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Park Bo Gum Good Day in Bangkok 2019


- MC named Opal is the most wanted MC for fanmeeting in Thailand but she has not accepted MC much because she focused her family with 2 baby twins.


-She was the MC for PBG fanmeeting in 2017. Thai Fans really wants to see Opal is PBG fanmeeting MC again, they have kept asking Opal but she did not respond till today PBG fans were surprised  to see her as MC.

Opal has mentioned over months that she sneaked time from looking after her twins and family to watch Encounter / Boyfriend till late night.


-  Park Bo Gum greeted her and said Long Time No See. Opal mentioned in her twitter that she was so glad that PBG remembered her.

She told Bo Gum that she cut her hair to be as same as CEO Cha Soo Hyun and Bo Gum responded delightly. (he stood, claped his hands , and thumped up with big smile)


- During candle making, one of props choices is things from the seaside, Opal mentioned SokCho, PBG was glad to hear the word from Encounter / Boyfriend and she said she is a big fans. PBG kiddingly called her Tab Pae Nim (CEO).


Opal has done several tweets about Park Bo Gum with great impressions including

" Park Bo Gum is the one who has worked by honoring every colleague, is the artist who loves his job, and definitely he loves his fans. I am glad to meet Bo Gum and everybody today.


She described PBG as what many fans feel... a nice colleague to his co-workers, a diligent actor/performer, and a star who loves his fans. 



- 1st Part : interview, act, and make a candle *1 hour

- 2nd Part: sing and dance non-stop  *1.45 hour

{PBG sang much better than the previous fanmeeting, his voice was much stronger and can touch all high and tough pitch&verse.

PBG sang 2 Thai songs, 1st with Thai Rap which is difficult even to Thai people to sing and 2nd with grand piano playing by PBG.

His attempt should be highly appreciated.} 

-  Hi-Touch: *1.20 hour (with more than 5,000 fans)


-  50 posters, many souvenirs on fanmeeting to fans, and 200 red balls PBG mentioned on the stage that he signed by himself on every single thing (his name and God Bless You). 


-  He stood from the van's sunroof to wave hands to fans who have waited for him around Thunder Dome to farewell.


-  Many fans went to send PBG at the airport after fanmeeting. (his flight is at 1 am. Bangkok time or 3 am. KST) 



- PBG is very amazing to sing&dance non-stop for 1.45 hour for the 2nd part, live without lip syn.

- In addition to great MC today, the translator on the fanmeeting day did much more thorough translation than on the press conference day, fans are very enjoyable to Park Bo Gum and his fanmeeting. 

- Opal has very special university reunion tonight but she chose to be PBG fanmeeting MC and stayed to the end. 


- There were more than 5  # hashtage from this fanmeeting; therefore, trending might not look high due to varied hashtag.


























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Whoa! Departure was at 1 am and yet there were so many people in the airport, @NongpeeP? Daebak! Thanks so much for the updates! What a packed schedule! Hope Bo Gum gets to rest when he arrives in SK.


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When MC mentioned SokCho and Park Bo Gum was glad to hear she remembered the location from Encounter / Boyfriend,  She told him that she is a big fans and PBG kiddingly called her “Tab Pae Nim (CEO)”.

MC screamed and said it was as same as series she watched late night but she heard live.


PBG mentioned he heard Encounter / Boyfriend has not officially been on air yet but MC told him all Thai fans can find way to watch.(eg. Viu)


Encounter / Boyfriend will officially be on air in the main channel with largest coverage of audiences in Thailand very soon.  


Light, fireworks, papershoot, and Sound are as same as full concert.

PBG often mentioned please don’t sit down and stand to dance in English.

(Haha, PBG did not know that concert bodyguard team asked fans to sit down often too.)


One of two Thai Songs last night. (Another Thai song with grand piano playing)








- There were more than 6 # hashtage in Thai and English from this fan meeting in Thailand ; therefore, trending might not look high as the whole number of tweets due to varied hashtag.

- PBG’s flight back to Incheon has just changed from tonight to late night yesterday due to urgent work a couple days ago. We really hope PBG has some rest time before straight to another work schedule.  

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Love the way he warmly and playfully interacts with fans during the Hi Touch Session!



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Park Bo Gum’s Fan meeting in Thailand:


Translator’s Twitter (Yoo Kyon Yeong) 


“Thank you 411 for another opportunity.


I’m surprised with Park Bo Gum’s and Opal’s humbleness and caring. I truly understand why you have been dearly loved by fans.


Thank you Park Bo Gum’s fans who joined the moment and made a wonderful memory in a Good Day together. Please give me apology for any mistakes. 


#ParkBoGumAsiaTourinbkk #parkbogumgooddayinbkk “





PBG’s manager




Not all song lists, the twitter owner mentioned she found some and wanna find more after sleep.

15 Korean songs and 2 Thai songs = 17 songs totally 





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Food Suppport for PBG and 30 Korean team members by “Bogummagic TH Fans” after they heard that PBG and team has no time to have Thai food due to tight schedule in Thailand.

(Already approved and checked by PBG’s agency)

1. Crab and Crab egg Fried Rice 4 boxes

2. Steamed Crab Paddle-Leg 2 sets

3. Fried Snapper Fish with Soy fish sauce 

4. 2 Grilled River Prawn King Size 

5. 1 kilo of Grilled River Prawn 

6. Tom Yam Koong River Prawn 

7. Fried Curry Soft Shell Crab

8. Stir-Fries Squid with Salted Duck


9. Fried Wrapped Crab

10. Fried Fish Sauce Belly Pork 3 kiloes 

11. Fish Ball Noodle from China Town

12. Sandwiches

13. Red Pork Bun and Dumping


1. Mango sticky Rices Cake 3 pounds

2. 7 Thai Fruits

3. Thai Herbal Drinks : Longan, Chrysanthemum, Roselle, Monker apple, Bael. 



Translation: Well responded by PBG after rehearsal, he can eat a lot. 


Project  from Thai Fans by “All For Park Bo Gum”

- Every moment by you that we fall in love.

- The moment when we have a young boyfriend.

- The moment we are proud.

- The moment we need music.

- And the moment to always inspire us.

- Since we know you, every moment is special and thankful.

”I wanna let everyone cherish, embrace, and love yourself as same as you always treat me tender.”

- Because of you, we take care and love ourselves more and today we are with you will be memorized as another Good Day for our lives.

- When we feel tired, this memory today will be a source of our energy to further fight. 

- We hope you will be the person who is dearly loved and be full with happiness and blessing.

- We will be friends who always support to your coming path.

- In our everyday, the moment we spent with you will be the unforgettable memory in a Good Day.



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PBG’s fanmeeting in Thailand


Bogummy’s tweet to reply MC Opal:::

(Opal skipped her important university reunion to be MC for PBG’s fanmeeting and also planned her trip with her family abroad today to suit PBG’s fanmeeting schedule) 


She mentioned in Twitter that

”I came to work with Love. 

#parkbogum ❤

#parkbogumgooddayinbkk #ParkBoGumAsiaTourinBangkok @BOGUMMY “


MC Opal is a successful business woman who has her own branded soaps and famous PR agency company.

Her husband is a reputable skin doctor who works in a well known hospital, his own business of branded skin care products, and run two skin clinics. 

She and her family are the endorsing presenters for several products too. 

That’s why she focuses her family and her businesses rather than accepting MCing job often.  


For this PBG’s fan meeting, she skipped important university reunion yesterday night and scheduled her trip with family abroad today to suit PBG’s fanmeeting yesterday. 


There are 3 impressive scenes shown and let 3 fans acted as Cha Soo Hyun with Park Bo Gum.


MC Opal is a big fans of Encounter / Boyfriend. In the scene to expose Kim Jin Hyuk’s identity as Ramyeon man in the lobby, MC Opal praised him cute but PBG responded that KJH was not cute in this scene but he looked very cool in PBG’s opinion.   




MC cut her hair to have similar hairstyle as CEO Cha Soo Hyun.


MC also mentioned SokCho when she saw props about seaside and PBG was glad and kiddingly called Tab Bae Nim (CEO Cha Soo Hyun) till MC unintentionally screamed and said it was as same as Encounter / Boyfriend series she watched in the late night but this time she heard live from PBG.


Then she jokingly said she wanna stay on stage with PBG (Kim Jin Hyuk she often called) and will not go back to see her husband and twins. Park Bo Gum was surprised and asked whether she married. She replies it might be a rumor and change wearing marriage ring from the ring finger to the middle finger and stuck. 

PBG sneakly laughed at her gag.


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