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[Current Drama 2014/2015] Way to Go, Rose (Run, Jang Mi) 달려라 장미 7:20PM KST (5:20AM) Mon-Fri


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these korean  rich  people, gets married  maybe takes the  girl  virginity  then not register the  marriage  and  dumped her  and there is nothing the woman  can   do..they  should  change this  marriage thingy  on   kdramas. its so  foul  its  like   living  back in   ancient times. use and  abuse and  walk away  free.. don't have sex  before  your marriage is  registered.

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@ anbud

Today the legacy of Confucianism remains a fundamental part of Korean society, shaping the moral system, the way of life, social relations between old and young, high culture, and is the basis for much of the legal system.

In Confucianism, marriage must be most importantly to be recognised by family and friends before any legal representation. Then the practice of the wedding ceremony before registering the marriage.

Traditionally, Korean society considered divorce and remarriage deviant and problematic family events. Only the husband had the right to divorce his wife; if he did so, she had to be expelled from her family-in-law according to the traditional marital code that held the husband's authority and absolute power to govern his wife. A husband could legally divorce his wife when she committed the following seven faults (chilchul); being disobedient to one's parents-in-law; not giving birth to a son; committing adultery; expressing jealousy of the concubine; contracting a serious illness; and being garrulous or thievish.

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Annyeong everyone :)
@NewKdramaAddict Thanks for starting this thread.Hello @valsava @tinatrix236 We meet again :)
I like this JM/TJ OTP pairing :) Gonna check this drama out ...hope it's as good or almost as good as soon-to-end CDDS. I like how the plot is developing, though as makjang as it was in earlier eps, I hope the positive energy of JM and her influence on peeps around her will be the focus. From ep 10 onwards. it'll get more interesting cos finally, TJ is at work! And who better to be his supervisor? Yup...JM! YAY! 
Things are going to get complicated with the mish-mash of relationships:
TH -> JHJH -> JM (later?)MJ -> TJMC -> TH (later?)TJ -> JM (later for sure)JM -> TJ? or JH? (may the best man win! I'm guessing it'll be TJ)

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