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[Drama 2015] Unkind Women 착하지 않은 여자들

Go Seung Ji

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Unkind Women




  • Drama: Unkind Women (working & literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Chakhaji Aneun Yeojadeul
  •  Hangul: 착하지 않은 여자들
  • Director: Yoo Hyun-Ki
  • Writer: Kim In-Young
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 24 
  • Release Date: February, 2015 --
  • Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


    Takes over the KBS2 Wed. & Thu. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "The King's Face".


  • Cast



  • Song Jae-Rim   as  Roo-O
  • Lee Ha-Na  as  Jung Ma-Ri
  • Chae Shi-Ra  as  Kim Hyun-Sook
  • Kim Hye-Ja  as  Kang Soon-Ok
  • Park Hyuk-Kwon  as  Jung Goo (Hyun-Sook's husband)
  • Lee Mi-Do  as  Park Eun-Sil
  • Do Ji-Won  as  Kim Hyun-Jung
  • Lee Soon-Jae  as  Kim Chul-Hee

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Guest ilikemangoss

DRAMA CASTING & NEWSKBS lines up new drama Unkind Women for February launchby javabeans | October 12, 2014 | 18 Comments


The PD of weekend blockbuster My Daughter Seo-young is teaming with the writer ofEquator Man for a new drama, which makes me wonder: Will they be courting a reunion with lead actress Lee Bo-young? That’d be one way to shoot my interest level way up.

For now, the show has been announced as a 24-episode series titled Unkind Women and centers around three generations of women in a “hot-blooded family.” The title doesn’t mean that they’re specifically mean people, just that they’re not “nice girl” types, which makes sense given that they’ve struggled to endure through hardships and get where they are in life. (And now I really do want Lee Bo-young in it, since she’s an actress who can take conventionally unlikable traits—selfishness, pettiness, schadenfreude—and make a character lovable for them.)

The description is pretty vague about the ladies finding love, success, and happiness, but I think I can picture it well enough. Writer Kim In-young’s recent credits do skew more melodramatic than comedic (Women in the Sun, When a Man Loves), but (1) she also wrote one of my favorite rom-coms, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, and (2) the production house has done lighter material, so I’m hoping for something more along those lines. IOK Media produced Queen’s Classroom and Sly and Single Again (the latter was a joint venture with Fantagio), as well as tvN’s Marriage Not Dating.

The drama is tentatively being planned as a follow-up to KBS’s King’s Face, which airs in mid-November. That puts Unkind Women’s premiere in February 2015.

Via Star News


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Guest ilikemangoss

DRAMA CASTING & NEWSMoon Sori, Kim Hye-ja for new KBS drama Unkind Womenby girlfriday | November 25, 2014 | 14 Comments


The PD of the hit drama My Daughter Seo-young and the writer of Equator Man are teaming up for a Wednesday-Thursday drama for KBS in the new year, and wooing actresses Moon Sori (Law of Attraction) and Kim Hye-ja (Mother) to return to the small screen to star. If she signs on, it’ll have been seven years since Moon Sori has done a full-length television series (2008’s My Golden Age, and before that 2007’s Legend), while Kim Hye-ja headlined JTBC’s I Live in Cheongdam-dong three years ago.

The new series is called Unkind Women and features three generations of women who “share the same hot blood,” living under one roof. Kim Hye-ja is being courted to play the head matriarch, a cooking instructor with an infamous sharp tongue and a proclivity for swearing. She teaches a cooking class that’s so popular that there’s a ten-month wait to get in, and she’s known for cutting her students — mostly chaebol daughters-in-law — down to size. But she’s also the kind of woman who’s experienced a good deal of tribulation in her life, and uses her strength to help others.

Moon Sori has been offered the role of her troublemaker daughter, who’s lived a wayward life and only recently come to appreciate the love of her family. There will be another daughter with a lonely secret, and a granddaughter as well. It’s a family of women who aren’t very nice, figuring out how to love, succeed, and find happiness together.

Aw, it sounds like a lovely combo of strong women and heartwarming family drama. Directing is PD Yoo Hyun-ki (My Daughter Seo-young, Brain, God of Study), and writing is Kim In-young (When a Man Loves, Equator Man, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry).

Unkind Women is being planned for 24 episodes, and follows King’s Face in February.

Via IS PlusStar News


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Guest ilikemangoss



Song Jae Rim and Lee Ha Na in talks for upcoming KBS drama 'Unkind Women'

December 12, 2014 @ 1:04 amSong Jae Rim and Lee Ha Na are in talks for upcoming KBS 2TV Wed-Thurs drama 'Unkind Women' (working title)!

SEE ALSO: Song Jae Rim conducts volunteer service in Cambodia as a 'Plan Korea' ambassador

A KBS rep told Sports Hankook on the 12th, "Song Jae Rim and Lee Ha Na are positively reviewing their casting offers for 'Unkind Women'."

If confirmed, Song Jae Rim will play the role of fencing master Lu Oh who attends the same physical education school as Jung Ma Ri, who would be played by Lee Ha Na.

'Unkind Women' portrays three generations of women who pursue love, success, and happiness. The drama will air following 'The King's Face' in February!



Song Jae Rim confirms casting as lead male role in "Unkind women"

Song Jae Rim

Song Jae Rim will return to the small screen as a handsome fencing master Luo for KBS 2TV‘s upcoming drama series Unkind Women. This will be his first time taking a lead role in a drama series.  

On Decemeber 12th, an affiliated member released a statement revealing, “Song Jae Rim is in talks with the dramas production team regarding current filming schedules and other details as well. The actor is determined to add more fun to the drama Unkind Women by showing a different side of him as shown in previous projects. It seems like Lee Hana will be taking the lead female-role, but it has not been confirmed yet.”

Unkind Women is a three generaton story about the women in a family. The perspective of the drama is drawn from the daughter looking at her mother, grandmother, and the world. The drama is set to air February of 2015.

Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim has earned much popularity in the recent years through starring in numerous project, including, Inspiring Generation and The Idle Mermaid. His gentle yet charismatic charms have appealed to many viewers. More recently, his bold, honest, and lovable behaviours on We Got Married have earned much popularity as well.

Source: Star News

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According to this NEWS, Lee Soon-jae has confirmed his participation in this drama, "Unkind Women". I have always enjoyed his acting and was happy to see him in "The King's Face" and now he will be reunited with Kim Hye-ja whom they played as a couple in MBC, "What is Love" in 1991....whoa, 24 years ago!


Credit as tagged

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Annyeong everyone :)

Thank you for creating this thread. I adore Song Jae Rim and since it's his first main lead role, I definitely will wait and watch this drama. Once Lee Hana is confirmed to be the lead lady, I will be very happy because I adore Lee Hana too since High School King.

Annyeong @valsava chingu, Ddaebak you are everywhere :) happy to see you in this thread too.

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I saw Lee Hana on HSKOS. She was so unique there. Looking forward to see her in UW. She must have different character here. As for Jae Rim, I haven't seen him in any dramas. Hope they both can portray their characters well. By the way, Lee Hana is older than Jae Rim, isn't she?

A bookworm vs a fencing teacher really caught my attention.

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Love Lee Hana so much in Alone in Love and King of High School. She can be weird and lovely at the same time. I think this role will suit her just fine.  :)) Sigh, though I was hoping to see Lee Bo Young's comeback as well. Will look forward to this!
Anyway, Lee Hana and Song Jae Rim attended KBS drama awards ceremony together.

Credits to LHN DC

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