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Byun Yo Han 변요한

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[movieS]Socialphobia (2014)No Tears for the Dead (2014)Tinker Ticker (2013)Three Mirror (2013)Cold Eyes (2013)Crow Boy (2012)The Night of the Witness (2012)Dear Catastrophe (2011)Working on Saturday (2011)
Ex-Girlfriend Club (2015)
Misaeng (2014)
[AWARDS]Independent Star Award (2014)
[PHOTOSHOOTS]Marie Claire (January 2015)Esquire (January 2015)
Allure (February 2015)
Star1 (February 2015)
Singles (February 2015)

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January 5, 2016
Byon Yo-han in 'Misaeng'

Actor Byon Yo-han poses during an interview with Yonhap News Agency at a studio in Seoul on Jan. 5, 2015. Byon stars in the tvN drama "Misaeng," a story about the daily lives of salaried people in their workplace. (Yonhap) (END)

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150103, singing, lol

150104 Byun Yo Han and Kang Ha Neul

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January 20, 2015
BYUN YO HAN IS PENSIVE & BLASÉ FOR ALLURE KOREA’S FEBRUARY 2015 EDITIONhttp://couch-kimchi.com/2015/01/20/byun-yo-han-is-pensive-blase-for-allure-koreas-february-2015-edition/

Though he is smartly dressed for a fun night at an upscale club, Byun Yo Han comes across as magnetically broody in the February pages of Allure Korea.
Check it!



Source  |  Newsen

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^ <3 I love the styling of that shoot.

He also looks amazing in the Star1 and Singles shoots.


cr. ifnotlater


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Byun Yo Han has been receiving a lot press lately because of his portrayal of Han Seok Yul in 'Misaeng' and I think it is well deserved. He added so much to the character than was in the original webtoon. I was really impressed and glad to discover him in 'Misaeng'. I went ahead and translated Byun Yo Han's Ten Asia Interview. Apologies ahead of time as my Korean is far from perfect. I tried to translate as close as possible but at times I had to rephrase it to have it make sense in English. Please let me know if I interpreted something wrong or used the wrong choice of words. I only translated this article. There are more articles that were translated by Lady Sun of The Sunny Town blog here.

Byun Yo Han TenAsia Interview

Byun Yo Han Becomes Han Seok Yul Again (Interview)

Posted by 배선영 입력 : 2015/01/12


Actor Byun Yo Han, His Face

Apart from the end of tvN Drama ‘Misaeng’, from Byun Yo Han, people will find the face of Han Seok Yeol. Actually, although there is very little intersection between the two (figures), many people hope to find traces of Han Seok Yeol through Byun Yo Han. It looks like Byun Yo Han is still adapting to this kind of phenomenon. Even just carefully saying ‘Han Seok Yeol’ to him, very briefly his expression becomes helpless. As if being called Han Seok Yeol, a fabrication of fiction, compared to from now on being called Byun Yo Han, the actor shows on his face, kind of like voicing a very small complaint.


Byun Yo Han is Byun Yo Han

Q. Since ‘Misaeng’ ended, time has passed.

Byun Yo Han: I consider it as very long ago. Along with missing somethings, as how interviews are still in progress, it still seems like inside there. Lee Sung Min Senior gave a lot love through the drama, when doing interviews he advised me to speak calmly step-by-step. This project is finished and the actor will have to to do one last thing he said.

Q. The seniors were watching, taking care to give great details.

Byun Yo Han: It’s just that I was able to pass through the particulars also from all that was said to me. Lee Keong Yeong Senior also as well, most of the seniors made that kind of atmosphere. Each was trying to protect each other. Celebrating good work together and hurting together for bad work, it was such a team.

Q. During the drama shoot, I heard you called each other by the title of the role. The drama has ended, have the titles you call the seniors changed?

Byun Yo Han: We use a mix. Even until the reward vacation, we called each other by the role title. Now the project is over. Together we still use the title roles to call the the seniors.

Q. ‘Misaeng’ was your first drama, how was the experience? You were active on the independent film side.

Byun Yo Han: The difference between drama and independent film? If speaking of a system, there is no difficult part. In the early phase, speaking of the drama, not learning of the role in the media but entering the role with great pressure, breathing through the role (living the role) was important. When stepping into the work, I would rather not wander. I always try to empty my mind.

Q. A piece of work is by nature, energies writhing alongside the actors. After the ending what stories did each give and receive?

Byun Yo Han: We told the story of people's lives. Living healthy and strong. Whether performing in a play, or in an independent movie, I would hope to meet such good work all the way into the future. Acting in each different medium, I don’t think of even taking a different path (doing it differently). Just doing my work, people doing their work. But what kind of a scene also is from having people working with people, forming a friction, and good things happening, this scene received a lot of energy. Figures communicating with each other was interesting. No matter how hard it got, working itself did not stop the joking and fun, it was the first time I experienced this, ‘Really good people. I also should do my part well with a good attitude.’ was on my mind.

Q. So I guess Mr. Lee Sung Min first said ‘As for our drama, the actors should be nice.’

Byun Yo Han: Actually the nice thing, there was no ambiguous criteria. Nevertheless me meeting people here felt good. I think it was because of the good energy.


Byun Yo Han, fully back to Byun Yo Han, says he would like to again play a new character.

Q. I heard you experienced a hard time before ‘Misaeng’.

Byun Yo Han: I shot a lot of work in 2012 ~2013. Luckily, endless work came in. The first project ‘Saturday Work’ at the Seoul Women’s International Film Festival won a prize and calls came often from directors and staff. And so I worked tirelessly back to back. But at some point I was too greedy. Of course, naturally at this age I can be greedy but at some point while watching my acting, I think the work not Byun Yo Han was seen a bit more. I was narrowly looking at it. I took 5 to 6 months off from acting. I will take the time to sort myself.

Q. That decision would not have been easy to make.

Byun Yo Han: If I continued going like that, I felt like I could not act for a long time. It was very momentary thinking like that, I thought I had to quickly grab it. About that time, I met the teacher who sent me to university, he gave me a lot strength. At that moment I didn’t even mention it, he said ‘Hard? Everything is hard.

Still, Yo Han, you are going to do well. If you do just as you usually do.’ ‘Just as you usually do’ he said, the words made me think a lot. Even now I often use these words. People these days ask a lot about a sequel, I say ‘I want to do as I usually do.’ Probably the intention, when I first would receive the role would be that I will be determined to not lose the passion.

Q. Nevertheless after receiving a lot of attention like now, maintaining the intention and passion, frankly I think it is impossible.

Byun Yo Han: I also don’t know if I would be able to change. But there are many good colleagues in my surroundings. There are many good friends who know me well, fellow actors, seniors and juniors that are able to grab me. ‘Having been given a lot of love.’ is an expression often used, I was raised receiving a lot of love and to a degree do not feel the thirst for love. Moreover there are a lot of people that I love too. So presently the love is not meant for me, I think the bonus was that work was beloved, in the future I think it will be like that. At the same time hoping to hold onto the work longer in memory (personally), being called Han Seok Yul and (my) name together being remembered, that’s enough. I do not crave for more than that.

Q. Probably for the time being much from you, Byun Yo Han will not find Han Seok Yul. You in such a part I think would also feel embarrassed. 

Byun Yo Han: Han Seok Yul speaks, thinks and greets brightly, actually I didn’t know how I should do this. It was as if I was expecting to do high fives. But in reality I am not at all aggressive or sociable. In that part, a conflict took place momentarily ‘How should I do it’ I said, the thought that first crossed my mind. When looking back, I am sorry such things were on my mind. I should have had a more gentle disposition, I think as such. 

Q. You have Chinese study abroad experience. When and where did you study?

Byun Yo Han: I have come back and forth from China since high school. Every vacation, for about 2 months leaving and entering, I studied in Harbin then in my early twenties. I tried to give notice to attend since middle school but father opposed it. Father was deciding on where to study abroad the United States or China. China is on the fringe more than the U.S. and has an amazing feeling so China was chosen. Ever since I was little I grew up watching ‘Infernal Affairs’, ‘Better Tomorrow’, there were also novels. Then on the other hand, if learning, you should know how to speak the language to a degree, I decided internally. Again (opposing acting) father was not there, I freely decided to open my soul.

Q. So did you become a free-spirit?

Byun Yo Han: If it was Korea, because it was possible I was childish enough to want to and I think it was fun to play. I played while romping around like a baby with hyungs. They are people I still meet. Nevertheless, it was intense. In order to say more, I will look for a sign language and foot gesture dictionary. But actually when I first went to China, I was in my room for almost 2 weeks so there was also a time I did not come out.


Next Byun Yo Han’s realm of impossible expectations.

Q. For two weeks?


Byun Yo Han: Being afraid of strangers is harsh. By father’s recommendation I went again but I think I felt like something of a failure. I was angry and also angry at myself. The feeling was pointless. There was not a lot of money but I rented an entire 4-bedroom (place). In as much I wanted to avoid people. I mostly didn’t eat meals, I went out and bought sausages and Coke at the first floor convenience store, really those little items was all I ate. (laughs) Buying sausages to put in ramen to eat and bringing gocharu (pepper sauce) on the plane to make and eat, then getting the courage to go out to buy rice. Bringing this out to mix with gocharu to eat, I noticed tears were coming out. I cursed while I was eating. It seemed like it was a self-torture time. While cursing I said ‘Let’s go out and do something.’ The first thing to do was to to wear a track suit and to head to the gym. Since the football (soccer) team was coming in I could meet hyungs (older male friends).

Q. Your father did not think of trying to learn of (you) secretly acting in China?

Byun Yo Han: At that time I guess he did not have the degree of courage to see. Vaguely I wanted act, the thought in China was to grasp the language and comeback. If at that time there if I tried acting, I think I would not have come back to Korea. Hyungs together with football (soccer), playing table tennis, language exchanges with Chinese people, it was not boring living day by day. At that time studying together, if you look at all the hyungs all trying to find jobs at a good place, it seemed like we lived very hard then. I am thankful for being able to go through such experiences in my 20’s. 

Q. If you can tell your plans after ‘Misaeng’? 

Byun Yo Han: Still ‘Social Phobia’ and a project called ‘Madonna’ I am also doing, I don’t want to enter urgently into the sequel. Turning on the switch again is enough, my mind is next all filled with Byun Yo Han, I want to come across (other) projects.

Q. Becoming yourself again, how will you spend the time? 

Byun Yo Han: Instead of only thinly knowing a person, being together with me for a long time, taking the time to exercise with people. Table tennis, bowling, football (soccer), billiards, doing all sorts of things, I maintain that all are connected with acting. (laughs) The energy of bowling, the delicacy and calculation of billiards, the strength and agility of table tennis, can help acting is my philosophy. More than anything, sweating while concentrating with people is good. I also like music. I have no preference. One day listening to pop, one day listening to idols, also one day even listening to songs I never heard before. As it is there is so much I want to listen to.

Writing. 배선영 sypova@tenasia.co.kr

Photos. 구혜정 photonine@tenasia.co.kr

[sNS DRAMA] [텐아시아 뉴스스탠드 바로가기]

[EVENT] 뮤지컬, 연극, 영화등 텐아시아 독자를 위해 준비한 다양한 이벤트!! 클릭!

<ⓒ 엔터테인먼트 전문 미디어 “텐아시아” (www.tenasia.co.kr) 무단전재 배포금지>


Translation: palilsan

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February 11, 2015
Byun Yo-han talks about importance of his efforts with independent films
Source: TV Daily via Hancinema.net
Actor Byeon Yo-han made a surprise visit to 'Byeon Yo-han Exhibition'.
Byeon Yo-han attended 'Byeon Yo-han Exhibition', which took place in KT&G SangsangMadang. KT&G SangsangMadang has been playing 4 independent films, in which Byeon Yo-han stars, through their monthly 'Sangsang Short Films' since February 3rd.
It is the first time for the 'Sangsang Short Films' to present a series featuring one single actor. It represents actor Byeon Yo-han's strong stance he established in independent films. Even before he received the spotlight through the tvN's drama "Incomplete Life", he was already a strong talented actor, who had been training through multiple independent films.
Byeon Yo-han greeted the audience after playing the films and said, "When I heard they were going to play Byeon Yo-han's works, I watched the short films again. I felt naked. When I started watching my first project, 'Saturday Work', I could feel the same emotion again when I had just started. Today, I am way more nervous than any other time".
He continues, "I used to be encouraged by the words, 'You'll succeed'. But now 'Fighting' helps me more'. I'll continue doing independent films. I think it's such a great work to do'. I think I would not stop my efforts only when I continue participating in independent films".
Meanwhile, Byeon Yo-han is currently considering the offer for the leading role in tvN's new weekend drama, 'Ex-girlfriends' Club'. Producer Kwon Seok-jang of MBC's "Pasta" and 'Golden Time' will direct the drama. It will air sometime in May.

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February 15, 2015
‘Section TV' Byeon Yo Han talks about his nickname, 'Pupils Earthquake' Source: STARN News
Byeon Yo Han talked about his nickname.
On February 15th, actor Byeon Yo Han, who recently played in movie 'SOCIALPHOBIA,' appeared on channel MBC's 'Section TV' for an interview with Lee Joo Seung.
During his interview, Byeon Yo Han talked about his nickname, 'Pupil Earthauqke,' and he said, "I have a bit of problem with my pupils."
Byeon Yo Han went on, "I am a very shy person, and my pupils always shake in front of cameras." As the reporter asked him how he feels now, he replied, "It's a bit better now."
Meanwhile, Byeon Yo Han talked about photos of him that became a big issue among fans recently.
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo en@starnnews.com

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February 19, 2015

Actor Byeon Yo-han's babyhood photo
Source: OSEN via Hancinema.net
Actor Byeon Yo-han revealed his babyhood photo.
Byeon Yo-han posted a photo on his Instagram on February 19th. It was his photo when he was a baby. His innocent smile and the big eyes with double eyelids look cute. Baby Byeon Yo-han in the photo looks so pretty that he might be mistaken for a girl.
Byeon Yo-han was spotlighted for his character Han Seok-yool in tvN's drama, "Incomplete Life". His new movie, "Socialphobia" will be released on March 12th.

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February 27, 2015
[bnt photo] Byun Yo Han Can’t Stop Laughing
Source: BNTNews
[by Woorim Ahn] The press premiere of movie ‘Social Phobia’ was held at Wangsimli CGV in Haengdang-dong, Seoul on February 27.
The movie depicts a story of a person’s death caused by SNS’s witch hunt. Two lead roles were set up to determine whether the death was a homicide or suicide. Actors Byun Yo Han and Lee Joo Seung became the lead roles of the film.  
Meanwhile, ‘Social Phobia’ will premiere nationwide on March 12. (photo by bntnews DB)

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March 1, 2015
Byeon Yo-han on cover of ‘Big Issue’
Korean actor Byeon Yo-han will feature on the cover of the March edition of “Big Issue,” the magazine said on Sunday.
A social enterprise, “Big Issue” shares half of its sales revenue with its salespeople, all of whom are homeless. 
Byeon said, “It was an honor to be able to give back to the society with what little talent I have. I hope everyone associated with ‘Big Issue’ will be healthy and happy.”
Byeon had starred as the protagonist in a recently finalized television drama “Misaeng.” His next film “Socialphobia” will hit the local cinemas on March 12. 
[Photo credit: Big Issue]
By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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March 5, 2015
Byeon Yo-han reveals rebellious side in pictorial
Source: TopStarNews via Hancinema.net
Byeon Yo-han's rebellious image went on the cover page of magazine 1st Look 85th issue. His charismatic eyes and masculine beauty get your heart pumping.
Byeon Yo-han's mischievous and rebellious facial expressions appeared on the magazine's cover page. The pictorial was a collaboration with a watch brand, Swatch.
A staff from the pictorial shooting set said, "All of the cuts were so perfect that they could make it to the cover page" along with a compliments on his professional demeanors all throughout the pictorial shoot session.
Byeon Yo-han stars as Ji-woong preparing for National Police University entrance exam, in the movie "Socialphobia", which is scheduled to be released on March 12th. The movie depicts witch hunt cases online. He has received good reviews for his excellent acting performance to deliver the detailed emotions explosively as well as silently.
More of Byeon Yo-han's pictorial can be seen on the entertainment and life style magazine, 1st Look issue and its official website.

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I read that this guy's chinese name is 卞耀汉。Hope he take up the drama with Song Ji Hyo! I thought he was quite interesting in Misaeng.

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March 6, 2015
Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Confirmed for ′Ex-Girlfriend Club′
CJ E&M enewsWorld An So Hyoun  Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han will become a new TV couple. 
tvN stated on March 6, "The two actors have confirmed to appear in the new Friday-Saturday drama, Ex-Girlfriend Club. 
Ex-Girlfriend Club is about popular webtoonist, Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han), who creates a webtoon about his four past girlfriends, which includes an older divorcee, a pretentious woman and a third rate sexy actress. The webtoon gets turned into a movie, produced by Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo). The story continues as Bang Myung Soo ends up meeting all three ex-girlfriends in one place.
Song Ji Hyo will be playing the character Kim Soo Jin, a movie producer in a position to do whatever it takes to survive. In order to save a failing company, she decides to join in creating the webtoon-turned-movie, only to find out that the webtoonist is Myung Soo, someone whom she has history with. 

Byun Yo Han will play Bang Myung Soo, the boyfriend that the ex-girlfriends all loved. Bang Myung Soo becomes a public enemy and public boyfriend after revealing all about his love life through the popular webtoon. A philanthropist (?) who is kind and provides warmth to everyone, Myung Soo ends up meeting his ex-girlfriends as the webtoon bcomes a movie. 
Ex-Girlfriend Club will be directed by Kwon Seok Jang, who led Pasta, Golden Time, and Korea, while the script will be written by Lee Jin Mae, who wrote Secret Agent Miss Oh and I Am Sam. 
Photo Credit: tvN

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March 5, 2015

Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han Confirmed for Drama “Ex-Girlfriend Club” Airing in May
Source: soompi
Song Ji Hyo and Byun Yo Han are confirmed to play the main roles for the new tvN Friday-Saturday drama titled “Ex-Girlfriend Club.”
“Ex-Girlfriend Club” is romantic-comedy drama about a famous webtoon writer named Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han’s part) and his ex-girlfriends. Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo’s part) is a producer who is assigned to make Bang Myung Soo’s webtoon into a movie. Bang Myung Soo had written about his past dating experiences through his webtoons, including embarrassingly detailed stories of his ex-girlfriends. Bang Myung Soo and his ex-girlfriends gather in one place in order to make the movie.
The director of the drama, Kwon Jang Suk, is famous for directing dramas such as “Pasta,” “Miss Korea,” and “Golden Time.”
“Ex-Girlfriend Club” is to start filming end of March and will first air beginning of May on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. KST

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March 6, 2015
Netizen hunters become the hunted in Social Phobia
by javabeans | Dramabeans
There’s a new thriller movie about to release, and it features a few of the latest trendy things: social media, Byun Yo-han (Misaeng), and up-and-comer Lee Joo-seung (Pinocchio, Let’s Eat 2). The movie, titled Social Phobia, tackles the dark side of online social networks, taking as its capsule description an “SNS witch hunt.”

The plot unfolds when one young man serving in the military commits suicide, which gets the whole nation talking, particularly online — while there are netizens expressing sympathy and sorrow, there are also hateful comments being generated deriding the military, which originate from someone called Re-na. Newcomer Ryu Joon-yeol plays a character who kicks off the hunt to find Re-na and punish her, and he gathers together a group of eight participants to track her down.
Among the group are our leads, Byun Yo-han as a young man hoping to become a police officer, and Lee Joo-seung. The group manages to locate Re-na’s house… only to find that she’s already dead. Because the leader has been broadcasting their doings on social media in real time, they now become suspects in her murder, and the group suddenly find themselves the target of netizen ire. And furthermore, doubts arise amongst the group until they’re suspecting each other of being the true killer.
For full article at DB

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