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[Drama 2015] Enchanting Neighbor황홀한 이웃 Thanks for watching.

Ldy Gmerm

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Enchanting Neighbor 01


Title: 황홀한 이웃 / Enchanting Neighbor

Chinese Title: 恍惚的鄰居
Previously Known as: 그대는 나의 인생 / He’s My Life
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2015-Jan-05
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:30am



Gong Soo Rae (Yoon Son Ha) only love her husband, Seo Bong Gook (Yoon Hee Suk) since she met him in her teen-ages. She then learns that her husband is having an affair with Choi Yi Kyung (Park Tam Hee). Park Chan Woo (Seo Do Young) plays a man who supports her.

Main Cast


Yoon Son Ha as Gong Soo Rae



Seo Do Young as Park Chan Woo



Park Tam Hee as Choi Yi Kyung

Park Tam Hee 02


Yoon Hee Suk as Seo Bong Gook

Yoon Hee Suk 02



Supporting Cast


Lee Mi Young (1961) as Na Jung Boon (Soo Rae’s mother)

Lee Mi Young 01


Noh Young Kook as Gong Ma Joong (Soo Rae’s father)

Noh Young Kook 02


Baek Min Hyun as Gong Soo Go (Soo Rae's Brother)





Ahn Yeon Hong as Jo Eun Sil (GSR's Friend)

Ahn Yeon Hong 02


Lee Duk Hee as Im Yeon Ok (Bong Gook’s mother)

Lee Duk Hee 01


Jun Yeo Seo as Seo Bong Hee (SBG's sister and High End Bag lady)



Choi Il Hwa as Choi In Sub (Park Chan Woo Father in Law)





Jo Yeon Woo as Choi Dae Kyung (Park Chan Woo Cousin in Law)



Lee Ja Young as Lee Jung Ah (Wife of cousin CDK)





Kim Gyu Sun as Jang Se Jin (secretary to CIS)

Kim Gyu Sun 02


Seo Bum Suk as Oh Han Do (Seo Bong Gook's Friend)




Production Credits

Director: Park Gyung Ryul
Scriptwriter: Park Hye Ryeon

Official Site

credit: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=39320




Trailer 2:


Video Credit: SBSNOW Channel on YouTube.

Enchanting Neighbor Poster 1


Enchanting Neighbor Cast1 Enchanting Neighbor Cast2 Enchanting Neighbor Cast3 Enchanting Neighbor Cast4



Enchanting Neighbor1 Enchanting Neighbor2 Enchanting Neighbor3 Enchanting Neighbor4

credit: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=39320

Fabulous Neighbor-001.jpg


Press conference:



Video credit: stardailynews Channel on YouTube.


Video credit:MYDAILY 마이데일리 Channel on YouTube.

Credit SBS

Some of the writer's works:


  • Name: 박혜련 / Park Hye Ryun (Bak Hye Ryeon)
  • Profession: Screenwriter

TV Shows

Source: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Park_Hye_Ryun


Thanks to @jadecloud for the below:



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Scene recaps....

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3- Video
Episode 4 -Video
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Episode 15
Episode 16
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Episode 51
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Episode 76
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Episode 82
Episode 83
Episode 84
Episode 85
Episode 86
Episode 87
Episode 88
Episode 89
Episode 90
Episode 91
Episode 92
Episode 93
Episode 94
Episode 95
Episode 96
Episode 97
Episode 98
Episode 99
Episode 100
Episode 101
Episode 102
Episode 103
Episode 104
Episode 105
Episode 106
Episode 107
Episode 108
Episode 109
Episode 110

Episode 16 conversation translations by @ina111 are Here.

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@LdyGmerm, Also thanks for opening the thread @suchadiva42,@tinatrix236,@awsparkle,@NewDramaAddict,@automickitty.
So daily gang is this is where we meet up. For some reason I just can;t attempt myself to watch Run Ji mi Run waiting for the romance to start..     
So this is whats replacing make a wish.. I hope this drama from SbS won't have another dead doormat like SW.. 

 I hope Gong Soo Rae (Yoon Son Ha) have some fighting spirit like HS.. So I can enlist him  Seo Bong Gook (Yoon Hee Suk)  in my cheating B-A-S-T-A-R-D club.. The list is getting long now I'm starting to loose count..  

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@valsava" Hello friend Missed ya early this morning but know you was busy..

I agree I can't get into Run Ji Mi Run but this drama sure has it place with a good cast of YSH, PTH, and the rest and so hoping this one will give me a break of going to the extreme when I'm watching :)

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suchadiva42 said: @valsava" Hello friend Missed ya early this morning but know you was busy.. I agree I can't get into Run Ji Mi Run but this drama sure has it place with a good cast of YSH, PTH, and the rest and so hoping this one will give me a break of going to the extreme when I'm watching :)

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I updated the first block with a new poster, and pictures from the script reading and the second teaser as well as Press Conference video.. considering it starts Sunday night for those of us in the states.. I am going to wait and see how this starts off before I commit to recaps. The only drama I have not been burned so far (with the writer going completely in left field after the first few episodes: Only love or Make A Wish anyone? Not that they were bad.. ok Only Love was a Train wreck and the story changed from the original synopsis in my opinion and well I had high hopes for Make A wish only to be let down. )  was CS which was good  from the start.

I hope that the writer for this drama took a page out of CS and makes the lead female strong just like HS was in CS. I do not think I can deal with another female that is crying over spilled milk and a louse of a man that cheated on her.  Hopefully this woman lets the man go in a timely fashion without sacrificing her pride in trying to keep him. But as the synopsis says she has loved him since school I doubt she will let go of him easily and will suffer some pain from holding on and his betrayal.

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I'm with you lady hope they don;t have her lingering around the dead beat b-a-s-t-a-r-d to long after being spoiled by CS I want another lead to take whats coming and accept it for what it is and keep it pushing without looking back.. I want to see how this new man will help her rise above it all..   

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We can only hope @valsava but given that she has been in love with him for a while and looking at the trailer she has that same love sick, door mat mentality over a man that does not see her as anything and seems to be looking down on her. She is bending over and working her self to death for a person that is having an affair on her. Frankly I like the guy who sees her get pushed down and looks down at her on the grown holding the woman or crowd back.. I assume he will be the one that will help her later.

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Here are some pics from the official page:

Press Conference:






Found Here.


"부담스러운 악역이지만, 명품 악역으로 재탄생 시키는 윤희석씨의 매력!

자기만 바라보는 지고지순한 아내를 버리고 새로운 여자에게 흔들리는..

이 드라마의 악의 축(?)이라고 본인의 역할을 소개했는데요

 매력남 윤희석씨의 명품 악역 연기 정말 기대됩니다!

또 하나의 볼거리! 이번 드라마에서는 윤희석씨의 뮤지컬 연기도 볼 수 있어요~

 윤희석씨의 노래+춤+연기 매력만점 캐릭터 기대해주세요~"

Translation from Google:

"Taxing, but the villain, the appeal of Mr. Hee Suk Yoon re-born as a luxury that villain!

Only self-abandon jigojisunhan wife looking for new girls shaking.

Axis of evil in this drama (?) Introduce their role as haetneundeyo

Mr. Hee Suk Yoon charmer luxury villain acting is really looking forward to it!

Another of the sights! In this drama, I can see the smoke of musical Hee Suk Yoon said -
Mr. Hee Suk Yoon song + dance + acting out of character charm please stay tuned ~"


"범상치 않은 코트 패션으로 제작발표회를 빛내준 서도영씨!

SBS 드라마는 처음이라는 서도영씨 환영합니다~

 드라마에서 비극을 맞는 박찬우 역을 맡은 서도영씨

확실히 망가지는 연기를 보여주는 상대 배우 윤손하씨가 사랑스러웠다는

머리부터 발끝까지 여자를 아는 매너남입니다~

 SBS에서 처음으로 선보일 서도영씨의 연기 많은 기대 부탁드려요~^^"

Google Translation:

"That is gracing the court gave Mr. Seo Do Young extraordinary press conference in fashion!

SBS drama that first welcome Mr. Seo Do Young -

 Mr. Park, Chan - Woo Seo Do Young in charge of the station meets the tragedy in drama

Seureowotda definitely love the relative actress Yoon Son-ha's show was postponed deteriorate

A woman from head to toe, you know the etiquette M ~

Deuryeoyo Seo Do Young's first smoke of the much-anticipated debut on SBS please ~"



드라마 <상속자들> 이후로 아침드라마로 찾아와준 윤손하!


이전에 출연했던 드라마에서는 한가지 색깔이 강한 캐릭터였다면

<황홀한 이웃>의 공수래 역은 여러 색깔이 담긴 캐릭터라고 합니다.

또, 흔한 엄마 역할이었기에 본인과도 비슷했고

캐릭터의 몰입력도 상승해 연기하기도 수월했다는 윤손하씨


'남편밖에 모르는 남편 바보' 공수래 역의 윤손하씨 홈지기도 응원할게요!

강렬하기만 한 아침드라마가 아닌 따뜻함도 보여주는 <황홀한 이웃>

시청자 여러분 많은 기대 부탁드립니다~"

Google translation:

"Drama 'heirs> gave Yoon Son-ha came after a morning drama!


In the drama, who appeared before the yeotdamyeon one kinds of colors are strong characters

<Enchanting neighborhood> of gongsurae station is filled with characters that have different colors.

In addition, a common mother and I also had similar role yieotgie

Enter the characters Mall is also often easier said that Yoon Son-ha smoke rises

I'll cheer even homjigi of Mr. Yoon Son-ha 'known only stupid husband husbands' gongsurae station!

Intense drama is not the only one in the morning also show warmth <enchanting neighborhood>

Thank you a lot of viewers expect ~"



출산 두 달만에 박탐희씨가 아침드라마에 컴백한 이유는

시놉시스를 보자마자 '이건 해야겠다!'라는 강한 끌림이 있었다고 합니다~

감독님 또한 '육아를 도와주겠다'는 이런 훈훈한 캐스팅 비화!


출산 후에도 박탐희씨는 여전히 예쁘고 아름다운 미모를 뽐내주시네요~*^^*


이 드라마를 보면서 주부들이 대리만족을 느꼈으면 한다는 박탐희씨!

배우들의 강한 자신감에서 <황홀한 이웃> 대박이 느껴집니다!"

Google Translation:

"Why Mr. Tam-hee Park in the morning drama comeback birth in two months

Let's look at the synopsis as soon as' I must it! "You had a strong attraction of ~

The bishop also, I will help child care 'is such a heartwarming sparking cast!

 Mr. Tam-hee Park even after I give birth still boast a pretty beautiful beauty ~ * ^^ *

 Mr. Tam-hee Park housewives watching this drama that neukkyeoteumyeon surrogate!

<Enchanting neighborhood> hit you will feel confident in their learning!"


"블랙으로 드레스코드 맞춘 조연우-이자영 커플!

제작발표회 현장에서 정말 다정한 모습들 많이 보여줬는데요~

메인 커플 못지않게 정말 다정하고 예쁜 커플이에요!"

 "Black dress code tailored to Jo Yeon-woo-Lee Ja-young couples!

Neundeyo really showed a lot of affectionate look at the press conference scene ~

It's really sweet and beautiful couple as much as the main couple!"

Credit SBS

부부란 무엇으로 사는 존재들일까? 사랑? 의리? 정?과연 자신의 인생을 송두리째 헌신하여 생애 단 한번뿐일 것 같은 사랑도 버려가며,귀 막고 눈 가리고 입 닫아가며 지켜낼 만한 절대적 가치를 지녔는지? 아니면 죽을힘을 다해 지켜내다 보면 그런 가치들이 하나둘씩 발견되는 것인지?
“남편 바보와 아내 바보의 사랑 이야기”
‘마 누라 등골 빼먹는 놈’ 소리 듣는 남편이 있다. 그래도 그의 아내는 남편밖에 모른다. 남편 바보다. 어느 날 이 남편바보에게 키다리아저씨 같은 옆집 남자가 나타난다. 고마우니까 끌리는 거라고, 이건 사랑도 뭣도 아닐 거라고 죽을힘을 다해 밀어 내지만, 사랑이 밀어낸다고 밀리나? 더 오지. 어느새 좋아져버린다.
미 쳤어 미쳤어. 안 가던 새벽 예배도 가보고, 절에도 가보고, 불륜 악귀를 내쫓으려 별 굿을 다하며 주책바가지 늦바람을 잠재우려 몸부림치는데... 세상에, 옆집 남자 마음도 그렇단다. 괴로워 돌아버릴 지경이란다. 부여잡고 울다보니 어느새 입 맞추고 있다. 지옥의 불구덩이라도 이 남자와 함께라면 같이 타 죽어도 여한이 없겠다 싶은데, 키다리아저씨가 도망쳐버린다.
알고 보니 그 남자! 아내바보였다! 그래서 복수한 거란다. 왜? 무슨 이유로?? 여기서 복수를 끝낸 주인공. 복수를 해도 허망하네, 잠깐 자아성찰 하면서 끝나면 얼마나 깔끔할까? 하지만 인생이 어디 그런가? 복수하려다 지 눈 지가 찌르지. 복수하려던 키다리아저씨, 그 여자가 걱정돼 잠이 안 온다. 드라마는 여기서부터 깔아놓은 밑밥을 거두어들이며, 진짜 이야기를 시작할 것이다."
Google Translation:
What to Think I might wife live there?
Love? Loyalty? Chung?
Gamyeo stripped away really loves to devote his life as well as his life would be a one-time,
Keep your mouth shut gamyeo blindfolded jinyeotneun not be absolutely worth watching?
Or look ahead watch with all the strength that worth dying one by one they want to be found?

"Husband and wife love story of a stupid fool."

"He spine skipping wife 'is the husband to hear them. But his wife does not know her husband out. Than he bar. One day, his next-door neighbor appears to him as Daddy Long Legs stupid. What attracted you'd Dear old, it's only love to push all the energy would not die mwotdo, milrina love naendago push? More to come. Turns imperceptibly turns out.

Crazy crazy. Morning worship not even go his way, even to visit me, the juchaek ripped off by neutbaram Do my gut about to cast out the demons of potential concern affair struggle fingering ... Oh my God, yes even mind his next-door neighbor danda. Yiranda throw back suffered horribly. Hold cry Suddenly I grant focuses mouth. Even in the fire pit of hell, I want to die yeohan the other as if l could not with this man, Daddy Long Legs is discarded fled.

The man turned out to be! Wife was a fool! So georanda revenge. What? What's up?
Hero ended revenge here. Even if multiple'm vain, how can I have finished with neat self-reflection? Is that the life, but where? Trying to support multiple stab snow land. Multi trying to Daddy Long Legs, she could not sleep. I'm worried about coming. Deulyimyeo drama is taken to lay down ground bait from here, it will start the real story."

Credit SBS

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Character Profiles:

WE61590261_w666.jpg본명서도영출생1981.04.14 "이상적인 아버지, 이상적인 남편. 찬우에게는 행복한 가정에 대한 판타지가 있다. 어릴적 믿었던 아버지의 외도로 가정이 풍비박산 난 상처를 가지고 있기 때문.
찬우에겐 열심히 일하는 것이 곧 가정을 지키는 참된 가장의 모습이기에, 열심히 일했다. 하지만 아내는 굳건한 가장보다 매력을 잃지 않는 남편을 원했다. 뜨거운 사랑을 원하는 이경과 평온한 가정을 원하는 찬우는 나란할 수가 없다는 사실을, 찬우는 모른다.
아내 바보, 딸 바보 소리 듣는게 그 어떤 성공보다 행복했던 남자. 생의 유일한 목표였던 완벽한 가정이 나락으로 떨어지는 순간... 이 남자가 선택할 수 있는 길은 오직 하나.
목표를 세우면, 반드시 해내고 마는 남자 박찬우. 집요하리만큼 성실하게. 그래서 그는 복수도 성실하게 해내려고 했다. 인생 최대의 장애물-공수래라는 여자를 만나기 전까진."
Google Translation:
"The ideal father, an ideal husband.
Chanwoo who has a fantasy about a happy family.
Because of the father's childhood home in adultery believed pungbibaksan I have a wound.
It is true because most of chanwoo've worked hard to keep the home appearance soon, and worked hard. But my wife wanted a husband who will lose their charm than most solid.
Chanwoo that you want you want hot love reducers and tranquil home that can be side-by-side, chanwoo do not know.
Stupid wife, the daughter of hearing sounds stupid man happier than he had any success. The only goal was the perfect home is falling into hell moments of life ... The way that this man can choose only one.
If you put your goals, Obama will get the job done and Park, Chan - Woo man. In good faith by persistently Hari.
So he tried to pull the plural also sincere. The maximum life of obstacles - until I met a woman named gongsurae."

WE95540769_w666.jpg본명윤손하출생1975.10.23 "인생은 개털로 와서 개털로 가는 것이라는 아버지의 인생철학 덕에 얻은 그녀의 이름은 공수래, 동생 이름은 공수거. 무소유의 정신으로 이름값하며 살면 좋겠지만, 그러다간 온 식구 손가락 빨게 생겼으니 일찌감치 인생 모토는 정해졌다. “닥치고 벌자!”
새벽엔 세차장 알바, 낮에는 치킨집, 저녁엔 고깃집. 손끝 야물어서 시어머니랑 하는 옷수선집도 반찬값은 나오지, 가방 디자이너로 성공한 시누이도 일손 딸리면 수시로 불러대지, 거기다 하늘같은 남편 뒷바라지까지...
수래는 남편밖에 모르는 남편 바보다. 그래서 1년 365일 정신없이 바빠도 삶이 행복하고 즐겁다. 태생이 밝고 낙천적인 성격.고등학교 때 사고쳐 얼결에 결혼까지 하게 됐는데, 봉국에겐 말할 수 없는 비밀을 가지고 평생 황제 떠받들듯하고 산다.
내 인생에 서봉국 외에 남자는 없다! 그렇게 믿으며 살아왔는데 어느 날 옆집으로 이사 온 남자. 동화 속 키다리아저씨처럼 수래의 삶에 스며들어 공수래의 인생을 흔들기 시작하는데..."
Google Translation:
"Life is a life philosophy, her name is obtained by virtue of the way that his father broke, broke, gongsurae come, brother gongsugeo name.
I wish the ranks in the spirit of musoyu and live, And then it was decided early life motto is've got family up-to-suck-on. "Shut up and beolja!"

Dawn yen Alba car wash, chicken house during the day, evening gogitjip. Suseonjip to ditch her mother's clothes at your fingertips asking dishes come out value, sister-in-law succeeded in bag designers often understaffed ttalri if called Earth, Plus, taking care to her husband as the sky ...

Surae than he knew was he bar.
So, 365 days a year without mental bappado happy and enjoyable life. The birth bright and optimistic personality.
In high school when the accident happened to hit the eolgyeol marriage, bongguk've got a Secret life of the Emperor seemed to hold up and live.

There is no man in my life besides seobongguk!
We believe that man moved in've been living next door to one day. Wave tall tale begins a life of gongsurae permeates the lives of surae like you ..."
WE93390791_w666.jpg본명윤희석출생1975.02.19 "수래의 남편. 좋게 말하면 자유로운 영혼, 나쁘게 말하면 무책임한 남자.분에 넘치게 잘생긴 외모 덕분에 일찌감치 헛바람이 들어 슈퍼스타를 꿈꾸지만, 현실은 서른넷의 무명배우다. 하지만 책임감 충만한 아내 덕에 밥 안 굶고, 홀어머니 밥도 안 굶기고, 오디션 볼 때 새 옷도 사 입을 만큼 아쉬울 것 없이 산다.
어릴 적부터 여자라면 지겹게 따라붙었고, 여자 때문에 설레보고 울어볼 기회가 없었는데, 졸업식날 과음으로 수래와 사고치고 유부남이 되어버렸으니... 봉국 입장에서는 참 안 풀린 인생이긴 하다.
그래서 여자 따위, 사랑 따위 우습게 여겼는데, 어느 날 번개처럼 머리를 친 여자가 하필이면 유부녀. 이 여자는 모든 게 다르다. 똑똑하고, 예쁘고, 화끈하고, 섹시하고. 앞에만 서면 숨을 쉴 수가 없다. 머리털 나고 처음 있는 일이다. 시작부터 브레이크 고장나 액셀만 밟아대다 결국, 대형사고 쳤다!
여자 잃고, 자신만 바라보던 아내도 잃고... 뭐 뀐 놈이 성낸다고, 뻔뻔하게도 봉국은 옆집 남자를 향한 복수의 화살을 겨누는데..." Google Translation:
"Husband of surae. A free spirit, irresponsible man speaking good words badly.
Only flooded in minutes for a handsome appearance, thanks to early heotbaram dream superstar, actor obscure the reality is thirty-four.
Bob the fullness of responsibility, but not starving wife virtue, not even single mothers Bob gumgigo, audition to see you live without new clothes to wear ahswiul by four.

If a woman caught up boring childhood, I have not had a chance to look excited to see a woman cry, because, graduation day binge with a married man is hit surae and thinking life is gone ... are bongguk though not loose the true position.

So this woman think, something to love, funny, yeogyeotneun, one day when a woman married woman was actually hitting the head like a lightning bolt.
This woman is different, everything. Smart, beautiful, hot and sexy.
I can not breathe a breath precede the writing. Sheds hair is the first time. Starting from brake failure or stepping on the accelerator only end-to-multipoint, struck a large accident!

Woman loses, loses a wife ... What naendago kkwin bodeon at your own guy sex, shamelessly bongguk is to gyeonuneun multiple arrows towards the man next door ."
WE82295318_w666.jpg본명박탐희출생1978.01.02 "의류업체 사장의 외동딸. 뮤지컬 배우.어릴 때 엄마를 잃고, 아버지의 극진한 사랑을 받으며 자랐다. 미국유학 중 브로드웨이 공연에 빠져 뮤지컬의 길을 선택했고, 집안의 아낌없는 후원과 타고난 재능으로 스타가 되었다.
뭐하나 없는 게 없어 보이는, 빠지면 끝을 알 수 없는 늪 같은 여자.늘 남자들을 긴장시키는 그녀는 머리가 아닌 유전자로 하는 밀당의 고수!
이 여자의 몸이 얼마나 뜨거운지, 남편만 모른다는 게, 아니 잊었다는 게 비극이다.겉으로 보기엔 화목하게 잘 살고 있는 것 같지만 이경은 안다. 자신이 시들해지고 있음을... 미친듯이 일에 몰두하지만, 뭘 해도 공허하고 춥다. 
마음 안에서 사랑이 들끓어야 행복한 여자. 어느 날, 태생이 자기와 꼭 닮은 남자를 만나게 된다." Google Translation:
The only daughter of a clothing company president. Musical actor.
Losing her mother as a child, grew up to receive the love of the Father hospitable.
Out on Broadway of America chose the way of musical study, became a star in the gifted and generous sponsorship of the house.
What girls like swamp unknown to end without skipping seemingly one.
She always adhere to the party that not a head of wheat genetic males to relax!
That the body of a woman's hot, but he may have to, it is not forgotten is a tragedy.
Seem to live harmoniously yen seemingly well know Lee Gyeong-eun. That he becomes engrossed in poems like crazy day ... but what if cold and empty.
Happy woman's love deulkkeuleo in mind.
One day, she meets a man born and come to resemble him.
WE24548656_w666.jpg본명노영국출생1948.12.23 ‘인생은 나그네길. 빈손으로 왔다가 빈손으로 가는 것...’말로는 그러면서도 공짜 엄청 좋아해서 부스러기 챙기는데 달인이다. 식탐이 강하며, 안사돈인 연옥과 먹는 걸로 다투다 정이 담뿍 들어버렸다.
자신의 동안에 꽤나 자부심이 있지만, 철이 안 들어서 주름 하나 없이 팽팽한 그 얼굴이 곱지만은 않다는 거. 애도 아니면서 애 노릇하는 어른. 
근데 또 은근 중독성이 있어, 일정 시간 안보면 보고 싶고 궁금해지는 귀여운 면도 있고, 청정해역 같은 맑음이 사람을 감동시키는 면도 있어 볼수록 매력적인 스타일."
Google Translation:
"Life is way stranger. Would have come up empty-handed way ... "
I like the awful words, yet I get my free month of debris.
Siktam this and rivers, contend geolro eat and purgatory became a ansadon affection for damppuk.
But while quite proud of myself, not only iron led to tense his face without wrinkles gopji one is false does. While not mourning her reign to adults.
But there is another coy addictive, I want to see a certain amount of time anbomyeon become curious cute shaved, and the same attractive style Clear The more I shaved clean waters to impress people."
공수래 가족나정분 WE90113342_w666.jpg본명이미영출생1961.03.16 십수년 전, 수거만 데리고 가출했다가 이제야 돈 없고 갈곳 없어 수래네 집으로 들어와 눌러 앉아버린다.공마중은 철은 안 들었어도 착한 맛은 있는데, 나정분은 대책 없이 뻔뻔하다. 
자신의 과거를 스스로 미화시키는데 달인이다. 수래 아홉살 때부터 새벽밥 시켜먹고 본인은 늦잠 잔게 팩트인데, 애지중지 키운 내 딸이라고 떠벌이며 스스로도 그렇게 믿는다. 허언증에 가깝게 거짓말을 진실로 믿고 산다. 그래서 자기 속은 편해도, 옆 사람 복장 터지게 한다. 
훗날 남편 공마중과 그런 공마중을 마음 깊이 사랑하는 사돈이자 친구인 연옥, 세 사람의 사랑과 우정이 애틋하게 펼쳐질 예정이다.  Google Translation:
Sipsunyeon ago, has taken the money collected was no place to go away from home Now I sit Press discard came into your house surae.
There is also a good pick-up ball is heard no iron taste, or jeongbun is shamelessly helplessly.

The US sikineunde his past self mastery.
Surae nine years old and from the fact that the morning meal to eat when I overslept jange, I believe that is the mouthpiece as pampering myself raised my daughter. Truly believe that living a lie closer to the heoeon increase. So easy even self-deceived, Outfitting next to burst.

Later, her husband pick up the ball and pick up my heart to love such a ball-laws and friend, purgatory, love and friendship of three people will be aeteut unfold."
공수래 가족공수거
WE90507892_w666.jpg본명백민현출생1985.01.12 도대체 어른이라는 개념의 롤모델을 본적이 없다. 그래서 애가 좀 덜 떨어졌다.누나가 죽으라면 죽는 시늉까지 한다. 바보같이 착하다. 답답하다. 
마음이 여려서, 면접 보러 가다가도 노인데 길 찾아주느라 지각한다. 만화에서처럼 그 노인네가 회장님 엄마였다든가, 하는 드라마틱한 행운은 일생에 단 한 번도 없었다. 
한 가지 행운은 공수래가 누나라는 거. 누나를 위해서라면 목숨도 바칠 수 있지 않을까... 라는 생각을 해본 적이 있지만, 워낙 게으르고 우유부단한 마마보이라 실전에서도 몸이 따라줄 지는 의문이다. 누나 친구 은실을 오래전부터 짝사랑해 왔는데, 과연 이루어질 수 있을까? Google Translation:
"What the hell have not seen the concept of a role model of an adult. So he dropped a little less.
And to feign death if my sister died. Good boy like a fool. It is frustrating.
Yeoryeoseo mind, and find the road to see the elderly Katakana interview juneura perception.
Cartoon old man, as he was deunga President Ma, dramatic luck was not for anything in his life.
Huge good luck is that gongsurae sister.
If you've played for my sister, but also the idea that life would dedicate ... wonak lazy and indecisive battle at Mama Show us a line along which the body is questionable.
She may have a crush on my sister Eun Sil friend for a long time, can we really be done?"

서봉국 가족임연옥
WE46875358_w666.jpg본명이덕희출생1959.12.27 손끝 야물고, 인심 후하고, 부지런하고, 알뜰하고. 여자로서 버릴게 없는데 이 모든 미덕을 입으로 다 까먹고 사는 여자. 돈 좋아하고 물욕이 강해서 뭐하나 꽂히면 죽어도 사야한다. 
집에 붙어있질 못하는 아들 봉국이를 수래 탓으로 돌리며, 내조 못한다고 늘 타박이다. 하지만 속으로는 집안 먹여 살리는 며느리가 애틋하고 고마운데...수래와 마찬가지로 마음 깊은 곳에 맷돌처럼 무거운 비밀이 있다.
가 출한 친구의 남편이자 바깥사돈인 공마중과 한지붕 밑에서 티격태격, 부부처럼 살다보니 이상한 정이 들었는지 정분이 돌아왔을 땐 기묘한 삼각관계의 기류가 형성된다. 황혼에 때 아닌 이룰 수 없는 사랑의 아픔과 함께, 뒤늦은 성장통을 겪게 된다. Google Translation:
"Biting be at your fingertips, then generous and diligent, and affordable.
You ve girls are all these virtues I forgot to throw live as a woman. Money to buy water bath to die like this one so much so doing himyeon plug.
Attached to the house, turning a son who is a displaced bongguk surae blame is always Housewives mothandago bruises. However, in the house as a daughter-in-law is saving feed and appreciated. Aeteut ...
Like surae heart is heavy as a millstone deep secret.
Runaway husband's friend and pick up the ball outside the laws of bickering under the same roof, like a stream of bizarre love triangle came to live when I heard a strange affection that comes back a couple jeongbun formed. With love and pain that can not be achieved, not when the twilight, and suffer the pains of late."
서봉국 가족서봉희 WE42900947_w666.jpg본명전익령출생1987.07.26 가방 디자이너. 일찍이 이탈리아로 유학 갔다가 한국으로 돌아왔다. 부잣집으로 시집가서 럭셔리 가방샵 운영하며 청담동 사모님으로 살고 있다. 
아이들 남매는 남편 사업체가 있는 싱가폴에서 아빠와 함께 살고 있다. 기러기 엄마로 봉희가 서너달에 한 번씩 다녀오는 정도. 봉국이 사고친 후에 동생 부부가 위기에 처하자, 이혼하지 않도록 온갖 노력을 기울이는 과정에서 수래 커플, 찬우 커플의 부부사에 깊숙하게 끼어들게 된다.
Google Translation:
"Designer bags. Early study in Italy went back to Korea. Go marry a rich luxury bag shop operations, and his wife live in Cheongdam-dong.
Children, siblings live with my dad in Singapore with her husband businesses. Bonghui geese come about once a seoneodal went to my mom.
After the accident bongguk brother cheohaja couple in crisis, coupled surae during every effort to avoid paying divorce, chanwoo is letting the couple deeply in four of the couple.
최이경 가족최인섭
WE97673025_w666.jpg본명최일화출생1959.00.00 의류업체 대표. 매사에 칼같이 명확한 사람. 하지만 마흔에 얻은 외동딸 이경에 대해서만은 모든 것이 예외다. 
형과 함께 동대문 시장에서부터 잔뼈가 굵은 인물이다. 40대 후반, 기업의 규모가 커지면서 형에게서 독립했는데 형의 회사는 부도가 나고, 인섭의 회사는 승승장구해서 탄탄한 골프웨어 전문업체로 성장했다. 형이 죽은 후엔 조카인 대경을 고등학교 때부터 키웠다. 친아들처럼 키웠지만, 한 치 건너 두 치라고 기업만큼은 사위인 찬우에게 물려주고 싶은 소망을 가지고 있다. Google Translation:
"Clothing manufacturers representatives. People like swords in everything clear.
However, the only daughter got forty reducers only exception is everything.

The figures from the Dongdaemun Market janppyeo thick with mold.
Late 40s, grows the size of the business of the company is independent from the type I type hear a bankruptcy, the company has grown to be doing just fine and firm In-seop golf wear specialist.
Huen brother's death brought the nephew of Daqing since high school.
Like kiwotjiman own son, Skip Chi has a desire to give as much as son-in-law passed on to chanwoo the two companies that value."
최이경 가족최대경
WE77067418_w666.jpg본명조연우출생1971.05.30소속사제이아이스토리 엔터테인먼트 이경의 사촌 오빠. 최인섭 형의 아들이다.인섭의 회사는 내 아버지의 것, 고로 후계자는 당연히 자신이라는 생각을 지녔다.
인섭을 아버지처럼 따르며 회사에 헌신했는데, 굴러들어온 돌인 찬우가 회사의 실세로 떠오르자 무섭게 돌변하기 시작한다. 법 없이도 살 것처럼 호인으로 보이지만, 속에서는 야망이 들끓고 있는 인물. 아내 정아의 속물적인 야심을 적당히 조종하고 이용하면서, 자기 손엔 피 묻히지 않고 실속을 차리는 무서운 남자다.  Google Tranlsation:
"Li Jingyi cousin. The type choeinseop son.
In-seop company will of my Father, therefore, of course, jinyeotda heir of his own thoughts.

In-seop was devoted to the subject company like his father, came rolling dolin chanwoo a scary person turns around and starts to come up with the company's silse.
It looks like a sport to live without law, sokeseoneun figures seething with ambition.
While the ambitious wife of one trillion kinds moderately sokmuljeok Jeong-A and use, self sonen scary man buried charineun a stall without blood."
최이경 가족이정아
WE43475327_w666.jpg본명이자영출생1979.08.11 최대경의 아내. 두 얼굴의 여자. 욕망을 위해 무슨 짓이든 하는 여자. 의류업체의 안방마님이 될 꿈을 안고, 최인섭을 지극정성으로 보필한다.목표를 위해서라면 양의 탈 아흔 아홉개도 뒤집어 쓸 수 있는 여우. Google Translation:
"Choedaegyeong wife. Woman with two faces.
Woman anything to desire.
A dream to be a Lady of the House of clothing suppliers, and bopil the choeinseop with utmost sincerity.
If the target amount for the fox ride ninety-nine also can write upside down on."

Credit SBS

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1st Episode looks interesting with character introduction..

This scene struck me as wrong as the little girl looked like she was ashamed of her mother who is working so many jobs..

He is a sweet guy and she is spoiled..

I am thinking that Park Chan Woo's wife is the one that ends up having an affair with Seo Bong Gook. I also see that Gong Soo Rae is a talented artist and bag designer and that the woman in the red is using her talent. Too bad she is with people who have not let her use that talent. Her father and mother seem to be useless and I wonder why they are living her parents and not his mother .

His BIL seems to be jealous of him and his wife is not helping the situation at all.

Not sure how these two are related to Gong Soo Rae as the guy was waiting outside her house as she was leaving. I am wondering if the father has another kid with the woman.

Hopefully our girl Gong Soo Rae will not have to deal with too much pain and lets the louse go soon.

Yes,from the preview it is his wife that ends up having the affair with Gong Soo Rae's hubby.. shame because he seems to be a great hubby.

Video Credit DramaSBS channel on YouTube.
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@LdyGmerm, Thanks for the video recap I also watch the first episode and find this drama interesting as @euraka said.. Another daughter shamed of her mother dead beat  parents I see why her husband will be stepping out on her.. Bit our lead is very pretty and I hope she do hook up with the 2nd husband not because she sleeping with hers because they like each other..  So count me in..  

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Guest MarieI

Drama looks good so far.. but cheating while they hv kids!!!!!  L-)
am excitd though 'bout KSR revival after founding out bout her husbands affair....it looks like she might lose the kid aswel, coz she seems to want to be in a well off family... 

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MarieI said: Drama looks good so far.. but cheating while they hv kids!!!!!  L-)
am excitd though 'bout KSR revival after founding out bout her husbands affair....it looks like she might lose the kid aswel, coz she seems to want to be in a well off family... 

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