Chang Wook also spoke about working with Park Min Young. He said, “Park Min Young noona is really pretty. I think she’s very suitable for the role that she’s playing now. She expresses the lovable and cuteness (of the character) very well. So I feel happy when I’m filming with Park Min Young noona.”


Complementing him

"Park Min Young also said, “There are many scenes that cannot be filmed if I’m not close with Ji Chang Wook,” creating expectations about the chemistry between the both of them.

She added, “We are together almost everyday. Intitially, I had a strange misconception that Ji Chang Wook would be rather inflexible because he played the role of an emperor in ‘Empress Ki.’ But on set, he was very fun and treated me well. He was also very considerate. Because there are many seniors on set, there’s no one else I can talk to besides Ji Chang Wook. So we ended up talking a lot to each other while trying to develop our chemistry and there will be many scenes that cannot be filmed if we weren’t close with each other. As the show proceeds to the second half, we need to share a lot of feelings with each other, so we will film and help each other along the way."


Reporters asked Ji Chang Wook about the difference between working with Ha Ji Won and Park Min Young. He said, “Both of them are beautiful and have really good personalities. They give off a bright energy at the set. When I saw Ha Ji Won always smiling even when it was tiring during ‘Empress Ki’, I thought to myself that I ought to learn from that. That kind of appearance gives strength to the people around and makes it enjoyable. Park Min Young is also the same. I am the maknae in this team, so I try to be brighter, playful and act cute.”

Dont know why he was asked this

Ji Chang Wook also touched on the topic of scandals and dating. He said, “I try my best to be careful about scandals. Living as a human, it is difficult not to fall in love. I’ve definitely fallen in love before and it’s not like I’ve not had girlfriends before. I think meeting up quietly will reduce the inconvenience for both of us.”

“In fact, this is a job that does not allow me to meet anyone comfortably. It is better to meet up carefully and quietly. Although I do not know how my heart will change in the future, for now I think it is good to meet up quietly.”

With regards to his criteria of finding a girlfriend, Ji Chang Wook said, “I don’t really look at external appearances. My ideal woman is someone whom I can talk to and who matches my code.”




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@ReemKanabta I remember Wookie saying that, that he wants to date quietly but I couldn't remember he talked about that during the Healer Press Conference. I find it strange he was asked this kind of question during that event LOL I mean they're there to talk about the upcoming drama, not about their love life; this question feel a little out of place to me during the Press Conference of a drama... xD

But it's nice to see how ChangWook's answer change from the "beginning of Healer" to "after Healer". As he said in the Sina interview, he wouldn't mind to go public now. What a change of mind within a few months time!! eheh... 1726941591.png

Too bad the Press Conference has not been subbed... I would have loved to gif this particular moment when he was asked about a potential girlfriend and he gave this answer. 

Edit : "This was him after leaving my FF" LMAO you killed me!! 641468158.gif

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pyc &pmy are more comfortable when filming (actually pmy is comfortable with everyone not only pyc but since pyc & pmy are the center of skks, all attention is given to the them).

How about comparing press con between CH & healer? It will be unfair cause pmy & lmh are friends before ( same circle friends, same drama & same cf) meanwhile pmy & jcw know each other just on healer but who knows jcw will be on the top kkkk. 

Ps. I want to put the sensitive one in the spoiler but mobile phone is not friendly with this page.

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I just noticed... Striped sweaters seems to be trendy for uri couple these days :)

@ReemKanabta the smirk is everything. And the stare.... And I think I have a fetish for his ears. :w00t:


Look at those cute ears :P *Swooning over Wookie's perfect face*

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LMAO @ReemKanabta - is that his hot and satisfied face? Very hot indeed. I don't think I have ever NOT swooned over a Wookie picture since the end of Healer. Thanks for the research, I have also read the jcwkitchen several times, but I think you put the gifs and the sequence down a bit better.

At times like this @fyeahjcw I wished I had studied Korean instead of Japanese, at least I can help you with the gifs haha. I have been wondering if there are Chinese subs on the press con, but can't find any at the moment. If anyone knows of Chinese subs, please share.

regarding the press con of CH with Mr X, @dandelionjd I have seen some, and MY's behaviour was exceptionally giddy and different - a lot of flirting going on in there. Since they ended up together it made sense. Now to read ChangMin's behaviour we have got to compare with other standard behavior, I even looked at JCW and HJW during the MBC awards - but he was nothing but just respectful towards her. :P Anyone with more interesting analysis on this area, pls share. 

EDIT: EAR AND EVERYTHING FETISH!! :w00t: aren't we a lustful bunch. Yes, he is perfect in everyway. Thank you God for creating this Fine specimen of a man.

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