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[Boyfriend] Ep 12 spoilers, Park Bo Gum & Song Hye Gyo

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Song Hye Gyo gives up the hotel + family and chooses Park Bo Gum 

1. [+2475,-96]
This is the end of all melodramas. Today's ending.. Ha.. 

2. [+1805,-47]
Park Bo Gum's expression at the end made me tear up. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ "There's no exit" ㅠㅠㅠ Soo Hyun's courage was touching, I could feel Jin Hyuk's eyes that were filled with emotions. Their acting is so good. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+1107,-42]
"There's no exit" those words.. it's heart fluttering. 

4. [+821,-35]
Every episode's ending is great. Today's episode is especially touching. This is such a high quality drama. 

5. [+738,-26]
There's really no exit, Jin Hyuk-ah. 

6. [+342,-3]
I'm touched by Park Bo Gum's consideration, he doesn't force his girlfriend to make difficult decisions. He's a man that you can't help but fall for. 

7. [+311,-5]
She didn't give up the hotel and her family...... If she doesn't want to be controlled by Tae Kyung the rest of her life, she has to end things now. I'm cheering for Soo Hyun who is finally trying to follow her heart and living her own life. The ending was so touching that I teared up. 

8. [+261,-6]
The drama is calming. Park Bo Gum's and Song Hye Gyo's affectionate and lovely acting are done well. That's why I was able to watch it comfortably. 

9. [+172,-2]
I teared up together with Park Bo Gum when he was tearing up. I could feel all of his emotions that are complicated. Jin Hyuk-ah, Soo Hyun-ah.. ㅜㅜ



Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Song Hye Gyo breaks her promise with Cha Hwa Yeon... Park Bo Gum "There's no exit" smile 

1. [+1275,-21]
My heart hurts seeing how considerate Jin Hyuk is, and I teared up when Soo Hyun made a such difficult decision. The two look so pretty while caring and trusting each other. 

2. [+818,-18]
Park Bo Gum's expression at the end. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I teared up. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ His acting is so 

good. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+630,-14]
Ha... Park Bo Gum.. "There's no exit" He tried to smile while tearing up. I teared up too.  ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ There's no exit for Boyfriend. 

4. [+547,-10]
At the end, when the door opens, and Soo Hyun was standing there, I was about to tear up like Jin Hyuk did too. Really, what's so moving about standing in front of the door? Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Gyo have great acting skills. 

5. [+373,-42]
I'm in trouble~~~~ I can't break up with Park Bo Gum too~~~ ♡

6. [+146,-19]
Can't I watch them every day? Bo Gum and Hye Gyo~~ ㅠㅠ

7. [+107,-0]
This couple is so touching. They could only fall for each other because they are that way! Seriously, there's no exit in this drama!

8. [+105,-1]
Seriously, I know that there's no exit when it comes to Park Bo Gum... But I really like him.. 



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Key Moments In Episode 11 Of “Encounter”


Park Bo Gum is living up to his role as a perfect boyfriend in Encounter.

Down to the waning weeks of Encounter, episode 11 brought plenty of sweet moments for the love couple who renewed their faith to each other.


Instead of getting swayed by obstacles thrown at them, they look intent to face no matter what kind of morning they wake up to each day.




Beautiful Day

Celebrating the success of reclaiming the Cuba hotel business deal, Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun take a quick beach date before heading back to Seoul.

Owing to the recent brownie points he earned as an employee, Jin Hyuk is summoned back to the main office. After receiving the welcome cheers from the PR team, he calls Soo Hyun for a quick office romance interlude.

He guides her to a place he claimed not frequented by people. Their quick reunion gets halted though, when an employee arrives in the area. Pushing him to a nearby door, Soo Hyun heads back to her office.

Tiptoeing from where he is hiding, Jin Hyuk gets startled at the sight of an ajumma, who knowingly knows how the two sneaked in for some lone time together.



Woo Suk’s confusing moves

Securing a video of Director Choi’s failed Cuba ploy, Woo Suk places a leash on him but gives him an option if he will allow it. Following Woo Suk’s order to check if her mother will protect him, the director confirms his dangerous position as shown by Chairman Cha’s cold treatment.

True to Woo Suk’s intuition, Chairman Cha dismisses helping Director Choi to the Cuba sabotage he initiated. Woo Suk moves his chess piece, and commands the evil director to get all the shares he can get for his plan to get a management position in Donghwa Hotel.

Meanwhile, Jin Hyuk and his father meet at a cafe as the latter needs to be reassured of his son’s situation. Jin Hyuk tells his father not to worry since he knows what he is doing, and has pondered deeply before engaging in the relationship.


Playground + Soju Date

While browsing on business papers, Soo Hyun sees the garden picture from the Cuba hotel, and gets reminded of Jin Hyuk.

They meet at Jin Hyuk’s neighborhood playground. He teases Soo Hyun of not keeping her promises often, and yet he still misses her all the time. Soo Hyun counters it by saying how she wants a moment with him together in the playground he likes, that’s why she made a dinner excuse to meet him there. Inevitably, Jin Hyuk melts and apologizes for teasing her.





Escalating their night out, they go for some street food dinner with soju. When the alcohol gets through Soo Hyun’s system, she starts worrying about losing Jin Hyuk just like the friends she had before. Appeasing his woman, he reassures her that he will always be by her side.




Jin Hyuk drives Soo Hyun home and tucks her to bed. Unaware that Woo Suk has been on a stakeout waiting for his ex-wife.

The morning after, flashes of her crazily drunk memories flood in Soo Hyun’s thoughts. Her phone rings, and when she answers it, Jin Hyuk wakes her up with a morning serenade.

Just as Jin Hyuk is on the brink of hitting the song’s highlight, Jin Myung joins him for a duet – cutely intruding on his hyung’s late bloomer dating escapade. *chuckles




A day of meetings

Soo Hyun greets his father who visited her quickly since he has an appointment set in the hotel.

Woo Suk also meets his uncle who paved the way to his marriage with Soo Hyun. A director at Donghwa Hotel, Woo Suk’s uncle refuses to support his request of securing a position in the company. He castigates him for being like his mother when he knows how much the hotel means to his ex-wife.

Soo Hyun’s father and Mr. Nam bump onto Jin Hyuk while on their way to get something to eat. Not far from where they are, Woo Suk witnesses the bright introduction between them.




“I’ll do everything for you one by one”

True to what every new couple typically does, Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun are up for another date. This time, with a pictorial walk on a metasequioa lane.

Griping at a story with a sad ending that her boyfriend shared, Soo Hyun’s mood brightens up when a surprise couple ring appears right before her eyes.

In a loving gaze, Jin Hyuk promises that his heart beats only for her. He vows that he will always be by her side and how he will do everything for her one by one.




Happy Birthday Jin Hyuk omma

Finally using the hotel stay voucher given to him, Jin Hyuk gifts his mother with a hearty lunch and hotel stay. On their way to the restaurant, Jin Hyuk’s parents chance upon Soo Hyun, who is not aware of their connection yet. Upon seeing Jin Hyuk welcoming them in the hotel’s restaurant, she orders a staff to provide complimentary wine for their meal.

In the hotel room, Jin Hyuk’s parents talk about how different their son’s life is to the woman he loves. Jin Hyuk’s father hushes his wife’s woes, and heads out to catch some air.

Around that time, Jin Hyuk chats with Soo Hyun over the phone. When she hears a knock on her door, they hang up. Just then, Jin Hyuk’s father enters Soo Hyun’s office. Arriving at his neighborhood, Jin Hyuk also gets a surprise when Woo Suk appears aiming to talk about Soo Hyun.

Encounter Episode 11 Afterthoughts

The beautiful lines delivered in Encounter are parts of the reasons why I enjoy watching it each week. Even with its borderline languid tone, I like how I can chill, occasionally laugh, hate the villains, be confused at what Woo Suk really wants, and cheer for the love birds.

However, the uncertainty of character movements in the story aids the plot inconsistencies. I was made to believe that Chairman Cha is the villain who I will hate once the problem is all out. But she just suddenly stepped back from her conviction.




Woo Suk suddenly doing annoying things to force Soo Hyun to be back in his arms, does not coincide to what he was roughly pictured initially as well. I was willing to give him my first virtual hug this year for his one-sided love. So now, I have to think twice if he still deserves it.


Encounter is strong in moments of Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun together. But as soon as their complicated world envelops them, the fun fades. I don’t know how much more the story will be elaborated; also what last surge of problem will happen. I just want a happy ending for Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun, to be honest.

Watch this week’s episodes of Encounter on tvN or tvN Asia.





source : HelloKpop





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Boyfriend will start airing via MNET Japan on March 21, 2019.



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Wow! Official Light Stick Designed by Bo Gum himself? Daebak!




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I’m so going to be buying this lightstick! A snowglobe encasing A Cupid now and with angel wings. The heart button! My second lightsick after EXO. 


@gumtaek is it only available for official fan club members ? Will blossom sell it directly or do we buy it on another site? 

This is mainly for his fan meetings right? 

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OMG PO in knowing brother. PO yaaa why not bring Bogum with you...


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Wow PBG have lighstick now! :D Blossom really know what bogum fans want. 

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@ahdrianaa: Welcome to the thread! I don't think it's only for the official cafe members. Bo Gum will have an Asian tour and I think it will be made available to those attending the fanmeetings.



I meant to ask because I am kinda dense understanding some things...can you explain to me fans' interpretation of the apple emoji:sweatingbullets:? You know what I mean.:D







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