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[Drama 2014-2015] Seonam Girls High School Investigators 선암여고 탐정단


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Seonam Girls High School Investigators/Sunam Girls High School Investigators/선암여고 탐정단

Drama: Seonam/Sunam Girls High School InvestigatorsHangul: 선암여고 탐정단Network: jTBCDirector: Yeo Woon Hyuk (여운혁), Yoo Jung Hwan (유정환)Screenwriter: Shin Kwang Ho (신광호)Original Creator: Park Ha Ik (박하익)Episodes: 16Release Date: December 16th, 2014Air Day: Wednesdays, 23:00
PlotBullying, abortion, suicide and the pressures of private education. The Private Investigators Club at the prestigious Seonam Girls’ High School tackle all of these tough challenges of their fellow classmates and try to solve the problems. The five members of the club – An Chae Yool (Jin Ji Hee), Lee Ye Hee (Hyeri), Yoon Mi Do (Kang Min Ah), Kim Ha Jae (Lee Min Ji) and Choi Sung Yoon (Stephanie Lee) – are tough, fearless and shrewd. But will some cases go beyond their capabilities? What will their teacher Ha Yeon Joon (Kim Min Jun) and principal (Hwang Seok Yeon) think of the girls’ amateur sleuthing activities? “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Yeo Woon Hyeok. It is based on the 2013 novel “Seonamyeogo Tamjungdan: Banggwa Hooui Miseuteori” by Park Ha Ik. (Viki).

Sunam Girls High School Detectives
Jin Ji Hee as Ahn Chae YoolKang Min Ah as Yoon Mi DoHye Ri as Lee Ye HeeLee Min Ji (이민지) as Kim Ha JaeStephanie Lee (스테파니 리) as Choi Sung Yoon
People around Ahn Chae Yool
Han Ye Joon (한예준) as Ha Ra OhnLee Seung Yun as Oh Yoo JinJang Ki Yong (장기용) as Ahn Chae JoonChoi Duk Moon as Ahn Hong Min
Sunam Girls High School Teachers
Kim Min Joon as Ha Yun JoonHwang Suk Jung (황석정) as Lee Yeo JooKim Sung Yoon (김성윤) as Jung Dong SooKim Hye Na as Shin Jang Mi



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@joojanah Thank you so much for opening the thread. I had been waiting for someone to do it.

Just finished watching Episode 2 with English subtitles and, am looking forward to next week's episode.

I wonder what Ra Ohn was doing in teacher Ha Yun Joon's room.

Cute detectives at Norebang


more like sexahhh cats haha



Cr. Tumblr yuurikozukata

Edit: removed typos. Aish. auto correct is the bane of my life.

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teacher Ha Yeon Joon creeps me out and can someone explain to me as to why he paid that guy to bite the girls hands i didnot really understand the explanation

It was "presumably" to prevent his mother aka the high school principal to stop selling exam papers to a tutor. The tutor was giving private tutorings to kids' and, also giving them the questions that will be on the exam papers.

A very bizarre way of dealing with cheating and, moral issues. Crazy man! Hahaha.

Also, he seems like a person who can judge someone's nature easily. He gives Chae Yool the exam papers knowing that she wouldn't cheat (even if she does see the papers.) And, we saw this at the end when she left her edpac sheet empty with only the first fwe questions answered.

Ps: I don't think you have to be creeped out my him. I am more creeped put my his mother's SMILE!!!!

*refering to the actresses "SMILING" monster role in "Misaeng". Haha*

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Hello everyone. I had high hopes for this show and I mostly like it so far, but I had one major issue. Here's my first look piece below, but I avoid speaking using names there. Trying to keep as spoiler-free as possible. I can use them here though.

I just can't see how what was assault and battery towards teenage girls, with an added element which could be experienced as sexual assault too, can just be brushed off as a decent guy just trying to do good. By not facing his problems head on and choosing to traumatize innocent kids in order to not get involved himself or let his "mommy" pay for playing with children's lives... The fact that Yeon Joon is portrayed as a cool and handsome mentor to boot, rather than the villain that he is, was just disgusting.

I worry a lot, because this series will handle some serious topics about the lives of teenage girls and such topics and real human pain need to be treated with respect. Not "well, he's our leading man and kinda nice, so let's forgive him being a creep". I don't see how they can fix this, since it's already done, I just hope they are a bit more considerate of how crime affects people in the future.

This quite big problem aside, everything else is fun and whimsical and will be enjoyable as long as they can focus a bit better in the writing department and avoid such flimsy handling of crime.

[HanCinema's Drama First Look] "Seonam Girls High School Investigators"


Bringing a fresh concept to Korean drama and cable television, 'Seonam Girls High School Investigators' has now aired two episodes of its crime-fighting high-school girl story. The series offers mystery, quirky characters, an almost cartoonish presentation at times and plenty of shenanigans. While everything should work well with what the series has so far, it also has some issues which could become detrimental to it further down the line.


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I have a question about that drama.
In the first episode when Ahn Chae yeol is drawing that comical picture of the bitting man, there is this rap song in the backround. dose anybody know the name and artist of the song?????Thank you for your answers~~~

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Yes, I can't understand that logic, or why they want to make it seem like he was doing something good by hiring the biting guy. Reminds me of all the absurd/creepy/illegal things that happened in Great Teacher Onizuka, preeeetty sure that teacher would be in jail.
^Googled the lyrics and this came up

While I was rewatching some scenes I noticed the English teacher is also the nurse and the homeroom teacher was the guy at the pension, or am I going blind
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Guest SongRaeSoo

I just stumbled on to this series. Odd but funny. I'll probably stick around to see what happens next. 
But I also had a question: Does anyone know the song that Chae Yool is listening to (episode 1) while Mi Do and others are talking in the cafeteria? Thank you ^.^

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 I'm in the right mood to play devil's advocate today and this odd little drama with its OTT craziness is giving me a lot to work with :D. A few posts from the two Kdrama fans/friends I respect the most showed concern regarding the depiction of the strange teacher with a preference for the borderline morbid ways to make a point as a good guy but I honestly don't find it all that disturbing. I mean we're talking about a Kdrama who as far as I can tell is trying to stick to the manhwa logic as much as possible and as crazy as we find dramas sometimes comic book logic is even crazier so the type of down right weird character like the one Kim Min Joon is playing makes a lot of sense to me.
 Other than the debatable creepy teacher character I think the series has found a good balance between the comedy parts and the serious subjects (which is a hard thing to find in dramaland nowadays) and they were lucky enough to cast the right people for this. I hope they keep this up and the comedy doesn't get lost on the way as our 5 girls start tackling more serious cases.
 This is slightly OT but I have to say I'm happy Lee Seung Yeon (she plays the mother) has bounced back from the propofol "scandal" - she and Jae Hee are still the most interesting couple I've ever seen in a Kmovie (the movie is 3-Iron and it's a work of art).

P.S. I had a LOL moment when I realized the older brother is Pedro from the Greatest Marriage - the guy is pretty funny :))

 P.P.S Did anyone else try checking the real ages of the 5 girls? If you haven't, try guessing first and then look up the info, I for one failed miserably at guessing who the oldest one was - Damn Korean reverse aging :))

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Heeeeeello, I'm new here, though I've reading the few posts here and always wanted to write something, so I came to make this more active and write whatever I feel or something like that hahaha.From episode one I really really like this drama, I don't know why but I just love it,and really ship Chaeyool and Raon!!!! :x
...I came here with so many thoughts why can't I write anything else :((
I'll come back with something better next episode hahaha

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