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[Japanese Movie 2015] Bakuman Live Action Movie/ バクマン。


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"Bakuman" won an award for its CG visual effects at the VFX-Japan Awards
translated by Pechumori
March 4, 2016 (excerpt)

The highest award for each category in the VFX-JAPAN Award Ceremony which was held at the Akihabara UDX in Tokyo, was announced on March 3, 2016.

In the "Theatrical Live-Action Film Division", Hitoshi One's "Bakuman" got the highest award. The trophy was given to Michiki Nobutaka, the VFX supervisor of the movie.


(He is standing on the front row, fourth from the left, wearing a brown leather jacket.)

credit: http://natalie.mu/eiga/news/178632


This photo shows the CG VFX team behind "Bakuman" headed by Michiki Nobutaka, the VFX supervisor of the movie who received the trophy at the VFX-JAPAN Award Ceremony. (He is standing at the far left side of the photo, wearing white.)
credit: http://cgworld.jp/regular/201510-vfxanatomy-cgw207.html

Another award for "Bakuman"! Congratulations!!!

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Bakuman Win Japan Academy Prizes
2016-03-05 (excerpt)

The live-action film based on the Bakuman manga won two of its six nominated categories at the 39th Annual Japan Academy Prizes on Friday, namely: Outstanding Achievement in Music (Sakanaction) and Outstanding Achievement in Film Editing (Yasuyuki Ōzeki). It also received the Popularity Award in the works category.

credit: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-03-04/umimachi-diary-boy-and-the-beast-bakuman-win-japan-academy-prizes/.99403

Director Hitoshi One posted photos taken from the Awards Ceremony at his Twitter account.

Director One and Ichiro Yamaguchi, the frontman of Sakanaction, who received the award for Best Music for Bakuman, posed in front of the Japan Academy Award poster

Yasuyuki Ozeki, the winner for Best Film Editing for Bakuman

Director One, who was nominated for Best Director is seen with "Bakuman" stars, Hirofumi Arai and Shota Sometani, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Bakuman

Director One with the "Bakuman" team. He says it is regrettable that Takeru Sato and Kamiki Ryunosuke were not there last night to join them in the celebration.
photo credit: Bakuman director @hitoshione twitter

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Guest hiranade

Congrats for Bakuman team, you guys deserved it ^^ even I  still hope to getting best actor from this award but it's okay. Congrats..

This is Bakuman fanart made by runnie.z. 

 Thanks runnie.z ^^

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Thank you for posting the fan art @hiranade, it looks realistic!

Takeru Sato's tears in "Bakuman" was not written in the script
translated by Pechumori

The Blu-ray and DVD of "Bakuman" will be released on April 20 (Wednesday). For the deluxe edition, in addition to the recorded visual commentaries from the lead stars, Takeru Sato, Kamiki Ryunosuke, director Hitoshi One and producer Genki Kawamura, another bonus feature would be the making videos entitled Friendship, Effort and Victory. This time, excerpts from the "Friendship" making video has been published.


The scene which touched the audience the most and made them cry was when Takeru Sato who played the role of Saiko shed tears in the movie. However, this crying scene was improvised (or adlibbed) by Takeru Sato and was not written in the script as revealed in the making video. According to Takeru, this is the best way for him to show how his character, Saiko, who has been sleep deprived, has been pushed to the limit.

Hirofumi Arai (shown in the second photo) who plays the role of Kazuya Hiramaru did the narration of the making video using a unique, low and calm voice. After finishing the recording, Arai said "Watching the making video has revived the memories of shooting the movie in the past. I feel like seeing the movie in a theater, but I will still be happy watching the Blu-ray and DVD."

Here's a preview of the "Friendship" making video


credit: http://news.walkerplus.com/article/73564/

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Good News:

"Bakuman" will be released in South Korea on April 21, 2016
translated by Pechumori


"Bakuman", the movie based on the manga with the same title, that sold over 15 million copies and was written by the creative team behind "Death Note", published its main poster and finalized the domestic release date in South Korea on April 21.

After being invited as the opening film in the First Japan Film Festival in South Korea for its "Manga section" last March 3, "Bakuman" received an explosive reaction in the country. On March 2, a day prior to its screening on the opening day of the festival, tickets to the movie were sold out in less than half a day. Korean comics writer Kim Yang Su who wrote "Nosy Life", participated as a guest and gave it rave reviews, placing the focus on the attention of the local movie fans.

The news of the movie's premiere along with the release of the main poster has been welcomed in Korea. The "Bakuman" poster which has a stellar lineup headed by Takeru Sato as Moritaka Mashiro and Kamiki Ryunosuke as Akito Takagi posing as two aspiring manga artists is eye catching. Other cast members include Shōta Sometani, Nana Komatsu and Lily Franky, actors who come from the best acting school, representing the old and new generations of Japan, heightening the expectations for their performances. In addition, to further raise the curiousity, Takeshi Obata (the original writer of Bakuman) participated by drawing the manga that appeared in the movie depicting a direct copy of "the greatest manga battle that will unfold between the geniuses and the super genius".

The main poster of "Bakuman" has raised the expectations of both the local movie fans and the manga fans in Korea. The film opens on April 21.

credit: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000457620

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Bakuman, Appleseed Alpha Films Awarded in VFX-Japan Awards


The official website of the VFX-Japan Awards announced the winners of this year's awards on March 8. The winners were originally announced during a ceremony held in Akihabara UDX on March 3.

The live-action Bakuman. film won in the theatrical motion picture category. Other films nominated for the category include the live-action Attack on Titan/Attack on Titan: End of the World films, the live-action Parasyte film, and Tenkū no Hachi.

The Appleseed Alpha anime film won in the theatrical animated motion picture category. Other films nominated for the category include Gamba: Gamba to Nakama-tachi, the Knights of Sidonia film, and The Case of Hana & Alice.

The NHK program Seimei Daiyakushin won in the broadcast program category. Other nominees include The Heroic Legend of Arslan, One-Punch Man, and I'm Home.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain won the video game movie category. Other nominees include Splatoon, Dark Souls III, and Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.

The VFX-Japan Awards recognize creations in live-action film, video games, commercials, animated film, TV, and events that excel in the use of CG and VFX.

Source: Anime! Anime!

credit: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-03-12/bakuman-appleseed-alpha-films-awarded-in-vfx-japan-awards/.99529

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"Bakuman" was the opening film during the First Japan Film Festival in South Korea held last March 3, 2016. On March 2, a day prior to its screening, tickets to the movie were sold out in less than half a day. Korean comics writer Kim Yang Su who wrote "Nosy Life", participated as a guest and gave the movie rave reviews. "Bakuman" will be released in South Korea on April 21, 2016
credit: J 필름 페스티벌 J-Film Festival JFF Facebook page


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Read this article to know how the CG effects in “Bakuman” were created
New Feature Film BAKUMAN Uses Fusion Studio for its Ending Sequence
Blackmagic Design announced today that Fusion Studio was used for creating the pivotal ending sequence of the hit Japanese feature film "BAKUMAN."
The popular manga series "BAKUMAN" is the second collaboration of Tsugumi Ohba, the author, and Ken Obata, the manga artist, who once created the huge hit manga series "DEATH NOTE." "BAKUMAN," serialized in the popular comic magazine, Shonen Jump, depicted two high school students pursuing their dream to become manga artists and was hugely popular. This led the story to become a TV anime series and a video game, as well as major film starring young popular actors, Takeru Sato and Ryunosuke Kamiki.
The film, "BAKUMAN" has three unique ending scenes. One of them shows the two leading actors drawing manga on a black board in a class room. By deleting the artwork on the blackboard and then reversing the scene, it looks like the two boys are drawing on the blackboard.
Hideki Inoue, a VFX artist, said: "I used a shot of the blackboard without any drawings, another shot of actors drawing on the blackboard and a shot of Obata's artwork on a blackboard, all shot separately to make the scene. I used Fusion to extract the drawing line by multiple keyers. Then I used Fusion's Grid Warp to adjust distortion and used Tracker so that the drawing would perfectly match to the plain blackboard as if it were being drawn on."
The ending sequence also includes the title scene, where Fusion was also used. The film's title is superimposed on the shot of a desk typically used by manga artists.
"The desk with papers, rulers, pens and bottles of ink scattered on it was shot from above, mounting the camera on a crane. However it is not completely shot above the desk, so it was skewed a bit," Inoue continues. "I used the Perspective tool in Fusion to remove the distortion and make it as if it were shot precisely above the desk. It was a challenge as the crane gradually pulled the camera so the whole desk would be revealed from a close up of the desk. It was very difficult to make the camera move steady, causing the distortion angle to be inconsistent. I created an animation for the move to make the shot steady all way through. Also, I imported tracking data and stabilized it to make the camera move more smooth.
"If you stabilize the image, the center of the image moves over. So I adjusted to keep the center point consistent. I used many transform type tools for the shot. A great point of Fusion is you can work on projects while keeping the original data all the time. For example, if I zoom a shot, the image which is now off the screen and not seen is still there. So I can adjust the position and don't need to worry about whether the picture is already rendered and there are missing parts of the image, allowing me to add as many functions as I want."
The ending credits for the film also included a difficult and unique set of shots. The camera dollies the workroom of the two lead roles and then it shows a bookshelf, which contains many manga comics. The design of those comics were a spoof of real Shonen Jump comics. Staff credits are on spine of each comic, which anyone who has read Shonen Jump comics would instantly recognize by the design. The book shelf and comic books were created using CG, and composited with the photo of the workroom.
"When the CG of the bookshelf was made, we did not consider mixing it with real video image. So the lighting condition of the bookshelf in the foreground and the workplace in the background were different. I imported a FBX file of side panel of the bookshelf and mapped the reflection material onto it using Fusion's Sphere Map tool. This way, I could create the feeling of the lighting in the workplace reflected on the bookshelf, matching the foreground and background more naturally. If I do this kind adjustment in CG, it took so much time for re-rendering, so I could save a lot of time by using Fusion," said Inoue.
Inoue commented about the advantage of using Fusion: "Fusion is very flexible tool for any circumstance. Even there is some issue that I may have to go back to 3GCG software and fix it, Fusion can solve the problem in many cases. Also it can work with many kinds of 3DCG software and tracking software, allowing me to work very effectively.
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Good news:

Bakuman won as Best Film in the 25th Japan Film Professional Awards
translated by Pechumori


"Bakuman" landed in the first place among the 10 best films in 2015 and was awarded the Best Film.

The Japan Film Professional Awards is given to the best of films in 2015 which had not received any Japanese award at that time. The selection commitee is composed of directors, writers, other film makers such as producers, publicity officials, film critics and editors.

The award ceremony will take place on May 3 and will be held at the Tokyo Theatre Shinjuku.

credit: http://natalie.mu/eiga/news/180925

Congratulations once again to the cast and crew of "Bakuman"!!!

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Guest hiranade

Thanks for the update @pechumori.

Sato Takeru and Kamiki Ryunosuke are featuring in Korean magazine 'The Celebrity' May 2016. For this content of interview you can visit Sato Takeru thread (in global celebrities forum). Pechumori translated it


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Normally I'm not really into films which are manga adaptation but in case of Bakuman I must say it is really good. I've read manga and watched anime (both are so good), but when they announced "bakuman live action" then I got worried that it will be not as interesting as the original manga. And yes I was wrong.

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