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UPDATED- Jackie chan bids tall guy farewell


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Cinematographer Killed on Set of Jackie Chan’s ‘Skiptrace’
Source: International Business Times/VarietyImage: On.ccEdited by: R.E.D


A cinematographer was killed on Wednesday in Hong Kong during the filming of Jackie Chan-starring film “Skiptrace.” Chan Kwok-hung is understood to have drowned in an accident that occurred when a boat he was on capsized off Lantau Island. According to the South China Morning Post, it is understood to have happened around 3am local time. Seven other film crew were on board, but they managed to swim the 30 meters to shore. Neither Jackie Chan nor co-star Fan Bingbing are believed to have been on board at the time.
51-year-old Chan Kwok-hung, who was working on the upcoming film “Skiptrace,” which features Jackie Chan, “Jackass” star Jonny Knoxville, and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. Hong Kong police told the South China Morning Post that a 50-foot vessel carrying eight crew members capsized 100 feet from the island's shore. Seven other crew members were able to swim to safety, but Chan was later discovered unconscious. The paper reported that Jackie Chan was not believed to have been on board at the time of the accident. Chan Kwok-hung had worked in Hong Kong's film industry for 20 years, and had previously worked with prominent local directors Stephen Chow, Jingle Ma and Chan Chi-ying, according to the Hollywood Reporter. 
“Skiptrace,” is a joint production between U.S., Hong Kong, and mainland Chinese companies, and tells the story of a Hong Kong detective (Chan) who teams up with an American gambler (Knoxville) to save his niece (Bingbing) and take down a local crime boss, according to Deadline.com. At the time of writing, Chan's official website carries no comment on the death. Jackie Chan is mainland China's most-recognizable screen actor, and is famed for his outlandish stunts and frenetic fight choreography.
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class="headline" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; font-size: 26px; line-height: 1.21em; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Johnnie slams production studio for Chan's deathJohnnie slams production studio for Chan's death

22 Dec – Hong Kong director Johnnie To recently expressed his sadness over the death of cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung during the filming of Jackie Chan's film, "Skiptrace", and criticised the production for its lack of safety measure.

According to Oriental Daily News, speaking to the media at the Fresh Wave 2014 International Short Film Exhibition in Chai Wan's Youth Square a few days ago, Johnnie, who has never worked with Chan before, stated, "How can eight people be on a boat? I would never even imagine such an accident would happen."

"Everybody should pay attention to safety. Yes, sometimes we would make a mistake, but production studios should not gamble with lives," said Johnnie.

He added that since filming process is not as dangerous as it was before with the advent of modern technology, such an accident should not happen at all.

"In my previous films, the most one might experience is a broken leg or arm. Nothing fatal ever happened," he continued.

Meanwhile, Chan's good friend and fellow cinematographer, Anthony Pun, has recently worked with other behind-the-scene crew to create a memorial booklet for the deceased film worker.

The cinematographer's memorial service will be held on 1 January, and the funeral will take place the next day.


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Jackie chan donates 1 million to the victim's family
_01MB008_.jpg_01mb402.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0101-00282-045b1.jpg?t=1420060706302courtesy of on.cc
During the Jackie Chan starred film SKIPTRACE's production in Hong Kong, cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung passed away in an accident. Recently someone posted bills on the streets, saying that Jackie Chan asked others to raise HK$ 600,000 but he has not paid a cent. 

The Jackie Chan starred film SKIPTRACE through its lawyers issued a statement, citing that Jackie Chan has donated HK$ 1 million in his own name to Chan Kwok Hung's widow. Yet it did not comment on the narration on Jackie Chan's personal life on the bill. The statement said: 

"1. This company deeply regrets the accident that took place on the morning of December 17 and led to Tall Guy's passing. This company now is doing everything possible to assist the victim's family during this difficult period. 

2. The Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers has confirmed to this company that Mr. Jackie Chan earlier in his own name donated HK$ 1 million to the victim's widow."


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Jackie chan bids tall guy farewell
0102-00282-058b1.jpg?t=1420147152635courtesy of on.cc
Cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung (Tall Guy) last month passed away after an accidental drowning during the production of Jackie Chan's new film SKIPTRACE. Yesterday his funeral services began at the International Funeral Parlor. The ceremony was Taoist. Yesterday a group of filmmakers helped out at the hall. Guests included Jackie Chan, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Stephen Tung Wai, Ken Low Wai Kwong and Ken Wong Hap Hei. Around 8:30PM Jackie Chan arrived. With sorrow he stood still for the media to take photos. Big Brother first thanked everyone for their concern. Did he feel better? He said, "After a few days I am a little better! (Are you emotions still very mixed?) 2014 just went, this year will be a little better!" Speaking of a foundation to assist Tall Guy's family, he said that the nine major organizations of the film industry will provide assistance. Will he donate more money after donating HK$ 1 million? He said that he will let the organizations handle that. Because he conducted the interview as he walked, he reminded the media to watch their step. Later he again stopped for photos as requested before entering the hall. He stayed for half a hour. When he left the media asked him about the street bill incident, he said, "Those who are innocent know they are. I won't be mad. Someone misunderstood me. When I do something I don't do it to show people." Was he very worried about Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) being officially charged? He said as he continued to walk, "No, be careful everyone, watch your step!" 

According the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers president Lau Wai Keung, since the accident each major film organizations have offered a helping hand. The Stuntman Association president Chin Kar Lok even took the initiative and offered to use the organization's fund to help, as well as setting up an account for Tall Guy's widow Mrs. Chan for the convenience of donations from various organizations. Although Big Brother said that he will give HK$ 1 million first, ultimately the victim was survived by a widow and children. Thus a second round of fund raising activities will take place to assist Mrs. Chan and her children's life and educational expenses. They hoped to raise HK$ 10 million. Louis Koo Tin Lok and Wong Jing has also formed a "Tall Guy fraternity" to assist.


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