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[Japanese Movie 2015] Bakuman Live Action Movie/ バクマン。


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Reproduced Editorial Department of Shonen Jump Perfectly!

Director One Jin’s ‘Baku-man’ Production Report: posted on March 23, 2015

translated by Stephany-310

The live action movie of ‘Baku-man’ is based on the comic by Oba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi. It is a cultural youth film where two high school boys co-create comics and aim at drawing a serial comic for ‘Shonen Jump’. Eiga Natalie visited Director One, who has been working on editing and got an early peek at an untold story behind its production. This film will be released in October.

‘This project was first offered by the producer while I was going around Japan for the promotion of the film ‘Moteki’. It took me about two years to write the script. I rewrote it more than twenty times. It was really hard.’


After such growing pains, ‘Baku-man’ got rolling. Mashiro Moritaka, who has by far the best drawing ability, is played by Sato Takeru, and Takagi Akito, who is the original story writer is acted by Kamiki Ryunosuke.


‘I wasn’t worried so much about Kamiki, but what concerned me most was if Takeru would look like a cherry boy or not. (lol) But at the first fitting session, I saw him wearing the school uniform and the training suit, and thought, ‘Oh, not bad at all! It will be OK.’’

Contrary to what Director One thought, the publication of the casting of the two main characters, in May, 2014, caused a furor among the public, saying, ‘Shouldn’t the cast be the opposite?’

‘The reaction from the public was so unexpected that I thought, ‘What?’ Twitter went crazy, not to say ‘炎上 (enjo / getting littered)’. On the day of the publication of the cast, I went back home to find ‘Today’s Trend Word’ was ‘Baku-man / opposite’ in NHK’s news. (lol) But I can’t burn unless I’m not under adverse circumstances. ‘Baku-man’ had been running smoothly from its preparation and I felt a little short on fun. So the mess just after we started shooting motivated me to the contrary, thinking, ‘OK. Just wait. I’ll make you say, ‘it was the opposite of the opposite!’ (lol)’

‘When I make a film based on a comic, I consider if there is some part where some description special to films could defeat the original,’ says Director One. ‘As for a film, drawing manga is basically a simple work, driving a pen or a pencil on a paper. So if I took it as it is, it would be monotonous. As an entertainment film, I need something more than that,’ he thought and did a lot of research before starting the shooting, he said.

‘I went to see the ateliers of comic creators for Shonen Jump, from a successful one like Obata Takeshi to rookies. I visited about ten ateliers including comic creators who are still drawing slushes. Obata-san’s was especially terrific. He was just driving his pen, but there was strained silence of a successful creator, which made me feel, ‘The battle field, this is’. I heard from my friend, who is a comic creator, ‘What I’m doing is simple. But in my mind, it’s kicking,’ and I thought it was interesting. I described such battles of comic creators in many forms, using CGs.’

‘I’m often told my film usually has dirty rooms,’ says Director One, who actually has a self-described ‘gap-phobia’. In the film ‘Moteki’, the main character’s room was just like an exhibition of sub-cultural goods. In the set of ‘Baku-man’, stuffs are packed as if it were the inside of ‘Don Quixote (*note by steph: Don Quixote is a chain of discount stores)’. The toughest of all was the room for the Editorial Department of Weekly Shonen Jump. ‘I’ve had many chances to visit various publishing companies but I’ve never seen such a dirty room so far. It’s terrific. I understood this showed how they’d been keeping the lead for decades. It was really tough to reproduce it from nothing. But actually, the scene where Yamada (Takayuki)-kun appears from under the pile of the manuscripts was taken at the real Editorial Department.

The atelier of Moritaka and Akito is set as the one used by Kawaguchi Taro (Kudo Kankuro), Moritaka’s uncle in life, who was also a comic creator. Since the room is crammed with comic books and materials, you may be able to find unexpected treasures.

‘For me, the golden age of Jump was ‘80s, when ‘Dr. Slump’ and ‘Stop!! Hibari-kun!’ was being published. My taste is reflected on the film. There are some untold setting that Kawaguchi Taro is a fan of Eguchi Hisashi Sensei and Yudetamago Sensei. Their autographs he got at the party of Tezuka Award are displayed in his room. I asked Eguchi Sensei to draw ‘in about 1987’s fashion’’

Also, ‘I intended the film to be a story of ‘friendship, effort, and victory’, which represents Jump’, says Director One. ‘I want it to have a sense of a buddy story, and at the same time, of a team story. So I’m emotionally involved with each character.’ As he said, the ateliers of not only Niizuma Eiji, played by Sometani Shota, but also those of other comic creators are well-produced showing each one’s characters. Let’s wait for the theatrical opening in October, imagining what kind of story will come out at these places.

*Captions of each Photo*


The atelier of Moritaka and Akito, full of comic books and materials.


‘Super Hero Legend Backman’ by Kawaguchi Taro line at a one corner of their room.


Yamada Takayuki as Hattori, who becomes the editor in charge of Moritaka and Akito.


Kawaguchi Taro, who shows sorrows of a comic creator, is played by Kudo Kankuro.


A desk in the Editorial Department of Jump covered with manuscripts.


A conference room where editors of Jump discuss the serial comics.


Sometani Shota as Niizuma Eiji, who is a gifted high school comic creator. / Niizuma Eiji’s atelier, which has a dark atmosphere.


Fukuda Shinta, played by Kiritani Kenta, is a man who is rough in behavior but soft-hearted. / Fukuda draws delinquent comics, so his room also shows delinquency.


Arai Hirofumi as Hiramaru Kazuya, who once was a designer. / Hiramaru loves money so much as to display bills on his desk.


Nakai Takuro, who makes his debut after a long period of assistant, is played by Minagawa Sarutoki. / As a late bloomer, Nakai’s desk is well-seasoned.

source: http://natalie.mu/eiga/news/140978

credit: http://stephany-310.tumblr.com/post/114376127254/httpnataliemueiganews140978-reproduced

Bakuman バクマン。 Live Action Movie

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Screen caps from the 45-minute guesting appearance of Takeru Sato and Kamiki Ryunosuke in “Shabekuri 007” on Sept. 14, 2015. I was able to watch it, (though the online streaming buffered every now and then). According to my friend in Japan who watched it too, Takeru said that his dream is to go on a space trip while Kamiki said that his dream was to take various photo images of Takeru san, hence they had that photo shoot. ^^
photo credit: usasa7, taketosora, vitaminTakeru and weibo taketaketakeru











Bakuman バクマン。 Live Action Movie

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Two-Part “Bakuman.” Prequel Manga Celebrates Live-Action Movie


This week’s “Jump” launches “Mononofu” and announces end of “Devilyman” and start of Shun Numa’s “Samon-kun wa Summoner”
by Scott Green
September 14, 2015

With Tsugumi Ohba (story) and Takeshi Obata’s (art) manga about manga-manga Bakuman. heading to theaters October 3rd for a live-action adaptation, Shonen Jump has published the first half of a prequel short in next week 2015’s issue 43, out September 19th.

Along with announcing the story set prior to the meeting of Saiko and Shujin, Jump’s issue 42, out in Japan September 14th, launches Haruto Ikezawa’s (Kurogane) shogi manga Mononofu, which will be sampled in the English edition of the magazine, ends Kentaro Fukuda’s Devilyman, and announced plans for next week’s debut of new series Shun Numa’s Samon-kun wa Summoner.

source: http://natalie.mu/comic/news/159937

credit: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/09/14-1/two-part-bakuman-prequel-manga-celebrates-live-action-movie

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Weekly Shonen Jump Schedules ‘Bakuman: Age 13′ Manga
by Chris Beveridge
September 14, 2015


The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump has arrived from Viz Media in digital form and the magazine has formalized that they will be bringing out the two chapter special Bakuman: Age 13. The prequel to the popular manga series comes as the live action film is hitting Japan and it brings back the original team of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba to tell a new tale. It’ll be serialized in the September 19th and September 28th installments of the digital magazine.

Weekly Shonen Jump recently expanded to being included on the ComiXology platform and through Kindle.

Plot concept: The manga will chronicle a time before “Saiko” (Moritaka Mashiro) and “Shujin” (Akito Takagi) met.

credit: https://www.fandompost.com/2015/09/14/weekly-shonen-jump-schedules-bakuman-age-13-manga/

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Sato Taketu Staff Report
translated by Stephany-310



‘Bakuman’ Premiere Screening Report!!

Today, we’ll report ‘Bakuman’ Premiere Screening held on Sept 8th☆

This was the first event where we showed you the film ‘Bakuman’.
We’d like to ask those who came to the venue how you liked the film.
Did you enjoy it?

We’d like those who had the chance to see it to spread good word about this film as members of ‘Bakuman Promotion Team'♪
It was a shame that it rained heavily that day, but thanks to you all, we had a very exciting time!

Starting with this event, we’re going to liven up the film 'Bakuman’ to be released on Oct 3rd more and more ☆
Please check TV programs and magazines, too!
Please continue to support♪

That’s all for today’s staff report!!
2015/09/15 00:25
credit: http://stephany-310.tumblr.com/…/1…/sato-taketu-staff-report

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Live-Action Bakuman Film's Ads Highlight Shonen Jump Themes


Film based on Shonen Jump manga about creating manga to open on October 3

TOHO began streaming four television commercials for the live-action film of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata's Bakuman. manga on Wednesday. The videos are titled "Friendship," "Effort," "Victory," and "Love," a reference to the common themes of Weekly Shonen Jump manga. Mayumi Tanaka, the voice actress of One Piece's Luffy, narrates the "Friendship" commercial. Akira Kamiya, the voice actor of Fist of the North Star's Kenshiro, narrates the "Effort" commercial. Masako Nozawa, the voice actress of Dragon Ball's Goku, narrates the "Victory" commercial. Hiromi Tsuru, the voice actress of Dragon Ball's Bulma, narrates the "Love" commercial.

Akito: Team up with me, and let's be manga creators together!
Narrator (Tanaka): I can fight because I'm with you. Let's aim for the top of Jump!
Voice: Don't lose no matter what.
Takurō: If you give up, that'll be the end of your match.
Narrator (Tanaka): Bakuman.
Moritaka: Play along with my gamble.


 Moritaka: Let's send our manuscript to Shonen Jump.
Narrator (Kamiya): The pair of high schoolers aim to reach the top of Jump.
Moritaka: Please marry me!
Miho: What?
Moritaka: What?
Narrator (Kamiya): Friendship, effort, victory, and then, love! Bakuman.
Narrator (Kamiya): Become a manga creator!

Eiji: I'll be waiting at Jump.
Voice: You have to settle things with him.
Akito: We'll work to defeat you from now on.
Eiji: Roger that.
Narrator (Nozawa): The match starts here and now!
Akito: We're not geniuses, but we'll take on Jump.
Narrator (Nozawa): Bakuman.

Moritaka: When I reach my dream, please marry me!
Miho: What?
Moritaka: What?
Miho: Both of you are getting close to your dream.
Narrator (Tsuru): Don't forget. You're in my dream too. Bakuman.
Miho: I'll be waiting.

 The film will open on October 3.

Japanese rock band Sakanaction (Kin Kyori Renai live-action film) will provide the film's theme song "Shin Takarajima" (New Treasure Island). The song title comes from Osamu Tezuka's 1947 manga New Treasure Island, the artist's first published manga book volume.

The film adapts Ohba and Obata's original manga about two friends who decide to become manga creators, aiming to serialize their manga in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Takeru Satoh (Kamen Rider Den-O, Beck, Kanojo wa Uso o Ai Shisugiteru, Ryōmaden, Rurouni Kenshin) will play Moritaka Mashiro, a boy who aspires to be a manga artist, and Ryunosuke Kamiki (Howl's Moving Castle, Summer Wars, The Secret World of Arrietty, The Princess and the Pilot) will play his classmate and story collaborator Akito Takagi. The film follows Moritaka and Akito as they walk the path to becoming manga creators. Nana Komatsu plays the heroine Miho Azuki.

Other cast members include Kenta Kiritani (Beck, Crows Zero) as manga creator Shinta Fukuda and Hirofumi Arai (Kiki's Delivery Service, Space Brothers) as manga creator Kazuya Hiramaru

Sarutoki Minagawa (Death Note, Ashurajō no Hitomi) as assistant manga artist Takurō Nakai and Takayuki Yamada as editor Akira Hattori

Lily Franky as editor-in-chief Sasaki and Kankuro Kudo as Moritaka’s late manga creator uncle Tarō Kawaguchi 

Shōta Sometani (Parasyte, Himizu) as Moritaka and Akito’s rival Eiji Niizuma

Hitoshi Ōne (Moteki, Koi no Uzu/The Vortex of Love) is directing the film. Obata emphasized that he is not just credited as a creator of the film’s concept, but also as a staff member directly involved in the production. His own art will appear in the film as the various manga that Moritaka draws.

Source: Comic Natalie

credit: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-09-16/live-action-bakuman-film-ads-highlight-shonen-jump-themes/.92988

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The “Bakuman age 13” manga - the prequel to the popular manga series which the original team of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba created in line with the opening of the live action movie in Japan. It will be serialized in the Sept. 19th and Sept. 28th issues of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga will chronicle a time before “Saiko” (Moritaka Mashiro) and “Shujin” (Akito Takagi) met.
source: https://www.fandompost.com/2015/09/14/weekly-shonen-jump-schedules-bakuman-age-13-manga/
photo credit: @食梦者吧

The “Bakuman age 13” manga - the prequel to the popular manga series which the original team of Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba created in line with the opening of the live action movie in Japan. It will be serialized in the Sept. 19th and Sept. 28th issues of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga will chronicle a time before “Saiko” (Moritaka Mashiro) and “Shujin” (Akito Takagi) met. source: https://www.fandompost.com/2015/09/14/weekly-shonen-jump-schedules-bakuman-age-13-manga/photo credit: @食梦者吧

Bakuman バクマン。 Live Action Movie

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