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[Hong Kong HKTV Drama 2014] The Election 選戰

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 The Election Picture


Chinese title: 選戰 / Shoon Zhan
English title: The Election
Genre: Modern, Politics, Thriller

Episodes: 15

Producer: Wong Kwok Keung (黃國強)

Broadcast Date: November 19, 2014


Angelica Lee (李心潔)

Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智)

Gregory Wong (王宗堯)

Samuel Kwok (郭峰)

Li Ying (李影)


The Election is a series that reflects what is currently happening in society.

Each level of society has its own struggles and oftentimes, the lines between humanity, power, and self-interest can be difficult to unravel. Lead actress Angelica Lee (李心潔) participates in the Chief Executive election bearing her husband’s mission of selfless diplomacy and constant pursuit of fairness on her shoulders. Unfortunately, the reality of society causes her to be drawn into a complicated predicament – on one side, she must deal with internal conflicts within her team while on the other, she must fend off constant attacks from her political opponent Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智). After enduring numerous obstacles, she discovers that it is impossible to separate friend from foe. In that sense, the interweaving of love and hate, humanity and self-interest between the characters precisely mirrors the reality of today’s society. 
Through the [life] games people play, this series attempts to bring out the repulsive as well as radiant extremes of human nature.

Raw Trailer:


Eva Chan - I'll Be There



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I love this series so so so so much. HKTV makes much better quality drama than TVB! It deserved more attention. This series is quality stuff. 

Pleased some one - some fan club pick up english subbing for this series! Pleased

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I love love this series. It rings so true to the political landscape in China/HK right now! Especially right now!!! It almost as if in recent week Mainland just took the plot of Elections last few episodes and make it a reality. 

HKTV makes quality TV, it's too bad it doesnt get the same rating/attentions as TVB's rubbish dramas

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