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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook ❤ Park Min Young (ChangMin) ~HEALER couple~

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good to be back, I was away for a few days. First thing that caught my attention was this "Shanghai Maybe"

Panda Report 3: Observations by Yours Truly who has finally received her own set of Panda Documentary 1) Panda couple chit chat plus group chit chat - the body language and communication between our P

I hope no one left (or fainted again) eheh... Here we go with the gifs!!...   1- Uncle Yoo Ji Tae placing the two lovebirds next to each other. (he did that quite a few times during the photoshoot. Lo

ahah @ReemKanabta has been quicker than me to answer your question @kbee123 :P (that's funny you eased your Healer withdrawals last night, because last night I felt a HUGE Healer withdrawal on my part!) To celebrate the 100 days of the end of Healer today, I'm gonna watch Episode 15 today with my bestie!! Talking about my bestie, she is not into the delulu shipper world. Everytime I spazz about Changmin, she tries to calm me down and say that I see too much into their posts xD But this morning, after Min Young's update, she told me that her post screams Changmin and that after her Moru Moru island post, the hints are getting too obvious... Hearing that from her is so huge and makes me dive deeper into our world "Changmin is real" (if even Bestie can see it...) *-*

Anyway, did you guys see this? http://jichangwookkitchen.com/2015/05/20/news-ji-chang-wook-narrates-audio-guide-for-andy-warhol-exhibit/ Wookie will be the voice for the audio guide of the Andy Warhol exhibit... Call me delulu again but who's really into arts and museums.... :phew:



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@ReemKanabta darling I am here! Got caught up with work - you know the thing that you cannot run away from regardless how much craziness there is on our ship. I was having WITHDRAWALS from this thread. LOL. And couldn't wait to jump back in to check. But one quick post and I have to disappear, oh let's say for another hour again before I check back in. How can I stay away, really? And with so many new Changminers joining us now??

@fyeahjcw 100 DAYS?! OMYGAWD this is seriously the longest I have spazzed for ANY DRAMA. I had it bad for You who Came from the Stars, Queen In Hyun's Man, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but I almost never spazzed online. Just lurk quietly on threads if I really really liked a show. Healer led me to delurk, then to write ffs (which I haven't done since I was a teenager) and then to join a crazy ship where there is no disembarking. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?? Healer-ya!!!!

hugs and love to all. continue the party love - I AM WAITING FOR WOOKIE's IG. Hallo, Wookie, can you hear me?!

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Good morning in my part of the world.

Welcome welcome to this wonderful shipping thread delurkers.

@fyeahjcw isn't it funny that we both have besties who try to bring us back to reality but at d same time,they can tell that some'n is fishy between our couple. Lol 

@ReemKanabta hehehe..hvnt read d next fanfic yet but I will.Almost got caught in d lab reading the first one But I will be careful today.

I was expecting airport pics of PMY (a part of me wasn't expecting any).she's a ninja.

I know there are some male lurkers also,would be fun if u can visit but the choice is entirely up to u.:)

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@tehlimau I also have thread withdrawal if I stay away a little long :tears: I need my Changmin spazz fix regularly now, soo doomed

Wookie might have withdrawal symptoms too, soo no mood to update IG, though I hope he does, it's good to get busy now Wookie

He only reposted GE on WEIBO





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Beautiful Romantic wise ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus-Family!

I congratulate everyone here to 100 days after the end of the Healer, and I want to say that each of the 100 days after the Healer was very happy,and  pure,endless and beautiful love for our Healer-ChangMin Couple, here on soompi in ChangMin thread, facebook, twitter,IG, absolutely everywhere where there is a theme for our most beautiful unforgettable couple for ChangMin there is only love, faith and kindness of people who just feel the whole truth about the feelings ChangMin hearts!
All Shippers ChangMin I consider the best, really good and wise shippers!

Beautiful People all a wonderful day and a great good luck in everything!
Day - it's just what that part of our lives, but what this piece is more beautiful, kinder, more in love, the whole life will be just as beautiful! We live, breathe, rejoice, love and cherish their loved ones, and smiling every minute, every moment!
Happiness is always in the most simple things!

Love, appreciate, thank all of you beautiful people amazing!
You are a real family for all! You are a real support at any time of life, ChangMiners-Healerites Chingus, give all the power of the spirit, immense happiness and inspiration every day!
Big friendly hug to all!

Our happiness is now Most Beautiful Couple ChangMin, because there is already a great happiness that we all have a chance to see in their eyes and beautiful tips What special thing that brings warmth and happiness in our hearts and souls, and I can say with full confidence ChangMiners that shippers, who really knows how to love really beautiful right way, and only good, positive feelings to ChangMin Couple!

Each of these 100 days were special because we all feel the presence of ChangMin couple in our lives, we all feel the heart of the continuing story  love for JCW&PMY, after healers and history,ChangMin personal history, I'm sure that has a special meaning for them their special world of feelings in their hearts, probably the most beautiful right now, because pure love, she always painted only the most incredible bright colors and flowers!

I very much hope that every day our charming ChangMin be happier and I hope we will be able also to know it all and feel, and as I wrote earlier ChangMin perhaps the only couple that does not matter, the official recognition of their love for each another, that everything is clear and obvious, and without public recognition, obviously, their beautiful, especially romantic words hints for each other!
ChangMin, is the couple who talk to each other through their hearts and eyes, and all the secret, they can only tell each other!

And speaking here about this new update of our beautiful goddess PMY, about the words that are written there, then of course it is a message for loved one especially men,for JCW, as today 100 days after the Healer and I'm sure the feelings our JCW & PMY for each other very strong, and sincere right now and why so PMY wanted to say: Though I am leaving, but he(JCW) has always, at any distance is in my heart,in thoughts,in best memories,every happy moment together, and even five-pointed star important symbols love Healer Couple,on our PMY, in ear, you can see and maybe ring as symbol love presented before departure PMY is JCW, and how I see our sweet girl PMY, became so strong spirit in all that She can do even such obvious clues that yes,we PMY+JCW,JCW+PMY=ChangMin Couple certainly real love!
I am so grateful that came at just the right time is the right real handsome man JCW, in life and destiny PMY, showed her a completely new happy world, and healed her, from many previous painful memories past, as only a man that can touch the heart is able to do this, and I'm sure the right attitude JCW special care,and love,helped JCW step by step, day by day, the right win heart PMY!

I think feelings PMY(on the basis of all the hints especially important words in her updates),can be described with the following words about
Deeper love I found in you
And the more I certainly understand,
You touched my heart

and  at present altered every plan I made
And now I feel that I have no reason to be afraid!

Only real man can show,even of short time seemed like an eternity, to give the most beautiful love, a life filled with unforgettable memories and every possible way able to protect and defend this love and I am absolutely confident,that especial loved man,in life PMY how is only JCW,and I'm sure JCW and PMY can tell each other important words in special way, as Healer really gave them both feel special atmosphere happiness and JCW&PMY, is unforgettable special period life that touched their hearts.
Strong love and endless support ChangMin Couple No one can replace them, always look to the future, with hope in heart!

JCW+PMY=Made for each other and their meeting is destiny and they will be happiest with in one day!
Today, May 20, 100 days after the end of the Healer, I would like very much to our thread ChangMin, each of us to describe our beautiful feeling, to describe all our love to our Perfect ChangMin Couple, tell our story with all heart, about the reasons why they for us the most favorite and most special couple, which can always feel the heart and most importantly let in all the words will become the main

We see
We know
We trust
We feel
ChangMin Love and for real!

True love does not need big words,for her more important is presence!




For Very Amazing collage huge thanks Chinese fans!

They really all have good heart, and believe in love ChangMin,are always great here with us also,through their beautiful work and they always write  Most Beautiful Best Couple, in world  is ChangMin:)




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You're welcome @kbee123 it's the start , everything about them will give you alot of feels if you read the thread from the start

@tungying thanks dear, I used to spend my free and not so free time reading most of Harlequin's and others love stories, besides being a TV addict, when I was a teenager, but never thought of trying seriously to become one :P

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Guest pariG

hey my lovely changminers.

first welcome all new members welcome

 @kbee123 @Igotcaughtdancingagain @aspram ,@tungying 

its always good when new members join ,brings new warmth & new sight for our dellu minds  :)

  @Voilla_amore dear about ring point you are so correct after reading your post i just suddenly remember my one of guy friend he is married when he goes on trip with his wife he wore that ring & keep on showing but when that dumbo  goes on business trips  like dubai ,shangai or LA he remove that ring, once i asked him why its is so ..where is your rings in those pics , he is like are you mad if i wore ring,  girl(other one-not his wife) will get to know about my status, & he wont  get any fun, i remember how much i beat him up for his cheap trick but he said its true kido , dont be like narrow minded ,not only boys even girls do this.. when they wore RING it means they are declaring to world we are booked pls dont cross the line , but if they remove even after marriage it means they are there too fun too, flirt too...

sorry for long chanting but that boy is like big bro to me so he share lot of info ,guidance about world & life ... like that..the final thing is I AGREE WITH YOUR POINT THAT CHANGMIN WORE RING MAY BE TELL THE OTHER MEMBERS,world,entertainment industry fellows  , WE ARE BOOKED NO CROSSING PLS.


NOW PMY  Hastag its really interesting if she was really talking about fans & missing her why didnt she wrote #missyou ALL already why only #missYOUalready this YOU IS DEFINITELY FOR AHEM AHEM....YOU KNOW WHO RIGHT.... & that too with I LOVE YOU HASTAG BEFORE....HMMM..THAT shows 

 LOVE IS IN THE AIR  :) :wub:



@ReemKanbta dear i am reading your FF....blushing blushing.. :P i like your heading for part.....seductress & hunter...so true.....hahaha

@fyeahJcw yeah 100 days of healer & we are still stuck with this changmin fever..they have such a deep & lovely aura on us.. :) .


anyone wanna watch any new show try NICE GUY i like it like cant beat healer but still intersting to watch

#happy shipping #changmin forever #love #destiny 

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Guys, I'm really sorry for what it's coming... If you lose your sanity, it will be all my fault :lol:






[don't say that I didn't warn you :P ]


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hahahah @ReemKanabta my mumma knows very well  crazy i am about them :wub:but about ur FF :w00t:haha

@pariG omg di...hahah my mumma have no clue no about that FF u can call her :Pi think she also likes them spcly wookie :Dbut about that FF shhhh sshhhh its a secret lol

@fyeahjcw omggggggggggggggggggggggg m dancing after seeing ur GIF i thought its a picture and they direction he is looking at :phew:hahahahha but tht gif killed me..thr smile...omo  :wub: but but what actualy she is asking him to do :blink:



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Guys, I'm really sorry for what it's coming... If you lose your sanity, it will be all my fault :lol:





[don't say that I didn't warn you :P ]



superbbb gifs dear ... omo omo omooo . i can't stop staring at this. Look how close proximity they are .. his face ..he moves when she moves. See .. i need someone to slap me awake and get back to reality. HELPPPP

Happy 100 day everyone .. as i say, this is indeed a mark on my calendar. never have i been this obsessed with a drama which has ended 100days an i am still horrayiinngg here... 

@ReemKanabta @tehlimau i had a good read of both your FF. married woman like me still blushinggg ..kkkk. i can't help but to relate to why she was rushing to airport and miss all her fans. and of all the thing, why does she has to wear white..my mind just can't think straight anymore .. Reem dear, thanks for resurfacing those first IG by minyoungi ..such feel again.


OMG.. we never going to get healed :P:P

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