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More Spy Filming pics
Cr: Pyowithjj


Learned that Jaejoong filmed until 2 AM last night...He twitted around 3 AM (from home saying Goodnight) so very little sleep for filming again earlier today...
Life of Kdrama actors...

Updated...Pic from 12/17th filming
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Jejoong ジェジュン Merry Christmas 2014 Japanese Fan Project 

I-FANS - Link to submit your video msg to Jaejoong by Jan 5 https://ssl.jaejoong-bdparty2015.jp/form-message.html  (limit: 10-sec 30mb)


I-FANS, Send bday messages 2 #Jaejoong - Instructions -> English site of JJ bday party http://jaejoong-bdparty2015.jp/e.html 


Christmas Message from JYJ


JYJ: Hello! We are JYJ.

YC: Hello~

JYJ: Everyone, Merry Christmas!

Junsu starts singing Silver Bells 

JJ: Go with something more exciting.

YC: Something exciting~

Junsu starts singing Jingle Bells but gets the ‘Jingle All The Way’ part wrong

Song switches to Santa Clause is Coming to Town but Yoochun changes the lyrics to 

YC: Jjajangmyeon is okay, Jjambbong is okay too

Text: Soup noodles NO! Jjangmyeon OK! Excellent Chinese Food Adlib 

JJ: Ah…

Text: Everyone finally realizes Yoochun’s great gag

JJ: We’ve lost our childhood, I knew so many carols when I was young.

YC: What other Christmas songs are there?

JYJ starts singing Jingle Bells again but gets the lyrics wrong

Text: Lyrics are forgotten along with their childhood 

JS: What else is there?

JJ: Icicle~

YC: Silent Night~

YC: What are you gonna do? On a silent night?

JJ: What are you all going to do for Christmas? We have a concert in Japan so we’ll be spending Christmas with the Japanese fans.

JJ: It seems like this winter will be very warm.

YC: Yeah… why?

JS: Why?

YC: Is there something?

JS: Well they say that a winter is warm if you find a girlfriend.

YC: Are you warm?

JJ: I’ve always had a girlfriend though.

YC: Ah

JS: Ah again…. Please don’t say stuff like that.

YC: Don’t say stuff that’s so predictable

Text: “JJ: You are all my girlfriend” Jaejoong’s very predictable next words

JS: Stop saying that and improve what you say

YC: Don’t say stuff that’s predictable.

JJ: I’ve been dating everyone for the last 10 years though

Text: An idol’s frequent comments that we are fed up with

YC: With everyone?

JS: With everyone?

JJ: Do you know that…how many days has it been? Since we’ve debut? A while back we marked 4000 days since debut

JS: Ahhhh

Text: Congratulations! JYJ’s 4000th day since debut!

JJ: We’ve come a long time with everyone. I’m curious what the fans who can’t be with us at our concert will do for Christmas.
When we gave our Christmas greeting a couple years ago, we said something like ‘please find a lover and have a happy Christmas’
For me… If everyone gets married…or date… we are okay with that.

YC: Cheesy…

JS: Why is that okay?

YC: Why?

JS: I’ll get jealous.

JJ: I won’t be jealous, truthfully.

JS: Because in the end your life is yours and my life is mine?

Text: Getting harder to handle this conversation…

JJ: No because if everyone finds a lover or starts a family with kids, they can support us as a family. I think I’ll feel really happy at that.

Text: Summoning ‘Families of fans’

JJ: I hope you have a happy Christmas. We will return after finishing our concert.

Text: We will come to you with a great concert.

JJ: 1, 2, 3

JYJ: Merry Christmas!

JJ: Have a Merry Christmas

Translated by: ohmyjunsu of intoXIAcation



JJ's gift for JS's b-day #4Mchristmastree


LQJCCNhc_normal.jpeg김준수 @1215thexiahtic

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Rinmaze: SPY のフードサポートが始まったようです(*^^*) 主役のソヌ様は日本ですが。 B5lclXSCAAAFwwk.jpg
Snack car support for #Jaejoong and #Spy cast and crew http://blog.naver.com/kfoodtruck/220218939763  <No.324> 김재중님 서포트 KBS금요미니시리즈 SPY
Merry Christmas ^^


JYJ FB * worldclassjj  

upcoming J*party for JJ's b-day :x #Yokohama



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@valsava am anxiously waiting for it to start :x @Jaeholic13 @tealee we ussually saw a couple spy or family spy . . mother and son seems refreshingand it looks like the mother who protects the son #interestingtoday's is last con of Japanese's leg then its J-party and SPY for JJ #lookingforward :x



mom's preventing him to pull out his gun?B5mbVJaCQAEbPdK.jpg


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JYJ Philippines ‏@JYJ_PH  
43 minutes ago

[ANNOUNCEMENT] KJJ Project will cater to Kim Jaejoong's upcoming drama SPY. inquire at jyjphilippines@yahoo.com



Dear our beloved,

In the upcoming January, MBC’s drama “Spy” starring Jaejoong will be officially on air.

CielJJ really wants to put all of our effort in supporting his project this time.

CielJJ has sent rice wreaths to Press conference of his drama “Dr.Jin”, supported rice wreath conversion project of HEROSE for drama “Triangle” and this time CielJJ also want to give our hand to Jaejoong’s fans all around the world to express our love and support toward Jaejoong.

Because of the project for Jaejoong and CielJJ’s nature, the SPECIFIC GOALS/TARGETS as follow: SUPPORT FILM CREW SNACK-TRUCK/DRINK-TRUCK (estimated cost: 10 – 15 mil VND) and/or SEND flower wreaths to Press Conference of “SPY”.

The goal set for this project is quite high, so CielJJ really needs to have your hand in supporting. Depending on the amount of donation, CielJJ will calculate to have a proper plan. All of expense and list of donation will be generated and posted after the project finishes.

All of donation will be processed via paypal. You could contact with CielJJ via email cieljjvn@gmail.com for more details.

DEADLINE FOR DONATION: from 17th Dec, 2014 to 10th Jan, 2015.

CielJJ indeed hopes to receive your support in order to have successful project!
We, once again, would like to express our sincere appreciate to your interest and support ~^^.



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Guest Roro_Tae

I wish people stop posting thing that are not Spy related here. I know you are Jaeoong fans, I'm a JYJ fan myself, but please remember this is not JYJ nor Jaejoong official thread, is considered to thoe that are not Jaejoong but drama fans.
Please don't feel bad or offended, because I appreciate your contributions to the thread.

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Guest wing834

The preview pic is getting me excited! I wonder how jaejoong is able to juggle filming and JYJ activites... he also has fan meeting at end of Jan >.< Busy busy guy >.<
I quite like the new actress who is playing Jaejoong's sister, i hope she gets a chance to shine ^_^

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class="content-title" New “Spy” Stills Give Sneak Preview of Yoo Oh Sung and Go Sung Hee’s Characters Pao December 24, 2014   New “Spy” Stills Give Sneak Preview of Yoo Oh Sung and Go Sung Hee’s Characters

The anticipation for the upcoming KBS mini series “Spy” is rising especially that new still photos from the series are released.

The latest images released featured actor Yoo Oh Sung and actress Go Sung Hee assuming their roles in the new KBS drama “Spy.”

In the still photos released, actor Yoo Oh Sung, who plays the role of the spy Ki Chul, gives an air of mystery and reveals his dark charisma. Looking cautiously to his side, Yoo Oh Sung’s character, the spy Ki Chul, shows his cold personality.

Yoo Oh Sung

Go Sung Hee, on the other hand, looks the part of Yoon Jin, the angelic new employee who actually has a side to her that is in pain.

Go Sung Hee

“Spy” is based on the Israeli drama “The Gordin Cell.” It tells the story of an ex-spy mother (Bae Jong Ok) and her son Seon Woo (Kim Jaejoong) who works for the National Intelligence Service. It will be a new hybrid drama, mixing the usual family drama genre with spy thriller elements.

In the drama, Go Sung Hee plays the role of Yoon Jin, the girlfriend of Seon Woo (Kim Jaejoong), who’s torn between her family and her lover. Yoo Oh Sung plays the role of Ki Chul, the North Korean spy who will be in a confrontation with Seon Woo.

Find out more about Yoo Oh Sung and Go Sung Hee’s characters Ki Chul and Yoon Jin when “Spy” airs its two-episode premiere on January 9, 2015 from 9:30 p.m. until 11:10 p.m. (KST).

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Momma is so very badass. I do hope they keep her cool like this. Dramas aren't great with strong, talented women.
And they look so cool together. On the job, but still with the clear element of family there. She's the mom, he listens.

I think even Korean audiences love family more than romance in television, so it would be smart to rely on that in general.
I think the rise of cable is starting to prove that. People have gotten tired of the same old stuff. They want more depth.

This series is another good opportunity for the Big 3 to prove they can change and deliver all kinds of good content.
I just wish it wasn't KBS. Urgh. This will stress me out so much. But if it works, it will be awesome. So in we go. ;)

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