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[Drama 2015] Unkind Women 착하지 않은 여자들

Go Seung Ji

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The misadventures of three generations of Unkind Womenby girlfriday | February 20, 2015Unkind2.jpg
I’m still curious about KBS’s decision to make Unkind Women a Wednesday-Thursday show when everything about it screams family weekend drama. That’s not a bad thing — it just follows a pretty familiar pattern that I’m used to seeing in longer-running shows on Saturdays and Sundays. The series is about three generations of hot-blooded women living under one roof, and follows their downward spirals when nothing goes according to plan in any of their lives. The show is gearing up for a premiere next week, though you wouldn’t know it from the dearth of promo materials; a new longer trailer reveals a little more about the characters and the mishaps to come.

Kim Hye-ja (I Live in Cheongdam-dong) plays the matriarch, a sought-after cooking instructor who can cut you down to size with sharp words spoken in her characteristic sweet, melodic voice. Ha, those are the scariest kinds of moms. Her eldest daughter Do Ji-won (Healer) is a star news anchor who’s got a foul temper and a fouler mouth, but excels at just about everything. Life is great for her until she loses her anchor spot, after which her life begins to slope downward for the first time ever.

Second daughter Chae Shi-ra (Five Fingers) is the total opposite of her successful sister. She has a gambling problem and is a general mess through and through, who can never seem to get her life together. She had a daughter at the age of twenty and remained a perpetual teenager, though she does strive to make sure that her daughter is successful in all the ways that she’s not. In the trailer, she goes from crazy ajumma gangster with a frizzy perm to a chic professional woman, so something must happen to incite her total makeover.

Lee Hana (High School King of Savvy) is Chae Shi-ra’s daughter, and she’s a university lecturer who has a bunch of degrees but is pretty hapless in the real world. She’ll have the affections of a pair of half-brothers: Kim Ji-suk (Angel Eyes), a polished announcer-turned-PD, and Song Jae-rim (Surplus Princess), a fencing instructor. She’ll end up losing her job because of Kim Ji-suk, who then tries to fix her life, and she’ll work a bunch of part-time jobs where she meets Song Jae-rim. It’s a tough job, but juggling two hot bros kinda comes with the territory.

The teasers aren’t necessarily drawing me in, though the four women will probably be funny together. Given the producers — the PD of My Daughter Seo-young and the writer of Equator Man — I think it’s probably going to be a solid show. It’s not high-concept or sexy, but maybe it’s not such a bad idea to get another dose of comfort food in a weekday slot. Feel-good family hijinks are a dramaland staple for a reason.

Unkind Women premieres this coming Wednesday, February 25.

Credit Dramabeans

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Thanks everyone for all the wonderful update. Love the Press Conference pictures posted....gomapta @an99iiee and @kickazzkris. It would be great if Lee Soon-jae  could attend the Press-Con together with Kim Hye-ja - guess he is busy touring Greece.

Don't think this has been posted here....a lengthy highlight of "Unkind Women"!  Highly anticipating this drama.

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class="titleNews"Song Jae Lim Compares Partners in ′We Got Married′ and ′Unkind Women′


2015.02.23 18:15 Newsen Park Ah Reum Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Song Jae Lim talked about his co-stars in We Got Married and Unkind Women.

On February 23, the press conference for KBS′ new drama, Unkind Women took place at the Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel in Nonhyun, where Song Jae Lim talked about MBC′s We Got Married.

Currently acting as an onscreen couple with Kim So Eun on We Got Married, Song Jae Lim was asked to compare Kim So Eun and Unkind Women′s Lee Hana. He cleverly began with, "Are you referring to the 2AM incident?"

Song Jae Lim Compares Partners in ′We Got Married′ and ′Unkind Women′

Although it could be a rather sensitive question, Song Jae Lim began by saying, "It′s kind of like a hot potato."

"In a movie I was watching, it said, ′I love everything that I know about you. And I trust in what I don′t. .′ We Got Married is a program, a fantasy, that stands on the borderline of reality and imgination. So Eun is someone I can interact with when I meet her in my dreams, and Hana is someone I meet in reality and work with. Because of this, I think it would be misleading to compare the two."

He continued, "Just because we′re dreaming up a fantasy in reality, just because it′s made up, I think it′s contradictory to say there′s no sincerity."

Unkind Women is about three generations of women who find the meaning of life and grow through a series of events. The first broadcast will air on February 25. 

Photo Credit: Newsen/Jang Kyung Ho

Source credit Enewsworld

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class="titleNews"Song Jae Lim Talks about Finally Protecting a Woman and Not a Man in ′Unkind Women′_______________________________________________________________________

2015.02.23 17:02 Newsen Park Ah Reum Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Song Jae Lim teased a different kind of acting that he hasn′t shown before.

On February 23, the press conference for KBS′ Unkind Women was held at the Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel in Nonhyun, where Song Jae Lim introduced his new drama role.

Acting as Lee Roo Oh, a fifth level kendo player, Song Jae Lim plans on stealing the hearts of the female audience on Wednesday and Thursday nights with his cold and indifferent character.

"Up until now, I played a lot of roles where I fought, protected and killed people," said Song Jae Lim. "But here, I′ve been acting in a traditional romance with a slightly more normal character than before. I feel like a regular person."

착하지 않은 여자들 송재림

"I have a lot of anticipation for this melodrama. If the people I had to protect before were men, in a melodrama, it would have to be women, right? Just like how Inspiring Generation became a turning point in my acting career, I believe that this project will also give off good energy."

"Although I can′t predict how it′ll turn out, I will focus on this project becoming the topic of conversation. I′ll do my best to make sure I don′t cause trouble for this drama and will work hard to fill in the empty spaces."

Unkind Woman is about three generations of women in one family who search for the meaning of life through a series of crazy events. The drama airs on February 25.

Photo Credit: asiae

Source credit Enewsworld

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Thank you all for fabulous photos and articles from Press Conf.  Thank you @jadecloud for the teaser. The other was not available in my country either.

'Unkind Women' Song Jae-rim, Lee Ha-na and Kim Ji-seok-I in triangle relationship


On February 23rd, KBS 2TV's new Wednesday & Thursday drama, 'Unkind Women' held a press conference at Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Actors and actresses, Kim Hye-ja, Chae Si-ra, Do Ji-won,Lee Ha-na, Kim Ji-seok-I, Song Jae-rim along with producer Yoo Hyeon-gi attended the event.

'Unkind Women' depicts stories of the women from the three generations including Kang Soon-ok (Kim Hye-ja), who has been living the single life as a cooking instructor after her husband left her, and her two daughters, Kim Hyeon-jeong (Do Ji-won) and Kim Hyeon-sook (Chae Si-ra) and her granddaughter, Jeong Ma-ri (Lee Ha-na).

Producer Yoo Hyeon-gi said, "We have the coolest actresses here. I have all the actors and actresses on my number one list I had in mind when I started planning the production. I believe we have cast the actors and actresses who will bring the characters to life perfectly".

Song Jae-rim also mentioned about gumdo, "It's my first time to be exposed to this sports. It has a lot of merits including the diet effect and mental training. You don't wear underwear traditionally, but I wear them all the time though", which made the crowd laugh.

Source: Hancinema

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Presscon Pic: Well-groomed and beautiful mom-daughter pairxADJOF6.jpg

Presscon Pic: Healthy-looking 3 generationsRpbC8qo.jpg

Stills Collage from Ep 1 scene -  A secret meeting between HS(CSR) and MR(JMH)(wonder why JMH wasn't at the presscon)

CR: UW Weibo

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Presscon Pic: A love triangle - LDJ-JMR-LRO. 
Will this be causing another second-lead-syndrome with LDJ(KJS) looking so good next to JMR(LHN)? HeheonHTPsE.jpg

And LDJ(KJS) being in-step with JMR(LHN) - both winking at mediah11Gx5u.jpg

And LDJ(KJS) making JMR(LHN) smile - was it a joke or a compliment of her beauty? 

And again, another smile :)RIAXafF.jpg

But...LRO(SJR) isn't going to stand around and do nothing...
initiates to hold her hand?fLXimii.jpg

and a high-five?PwehDiS.jpg
CR: UW Weibo

Has the 'fight' for JMR(LHN) already started at the presscon? Hehe... :D >:)

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